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P01-1 Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics 71

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: Interpreting the Human Genome Sequence, Using Stochastic Grammars
[P01-1001]: Richard Durbin

Pdf Export Search Invited Talk: Processing Broadcast Audio for Information Access
[P01-1002]: Jean-Luc Gauvain | Lori Lamel | Gilles Adda | Martine Adda-Decker | Claude Barras | Langzhou Chen | Yannick de Kercadio

Pdf Export Search Improvement of a Whole Sentence Maximum Entropy Language Model Using Grammatical Features
[P01-1003]: Fredy A. Amaya | José Miguel Benedí

Pdf Export Search Low-cost, High-performance Translation Retrieval: Dumber is Better
[P01-1004]: Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Scaling to Very Very Large Corpora for Natural Language Disambiguation
[P01-1005]: Michele Banko | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Tool for Rule-based Anaphora Resolution Methods
[P01-1006]: Catalina Barbu | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Guided Parsing of Range Concatenation Languages
[P01-1007]: François Barthélemy | Pierre Boullier | Philippe Deschamp | Éric Villemonte de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Extracting Paraphrases from a Parallel Corpus
[P01-1008]: Regina Barzilay | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Alternative Phrases and Natural Language Information Retrieval
[P01-1009]: Gann Bierner

Pdf Export Search What is the Minimal Set of Fragments that Achieves Maximal Parse Accuracy?
[P01-1010]: Rens Bod

Pdf Export Search Underspecified Beta Reduction
[P01-1011]: Manuel Bodirsky | Katrin Erk | Alexander Koller | Joachim Niehren

Pdf Export Search Detecting Problematic Turns in Human-Machine Interactions: Rule-induction Versus Memory-based Learning Approaches
[P01-1012]: Antal van den Bosch | Emiel Krahmer | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Chinese Text Segmentation With MBDP-1: Making the Most of Training Corpora
[P01-1013]: Michael R. Brent | Xiaopeng Tao

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Classification of Discourse Elements in Essays
[P01-1014]: Jill Burstein | Daniel Marcu | Slava Andreyev | Martin Chodorow

Pdf Export Search From RAGS to RICHES: Exploiting the Potential of a Flexible Generation Architecture
[P01-1015]: Lynne Cahill | John Carroll | Roger Evans | Daniel Paiva | Richard Power | Donia Scott | Kees van Deemter

Pdf Export Search Non-Verbal Cues for Discourse Structure
[P01-1016]: Justine Cassell | Yukiko Nakano | Timothy W. Bickmore | Candace L. Sidner | Charles Rich

Pdf Export Search Immediate-Head Parsing for Language Models
[P01-1017]: Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Constraints on Strong Generative Power
[P01-1018]: David Chiang

Pdf Export Search An Algebra for Semantic Construction in Constraint-based Grammars
[P01-1019]: Ann Copestake | Alex Lascarides | Dan Flickinger

Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to the Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation
[P01-1020]: Simon Corston-Oliver | Michael Gamon | Chris Brockett

Pdf Export Search Grammars for Local and Long Dependencies
[P01-1021]: Alexander Dikovsky

Pdf Export Search Practical Issues in Compiling Typed Unification Grammars for Speech Recognition
[P01-1022]: John Dowding | Beth Ann Hockey | Jean Mark Gawron | Christopher Culy

Pdf Export Search Empirically Estimating Order Constraints for Content Planning in Generation
[P01-1023]: Pablo A. Duboue | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Topological Dependency Trees: A Constraint-Based Account of Linear Precedence
[P01-1024]: Denys Duchier | Ralph Debusmann

Pdf Export Search Methods for the Qualitative Evaluation of Lexical Association Measures
[P01-1025]: Stefan Evert | Brigitte Krenn

Pdf Export Search Organizing Encyclopedic Knowledge based on the Web and its Application to Question Answering
[P01-1026]: Atsushi Fujii | Tetsuya Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search Refined Lexicon Models for Statistical Machine Translation using a Maximum Entropy Approach
[P01-1027]: Ismael García-Varea | Franz J. Och | Hermann Ney | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Generating with a Grammar Based on Tree Descriptions: a Constraint-Based Approach
[P01-1028]: Claire Gardent | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Word Order in German: A Formal Dependency Grammar Using a Topological Hierarchy
[P01-1029]: Kim Gerdes | Sylvain Kahane

Pdf Export Search Fast Decoding and Optimal Decoding for Machine Translation
[P01-1030]: Ulrich Germann | Michael Jahr | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu | Kenji Yamada

Pdf Export Search Resolving Ellipsis in Clarification
[P01-1031]: Jonathan Ginzburg | Robin Cooper

Pdf Export Search Mapping Lexical Entries in a Verbs Database to WordNet Senses
[P01-1032]: Rebecca Green | Lisa Pearl | Bonnie J. Dorr | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Towards Abstract Categorial Grammars
[P01-1033]: Philippe de Groote

Pdf Export Search XML-Based Data Preparation for Robust Deep Parsing
[P01-1034]: Claire Grover | Alex Lascarides

Pdf Export Search Serial Combination of Rules and Statistics: A Case Study in Czech Tagging
[P01-1035]: Jan Hajic | Pavel Krbec | Pavel Kveton | Karel Oliva | Vladimir Petkevic

Pdf Export Search Topic-focus and Salience
[P01-1036]: Eva Hajicová | Petr Sgall

Pdf Export Search The Role of Lexico-Semantic Feedback in Open-Domain Textual Question-Answering
[P01-1037]: Sanda Harabagiu | Dan Moldovan | Marius Pasca | Rada Mihalcea | Mihai Surdeanu | Razvan Bunsecu | Roxana Girju | Vasile Rus | Paul Morarescu

Pdf Export Search Generation of VP Ellipsis: A Corpus-Based Approach
[P01-1038]: Daniel Hardt | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from Voicemail
[P01-1039]: Jing Huang | Geoffrey Zweig | Mukund Padmanabhan

Pdf Export Search A Common Framework for Syntactic Annotation
[P01-1040]: Nancy Ide | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search Japanese Named Entity Recognition based on a Simple Rule Generator and Decision Tree Learning
[P01-1041]: Hideki Isozaki

Pdf Export Search Joint and Conditional Estimation of Tagging and Parsing Models
[P01-1042]: Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Language Independent Shallow-Parser Compiler
[P01-1043]: Alexandra Kinyon

Pdf Export Search Parsing with Treebank Grammars: Empirical Bounds, Theoretical Models, and the Structure of the Penn Treebank
[P01-1044]: Dan Klein | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search From Chunks to Function-Argument Structure: A Similarity-Based Approach
[P01-1045]: Sandra Kübler | Erhard W. Hinrichs

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Smoothing Algorithms against Plausibility Judgements
[P01-1046]: Maria Lapata | Frank Keller | Scott McDonald

Pdf Export Search Extending Lambek Grammars: a Logical Account of Minimalist Grammars
[P01-1047]: Alain Lecomte | Christian Retoré

Pdf Export Search Predicting User Reactions to System Error
[P01-1048]: Diane Litman | Julia Hirschberg | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search Building Semantic Perceptron Net for Topic Spotting
[P01-1049]: Jimin Liu | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Towards a Unified Approach to Memory- and Statistical-Based Machine Translation
[P01-1050]: Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Error Profiling: Toward a Model of English Acquisition for Deaf Learners
[P01-1051]: Lisa N. Michaud | Kathleen F. McCoy

Pdf Export Search Logic Form Transformation of WordNet and its Applicability to Question Answering
[P01-1052]: Dan Moldovan | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Syllable Boundaries Combining the Advantages of Treebank and Bracketed Corpora Training
[P01-1053]: Karin Müller

Pdf Export Search Tractability and Structural Closures in Attribute Logic Type Signatures
[P01-1054]: Gerald Penn

Pdf Export Search Using Machine Learning to Maintain Rule-based Named-Entity Recognition and Classification Systems
[P01-1055]: Georgios Petasis | Frantz Vichot | Francis Wolinski | Georgios Paliouras | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a Trainable Sentence Planner for a Spoken Dialogue System
[P01-1056]: Owen Rambow | Monica Rogati | Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Using a Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate an NLG System
[P01-1057]: Ehud Reiter | Roma Robertson | A. Scott Lennox | Liesl Osman

Pdf Export Search Evaluating CETEMPúblico, a Free Resource for Portuguese
[P01-1058]: Diana Santos | Paulo Rocha

Pdf Export Search Producing Biographical Summaries: Combining Linguistic Knowledge with Corpus Statistics
[P01-1059]: Barry Schiffman | Inderjeet Mani | Kristian Concepcion

Pdf Export Search Parse Forest Computation of Expected Governors
[P01-1060]: Helmut Schmid | Mats Rooth

Pdf Export Search Computational Properties of Environment-based Disambiguation
[P01-1061]: William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Incremental Construction of Compact Acyclic NFAs
[P01-1062]: Kyriakos N. Sgarbas | Nikos D. Fakotakis | George K. Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model For Morpheme and Paradigm Identification
[P01-1063]: Matthew G. Snover | Michael R. Brent

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Domain-Independent Text Segmentation
[P01-1064]: Masao Utiyama | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Generic Approach to Parallel Chart Parsing with an Application to LinGO
[P01-1065]: Marcel P. Van Lohuizen

Pdf Export Search Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Darpa Communicator Spoken Dialogue Systems
[P01-1066]: Marilyn A. Walker | Rebecca Passonneau | Julie E. Boland

Pdf Export Search A Syntax-based Statistical Translation Model
[P01-1067]: Kenji Yamada | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Multi-Class Composite N-gram Language Model for Spoken Language Processing Using Multiple Word Clusters
[P01-1068]: Hirofumi Yamamoto | Shuntaro Isogai | Yoshinori Sagisaka

Pdf Export Search Text Chunking using Regularized Winnow
[P01-1069]: Tong Zhang | Fred Damerau | David Johnson

Pdf Export Search Using Machine Learning Techniques to Interpret WH-questions
[P01-1070]: Ingrid Zukerman | Eric Horvitz