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Pdf Export Search STREAMLInED Challenges: Aligning Research Interests with Shared Tasks
[W17-0106]: Gina-Anne Levow | Emily M. Bender | Patrick Littell | Kristen Howell | Shobhana Chelliah | Joshua Crowgey | Dan Garrette | Jeff Good | Sharon Hargus | David Inman | Michael Maxwell | Michael Tjalve | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Inferring Case Systems from IGT: Enriching the Enrichment
[W17-0110]: Kristen Howell | Emily M. Bender | Michel Lockwood | Fei Xia | Olga Zamaraeva

Pdf Export Search Computational Support for Finding Word Classes: A Case Study of Abui
[W17-0118]: Olga Zamaraeva | František Kratochvíl | Emily M. Bender | Fei Xia | Kristen Howell

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First ACL Workshop on Ethics in Natural Language Processing
[W17-1600]: Dirk Hovy | Shannon Spruit | Margaret Mitchell | Emily M. Bender | Michael Strube | Hanna Wallach


Pdf Export Search English Resource Semantics
[N16-4001]: Dan Flickinger | Emily M. Bender | Woodley Packard


Pdf Export Search Layers of Interpretation: On Grammar and Compositionality
[W15-0128]: Emily M. Bender | Dan Flickinger | Stephan Oepen | Woodley Packard | Ann Copestake

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks (GEAF) 2015 Workshop
[W15-3300]: Emily M. Bender | Lori Levin | Stefan Müller | Yannick Parmentier | Aarne Ranta


Pdf Export Search Simple Negation Scope Resolution through Deep Parsing: A Semantic Solution to a Semantic Problem
[P14-1007]: Woodley Packard | Emily M. Bender | Jonathon Read | Stephan Oepen | Rebecca Dridan

Pdf Export Search Obituary: Ivan A. Sag
[J14-1001]: Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Learning Grammar Specifications from IGT: A Case Study of Chintang
[W14-2206]: Emily M. Bender | Joshua Crowgey | Michael Wayne Goodman | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search Towards Creating Precision Grammars from Interlinear Glossed Text: Inferring Large-Scale Typological Properties
[W13-2710]: Emily M. Bender | Michael Wayne Goodman | Joshua Crowgey | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search Getting More from Morphology in Multilingual Dependency Parsing
[N12-1032]: Matt Hohensee | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search 100 Things You Always Wanted to Know about Linguistics But Were Afraid to Ask*
[N12-4001]: Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Deriving a Lexicon for a Precision Grammar from Language Documentation Resources: A Case Study of Chintang
[C12-1016]: Emily M. Bender | Robert Schikowski | Balthasar Bickel


Pdf Export Search Attachment Parser Evaluation over Local and Non-Local Deep Dependencies in a Large Corpus
[D11-1037]: Emily M. Bender | Dan Flickinger | Stephan Oepen | Yi Zhang

Pdf Export Search Annotating Social Acts: Authority Claims and Alignment Moves in Wikipedia Talk Pages
[W11-0707]: Emily M. Bender | Jonathan T. Morgan | Meghan Oxley | Mark Zachry | Brian Hutchinson | Alex Marin | Bin Zhang | Mari Ostendorf


Pdf Export Search Argument Optionality in the LinGO Grammar Matrix
[C10-2123]: Safiyyah Saleem | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Grammar Prototyping and Testing with the LinGO Grammar Matrix Customization System
[P10-4001]: Emily M. Bender | Scott Drellishak | Antske Fokkens | Michael Wayne Goodman | Daniel P. Mills | Laurie Poulson | Safiyyah Saleem


Pdf Export Search Linguistically Naïve != Language Independent: Why NLP Needs Linguistic Typology
[W09-0106]: Emily M. Bender


Pdf Export Search Evaluating a Crosslinguistic Grammar Resource: A Case Study of Wambaya
[P08-1111]: Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Building a Flexible, Collaborative, Intensive Master's Program in Computational Linguistics
[W08-0202]: Emily M. Bender | Fei Xia | Erik Bansleben


Pdf Export Search Validation and Regression Testing for a Cross-linguistic Grammar Resource
[W07-1218]: Emily M. Bender | Laurie Poulson | Scott Drellishak | Chris Evans