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Pdf Export Search Comprehensive Annotation of Multiword Expressions in a Social Web Corpus
[L14-1433]: Nathan Schneider | Spencer Onuffer | Nora Kazour | Emily Danchik | Michael T. Mordowanec | Henrietta Conrad | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Computational Approaches to Morphology and Syntax by Brian Roark and Richard Sproat
[J08-3007]: Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search What is the Jeopardy Model? A Quasi-Synchronous Grammar for QA
[D07-1003]: Mengqiu Wang | Noah A. Smith | Teruko Mitamura

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Models of Nonprojective Dependency Trees
[D07-1014]: David A. Smith | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Joint Morphological and Syntactic Disambiguation
[D07-1022]: Shay B. Cohen | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Weighted and Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars Are Equally Expressive
[J07-4003]: Noah A. Smith | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Compiling Comp Ling: Weighted Dynamic Programming and the Dyna Language
[H05-1036]: Jason Eisner | Eric Goldlust | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Context-Based Morphological Disambiguation with Random Fields
[H05-1060]: Noah A. Smith | David A. Smith | Roy W. Tromble


Pdf Export Search Annealing Techniques For Unsupervised Statistical Language Learning
[P04-1062]: Noah A. Smith | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Dyna: A Language for Weighted Dynamic Programming
[P04-3032]: Jason Eisner | Eric Goldlust | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search The Web as a Parallel Corpus
[J03-3002]: Philip Resnik | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search From Words to Corpora: Recognizing Translation
[W02-1013]: Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Cairo: An Alignment Visualization Tool
[L00-1041]: Noah A. Smith | Michael E. Jahr