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A92-1 Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing 48

Pdf Export Search Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

Pdf Export Search Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

Pdf Export Search Deriving Database Queries from Logical Forms by Abductive Definition Expansion
[A92-1001]: Manny Rayner | Hiyan Alshawi

Pdf Export Search A Dialog Control Algorithm and Its Performance
[A92-1002]: Ronnie W. Smith | D . Richard Hipp | Alan W. Biermann

[A92-1003]: Alberto Lavelli | Bernardo Magnini | Carlo Strapparava

[A92-1004]: Joan Bachenko | Jeffrey Daugherty | Eileen Fitzpatrick

Pdf Export Search Real-time linguistic analysis for continuous speech understanding
[A92-1005]: Paolo Baggia | Elisabetta Gerbino | Egidio Giachin | Claudio Rullent

Pdf Export Search Applied Text Generation
[A92-1006]: Owen Rambow | Tanya Korelsky

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Multimodal Weather Reports from Datasets
[A92-1007]: Stephan M. Kerpedjiev

Pdf Export Search Generating Spatial Descriptions for Cross-modal References
[A92-1008]: Peter Wazinski

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of On-Line Documentation in the IDAS Project
[A92-1009]: Ehud Reiter | Chris Mellish | John Levine

Pdf Export Search Integrating Natural Language Components into Graphical Discourse
[A92-1010]: Stephan Dilley | John Bateman | Ulrich Thiel | Anne Tissen

Pdf Export Search The Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Combined Machine-Readable Dictionary Sources
[A92-1011]: Antonio Sanfilippo | Victor Poznatlski

Pdf Export Search The ACQUILEX LKB: representation issues in semi-automatic acquisition of large lexicons
[A92-1012]: Ann Copestake

Pdf Export Search Computational Lexicons: the Neat Examples and the Odd Exemplars
[A92-1013]: Roberto Basili | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Paola Velardi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Learning for Semantic Collocation
[A92-1014]: Satoshl SEKINE | Jeremy J.CARROLL | Sofia ANANIADOU | Jun'ichi TSUJII

Pdf Export Search Detecting and Correcting Morpho-syntactic Errors in Real Texts
[A92-1015]: Theo Vosse

Pdf Export Search XUXEN: A Spelling Checker/Corrector for Basque Based on Two-Level Morphology
[A92-1016]: Agirre E. | Alegria I | Arregi X | Artola X | Diaz de Ilarraza A | Maritxalar M | Sarasola K | Urkia M

Pdf Export Search Extended Spelling Correction for German
[A92-1017]: Ralf Kese | Friedrich Dudda | Gerhard Heyer | Marianne Kugler

Pdf Export Search A Practical Part-of-Speech Tagger
[A92-1018]: Doug Cutting | Julian Kupiec | Jan Pedersen | Penelope Sibun

[A92-1019]: Hans Paulussen | Willy Martin

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-Based Statistical Approach to Automatic Book Indexing
[A92-1020]: Jyun-Sheng Chang | Tsung-Yih Tseng | Sur-Jin Ker | Ying Cheng | Huey-Chyun Chen | Shun-Der Cheng | John S. Liu

Pdf Export Search A Simple Rule-Based Part of Speech Tagger
[A92-1021]: Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Parsing Strategies Using Standardized Parse Files
[A92-1022]: Ralph Grishman | Catherine Macleod | John Sterling

Pdf Export Search A Practical Methodology for the Evaluation of Spoken Language Systems
[A92-1023]: Sean Boisen | Madeleine Bates

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Facts from Press Releases to Generate News Stories
[A92-1024]: Peggy M. Andersen | Philip J. Hayes | Steven P. Weinstein | Alison K. Huettner | Linda M. Schmandt | Irene B. Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Joining Statistics with NLP for Text Categorization
[A92-1025]: Paul S. Jacobs

Pdf Export Search Robust Processing of Real-World Natural-Language Texts
[A92-1026]: Jerry R . Hobbs | Douglas E . Appelt | John Bear | Mabry Tyson

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Chart-based Algorithm for Partial-Parsing of Unrestricted Texts
[A92-1027]: David D. McDonald

Pdf Export Search Zero Pronoun Resolution in a Machine Translation System by using Japanese to English Verbal Semantic Attributes.
[A92-1028]: Hiromi Nakaiwa | Satoru Ikehara

Pdf Export Search Compound Nouns in a Unification-Based MT System
[A92-1029]: Pierrette Bouillon | Katharina Boesefeldt | Graham Russell

Pdf Export Search XTAG - A Graphical Workbench for Developing Tree-Adjoining Grammars
[A92-1030]: Patrick Paroubek | Yves Schabes | Aravind K . Joshi

Pdf Export Search Tagging and Alignment of Parallel Texts: Current Status of BCP
[A92-1031]: A. Winarske | S. Warwick-Armstrong | J. Hajie

Pdf Export Search Robust parsing of natural language descriptions expressed in telegraphic style
[A92-1032]: Michela Fasolo | Lorenzo Garbuio | Nicola Guarino

Pdf Export Search Overview of Natural Language Processing of Captions for Retrieving Multimedia Data
[A92-1033]: Eugene J. Guglielmo | Neil C. Rowe

Pdf Export Search MORPHE: A Practical Compiler for Reversible Morphology Rules
[A92-1034]: John R. R. Leavitt

Pdf Export Search Practical World Modeling for NLP Applications
[A92-1035]: Lynn Carlson | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Portable Natural Language Generation using SPOKESMAN
[A92-1036]: Marie Meteer

Pdf Export Search A Method of Automatic Hypertext Construction from an Encyclopedic Dictionary of a Specific Field
[A92-1037]: Sadao Kurohashi | Makoto Nagao | Satoshi Sato | Masahiko Murakami

Pdf Export Search Datenbank-DIALOG and the Relevance of Habitability
[A92-1038]: Harald Trost | Wolfgang Heinz | Johannes Matiasek | Ernst Buchberger

Pdf Export Search Tools for Grammar Engineering
[A92-1039]: Gregor Erbach

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Management for Telephone Information Systems
[A92-1040]: Scott McGlashan | Norman Fraser | Nigel Gilbert | Eric Bilange | Paul Heisterkamp | Nick Youd

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Design Using a Paradigmatic Approach
[A92-1041]: Cristian Dumitrescu

Pdf Export Search Acquiring and Exploiting the User's Knowledge in Guidance Interactions
[A92-1042]: Eyal Shifroni | Uzzi Ornan

Pdf Export Search Learning a Scanning Understanding for "Real-world" Library Categorization
[A92-1043]: Stefan Wermter

Pdf Export Search SEISD: An environment for extraction of Semantic Information from on-line dictionaries
[A92-1044]: Alicia Agent | Irene Castellon | M. A. Marti | German Rigau | Francese Ribas | Horaeio Rodriguez | Mariona Taule | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search Multi-Purpose Development and Operation Environments for Natural Language Applications
[A92-1045]: Sergei Nirenburg | Peter Shell | Ariel Cohen | Peter Cousseau | Dean Grannes | Chris McNeilly

Pdf Export Search The Role of Testing in Grammar Engineering
[A92-1046]: Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search Lexical Processing in the CLARE System
[A92-1047]: David M. Carter