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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 10th Web as Corpus Workshop
[W16-2600]: Paul Cook | Stefan Evert | Roland Schäfer | Egon Stemle

Pdf Export Search Automatic Classification by Topic Domain for Meta Data Generation, Web Corpus Evaluation, and Corpus Comparison
[W16-2601]: Roland Schäfer | Felix Bildhauer

Pdf Export Search Efficient construction of metadata-enhanced web corpora
[W16-2602]: Adrien Barbaresi

Pdf Export Search Topically-focused Blog Corpora for Multiple Languages
[W16-2603]: Andrew Salway | Dag Elgesem | Knut Hofland | Øystein Reigem | Lubos Steskal

Pdf Export Search The Challenges and Joys of Analysing Ongoing Language Change in Web-based Corpora: a Case Study
[W16-2604]: Anne Krause

Pdf Export Search Using the Web and Social Media as Corpora for Monitoring the Spread of Neologisms. The case of 'rapefugee', 'rapeugee', and 'rapugee'.
[W16-2605]: Quirin Würschinger | Mohammad Fazleh Elahi | Desislava Zhekova | Hans-Jörg Schmid

Pdf Export Search EmpiriST 2015: A Shared Task on the Automatic Linguistic Annotation of Computer-Mediated Communication and Web Corpora
[W16-2606]: Michael Beißwenger | Sabine Bartsch | Stefan Evert | Kay-Michael Würzner

Pdf Export Search SoMaJo: State-of-the-art tokenization for German web and social media texts
[W16-2607]: Thomas Proisl | Peter Uhrig

Pdf Export Search UdS-(retrain|distributional|surface): Improving POS Tagging for OOV Words in German CMC and Web Data
[W16-2608]: Jakob Prange | Andrea Horbach | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Babler - Data Collection from the Web to Support Speech Recognition and Keyword Search
[W16-2609]: Gideon Mendels | Erica Cooper | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search A Global Analysis of Emoji Usage
[W16-2610]: Nikola Ljubešić | Darja Fišer

Pdf Export Search Genre classification for a corpus of academic webpages
[W16-2611]: Erika Dalan | Serge Sharoff

Pdf Export Search On Bias-free Crawling and Representative Web Corpora
[W16-2612]: Roland Schäfer

Pdf Export Search EmpiriST: AIPHES - Robust Tokenization and POS-Tagging for Different Genres
[W16-2613]: Steffen Remus | Gerold Hintz | Chris Biemann | Christian M. Meyer | Darina Benikova | Judith Eckle-Kohler | Margot Mieskes | Thomas Arnold

Pdf Export Search bot.zen $@$ EmpiriST 2015 - A minimally-deep learning PoS-tagger (trained for German CMC and Web data)
[W16-2614]: Egon Stemle

Pdf Export Search LTL-UDE $@$ EmpiriST 2015: Tokenization and PoS Tagging of Social Media Text
[W16-2615]: Tobias Horsmann | Torsten Zesch