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Pdf Export Search Generalized Transition-based Dependency Parsing via Control Parameters
[P16-1015]: Bernd Bohnet | Ryan McDonald | Emily Pitler | Ji Ma


Pdf Export Search A Linear-Time Transition System for Crossing Interval Trees
[N15-1068]: Emily Pitler | Ryan McDonald


Pdf Export Search A Crossing-Sensitive Third-Order Factorization for Dependency Parsing
[Q14-1004]: Emily Pitler


Pdf Export Search Finding Optimal 1-Endpoint-Crossing Trees
[Q13-1002]: Emily Pitler | Sampath Kannan | Mitchell Marcus


Pdf Export Search Dynamic Programming for Higher Order Parsing of Gap-Minding Trees
[D12-1044]: Emily Pitler | Sampath Kannan | Mitchell Marcus

Pdf Export Search Attacking Parsing Bottlenecks with Unlabeled Data and Relevant Factorizations
[P12-1081]: Emily Pitler


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL 2011 Student Session
[P11-3000]: Sasa Petrovic | Ethan Selfridge | Emily Pitler | Miles Osborne | Thamar Solorio


Pdf Export Search Using Web-scale N-grams to Improve Base NP Parsing Performance
[C10-1100]: Emily Pitler | Shane Bergsma | Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church

Pdf Export Search New Tools for Web-Scale N-grams
[L10-1158]: Dekang Lin | Kenneth Church | Heng Ji | Satoshi Sekine | David Yarowsky | Shane Bergsma | Kailash Patil | Emily Pitler | Rachel Lathbury | Vikram Rao | Kapil Dalwani | Sushant Narsale

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation of Linguistic Quality in Multi-Document Summarization
[P10-1056]: Emily Pitler | Annie Louis | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Creating Robust Supervised Classifiers via Web-Scale N-Gram Data
[P10-1089]: Shane Bergsma | Emily Pitler | Dekang Lin


Pdf Export Search Using Word-Sense Disambiguation Methods to Classify Web Queries by Intent
[D09-1148]: Emily Pitler | Ken Church

Pdf Export Search Automatic sense prediction for implicit discourse relations in text
[P09-1077]: Emily Pitler | Annie Louis | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Using Syntax to Disambiguate Explicit Discourse Connectives in Text
[P09-2004]: Emily Pitler | Ani Nenkova


Pdf Export Search Easily Identifiable Discourse Relations
[C08-2022]: Emily Pitler | Mridhula Raghupathy | Hena Mehta | Ani Nenkova | Alan Lee | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search Revisiting Readability: A Unified Framework for Predicting Text Quality
[D08-1020]: Emily Pitler | Ani Nenkova