Pdf Export Search Event Nugget and Event Coreference Annotation
[W16-1005]: Zhiyi Song | Ann Bies | Stephanie Strassel | Joe Ellis | Teruko Mitamura | Hoa Trang Dang | Yukari Yamakawa | Sue Holm


Pdf Export Search SemEval-2013 Task 7: The Joint Student Response Analysis and 8th Recognizing Textual Entailment Challenge
[S13-2045]: Myroslava Dzikovska | Rodney Nielsen | Chris Brew | Claudia Leacock | Danilo Giampiccolo | Luisa Bentivogli | Peter Clark | Ido Dagan | Hoa Trang Dang

Pdf Export Search A Decade of Automatic Content Evaluation of News Summaries: Reassessing the State of the Art
[P13-2024]: Peter A. Rankel | John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang | Ani Nenkova


Pdf Export Search Assessing the Effect of Inconsistent Assessors on Summarization Evaluation
[P12-2070]: Karolina Owczarzak | Peter A. Rankel | Hoa Trang Dang | John M. Conroy

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of Workshop on Evaluation Metrics and System Comparison for Automatic Summarization
[W12-2600]: John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang | Ani Nenkova | Karolina Owczarzak

Pdf Export Search An Assessment of the Accuracy of Automatic Evaluation in Summarization
[W12-2601]: Karolina Owczarzak | John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang | Ani Nenkova


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatic Summaries: Metrics under Varying Data Conditions
[W09-2806]: Karolina Owkzarzak | Hoa Trang Dang


Pdf Export Search Mind the Gap: Dangers of Divorcing Evaluations of Summary Content from Linguistic Quality
[C08-1019]: John M. Conroy | Hoa Trang Dang


Pdf Export Search Different Structures for Evaluating Answers to Complex Questions: Pyramids Won't Topple, and Neither Will Human Assessors
[P07-1097]: Hoa Trang Dang | Jimmy Lin


Pdf Export Search DUC 2005: Evaluation of Question-Focused Summarization Systems
[W06-0707]: Hoa Trang Dang


Pdf Export Search The Role of Semantic Roles in Disambiguating Verb Senses
[P05-1006]: Hoa Trang Dang | Martha Palmer


Pdf Export Search Building a class-based verb lexicon using TAGs
[W00-2021]: Karin Kipper | Hoa Trang Dang | William Schuler | Martha Palmer