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Pdf Export Search Relation Extraction with Multi-instance Multi-label Convolutional Neural Networks
[C16-1139]: Xiaotian Jiang | Quan Wang | Peng Li | Bin Wang

Pdf Export Search Attachment Jointly Embedding Knowledge Graphs and Logical Rules
[D16-1019]: Shu Guo | Quan Wang | Lihong Wang | Bin Wang | Li Guo

Pdf Export Search Attachment Multi-Granularity Chinese Word Embedding
[D16-1100]: Rongchao Yin | Quan Wang | Peng Li | Rui Li | Bin Wang

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Base Completion via Coupled Path Ranking
[P16-1124]: Quan Wang | Jing Liu | Yuanfei Luo | Bin Wang | Chin-Yew Lin


Pdf Export Search Dataset Semantically Smooth Knowledge Graph Embedding
[P15-1009]: Shu Guo | Quan Wang | Bin Wang | Lihong Wang | Li Guo

Pdf Export Search Trans-dimensional Random Fields for Language Modeling
[P15-1076]: Bin Wang | Zhijian Ou | Zhiqiang Tan

Pdf Export Search Context-Dependent Knowledge Graph Embedding
[D15-1191]: Yuanfei Luo | Quan Wang | Bin Wang | Li Guo


Pdf Export Search A Regularized Competition Model for Question Difficulty Estimation in Community Question Answering Services
[D14-1118]: Quan Wang | Jing Liu | Bin Wang | Li Guo


Pdf Export Search Using Clustering to Improve Retrieval Evaluation without Relevance Judgments
[C10-2130]: Zhiwei Shi | Peng Li | Bin Wang


Pdf Export Search Information Retrieval Oriented Word Segmentation based on Character Association Strength Ranking
[D08-1111]: Yixuan Liu | Bin Wang | Fan Ding | Sheng Xu

Pdf Export Search A Study on Effectiveness of Syntactic Relationship in Dependence Retrieval Model
[I08-1026]: Fan Ding | Bin Wang


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Parallel Texts for Word Sense Disambiguation: An Empirical Study
[P03-1058]: Hwee Tou Ng | Bin Wang | Yee Seng Chan