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Pdf Export Search Efficient Methods for Inferring Large Sparse Topic Hierarchies
[P15-1075]: Doug Downey | Chandra Bhagavatula | Yi Yang

Pdf Export Search Efficient Methods for Incorporating Knowledge into Topic Models
[D15-1037]: Yi Yang | Doug Downey | Jordan Boyd-Graber


Pdf Export Search Attachment Adding High-Precision Links to Wikipedia
[D14-1072]: Thanapon Noraset | Chandra Bhagavatula | Doug Downey

Pdf Export Search Learning Representations for Weakly Supervised Natural Language Processing Tasks
[J14-1004]: Fei Huang | Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey | Yi Yang | Yuhong Guo | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Active Learning with Constrained Topic Model
[W14-3104]: Yi Yang | Shimei Pan | Doug Downey | Kunpeng Zhang


Pdf Export Search Overcoming the Memory Bottleneck in Distributed Training of Latent Variable Models of Text
[N13-1065]: Yi Yang | Alexander Yates | Doug Downey

Pdf Export Search Scaling Semi-supervised Naive Bayes with Feature Marginals
[P13-1034]: Michael Lucas | Doug Downey


Pdf Export Search Local and Global Algorithms for Disambiguation to Wikipedia
[P11-1138]: Lev Ratinov | Dan Roth | Doug Downey | Mike Anderson

Pdf Export Search Language Models as Representations for Weakly Supervised NLP Tasks
[W11-0315]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates | Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey


Pdf Export Search Improved Extraction Assessment through Better Language Models
[N10-1026]: Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey


Pdf Export Search It’s a Contradiction – no, it’s not: A Case Study using Functional Relations
[D08-1002]: Alan Ritter | Stephen Soderland | Doug Downey | Oren Etzioni


Pdf Export Search Sparse Information Extraction: Unsupervised Language Models to the Rescue
[P07-1088]: Doug Downey | Stefan Schoenmackers | Oren Etzioni


Pdf Export Search KnowItNow: Fast, Scalable Information Extraction from the Web
[H05-1071]: Michael J. Cafarella | Doug Downey | Stephen Soderland | Oren Etzioni