Pdf Export Search IPhraxtor: A Linguistically Informed System for Extraction of Term Candidates
[W13-5614]: Magnus Merkel | Jody Foo | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Alignment-based reordering for SMT
[L12-1595]: Maria Holmqvist | Sara Stymne | Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel


Pdf Export Search Computing Word Senses by Semantic Mirroring and Spectral Graph Partitioning
[W10-2317]: Martin Fagerlund | Magnus Merkel | Lars Eldén | Lars Ahrenberg


Pdf Export Search Terminology Extraction and Term Ranking for Standardizing Term Banks
[W07-2456]: Magnus Merkel | Jody Foo


Pdf Export Search A Pattern Extraction Workbench Combining Multiple Linguistic Levels
[L04-1183]: Magnus Merkel | Andreas Lange


Pdf Export Search Interactive Word Alignment for Language Engineering
[E03-1086]: Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel | Michael Petterstedt


Pdf Export Search A System for Incremental and Interactive Word Linking.
[L02-1193]: Lars Ahrenberg | Mikael Andersson | Magnus Merkel


Pdf Export Search Combination of Contextual Features for Word Sense Disambiguation: LIU-WSD
[S01-1030]: Magnus Merkel | Mikael Andersson

Pdf Export Search Comparing source and target texts in a translation corpus
[W01-1716]: Magnus Merkel

Pdf Export Search Towards multimodal public information systems
[W01-1717]: Magnus Merkel | Arne Jönsson


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Word Alignment Systems
[L00-1101]: Lars Ahrenberg | Magnus Merkel | Anna Sågvall Hein | Jörg Tiedemann


Pdf Export Search A Simple Hybrid Aligner for Generating Lexical Correspondences in Parallel Texts
[P98-1004]: Lars Ahrenberg | Mikael Andersson | Magnus Merkel


Pdf Export Search Semiotics at Work: Technical Communication and Translation in a Multilingual Corporate Environment
[W93-0413]: Arne Larson | Magnus Merkel