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Anthology Volume Year Papers
W14-49 Proceedings of LAW VIII - The 8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop 2014 23
W12-36 Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop 2012 27
W10-18 Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop 2010 45

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of LAW VIII - The 8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of LAW VIII - The 8th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
[W14-4900]: Lori Levin | Manfred Stede

Pdf Export Search STTS 2.0? Improving the Tagset for the Part-of-Speech-Tagging of German Spoken Data
[W14-4901]: Swantje Westpfahl

Pdf Export Search Use of Coreference in Automatic Searching for Multiword Discourse Markers in the Prague Dependency Treebank
[W14-4902]: Magdalena Rysova | Jiří Mírovský

Pdf Export Search POS error detection in automatically annotated corpora
[W14-4903]: Ines Rehbein

Pdf Export Search Aligning Chinese-English Parallel Parse Trees: Is it Feasible?
[W14-4904]: Dun Deng | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search Sentence diagrams: their evaluation and combination
[W14-4905]: Jirka Hana | Barbora Hladka | Ivana Luksova

Pdf Export Search Finding your “Inner-Annotator”: An Experiment in Annotator Independence for Rating Discourse Coherence Quality in Essays
[W14-4906]: Jill Burstein | Swapna Somasundaran | Martin Chodorow

Pdf Export Search Optimizing annotation efforts to build reliable annotated corpora for training statistical models
[W14-4907]: Cyril Grouin | Thomas Lavergne | Aurelie Neveol

Pdf Export Search A Web-based Geo-resolution Annotation and Evaluation Tool
[W14-4908]: Beatrice Alex | Kate Byrne | Claire Grover | Richard Tobin

Pdf Export Search Annotating Uncertainty in Hungarian Webtext
[W14-4909]: Veronika Vincze | Katalin Ilona Simkó | Viktor Varga

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Study for Identifying Evidence on Microblogs
[W14-4910]: Paul Reisert | Junta Mizuno | Miwa Kanno | Naoaki Okazaki | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Semi-Semantic Part of Speech Annotation and Evaluation
[W14-4911]: Qaiser Abbas

Pdf Export Search Multiple views as aid to linguistic annotation error analysis
[W14-4912]: Marilena Di Bari | Serge Sharoff | Martin Thomas

Pdf Export Search Annotating a Large Representative Corpus of Clinical Notes for Parts of Speech
[W14-4913]: Narayan Choudhary | Parth Pathak | Pinal Patel | Vishal Panchal

Pdf Export Search Part-of-speech Tagset and Corpus Development for Igbo, an African Language
[W14-4914]: Ikechukwu Onyenwe | Chinedu Uchechukwu | Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Annotating descriptively incomplete language phenomena
[W14-4915]: Fabian Barteld | Sarah Ihden | Ingrid Schröder | Heike Zinsmeister

Pdf Export Search Annotating Discourse Connectives in Spoken Turkish
[W14-4916]: Isin Demirsahin | Deniz Zeyrek

Pdf Export Search Exploiting the Human Computational Effort Dedicated to Message Reply Formatting for Training Discursive Email Segmenters
[W14-4917]: Nicolas Hernandez | Soufian Salim

Pdf Export Search Annotating Multiparty Discourse: Challenges for Agreement Metrics
[W14-4918]: Nina Wacholder | Smaranda Muresan | Debanjan Ghosh | Mark Aakhus

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Annotation of Clinical Decision-Making Style
[W14-4919]: Limor Hochberg | Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Esa M. Rantanen | Qi Yu | Caroline M. DeLong | Anne Haake

Pdf Export Search Interactive Annotation for Event Modality in Modern Standard and Egyptian Arabic Tweets
[W14-4920]: Rania Al-Sabbagh | Roxana Girju | Jana Diesner

Pdf Export Search Situation Entity Annotation
[W14-4921]: Annemarie Friedrich | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search Focus Annotation in Reading Comprehension Data
[W14-4922]: Ramon Ziai | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Sixth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
[W12-3600]: Nancy Ide | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search The Role of Linguistic Models and Language Annotation in Feature Selection for Machine Learning
[W12-3601]: James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies
[W12-3602]: Angelina Ivanova | Stephan Oepen | Lilja Øvrelid | Dan Flickinger

Pdf Export Search Prague Markup Language Framework
[W12-3603]: Jirka Hana | Jan Štěpánek

Pdf Export Search Exploiting naive vs expert discourse annotations: an experiment using lexical cohesion to predict Elaboration / Entity-Elaboration confusions
[W12-3604]: Clèmentine Adam | Marianne Vergez-Couret

Pdf Export Search Pair Annotation: Adaption of Pair Programming to Corpus Annotation
[W12-3605]: Isin Demirsahin | Ihsan Yalcinkaya | Deniz Zeyrek

Pdf Export Search Structured Named Entities in two distinct press corpora: Contemporary Broadcast News and Old Newspapers
[W12-3606]: Sophie Rosset | Cyril Grouin | Karën Fort | Olivier Galibert | Juliette Kahn | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Intra-Chunk Dependency Annotation : Expanding Hindi Inter-Chunk Annotated Treebank
[W12-3607]: Prudhvi Kosaraju | Bharat Ram Ambati | Samar Husain | Dipti Misra Sharma | Rajeev Sangal

Pdf Export Search A Model for Linguistic Resource Description
[W12-3608]: Nancy Ide | Keith Suderman

Pdf Export Search A GrAF-compliant Indonesian Speech Recognition Web Service on the Language Grid for Transcription Crowdsourcing
[W12-3609]: Bayu Distiawan | Ruli Manurung

Pdf Export Search Towards Adaptation of Linguistic Annotations to Scholarly Annotation Formalisms on the Semantic Web
[W12-3610]: Karin Verspoor | Kevin Livingston

Pdf Export Search Intonosyntactic Data Structures: The Rhapsodie Treebank of Spoken French
[W12-3611]: Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane | Anne Lacheret | Paola Pietandrea | Arthur Truong

Pdf Export Search Annotation Schemes to Encode Domain Knowledge in Medical Narratives
[W12-3612]: Wilson McCoy | Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm | Cara Calvelli | Rui Li | Jeff B. Pelz | Pengcheng Shi | Anne Haake

Pdf Export Search Usability Recommendations for Annotation Tools
[W12-3613]: Manuel Burghardt

Pdf Export Search Search Result Diversification Methods to Assist Lexicographers
[W12-3614]: Lars Borin | Markus Forsberg | Karin Friberg Heppin | Richard Johansson | Annika Kjellandsson

Pdf Export Search Simultaneous error detection at two levels of syntactic annotation
[W12-3615]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Michał Lenart

Pdf Export Search Exploring Temporal Vagueness with Mechanical Turk
[W12-3616]: Yuping Zhou | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search Developing Learner Corpus Annotation for Korean Particle Errors
[W12-3617]: Sun-Hee Lee | Markus Dickinson | Ross Israel

Pdf Export Search Annotating Archaeological Texts: An Example of Domain-Specific Annotation in the Humanities
[W12-3618]: Francesca Bonin | Fabio Cavulli | Aronne Noriller | Massimo Poesio | Egon W. Stemle

Pdf Export Search Annotating Preferences in Chats for Strategic Games
[W12-3619]: Anais Cadilhac | Nicholas Asher | Farah Benamara

Pdf Export Search Morpheme Segmentation in the METU-Sabancı Turkish Treebank
[W12-3620]: Ruket Cakici

Pdf Export Search AlvisAE: a collaborative Web text annotation editor for knowledge acquisition
[W12-3621]: Frèdèric Papazian | Robert Bossy | Claire Nèdellec

Pdf Export Search CSAF - a community-sourcing annotation framework
[W12-3622]: Jin-Dong Kim | Yue Wang

Pdf Export Search Dependency Treebank of Urdu and its Evaluation
[W12-3623]: Riyaz Ahmad Bhat | Dr. Dipti Misra Sharma

Pdf Export Search Annotating Coordination in the Penn Treebank
[W12-3624]: Wolfgang Maier | Sandra Kübler | Erhard Hinrichs | Julia Kriwanek

Pdf Export Search Annotating Particle Realization and Ellipsis in Korean
[W12-3625]: Sun-Hee Lee | Jae-Young Song

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Adversarial and Collegial Social Actions in Discourse
[W12-3626]: David Bracewell | Marc Tomlinson | Mary Brunson | Jesse Plymale | Jiajun Bracewell | Daniel Boerger

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fourth Linguistic Annotation Workshop
[W10-1800]: Nianwen Xue | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search EmotiBlog: A Finer-Grained and More Precise Learning of Subjectivity Expression Models
[W10-1801]: Ester Boldrini | Alexandra Balahur | Patricio Martínez-Barco | Andrés Montoyo

Pdf Export Search Error-Tagged Learner Corpus of Czech
[W10-1802]: Jirka Hana | Alexandr Rosen | Svatava Škodová | Barbora Štindlová

Pdf Export Search Annotation Scheme for Social Network Extraction from Text
[W10-1803]: Apoorv Agarwal | Owen C. Rambow | Rebecca J. Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Agile Corpus Annotation in Practice: An Overview of Manual and Automatic Annotation of CVs
[W10-1804]: Bea Alex | Claire Grover | Rongzhou Shen | Mijail Kabadjov

Pdf Export Search Consistency Checking for Treebank Alignment
[W10-1805]: Markus Dickinson | Yvonne Samuelsson

Pdf Export Search Anveshan: A Framework for Analysis of Multiple Annotators’ Labeling Behavior
[W10-1806]: Vikas Bhardwaj | Rebecca Passonneau | Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi | Nancy Ide

Pdf Export Search Influence of Pre-Annotation on POS-Tagged Corpus Development
[W10-1807]: Karën Fort | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search To Annotate More Accurately or to Annotate More
[W10-1808]: Dmitriy Dligach | Rodney Nielsen | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Annotating Underquantification
[W10-1809]: Aurelie Herbelot | Ann Copestake

Pdf Export Search PropBank Annotation of Multilingual Light Verb Constructions
[W10-1810]: Jena D. Hwang | Archna Bhatia | Claire Bonial | Aous Mansouri | Ashwini Vaidya | Nianwen Xue | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Retrieving Correct Semantic Boundaries in Dependency Structure
[W10-1811]: Jinho Choi | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Complex Predicates Annotation in a Corpus of Portuguese
[W10-1812]: Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Sílvia Pereira | Anabela Gonçalves | Inês Duarte

Pdf Export Search Using an Online Tool for the Documentation of Edo Language
[W10-1813]: Ota Ogie

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Validity of PropBank in the Manual Annotation of French
[W10-1814]: Lonneke Plas | Tanja Samardzic | Paola Merlo

Pdf Export Search Characteristics of High Agreement Affect Annotation in Text
[W10-1815]: Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm

Pdf Export Search The Deep Re-Annotation in a Chinese Scientific Treebank
[W10-1816]: Kun Yu | Xiangli Wang | Yusuke Miyao | Takuya Matsuzaki | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search The Unified Annotation of Syntax and Discourse in the Copenhagen Dependency Treebanks
[W10-1817]: Matthias Buch-Kromann | Iørn Korzen

Pdf Export Search Identifying Sources of Inter-Annotator Variation: Evaluating Two Models of Argument Analysis
[W10-1818]: Barbara White

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based PropBanking of Clinical Finnish
[W10-1819]: Katri Haverinen | Filip Ginter | Timo Viljanen | Veronika Laippala | Tapio Salakoski

Pdf Export Search Building the Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French Using NotaBene RDF Annotation Tool
[W10-1820]: Nicolas Mazziotta

Pdf Export Search Chunking German: An Unsolved Problem
[W10-1821]: Sandra Kübler | Kathrin Beck | Erhard Hinrichs | Heike Telljohann

Pdf Export Search Proposal for MWE Annotation in Running Text
[W10-1822]: Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Sandra Antunes

Pdf Export Search A Feature Type Classification for Therapeutic Purposes: A Preliminary Evaluation with Non-Expert Speakers
[W10-1823]: Gianluca E. Lebani | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Annotating Korean Demonstratives
[W10-1824]: Sun-Hee Lee | Jae-young Song

Pdf Export Search Creating and Exploiting a Resource of Parallel Parses
[W10-1825]: Christian Chiarcos | Kerstin Eckart | Julia Ritz

Pdf Export Search From Descriptive Annotation to Grammar Specification
[W10-1826]: Lars Hellan

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Schema for Preposition Senses in German
[W10-1827]: Antje Müller | Olaf Hülscher | Claudia Roch | Katja Keßelmeier | Tobias Stadtfeld | Jan Strunk | Tibor Kiss

Pdf Export Search OTTO: A Transcription and Management Tool for Historical Texts
[W10-1828]: Stefanie Dipper | Lara Kresse | Martin Schnurrenberger | Seong-Eun Cho

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Annotation of Conversational Data
[W10-1829]: Philippe Blache | Roxane Bertrand | Emmanuel Bruno | Brigitte Bigi | Robert Espesser | Gaelle Ferre | Mathilde Guardiola | Daniel Hirst | Ning Tan | Edlira Cela | Jean-Claude Martin | Stéphane Rauzy | Mary-Annick Morel | Elisabeth Murisasco | Irina Nesterenko

Pdf Export Search Combining Parallel Treebanks and Geo-Tagging
[W10-1830]: Martin Volk | Anne Goehring | Torsten Marek

Pdf Export Search Challenges of Cheap Resource Creation
[W10-1831]: Jirka Hana | Anna Feldman

Pdf Export Search Discourse Relation Configurations in Turkish and an Annotation Environment
[W10-1832]: Berfin Aktaş | Cem Bozşahin | Deniz Zeyrek

Pdf Export Search An Overview of the CRAFT Concept Annotation Guidelines
[W10-1833]: Michael Bada | Miriam Eckert | Martha Palmer | Lawrence Hunter

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Tree Queries in Prolog
[W10-1834]: Gerlof Bouma

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Tool for Annotating Historical Corpora
[W10-1835]: Pablo Picasso Feliciano de Faria | Fabio Natanael Kepler | Maria Clara Paixão de Sousa

Pdf Export Search The Revised Arabic PropBank
[W10-1836]: Wajdi Zaghouani | Mona Diab | Aous Mansouri | Sameer Pradhan | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search PackPlay: Mining Semantic Data in Collaborative Games
[W10-1837]: Nathan Green | Paul Breimyer | Vinay Kumar | Nagiza Samatova

Pdf Export Search A Proposal for a Configurable Silver Standard
[W10-1838]: Udo Hahn | Katrin Tomanek | Elena Beisswanger | Erik Faessler

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Model for Annotating Named Entity Training Corpora
[W10-1839]: Robert Voyer | Valerie Nygaard | Will Fitzgerald | Hannah Copperman

Pdf Export Search Anatomy of Annotation Schemes: Mapping to GrAF
[W10-1840]: Nancy Ide | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Annotating Participant Reference in English Spoken Conversation
[W10-1841]: John Niekrasz | Johanna D. Moore

Pdf Export Search Design and Evaluation of Shared Prosodic Annotation for Spontaneous French Speech: From Expert Knowledge to Non-Expert Annotation
[W10-1842]: Anne Lacheret-Dujour | Nicolas Obin | Mathieu Avanzi

Pdf Export Search Depends on What the French Say - Spoken Corpus Annotation with and beyond Syntactic Functions
[W10-1843]: José Deulofeu | Lucie Duffort | Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane | Paola Pietrandrea

Pdf Export Search The Annotation Scheme of the Turkish Discourse Bank and an Evaluation of Inconsistent Annotations
[W10-1844]: Deniz Zeyrek | Işin Demirşahin | Ayişigi Sevdik-Çalli | Hale Ögel Balaban | Yalçinkaya | Ümit Deniz Turan