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Anthology Volume Papers
J15-1 Computational Linguistics 11
J15-2 Computational Linguistics 7
J15-3 Computational Linguistics 6
J15-4 Computational Linguistics 9

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Pdf Export Search Towards Topic-to-Question Generation
[J15-1001]: Yllias Chali | Sadid A. Hasan

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Sentiment Lexicon Learning With Bilingual Word Graph Label Propagation
[J15-1002]: Dehong Gao | Furu Wei | Wenjie Li | Xiaohua Liu | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Multiple Adjunction in Feature-Based Tree-Adjoining Grammar
[J15-1003]: Claire Gardent | Shashi Narayan

Pdf Export Search Concrete Models and Empirical Evaluations for the Categorical Compositional Distributional Model of Meaning
[J15-1004]: Edward Grefenstette | Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

Pdf Export Search Automatic Adaptation of Annotations
[J15-1005]: Wenbin Jiang | Yajuan Lü | Liang Huang | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Automated Grammatical Error Detection for Language Learners, Second Edition by Claudia Leacock, Martin Chodorow, Michael Gamon and Joel Tetreault
[J15-1006]: Xiaofei Lu

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Linguistic Fundamentals for Natural Language Processing: 100 Essentials from Morphology and Syntax by Emily M. Bender
[J15-1007]: Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Recognizing Textual Entailment: Models and Applications by Ido Dagan, Dan Roth, Mark Sammons and Fabio Massimo Zanzotto
[J15-1008]: Bernardo Magnini

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Web Corpus Construction by Roland Schäfer and Felix Bildhauer
[J15-1009]: Serge Sharoff

Pdf Export Search Squibs: When the Whole Is Not Greater Than the Combination of Its Parts: A "Decompositional" Look at Compositional Distributional Semantics
[J15-1010]: Fabio Massimo Zanzotto | Lorenzo Ferrone | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Squibs: Spelling Error Patterns in Brazilian Portuguese
[J15-1011]: Priscila A. Gimenes | Norton T. Roman | Ariadne M. B. R. Carvalho

Export Search Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search The Operation Sequence Model—Combining N-Gram-Based and Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[J15-2001]: Nadir Durrani | Helmut Schmid | Alexander Fraser | Philipp Koehn | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Lexicalization and Generative Power in CCG
[J15-2002]: Marco Kuhlmann | Alexander Koller | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Efficient Global Learning of Entailment Graphs
[J15-2003]: Jonathan Berant | Noga Alon | Ido Dagan | Jacob Goldberger

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Parsing Framework for Sentiment Classification
[J15-2004]: Li Dong | Furu Wei | Shujie Liu | Ming Zhou | Ke Xu

Pdf Export Search Squibs: Evaluating Human Pairwise Preference Judgments
[J15-2005]: Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Ontology-Based Interpretation of Natural Language by Philipp Cimiano, Christina Unger and John McCrae
[J15-2006]: Chris Biemann

Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Robots that Talk and Listen edited by Judith A. Markowitz
[J15-2007]: Martha Evens

Export Search Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Large Linguistic Corpus Reduction with SCP Algorithms
[J15-3001]: Nelly Barbot | Olivier Boëffard | Jonathan Chevelu | Arnaud Delhay

Pdf Export Search CODRA: A Novel Discriminative Framework for Rhetorical Analysis
[J15-3002]: Shafiq Joty | Giuseppe Carenini | Raymond T. Ng

Pdf Export Search The Unified and Holistic Method Gamma (γ) for Inter-Annotator Agreement Measure and Alignment
[J15-3003]: Yann Mathet | Antoine Widlöcher | Jean-Philippe Métivier

Pdf Export Search Computational Constancy Measures of Texts—Yule's K and Rényi's Entropy
[J15-3004]: Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii | Shunsuke Aihara

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Syntax-Based Word Ordering for Text Generation
[J15-3005]: Yue Zhang | Stephen Clark

Pdf Export Search Squibs: Evaluation Methods for Statistically Dependent Text
[J15-3006]: Sarvnaz Karimi | Jie Yin | Jiri Baum

Export Search Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Graph-Based Word Alignment for Clinical Language Evaluation
[J15-4001]: Emily Prud'hommeaux | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search Design and Evaluation of Metaphor Processing Systems
[J15-4002]: Ekaterina Shutova

Pdf Export Search Inducing Implicit Arguments from Comparable Texts: A Framework and Its Applications
[J15-4003]: Michael Roth | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search SimLex-999: Evaluating Semantic Models With (Genuine) Similarity Estimation
[J15-4004]: Felix Hill | Roi Reichart | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Book Review: Language Processing with Perl and Prolog: Theories, Implemetation, and Application by Pierre M. Nugues
[J15-4005]: Wei Lu

Pdf Export Search Last Words: Computational Linguistics and Deep Learning
[J15-4006]: Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Lifetime Achievement Award: Translating Today into Tomorrow
[J15-4007]: Sheng Li

Pdf Export Search Obituaries: Adam Kilgarriff
[J15-4008]: Roger Evans

Pdf Export Search Obituaries: Jane J. Robinson
[J15-4009]: Barbara J. Grosz | Eva Hajicova | Aravind Joshi