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Pdf Export Search Learning Crosslingual Word Embeddings without Bilingual Corpora
[D16-1136]: Long Duong | Hiroshi Kanayama | Tengfei Ma | Steven Bird | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Learning a Lexicon and Translation Model from Phoneme Lattices
[D16-1263]: Oliver Adams | Graham Neubig | Trevor Cohn | Steven Bird | Quoc Truong Do | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search An Attentional Model for Speech Translation Without Transcription
[N16-1109]: Long Duong | Antonios Anastasopoulos | David Chiang | Steven Bird | Trevor Cohn


Pdf Export Search Low Resource Dependency Parsing: Cross-lingual Parameter Sharing in a Neural Network Parser
[P15-2139]: Long Duong | Trevor Cohn | Steven Bird | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Collective Document Classification with Implicit Inter-document Semantic Relationships
[S15-1012]: Clint Burford | Steven Bird | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Transfer for Unsupervised Dependency Parsing Without Parallel Data
[K15-1012]: Long Duong | Trevor Cohn | Steven Bird | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search A Neural Network Model for Low-Resource Universal Dependency Parsing
[D15-1040]: Long Duong | Trevor Cohn | Steven Bird | Paul Cook


Pdf Export Search Collecting Bilingual Audio in Remote Indigenous Communities
[C14-1096]: Steven Bird | Lauren Gawne | Katie Gelbart | Isaac McAlister

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search What Can We Get From 1000 Tokens? A Case Study of Multilingual POS Tagging For Resource-Poor Languages
[D14-1096]: Long Duong | Trevor Cohn | Karin Verspoor | Steven Bird | Paul Cook

Pdf Export Search Aikuma: A Mobile App for Collaborative Language Documentation
[W14-2201]: Steven Bird | Florian R. Hanke | Oliver Adams | Haejoong Lee


Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Text Collection for Unwritten Languages
[I13-1161]: Florian R. Hanke | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Source Language Data for Unsupervised Cross-Lingual POS Tagging
[I13-1177]: Long Duong | Paul Cook | Steven Bird | Pavel Pecina

Pdf Export Search Simpler unsupervised POS tagging with bilingual projections
[P13-2112]: Long Duong | Paul Cook | Steven Bird | Pavel Pecina


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation for Language Preservation
[C12-2013]: Steven Bird | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Fangorn: A System for Querying very large Treebanks
[C12-3022]: Sumukh Ghodke | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Normalising Audio Transcriptions for Unwritten Languages
[I11-1059]: Adel Foda | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search A Breadth-First Representation for Tree Matching in Large Scale Forest-Based Translation
[I11-1088]: Sumukh Ghodke | Steven Bird | Rui Zhang

Pdf Export Search Collective Classification of Congressional Floor-Debate Transcripts
[P11-1151]: Clinton Burfoot | Steven Bird | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Towards a Data Model for the Universal Corpus
[W11-1216]: Steven Abney | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Fast Query for Large Treebanks
[N10-1034]: Sumukh Ghodke | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search The Human Language Project: Building a Universal Corpus of the World’s Languages
[P10-1010]: Steven Abney | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Last Words: Natural Language Processing and Linguistic Fieldwork
[J09-3007]: Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search The ACL Anthology Reference Corpus: A Reference Dataset for Bibliographic Research in Computational Linguistics
[L08-1005]: Steven Bird | Robert Dale | Bonnie Dorr | Bryan Gibson | Mark Joseph | Min-Yen Kan | Dongwon Lee | Brett Powley | Dragomir Radev | Yee Fan Tan

Pdf Export Search Toward a Global Infrastructure for the Sustainability of Language Resources
[Y08-1008]: Gary Simons | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Defining a Core Body of Knowledge for the Introductory Computational Linguistics Curriculum
[W08-0204]: Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Multidisciplinary Instruction with the Natural Language Toolkit
[W08-0208]: Steven Bird | Ewan Klein | Edward Loper | Jason Baldridge


Pdf Export Search Dynamic Path Prediction and Recommendation in a Museum Environment
[W07-0907]: Karl Grieser | Timothy Baldwin | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit
[P06-4018]: Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Analysis and Prediction of User Behaviour in a Museum Environment
[U06-1022]: Karl Grieser | Timothy Baldwin | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Structuring Documents Efficiently
[U05-1018]: Robert Marshall | Steven Bird | Peter Stuckey

Pdf Export Search LPath+: A First-Order Complete Language for Linguistic Tree Query
[Y05-1001]: Catherine Lai | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Securing Interpretability: The Case of Ega Language Documentation
[L04-1098]: Dafydd Gibbon | Catherine Bow | Steven Bird | Baden Hughes

Pdf Export Search Functional Requirements for an Interlinear Text Editor
[L04-1143]: Baden Hughes | Catherine Bow | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Management of Metadata in Linguistic Fieldwork: Experience from the ACLA Project
[L04-1144]: Baden Hughes | David Penton | Steven Bird | Catherine Bow | Gillian Wigglesworth | Patrick McConvell | Jane Simpson

Pdf Export Search Talkbank: Building an Open Unified Multimodal Database of Communicative Interaction
[L04-1224]: Brian MacWhinney | Steven Bird | Christopher Cieri | Craig Martell

Pdf Export Search NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit
[P04-3031]: Steven Bird | Edward Loper

Pdf Export Search Representing and Rendering Linguistic Paradigms
[U04-1017]: David Penton | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Querying and Updating Treebanks: A Critical Survey and Requirements Analysis
[U04-1019]: Catherine Lai | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Encoding and presenting interlinear text using XML technologies
[U03-1008]: Baden Hughes | Steven Bird | Catherine Bow

Pdf Export Search Grid-Enabling Natural Language Engineering By Stealth
[W03-0805]: Baden Hughes | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search The Open Language Archives Community
[L02-1017]: Steven Bird | Hans Uszkoreit | Gary Simons

Pdf Export Search Models and Tools for Collaborative Annotation
[L02-1141]: Xiaoyi Ma | Haejoong Lee | Steven Bird | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search TableTrans, MultiTrans, InterTrans and TreeTrans: Diverse Tools Built on the Annotation Graph Toolkit.
[L02-1285]: Steven Bird | Kazuaki Maeda | Xiaoyi Ma | Haejoong Lee | Beth Randall | Salim Zayat

Pdf Export Search Creating Annotation Tools with the Annotation Graph Toolkit.
[L02-1286]: Kazauki Maeda | Steven Bird | Xiaoyi Ma | Haejoong Lee

Pdf Export Search An integrated framework for treebanks and multilayer annotations
[L02-1294]: Scott Cotton | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search NLTK: The Natural Language Toolkit
[W02-0109]: Edward Loper | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search ATLAS: A Flexible and Extensible Architecture for Linguistic Annotation
[L00-1138]: Steven Bird | David Day | John Garofolo | John Henderson | Christophe Laprun | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search Transcribing with Annotation Graphs
[L00-1144]: Edouard Geoffrois | Claude Barras | Steven Bird | Zhibiao Wu

Pdf Export Search Towards a Query Language for Annotation Graphs
[L00-1146]: Steven Bird | Peter Buneman | Wang-Chiew Tan

Pdf Export Search Many Uses, Many Annotations for Large Speech Corpora: Switchboard and TDT as Case Studies
[L00-1213]: David Graff | Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search Annotation Graphs as a Framework for Multidimensional Linguistic Data Analysis
[W99-0301]: Steven Bird | Mark Liberman


[W97-1105]: Steven Bird


Pdf Export Search One-Level Phonology: Autosegmental Representations and Rules as Finite Automata
[J94-1003]: Steven Bird | T. Mark Ellison

Pdf Export Search Phonological Analysis in Typed Feature Systems
[J94-3010]: Steven Bird | Ewan Klein

Pdf Export Search Automated Tone Transcription
[W94-0201]: Steven Bird


[C92-1015]: Steven Bird


[E91-1016]: Steven Bird | Patrick Blackburn