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J14-1 Computational Linguistics 10
J14-2 Computational Linguistics 11
J14-3 Computational Linguistics 9
J14-4 Computational Linguistics 7

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Pdf Export Search Obituary: Ivan A. Sag
[J14-1001]: Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Frame-Semantic Parsing
[J14-1002]: Dipanjan Das | Desai Chen | André F. T. Martins | Nathan Schneider | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Random Walks for Knowledge-Based Word Sense Disambiguation
[J14-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Oier López de Lacalle | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search Learning Representations for Weakly Supervised Natural Language Processing Tasks
[J14-1004]: Fei Huang | Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey | Yi Yang | Yuhong Guo | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search A Survey and Classification of Controlled Natural Languages
[J14-1005]: Tobias Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Arabic Dialect Identification
[J14-1006]: Omar F. Zaidan | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Sampling Tree Fragments from Forests
[J14-1007]: Tagyoung Chung | Licheng Fang | Daniel Gildea | Daniel Štefankovič

Pdf Export Search Book Review: Natural Language Processing for Historical Texts by Michael Piotrowski
[J14-1008]: Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search Last Words: On the Problem of Theoretical Terms in Empirical Computational Linguistics
[J14-1009]: Stefan Riezler

Pdf Export Search Publications Received

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Pdf Export Search Squibs: Constrained Arc-Eager Dependency Parsing
[J14-2001]: Joakim Nivre | Yoav Goldberg | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Squibs: Arc-Eager Parsing with the Tree Constraint
[J14-2002]: Joakim Nivre | Daniel Fernández-González

Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution with Topic Models
[J14-2003]: Yanir Seroussi | Ingrid Zukerman | Fabian Bohnert

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Event Coreference Resolution
[J14-2004]: Cosmin Adrian Bejan | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Phrase Dependency Machine Translation with Quasi-Synchronous Tree-to-Tree Features
[J14-2005]: Kevin Gimpel | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Practical Linguistic Steganography using Contextual Synonym Substitution and a Novel Vertex Coding Method
[J14-2006]: Ching-Yun Chang | Stephen Clark

Pdf Export Search Identification of Multiword Expressions by Combining Multiple Linguistic Information Sources
[J14-2007]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Shuly Wintner

Pdf Export Search A Survey of Arabic Named Entity Recognition and Classification
[J14-2008]: Khaled Shaalan

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining by Bing Liu
[J14-2009]: Claire Cardie

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Semantic Relations Between Nominals by Vivi Nastase, Preslav Nakov, Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha, and Stan Szpakowicz
[J14-2010]: Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Semi-Supervised Learning and Domain Adaptation in Natural Language Processing by Anders Søgaard
[J14-2011]: George Foster

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Pdf Export Search Squibs: Automatic Selection of HPSG-Parsed Sentences for Treebank Construction
[J14-3001]: Montserrat Marimon | Núria Bel | Lluís Padró

Pdf Export Search Squibs: On the Universal Generation Problem for Unification Grammars
[J14-3002]: Jürgen Wedekind

Pdf Export Search A Random Walk–Based Model for Identifying Semantic Orientation
[J14-3003]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad Abu-Jbara | Wanchen Lu | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Feature-Frequency–Adaptive On-line Training for Fast and Accurate Natural Language Processing
[J14-3004]: Xu Sun | Wenjie Li | Houfeng Wang | Qin Lu

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Distributional Semantics with Latent Variable Models
[J14-3005]: Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Similarity-Driven Semantic Role Induction via Graph Partitioning
[J14-3006]: Joel Lang | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Improved Estimation of Entropy for Evaluation of Word Sense Induction
[J14-3007]: Linlin Li | Ivan Titov | Caroline Sporleder

Pdf Export Search Pushdown Automata in Statistical Machine Translation
[J14-3008]: Cyril Allauzen | Bill Byrne | Adrià de Gispert | Gonzalo Iglesias | Michael Riley

Pdf Export Search Obituary: Charles J. Fillmore
[J14-3009]: Dan Jurafsky

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Pdf Export Search Erratum

Pdf Export Search Applications of Lexicographic Semirings to Problems in Speech and Language Processing
[J14-4002]: Richard Sproat | Mahsa Yarmohammadi | Izhak Shafran | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search Stochastic Language Generation in Dialogue using Factored Language Models
[J14-4003]: François Mairesse | Steve Young

Pdf Export Search Latent Trees for Coreference Resolution
[J14-4004]: Eraldo Rezende Fernandes | Cícero Nogueira dos Santos | Ruy Luiz Milidiú

Pdf Export Search A Large-Scale Pseudoword-Based Evaluation Framework for State-of-the-Art Word Sense Disambiguation
[J14-4005]: Mohammad Taher Pilehvar | Roberto Navigli

Pdf Export Search Adaptive Generation in Dialogue Systems Using Dynamic User Modeling
[J14-4006]: Srinivasan Janarthanam | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Reflections on the Penn Discourse TreeBank, Comparable Corpora, and Complementary Annotation
[J14-4007]: Rashmi Prasad | Bonnie Webber | Aravind Joshi