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Anthology Volume Papers
A97-1 Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing 57
A97-2 Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing: Descriptions of System Demonstrations and Videos 22

Pdf Export Search Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

Pdf Export Search Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

Pdf Export Search CommandTalk: A Spoken-Language Interface for Battlefield Simulations
[A97-1001]: R. C. Moore | J. Dowding | H. Bratt | J. M. Gawron | Y. Gorfu | A. Cheyer

Pdf Export Search Natural Language in Four Spatial Interfaces
[A97-1002]: Kenneth Wauchope | Stephanie Everett | Dennis Perzanowski | Elaine Marsh

Pdf Export Search High Performance Segmentation of Spontaneous Speech Using Part of Speech and Trigger Word Information
[A97-1003]: Marsal Gavalda | Klaus Zechner | Gregory Aist

Pdf Export Search A Maximum Entropy Approach to Identifying Sentence Boundaries
[A97-1004]: Jeffrey C. Reynar | Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Pdf Export Search QuickSet: Multimodal Interaction for Simulation Set-up and Control
[A97-1005]: Philip R. Cohen | Michael Johnston | David McGee | Sharon Oviatt | Jay Pittman | Ira Smith | Liang Chen | Josh Clow

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Dialogue Service for Appointment Scheduling Agents
[A97-1006]: Stephan Busemann | Thierry Declerck | Abdel Kader Diagne | Luca Dini | Judith Klein | Sven Schmeier

Pdf Export Search Insights into the Dialogue Processing of VERBMOBIL
[A97-1007]: Jan Alexandersson | Norbert Reithinger | Elisabeth Maier

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Strategies for Selective Utterance Verification for Spoken Natural Language Dialog
[A97-1008]: Ronnie W. Smith

Pdf Export Search Name pronunciation in German text-to-speech synthesis
[A97-1009]: Stefanie Jannedy | Bernd Mobius

Pdf Export Search Applying Repair Processing in Chinese Homophone Disambiguation
[A97-1010]: Yue-Shi Lee | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search A non-projective dependency parser
[A97-1011]: Pasi Tapanainen | Timo Jarvinen

[A97-1012]: Salah Ait-Mokhtar | Jean-Pierre Chanod

Pdf Export Search Developing a hybrid NP parser
[A97-1013]: Atro Voutilainen | Lluis Padro

Pdf Export Search An Annotation Scheme for Free Word Order Languages
[A97-1014]: Wojciech Skut | Brigitte Krenn | Thorsten Brants | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search The Domain Dependence of Parsing
[A97-1015]: Satoshi Sekine

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Two-Level Morphological Rules
[A97-1016]: Pieter Theron | Ian Cloete

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic and Rule-Based Tagger of an Inflective Language- a Comparison
[A97-1017]: Jan Hajic | Barbora Hladka

Pdf Export Search CSeg&Tagl.0: A Practical Word Segmenter and POS Tagger for Chinese Texts
[A97-1018]: Sun Maosong | Shen Dayang | Huang Changning

Pdf Export Search The NLP Role in Animated Conversation for CALL
[A97-1019]: Michael Schoelles | Henry Hamburger

Pdf Export Search Reading more into Foreign Languages
[A97-1020]: John Nerbonne | Lauri Karttunen | Elena Paskaleva | Gabor Proszeky | Tiit Roosmaa

Pdf Export Search Large-Scale Acquisition of LCS-Based Lexicons for Foreign Language Tutoring
[A97-1021]: Bonnie J. Dorr

Pdf Export Search A Prototype of a Grammar Checker for Czech
[A97-1022]: Holan Tomas | Vladislav Kubon | Martin Platek

Pdf Export Search Techniques for Accelerating a Grammar-Checker
[A97-1023]: Karel Oliva

Pdf Export Search EasyEnglish: A Tool for Improving Document Quality
[A97-1024]: Arendse Bernth

Pdf Export Search Contextual Spelling Correction Using Latent Semantic Analysis
[A97-1025]: Michael P. Jones | James H . Martin

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Scoring System For Advanced Placement Biology Essays
[A97-1026]: Jill Burstein | Susanne Wolff | Chi Lu | Randy M. Kaplan

Pdf Export Search Dutch Sublanguage Semantic Tagging combined with Mark-Up Technology
[A97-1027]: P. Spyns | NT. Nhan | E. Baert | N. Sager | G. De Moor

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Profile of the Named Entity Task
[A97-1028]: David D. Palmer | David S. Day

Pdf Export Search Nymble: a High-Performance Learning Name-finder
[A97-1029]: Daniel M. Bikel | Scott Miller | Richard Schwartz | Ralph Weischedel

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of Proper Names in Text
[A97-1030]: Nina Wacholder | Yael Ravin | Misook Choi

Pdf Export Search An Information Extraction Core System for Real World German Text Processing
[A97-1031]: Gunter Neumann | Rolf Backofen | Judith Baur | Markus Becker | Christian Braun

Pdf Export Search Layout & Language: Preliminary experiments in assigning logical structure to table cells
[A97-1032]: Matthew Hurst | Shona Douglas

Pdf Export Search Building a Generation Knowledge Source using Internet-Accessible Newswire
[A97-1033]: Dragomir R. Radev | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Using SGML as a Basis for Data-Intensive NLP
[A97-1034]: David McKelvie | Chris Brew | Henry Thompson

Pdf Export Search Software Infrastructure for Natural Language Processing
[A97-1035]: Hamish Cunningham | Kevin Humphreys | Robert Gaizauskas | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search An Open Distributed Architecture for Reuse and Integration of Heterogeneous NLP Components
[A97-1036]: Remi Zajac | Mark Casper | Nigel Sharples

Pdf Export Search Customizable Descriptions of Object-Oriented Models
[A97-1037]: Benoit Lavoie | Owen Rambow | Ehud Reiter

Pdf Export Search CogentHelp: NLG meets SE in a tool for authoring dynamically generated on-line help
[A97-1038]: Michael White | David E. Caldwell

Pdf Export Search A Fast and Portable Realizer for Text Generation Systems
[A97-1039]: Benoit Lavoie | Owen Rainbow

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Generation and Summarization of Job Adverts: the TREE Project
[A97-1040]: Harold Somers | Bill Black | Joakim Nivre | Torbjorn Lager | Annarosa Multari | Luca Gilardoni | Jeremy Ellman | Alex Rogers

Pdf Export Search Language Generation for Multimedia Healthcare Briefings
[A97-1041]: Kathleen R. McKeown | Desmond A. Jordan | Shimei Pan | James Shaw | Barry A. Allen

Pdf Export Search Identifying Topics by Position
[A97-1042]: Chin-Yew Lin | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Extraction o f Key Paragraphs Based on Context Dependency
[A97-1043]: Fumiyo Fukumoto | Yoshimi Suzukit | Jun'ichi Fukumoto

Pdf Export Search Building Effective Queries In Natural Language Information Retrieval
[A97-1044]: Tomek Strzalkowski | Fang Lin | Jose Perez-Carballo | Jin Wang

Pdf Export Search Construction and Visualization of Key Term Hierarchies
[A97-1045]: Joe Zhou | Troy Tanner

Pdf Export Search Fast Statistical Parsing of Noun Phrases for Document Indexing
[A97-1046]: Chengxiang Zhai

Pdf Export Search An English to Turkish Machine Translation System Using Structural Mapping
[A97-1047]: Cigdem Keyder Turhan

Pdf Export Search An Interactive Translation Support Facility for Non-Professional Users
[A97-1048]: Kiyoshi Yamabana | Kazunori Muraki | Shin-ichiro Kamei | Kenji Satoh | Shinichi Doi | Shinko Tamura

Pdf Export Search An Intelligent Multilingual Information Browsing and Retrieval System Using Information Extraction
[A97-1049]: Chinatsu Aone | Nicholas Charocopos | James Gorlinsky

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Acquisition of Domain-Specific Translation Lexicons
[A97-1050]: Philip Resnik | I. Dan Melamed

Pdf Export Search Mixed-Initiative Development of Language Processing Systems
[A97-1051]: David Day | John Aberdeen | Lynette Hirschman | Robyn Kozierok | Patricia Robinson | Marc Vilain

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Subcategorization from Corpora
[A97-1052]: Ted Briscoe | John Carroll

Pdf Export Search Learning Probabilistic Subcategorization Preference by Identifying Case Dependencies and Optimal Noun Class Generalization Level
[A97-1053]: Takehito Utsuro | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search A Workbench for Finding Structure in Texts
[A97-1054]: Andrei Mikheev | Steven Finch

Pdf Export Search Automatic Selection of Class Labels from a Thesaurus for an Effective Semantic Tagging of Corpora.
[A97-1055]: Alessandro Cucchiarelli | Paola Velardi

Pdf Export Search Sequential Model Selection for Word Sense Disambiguation
[A97-1056]: Ted Pedersen | Rebecca Brucet | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing: Descriptions of System Demonstrations and Videos

Pdf Export Search Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing: Descriptions of System Demonstrations and Videos

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Structures of Sentences from Large Corpora
[A97-2001]: Emmanuel Giguet | Jacques Vergne

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Two Stage Approach to Robust Language Interpretation
[A97-2002]: Carolyn Penstein Rose

Pdf Export Search Automating NL Appointment Scheduling with COSMA
[A97-2003]: Stephan Busemann

Pdf Export Search Duke's Trainable Information and Meaning Extraction System (Duke TIMES)
[A97-2004]: Amit Bagga | Joyce Yue Chai

Pdf Export Search Dependency parser demo
[A97-2005]: Timo Jarvinen | Pasi Tapanainen

Pdf Export Search An Improvement in the Selection Process of Machine Translation Using Inductive Learning with Genetic Algorithms
[A97-2006]: Hiroshi Echizen-ya | Kenji Araki | Yoshikazu Miyanaga | Koji Tochinai

Pdf Export Search CIRCSIM-Tutor: An Intelligent Tutoring System Using Natural Language Dialogue
[A97-2007]: Martha W. Evens | Ru-Charn Chang | Yoon Hee Lee | Leem Seop Shim | Chong Woo Woo | Yuemei Zbang

Pdf Export Search NetOwl(TM) Server
[A97-2008]: Inc. IsoQuest

Pdf Export Search Logos Machine Translation System

Pdf Export Search A Broad-Coverage Word Sense Tagger
[A97-2010]: Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Microsoft Natural Language Understanding System and Grammar Checker
[A97-2011]: Steve Richardson

Pdf Export Search Two Multimodal Interfaces to Military Simulations
[A97-2012]: Kenneth Wauchope

Pdf Export Search EAGLE: An Extensible Architecture for General Linguistic Engineering
[A97-2013]: Breck Baldwin | Christine Doran | Jeffrey C. Reynar | Michael Niv | B. Srinivas

Pdf Export Search An English Grammar Checker as a Writing Aid for Students o f English as a Second Language
[A97-2014]: Jong C. Park | Martha Palmer | Clay Washburn

Pdf Export Search CATMORF: Multi two-level steps for Catalan morphology
[A97-2015]: Toni Badia | Angels Egea | Antoni Tuells

Pdf Export Search Software for Annotating Argument Structure
[A97-2016]: Wojciech Skut | Brigitte Krenn | Thorsten Brants | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search GATE - a General Architecture for Text Engineering
[A97-2017]: Hamish Cunningham | Kevin Humphreys | Robert Gaizauskas | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Multilingual NameTag(TM) Multilingual Internet Surveillance System Multimedia Fusion System
[A97-2018]: SRA International

Pdf Export Search NL Assistant: A Toolkit for Developing Natural Language: Applications
[A97-2019]: Deborah A. Dahl | Lewis M. Norton | Ahmed Bouzid | Li Li

Pdf Export Search Using BBN VALAD: Speech at the Logistics Anchor Desk
[A97-2020]: Madeline Bates | Rusty Bobrow

Pdf Export Search A Spoken Language Interface to a Virtual Reality System (Video)
[A97-2021]: Stephanie S. Everett | Kenneth Wauchope | Manuel A. Pfirez