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Pdf Export Search News about the Romanian Wordnet
[W14-0137]: Verginica Barbu Mititelu | Stefan Daniel Dumitrescu | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Wikipedia as an SMT Training Corpus
[R13-1091]: Dan Tufis | Radu Ion | Stefan Dumitrescu | Dan Stefanescu

Pdf Export Search Large tagset labeling using Feed Forward Neural Networks. Case study on Romanian Language
[P13-1068]: Tiberiu Boros | Radu Ion | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Experiments with a Differential Semantics Annotation for WordNet 3.0
[W11-1703]: Dan Tufis | Dan Stefanescu


Pdf Export Search Resource and Service Centres as the Backbone for a Sustainable Service Infrastructure
[L10-1467]: Peter Wittenburg | Nuria Bel | Lars Borin | Gerhard Budin | Nicoletta Calzolari | Eva Hajicova | Kimmo Koskenniemi | Lothar Lemnitzer | Bente Maegaard | Maciej Piasecki | Jean-Marie Pierrel | Stelios Piperidis | Inguna Skadina | Dan Tufis | Remco van Veenendaal | Tamas VĂ¡radi | Martin Wynne


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Part of Speech Tagging
[L08-1447]: Dan Tufis | Elena Irimia | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceausu


Pdf Export Search RACAI: Meaning Affinity Models
[S07-1061]: Radu Ion | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Combined Word Alignments
[W05-0817]: Dan Tufis | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceausu | Dan Stefanescu


Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Parallel Corpora, Word Alignment, Word Clustering and Aligned Wordnets
[C04-1192]: Dan Tufis | Radu Ion | Nancy Ide

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation as a Wordnets' Validation Method in Balkanet
[L04-1119]: Dan Tufis | Radu Ion | Nancy Ide

Pdf Export Search Term Translations in Parallel Corpora: Discovery and Consistency Check
[L04-1120]: Dan Tufis

Pdf Export Search Tiered Tagging Revisited
[L04-1158]: Dan Tufis | Liviu Dragomirescu

Pdf Export Search A Methodology and Associated Tools for Building Interlingual Wordnets
[L04-1159]: Dan Tufis | Eduard Barbu


Pdf Export Search A Cheap and Fast Way to Build Useful Translation Lexicons
[C02-1002]: Dan Tufis

Pdf Export Search Sense Discrimination with Parallel Corpora
[W02-0808]: Nancy Ide | Tomaz Erjavec | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Multext-East: Parallel and Comparable Corpora and Lexicons for Six Central and Eastern European Languages
[P98-1050]: Ludmila Dimitrova | Tomaz Erjavec | Nancy Ide | Heiki Jaan Kaalep | Vladimir Petkevic | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Situation Viewpoints for Generation
[W94-0325]: Henry Hamburger | Dan Tufis


Pdf Export Search Structuring Two-Medium Dialog for Learning Language and Other Things
[W93-0208]: Henry Hamburger | Dan Tufis | Raza Hashim