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Anthology Volume Papers
J18-1 Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 1 - April 2018 8
J18-2 Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 2 - June 2018 7
J18-3 Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 3 - September 2018 7
J18-4 Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 4 - December 2018 13

Export Search Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 1 - April 2018

Pdf Export Search Smart Enough to Talk With Us? Foundations and Challenges for Dialogue Capable AI Systems
[J18-1001]: Barbara J. Grosz

Pdf Export Search On the Derivational Entropy of Left-to-Right Probabilistic Finite-State Automata and Hidden Markov Models
[J18-1002]: Joan Andreu Sánchez | Martha Alicia Rocha | Verónica Romero | Mauricio Villegas

Pdf Export Search A Notion of Semantic Coherence for Underspecified Semantic Representation
[J18-1003]: Mehdi Manshadi | Daniel Gildea | James F. Allen

Pdf Export Search Cache Transition Systems for Graph Parsing
[J18-1004]: Daniel Gildea | Giorgio Satta | Xiaochang Peng

Pdf Export Search Weighted DAG Automata for Semantic Graphs
[J18-1005]: David Chiang | Frank Drewes | Daniel Gildea | Adam Lopez | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Book Review: Bayesian Analysis in Natural Language Processing by Shay Cohen
[J18-1006]: Kevin Duh

Pdf Export Search Metaphor: A Computational Perspective by Tony Veale, Ekaterina Shutova and Beata Beigman Klebanov
[J18-1007]: Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Neural Network Methods for Natural Language Processing by Yoav Goldberg
[J18-1008]: Yang Liu | Meng Zhang

Export Search Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 2 - June 2018

Pdf Export Search A Dependency Perspective on RST Discourse Parsing and Evaluation
[J18-2001]: Mathieu Morey | Philippe Muller | Nicholas Asher

Pdf Export Search Unrestricted Bridging Resolution
[J18-2002]: Yufang Hou | Katja Markert | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Spurious Ambiguity and Focalization
[J18-2003]: Glyn Morrill | Oriol Valentín

Pdf Export Search The Influence of Context on the Learning of Metrical Stress Systems Using Finite-State Machines
[J18-2004]: Cesko Voeten | Menno van Zaanen

Pdf Export Search Tree Structured Dirichlet Processes for Hierarchical Morphological Segmentation
[J18-2005]: Burcu Can | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Domain-Sensitive Temporal Tagging By Jannik Strötgen, Michael Gertz
[J18-2006]: Ruihong Huang

Pdf Export Search Festina Lente: A Farewell from the Editor
[J18-2007]: Paola Merlo

Export Search Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 3 - September 2018

Pdf Export Search Obituary: Aravind K. Joshi
[J18-3001]: Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search A Structured Review of the Validity of BLEU
[J18-3002]: Ehud Reiter

Pdf Export Search Native Language Identification With Classifier Stacking and Ensembles
[J18-3003]: Shervin Malmasi | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search On the Complexity of CCG Parsing
[J18-3004]: Marco Kuhlmann | Giorgio Satta | Peter Jonsson

Pdf Export Search Using Semantics for Granularities of Tokenization
[J18-3005]: Martin Riedl | Chris Biemann

Pdf Export Search Feature-Based Decipherment for Machine Translation
[J18-3006]: Iftekhar Naim | Parker Riley | Daniel Gildea

Pdf Export Search Survey: Anaphora With Non-nominal Antecedents in Computational Linguistics: a Survey
[J18-3007]: Varada Kolhatkar | Adam Roussel | Stefanie Dipper | Heike Zinsmeister

Export Search Computational Linguistics, Volume 44, Issue 4 - December 2018

Pdf Export Search The Lost Combinator
[J18-4001]: Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Squib: The Language Resource Switchboard
[J18-4002]: Claus Zinn

Pdf Export Search Squib: Reproducibility in Computational Linguistics: Are We Willing to Share?
[J18-4003]: Martijn Wieling | Josine Rawee | Gertjan van Noord

Pdf Export Search Last Words: What Can Be Accomplished with the State of the Art in Information Extraction? A Personal View
[J18-4004]: Ralph Weischedel | Elizabeth Boschee

Pdf Export Search Book Review: Automatic Text Simplification by Horacio Saggion
[J18-4005]: Xiaojun Wan

Pdf Export Search Introduction to the Special Issue on Language in Social Media: Exploiting Discourse and Other Contextual Information
[J18-4006]: Farah Benamara | Diana Inkpen | Maite Taboada

Pdf Export Search Interactional Stancetaking in Online Forums
[J18-4007]: Scott F. Kiesling | Umashanthi Pavalanathan | Jim Fitzpatrick | Xiaochuang Han | Jacob Eisenstein

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model of Conversational Discourse Latent Topics on Microblogs
[J18-4008]: Jing Li | Yan Song | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Sarcasm Analysis Using Conversation Context
[J18-4009]: Debanjan Ghosh | Alexander R. Fabbri | Smaranda Muresan

Pdf Export Search We Usually Don’t Like Going to the Dentist: Using Common Sense to Detect Irony on Twitter
[J18-4010]: Cynthia Van Hee | Els Lefever | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Combining Deep Learning and Argumentative Reasoning for the Analysis of Social Media Textual Content Using Small Data Sets
[J18-4011]: Oana Cocarascu | Francesca Toni

Pdf Export Search Modeling Speech Acts in Asynchronous Conversations: A Neural-CRF Approach
[J18-4012]: Shafiq Joty | Tasnim Mohiuddin

Pdf Export Search Reviewers for Volume 44