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Anthology Volume Papers
P97-1 35th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics 74

Pdf Export Search 35th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search 35th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Interleaving Universal Principles and Relational Constraints over Typed Feature Logic
[P97-1001]: Thilo Gotz | Detmar Meurers

Pdf Export Search Fast Context-Free Parsing Requires Fast Boolean Matrix Multiplication
[P97-1002]: Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Three Generative, Lexicalised Models for Statistical Parsing
[P97-1003]: Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search Expansion of Multi-Word Terms for Indexing and Retrieval Using Morphology and Syntax
[P97-1004]: Christian Jacquemin | Judith L. Klavans | Evelyne Tzoukermann

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Text Genre
[P97-1005]: Brett Kessler | Geoffrey Nunberg | Hinrich Schutze

Pdf Export Search Document Classification Using a Finite Mixture Model
[P97-1006]: Hang Li | Kenji Yamanishi

Pdf Export Search Combining Unsupervised Lexical Knowledge Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation
[P97-1007]: German Rigau | Jordi Atserias | Eneko Agirre

Pdf Export Search Similarity-Based Methods for Word Sense Disambiguation
[P97-1008]: Ido Dagan | Lillian Lee | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic Dependency as Local Context to Resolve Word Sense Ambiguity
[P97-1009]: Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Homonymy and Polysemy in Information Retrieval
[P97-1010]: Robert Krovetz

Pdf Export Search Learning Features that Predict Cue Usage
[P97-1011]: Barbara Di Eugenio | Johanna D. Moore | Massimo Paolucci

Pdf Export Search Expectations in Incremental Discourse Processing
[P97-1012]: Dan Cristea | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search The Rhetorical Parsing of Unrestricted Natural Language Texts
[P97-1013]: Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Centering in-the-Large: Computing Referential Discourse Segments
[P97-1014]: Udo Hahn | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Probing the Lexicon in Evaluating Commercial MT Systems
[P97-1015]: Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Ambiguity Resolution for Machine Translation of Telegraphic Messages
[P97-1016]: Young-Suk Lee | Clifford Weinstein | Stephanie Seneff | Dinesh Tummala

Pdf Export Search Machine Transliteration
[P97-1017]: Kevin Knight | Jonathan Graehl

Pdf Export Search Intergrating Symbolic and Statistical Representations: The Lexicon Pragmatics Interface
[P97-1018]: Ann Copestake | Alex Lascarides

Pdf Export Search Negative Polarity Licensing at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
[P97-1019]: John Fry

Pdf Export Search Deriving Verbal and Compositonal Lexical Aspect for NLP Applications
[P97-1020]: Bonnie J. Dorr | Mari Broman Olsen

Pdf Export Search A DOP Model for Semantic Interpretation
[P97-1021]: Remko Bonnema | Rens Bod | Remko Scha

Pdf Export Search Fertility Models for Statistical Natural Language Understanding
[P97-1022]: Stephen Della Pietra | Mark Epstein | Salim Roukos | Todd Ward

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Semantic Orientation of Adjectives
[P97-1023]: Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Independence Assumptions Considered Harmful
[P97-1024]: Alexander Franz

Pdf Export Search Planning Reference Choices for Argumentative Teas
[P97-1025]: Xiaorong Huang

Pdf Export Search Sentence Planning as Description Using Tree Adjoining Grammar
[P97-1026]: Matthew Stone | Christine Doran

Pdf Export Search An Algorithm for Generating Referential Descriptions with Flexible Interfaces
[P97-1027]: Helmut Horacek

Pdf Export Search Applying Explanation-based Learning to Control and Speeding-up Natural Language Generation
[P97-1028]: Gunter Neumann

Pdf Export Search Morphological Disambiguation by Voting Constraints
[P97-1029]: Kemal Oflazer | Gokhan Tur

Pdf Export Search Mistake-Driven Mixture of Hierarchical Tag Context Trees
[P97-1030]: Masahiko Haruno | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search A Flexible POS Tagger Using an Automatically Acquired Language Model
[P97-1031]: Lluis Marquez | Lluis Padro

Pdf Export Search Comparing a Linguistic and a Stochastic Tagger
[P97-1032]: Christer Samuelsson | Atro Voutilainen

Pdf Export Search Intonational Boundaries, Speech Repairs, and Discourse Markers: Modeling Spoken Dialog
[P97-1033]: Peter A. Heeman | James F. Allen

Pdf Export Search Tracking Initiative in Collaborative Dialogue Interactions
[P97-1034]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll | Michael K. Brown

Pdf Export Search PARADISE: A Framework for Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Agents
[P97-1035]: Marilyn A. Walker | Diane J. Litman | Candace A. Kamm | Alicia Abella

Pdf Export Search Unification-based Multimodal Integration
[P97-1036]: Michael Johnston | Philip R. Cohen | David McGee | Sharon L. Oviatt | James A. Pittman | Ira Smith

Pdf Export Search A DP-based Search Using Monotone Alignments in Statistical Translation
[P97-1037]: Christoph Tillmann | Stephan Vogel | Hermann Ney | Alex Zubiaga

Pdf Export Search An Alignment Method for Noisy Parallel Corpora based on Image Processing Techniques
[P97-1038]: Jason S. Chang | Mathis H. Chen

Pdf Export Search A Portable Algorithm for Mapping Bitext Correspondence
[P97-1039]: I. Dan Melamed

Pdf Export Search Efficient Generation in Primitive Optimality Theory
[P97-1040]: Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search A Trainable Rule-Based Algorithm for Word Segmentation
[P97-1041]: David D. Palmer

Pdf Export Search Compiling Regular Formalisms with Rule Features into Finite-State Automata
[P97-1042]: George Anton Kiraz

Pdf Export Search The Complexity of Recognition of Linguistically Adequate Dependency Grammars
[P97-1043]: Peter Neuhaus | Norbert Broker

Pdf Export Search Maximal Incrementality in Linear Categorial Deduction
[P97-1044]: Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Aspectual Information from a Monolingual Corpus
[P97-1045]: Akira Oishi | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Head Transducers and Transfer for a Limited Domain Translation Application
[P97-1046]: Hiyan Alshawi | Adam L. Buchsbaum | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Decoding Algorithm in Statistical Machine Translation
[P97-1047]: Ye-Yi Wang | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search A Model of Lexical Attraction and Repulsion
[P97-1048]: Doug Beeferman | Adam Berger | John Lafferty

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Non-Emitting Markov Models
[P97-1049]: Eric Sven Ristad | Robert G. Thomas

Pdf Export Search Efficient Construction of Underspecified Semantics under Massive Ambiguity
[P97-1050]: Jochen Dörre

Pdf Export Search A Theory of Parallelism and the Case of VP Ellipsis
[P97-1051]: Jerry R. Hobbs | Andrew Kehler

Pdf Export Search On Interpreting F-Structures as UDRSs
[P97-1052]: Josef van Genabith | Richard Crouch

Pdf Export Search A Uniform Approach to Underspecification and Parallelism
[P97-1053]: Joachim Niehren | Manfred Pinkal | Peter Ruhrberg

Pdf Export Search Co-Evolution of Language and of the Language Acquisition Device
[P97-1054]: Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Paradigmatic Cascades: A Linguistically Sound Model of Pronunciation by Analogy
[P97-1055]: François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Memory-Based Learning: Using Similarity for Smoothing
[P97-1056]: Jakub Zavrel | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search String Transformation Learning
[P97-1057]: Giorgio Satta | John C. Henderson

Pdf Export Search Approximating Context-Free Grammars with a Finite-State Calculus
[P97-1058]: Edmund Grimley Evans

Pdf Export Search Finite State Transducers Approximating Hidden Markov Models
[P97-1059]: Andre Kempe

Pdf Export Search Representing Constraints with Automata
[P97-1060]: Frank Morawietz | Tom Cornell

Pdf Export Search Retrieving Collocations by Co-Occurrences and Word Order Constraints
[P97-1061]: Sayori Shimohata | Toshiyuki Sugio | Junji Nagata

Pdf Export Search Learning Parse and Translation Decisions from Examples with Rich Context
[P97-1062]: Ulf Hermjakob | Raymond J. Mooney

Pdf Export Search A Word-to-Word Model of Translational Equivalence
[P97-1063]: I. Dan Melamed

Pdf Export Search A Structured Language Model
[P97-1064]: Ciprian Chelba

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Context Information for the Extraction of Terms
[P97-1065]: Katerina T. Frantzi

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Acquisition from Texts: Using an Automatic Clustering Method Based on Noun-Modifier Relationship
[P97-1066]: Houssem Assadi

Pdf Export Search Choosing the Word Most Typical in Context Using a Lexical Co-occurrence Network
[P97-1067]: Philip Edmonds

Pdf Export Search Improving Translation through Contextual Information
[P97-1068]: Maite Taboada

Pdf Export Search Generative Power of CCGs with Generalized Type-Raised Categories
[P97-1069]: Nobo Komagata

Pdf Export Search Representing Paraphrases Using Synchronous TAGS
[P97-1070]: Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Contrastive accent in a data-to-speech system
[P97-1071]: Mariet Theune

Pdf Export Search Towards resolution of bridging descriptions
[P97-1072]: Renata Vieira | Simone Teufel

Pdf Export Search Compositional Semantics of German Prefix Verbs
[P97-1073]: Maria Wolters