Pdf Export Search What topic do you want to hear about? A bilingual talking robot using English and Japanese Wikipedias
[C16-2025]: Graham Wilcock | Kristiina Jokinen | Seiichi Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Double Topic Shifts in Open Domain Conversations: Natural Language Interface for a Wikipedia-based Robot Application
[W16-4408]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock


Pdf Export Search Multilingual WikiTalk: Wikipedia-based talking robots that switch languages.
[W15-4623]: Graham Wilcock | Kristiina Jokinen


Pdf Export Search Open-domain Interaction and Online Content in the Sami Language
[L14-1165]: Kristiina Jokinen

Pdf Export Search Towards automatic annotation of communicative gesturing
[W14-5422]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock


Pdf Export Search Open-Domain Information Access with Talking Robots
[W13-4057]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock


Pdf Export Search Investigating Engagement - intercultural and technological aspects of the collection, analysis, and use of the Estonian Multiparty Conversational video data
[L12-1001]: Kristiina Jokinen | Silvi Tenjes

Pdf Export Search Constructive Interaction for Talking about Interesting Topics
[L12-1024]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Corpus of Multi-party Conversations in Second Language
[L12-1120]: Shota Yamasaki | Hirohisa Furukawa | Masafumi Nishida | Kristiina Jokinen | Seiichi Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Feedback in Nordic First-Encounters: a Comparative Study
[L12-1369]: Costanza Navarretta | Elisabeth Ahlsén | Jens Allwood | Kristiina Jokinen | Patrizia Paggio

Pdf Export Search Explorations in the Speakers’ Interaction Experience and Self-Assessments
[C12-2051]: Kristiina Jokinen

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Signals and Holistic Interaction Structuring
[C12-2052]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock


Pdf Export Search Creating Comparable Multimodal Corpora for Nordic Languages
[W11-4621]: Costanza Navarretta | Elisabeth Ahlsén | Jens Allwood | Kristiina Jokinen | Patrizia Paggio


Pdf Export Search The NOMCO Multimodal Nordic Resource - Goals and Characteristics
[L10-1058]: Patrizia Paggio | Jens Allwood | Elisabeth Ahlsén | Kristiina Jokinen | Costanza Navarretta

Pdf Export Search Non-verbal Signals for Turn-taking and Feedback
[L10-1113]: Kristiina Jokinen


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2009)
[W09-4600]: Kristiina Jokinen | Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Quality of Service and Communicative Competence in NLG Evaluation
[W07-2301]: Kristiina Jokinen


Pdf Export Search User Expertise Modeling and Adaptivity in a Speech-Based E-Mail System
[P04-1012]: Kristiina Jokinen | Kari Kanto


Pdf Export Search Introduction: Dialogue Systems: Interaction, Adaptation and Styles of Management
[W03-2701]: Kristiina Jokinen | Björn Gämback | William Black | Roberta Catizone | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Distributed Dialogue Management in a Blackboard Architecture
[W03-2708]: Antti Kerminen | Kristiina Jokinen


Pdf Export Search Adaptive Dialogue Systems - Interaction with Interact
[W02-0210]: Kristiina Jokinen | Antti Kerminen | Tommi Lagus | Jukka Kuusisto | Graham Wilcock | Markku Turunen | Jaakko Hakulinen | Krista Jauhiainen


Pdf Export Search Confidence-Based Adaptivity in Response Generation for a Spoken Dialogue System
[W01-1611]: Kristiina Jokinen | Graham Wilcock

Pdf Export Search Clustering dialogue knowledge with self-organizing maps
[W01-1711]: Mauri Kaipainen | Kristiina Jokinen | Timo Koskenniemi | Antti Kerminen | Kari Kanto


Pdf Export Search Context Management with Topics for Spoken Dialogue Systems
[C98-1100]: Kristiina Jokinen | Hideki Tanaka | Akio Yokoo


Pdf Export Search Goal Formulation based on Communicative Principles
[C96-2101]: Kristiina Jokinen