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Pdf Export Search Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
[D16-1163]: Barret Zoph | Deniz Yuret | Jonathan May | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Simple, Fast Noise-Contrastive Estimation for Large RNN Vocabularies
[N16-1145]: Barret Zoph | Ashish Vaswani | Jonathan May | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search SemEval-2016 Task 8: Meaning Representation Parsing
[S16-1166]: Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search Parsing English into Abstract Meaning Representation Using Syntax-Based Machine Translation
[D15-1136]: Michael Pust | Ulf Hermjakob | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu | Jonathan May

Pdf Export Search High-Precision Abductive Mapping of Multilingual Metaphors
[W15-1406]: Jonathan Gordon | Jerry Hobbs | Jonathan May | Fabrizio Morbini

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Rich Metaphor Annotation
[W15-1407]: Jonathan Gordon | Jerry Hobbs | Jonathan May | Michael Mohler | Fabrizio Morbini | Bryan Rink | Marc Tomlinson | Suzanne Wertheim


Pdf Export Search Models of Translation Competitions
[P13-1139]: Mark Hopkins | Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search An Analysis (and an Annotated Corpus) of User Responses to Machine Translation Output
[L12-1161]: Daniele Pighin | Lluís Màrquez | Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search Tuning as Ranking
[D11-1125]: Mark Hopkins | Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search Re-structuring, Re-labeling, and Re-aligning for Syntax-Based Machine Translation
[J10-2004]: Wei Wang | Jonathan May | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Efficient Inference through Cascades of Weighted Tree Transducers
[P10-1108]: Jonathan May | Kevin Knight | Heiko Vogler


Pdf Export Search Training Tree Transducers
[J08-3004]: Jonathan Graehl | Kevin Knight | Jonathan May


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Re-Alignment Models for Machine Translation
[D07-1038]: Jonathan May | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search A Better N-Best List: Practical Determinization of Weighted Finite Tree Automata
[N06-1045]: Jonathan May | Kevin Knight