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Anthology Volume Papers
C00-1 COLING 2000 Volume 1: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics 86
C00-2 COLING 2000 Volume 2: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics 91

Pdf Export Search COLING 2000 Volume 1: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search COLING 2000 Volume 1: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search A word-grammar based morphological analyzer for agglutinative languages
[C00-1001]: Aduriz. I. | Agirre E. | Aldezabai I | Alegria I. | Arregi X. | Arriola J. M. | Artola X. | Gojenola K. | Maritxalar A. | Sarasola K. | Urkia M.

Pdf Export Search Learning Word Clusters from Data Types
[C00-1002]: Paolo Allegrini | Simonetta Montemagni | Vito Pirrelli

Pdf Export Search Selectional Restrictions in HPSG
[C00-1003]: Ion Androutsopoulos | Robert Dale

Pdf Export Search Extended Models and Tools for High-performance Part-of-speech
[C00-1004]: Masayuki Asahara | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search An ontology of systematic relations for a shared grammar of Slavic
[C00-1005]: Tania Avgustinova | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Word Order and Segmentation on Translation Retrieval Performance
[C00-1006]: Timothy Baldwin | Hozumi Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Exploiting a Probabilistic Hierarchical Model for Generation
[C00-1007]: Srinivas Bangalore | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Incremental Identification of Inflectional Types
[C00-1008]: Petra Barg | James Kilbury

[C00-1009]: Jose-Miguel Benedi | Joan-Andreu Sanchez

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Evaluation of LFG-DOP
[C00-1010]: Rens Bod

Pdf Export Search Parsing with the Shortest Derivation
[C00-1011]: Rens Bod

Pdf Export Search The effects of analysing cohesion on document summarisation
[C00-1012]: Branirnir K. Boguraev | Mary S. Neff

Pdf Export Search Creating a Universal Networking Language Module within an Advanced NLP System
[C00-1013]: Igor Boguslavsky | Nadezhda Frid | Leonid Iomdin | Leonid Kreidlin | Irina Sagalova | Victor Sizov

Pdf Export Search Reusing an ontology to generate numeral classifiers
[C00-1014]: Francis Bond | Kyonghee Paik

Pdf Export Search You'll Take the High Road and I'll Take the Low Road: Using a Third Language to Improve Bilingual Word Alignment
[C00-1015]: Lars Borin

Pdf Export Search Binding Constraints as Instructions of Binding Machines
[C00-1016]: Antonio Branco

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Parsing and Psychological Plausibility
[C00-1017]: Thorsten Brants | Matthew Crocker

Pdf Export Search The Use of Instrumentation in Grammar Engineering
[C00-1018]: Norbert Broker

Pdf Export Search Automated Generalization of Translation Examples
[C00-1019]: Ralf D. Brown

Pdf Export Search A Client/Server Architecture for Word Sense Disambiguation
[C00-1020]: Caroline Brun

Pdf Export Search Tagging of very large corpora: Topic-Focus Articulation
[C00-1021]: Eva Buranova | Eva Hajicova | Petr Sgall

Pdf Export Search Exogeneous and Endogeneous Approaches to Semantic Categorization of Unknown Technical Terms
[C00-1022]: Farid Cerbah

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation of Adjectives Using Probabilistic Networks
[C00-1023]: Gerald Chao | Michael G. Dyer

Pdf Export Search A Muitilingual News Summarizer
[C00-1024]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Chuan-Jie Lin

Pdf Export Search Mining Tables from Large Scale HTML Texts
[C00-1025]: Hsin-Hsi Chen | Shih-Chung Tsai | Jin-He Tsai

Pdf Export Search Automatic Semantic Classification for Chinese Unknown Compound Nouns
[C00-1026]: Keh-Jiann Chen | Chao-jan Chen

Pdf Export Search Empirical Estimates of Adaptation: The chance of Two Noriegas is closer to p/2 than p2
[C00-1027]: Kenneth W. Church

Pdf Export Search Explaining away ambiguity: Learning verb selectional preference with Bayesian networks
[C00-1028]: Massimiliano Ciaramita | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search A Class-based Probabilistic approach to Structural Disambiguation
[C00-1029]: Stephen Clark | David Weir

Pdf Export Search Extracting the Names of Genes and Gene Products with a Hidden Markov Model
[C00-1030]: Nigel Collier | Chikashi Nobata | Jun-ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of the Relation Between Discourse Structure and Co-Reference
[C00-1031]: Dan Cristea | Nancy Ide | Daniel Marcu | Valentin Tablan

Pdf Export Search Morphological Rule Induction for Terminology Acquisition
[C00-1032]: Beatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search Authoring Multimedia Documents using WYSIWYM Editing
[C00-1033]: Kees van Deemter | Richard Power

Pdf Export Search Theory Refinement and Natural Language Learning
[C00-1034]: Herve Dejean

Pdf Export Search Aspects of Pattern-matching in Data-Oriented Parsing
[C00-1035]: Guy De Pauw

Pdf Export Search XML and Multilingual Document Authoring: Convergent Trends
[C00-1036]: Marc Dymetman | Veronika Lux | Aarne Ranta

Pdf Export Search Formal Syntax and Semantics of Case Stacking Languages
[C00-1037]: Christian Ebert | Marcus Kracht

Pdf Export Search Directional Constraint Evaluation in Optimality Theory
[C00-1038]: Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Boosting Variant Recognition with Light Semantics
[C00-1039]: Cecile Fabre | Christian Jacquemin

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Model of Semantic and Conceptual Interpretation from Dependency Structures
[C00-1040]: Udo Hahn | Martin Romacker

Pdf Export Search Deletions and their reconstruction in tectogrammatical syntactic tagging of very large corpora
[C00-1041]: Eva Hajicová | Markéta Ceplová

Pdf Export Search Statistical Morphological Disambiguation for Agglutinative Languages
[C00-1042]: Diiek Z. Hakkani-Tur | Kemal Oflazer | Gokhan Tur

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Open-Domain Textual Question Answering
[C00-1043]: Sanda M. Harabagiu | Marius A. Pasca | Steven J. Maiorano

Pdf Export Search Effects of Adjective Orientation and Gradability on Sentence Subjectivity
[C00-1044]: Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou | Janyce M. Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Pronominalization revisited
[C00-1045]: Renate Henschel | Hua Cheng | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Automatic Refinement of a POS Tagger Using a Reliable Parser and Plain Text Corpora
[C00-1046]: Hideki Hirakawa | Kenji Ono | Yumiko Yoshimura

Pdf Export Search A Method of Measuring Term Representativeness - Baseline Method Using Co-occurrence Distribution
[C00-1047]: Tom Hisamitsu | Yoshiki Niwa | Jun-ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search A Rule Induction Approach to Modeling Regional Pronunciation Variation
[C00-1048]: Veronique Hoste | Steven Gillis | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search Layout and Language: Integrating Spatial and Linguistic Knowledge for Layout Understanding Tasks
[C00-1049]: Matthew Hurst | Tetsuya Nasukawa

Pdf Export Search Kana-Kanji Conversion System with Input Support Based on Prediction
[C00-1050]: Yumi Ichimura | Yoshimi Saito | Kazuhiro Kimura | Hideki Hirakawa

Pdf Export Search Committee-based Decision Making in Probabiiistic Partial Parsing
[C00-1051]: Takashi Inui | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Compact non-left-recursive grammars using the selective left-corner transform and factoring
[C00-1052]: Mark Johnson | Brian Roark

Pdf Export Search Deixis and Conjunction in Multimodal Systems
[C00-1053]: Michael Johnston

Pdf Export Search Finite-state Multimodal Parsing and Understanding
[C00-1054]: Michael Johnston | Srinivas Bangalore

Pdf Export Search Toward a Scoring Function for Quality-Driven Machine Translation
[C00-1055]: Douglas A. Jones | Gregory M. Rusk

Pdf Export Search An English to Korean Transliteration Model of Extended Markov Window
[C00-1056]: Sung Young Jung | SungLim Hong | Eunok Paek

Pdf Export Search Robust Segmentation of Japanese Text into a Lattice for Parsing
[C00-1057]: Gary Kacmarcik | Chris Brockett | Hisami Suzuki

Pdf Export Search Automatic Thesaurus Generation through Multiple Filtering
[C00-1058]: Kyo Kageura | Keita Tsuji | N. Aizawa Akiko

Pdf Export Search Corpus-dependent Association Thesauri for Information Retrieval
[C00-1059]: Hiroyuki Kaji | Yasutsugu Morimoto | Toshiko Aizono | Noriyuki Yamasaki

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Japanese Parser with Hand-crafted Grammar and Statistics
[C00-1060]: Hiroshi Kanayama | Kentaro Torisawa | Yutaka Mitsuishi | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search English-to-Korean Transliteration using Multiple Unbounded Overlapping Phoneme Chunks
[C00-1061]: In-Ho Kang | GilChang Kim

Pdf Export Search LFG Generation Produces Context-free Languages
[C00-1062]: Ronald M. Kaplan | Jurgen Wedekind

Pdf Export Search Japanese Case Structure Analysis
[C00-1063]: Daisuke Kawahara | Nobuhiro Kaji | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Structural Feature Selection For English-Korean Statistical Machine Translation
[C00-1064]: Seonho Kim | Juntae Yoon | Mansuk Song

Pdf Export Search Hypertags
[C00-1065]: Alexandra Kinyon

Pdf Export Search Automatic Text Categorization by Unsupervised Learning
[C00-1066]: Youngjoong Ko | Jungyun Seo

Pdf Export Search On Underspecified Processing of Dynamic Semantics
[C00-1067]: Alexander Koller | Joachim Niehren

Pdf Export Search Flexible Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Management using Concept-Level Confidence Measures of Speech Recognizer Output
[C00-1068]: Kazunori Komatani | Tatsuya Kawahara

Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in a Text Generation System For Three Slavic Languages
[C00-1069]: Geert-Jan Kruijff | Elke Teich | John Bateman | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova | Hana Skoumalova | Serge Sharoff | Lena Sokolova | Tony Hartley | Kamenka Staykova | Jiri Hana

Pdf Export Search Lexicalized Hidden Markov Models for Part-of-Speech Tagging
[C00-1070]: Sang-Zoo Lee | Jun-ichi Tsujii | Hae-Chang Rim

[C00-1071]: Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search The Automated Acquisition of Topic Signatures for Text Summarization
[C00-1072]: Chin-Yew Lin | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Automatic Optimization of Dialogue Management
[C00-1073]: Diane J. Litman | Michael S. Kearns | Satinder Singh | Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Neuro and Rule-Based Part of Speech Taggers
[C00-1074]: Qing Ma | Masaki Murata | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Application of Analogical Modelling to Example Based Machine Translation
[C00-1075]: Christos Malavazosi | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search Extending a Formal and Computational Model of Rhetorical Structure Theory with Intentional Structures la Grosz and Sidner
[C00-1076]: Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Identifying Terms by their Family and Friends
[C00-1077]: Diana Maynard | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Chart-Based Transfer Rule Application in Machine Translation
[C00-1078]: Adam Meyers | Michiko Kosaka | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Representation and Recognition Method for Multi-Word Translation Units in Korean-to-Japanese MT System
[C00-1079]: Kyonghi Moon | Jong-Hyeok Lee

Pdf Export Search Chart Parsing and Constraint Programming
[C00-1080]: Frank Morawietz

Pdf Export Search A Stochastic Parser Based on a Structural Word Prediction Model
[C00-1081]: Shinsuke Mori | Masafumi Nishimura | Nobuyasu Itoh | Shiho Ogino | Hideo Watanabe

Pdf Export Search Bunsetsu Identification Using Category-Exclusive Rules
[C00-1082]: Masaki Murata | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Qing Ma | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Taking Account of the User's View in 3D Multimodal Instruction Dialogue
[C00-1083]: Yukiko I. Nakano | Kenji Imamura | Hisashi Ohara

Pdf Export Search Automatic Semantic Sequence Extraction from Unrestricted Non-Tagged Texts
[C00-1084]: Shiho Nobesawa | Hiroaki Saito | Masakazu Nakanishi

Pdf Export Search Estimation of Stochastic Attribute-Value Grammars using an Informative Sample
[C00-1085]: Miles Osborne

Pdf Export Search COLING 2000 Volume 2: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search COLING 2000 Volume 2: The 18th International Conference on Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Informed Parsing for Coordination with Combinatory Categorial Grammar
[C00-2086]: Jong C. Park | Hyung Joon Cho

Pdf Export Search Interaction Grammars
[C00-2087]: Guy Perrier

Pdf Export Search A Formal Semantics for Generating and Editing Plurals
[C00-2088]: Paul Piwek

Pdf Export Search Tagging and Chunking with Bigrams
[C00-2089]: Ferran Pla | Antonio Molina | Natividad Prieto

Pdf Export Search Multi-level Similar Segment Matching Algorithm for Translation Memories and Example-Based Machine Translation
[C00-2090]: Emmanuel Planas | Osamu Furuse

Pdf Export Search Generation, Lambek Calculus, Montague's Semantics and Semantic Proof Nets
[C00-2091]: Sylvain Pogodalla

Pdf Export Search Data-Oriented Translation
[C00-2092]: Arjen Poutsma

Pdf Export Search Planning texts by constraint satisfaction
[C00-2093]: Richard Power

Pdf Export Search Using a Probabilistic Class-Based Lexicon for Lexical Ambiguity Resolution
[C00-2094]: Detlef Prescher | Stefan Riezler | Mats Rooth

Pdf Export Search A Formalism for Universal Segmentation of Text
[C00-2095]: Julien Quint

Pdf Export Search Unscrambling English word order
[C00-2096]: Allan Ramsay | Helen Seville

Pdf Export Search Compiling Language Models from a Linguistically Motivated Unification Grammar
[C00-2097]: Manny Rayner | Beth Ann Hockey | Frankie James | Elizabeth Owen Bratt | Sharon Goldwater | Jean Mark Gawron

Pdf Export Search A Context-Sensitive Model for Probabilistic LR Parsing of Spoken Language with Transformation-Based Postprocessing
[C00-2098]: Tobias Ruland

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Theory of Dependency Syntax
[C00-2099]: Christer Samuelsson

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Subcategorization Frames for Czech
[C00-2100]: Anoop Sarkar | Daniel Zeman

Pdf Export Search Learning Semantic-Level Information Extraction Rules by Type-Oriented ILP
[C00-2101]: Yutaka Sasaki | Yoshihiro Matsuo

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Chunking Techniques in Supervised Learning for Japanese Named Entity Recognition
[C00-2102]: Manabu Sassano | Takehito Utsuro

Pdf Export Search Granularity Effects in Tense Translation
[C00-2103]: Michael Schiehlen

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Automated Lexicon Building for Text Searching
[C00-2104]: Barry Schiffman | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Robust German Noun Chunking With a Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar
[C00-2105]: Helmut Schmid | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Parsing Schemata for Grammars with Variable Number and Order of Constituents
[C00-2106]: Karl-Michael Schneider

Pdf Export Search Realizing Expressions of Doubt in Collaborative Dialogue
[C00-2107]: Leah Schroeder | Sandra Carberry

Pdf Export Search Clustering Verbs Semantically According to their Alternation Behaviour
[C00-2108]: Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Backward Beam Search Algorithm for Dependency Analysis of Japanese
[C00-2109]: Satoshi Sekine | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Japanese Dependency Analysis using a Deterministic Finite State Transducer
[C00-2110]: Satoshi Sekine

Pdf Export Search On UNL as the future "html of the linguistic content" & the reuse of existing NLP components in UNL-related applications with the example of a UNL-French deconverter
[C00-2111]: Giiles Sérasset | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Making Sense of Reference to the Unfamiliar
[C00-2112]: Helen Seville | Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search An empirical method for identifying and translating technical terminology
[C00-2113]: Sayori Shimohata

Pdf Export Search A Dynamic Language Model Based on Individual Word Domains
[C00-2114]: E.I. Sicilia-Garcia | Ji Ming | F. J. Smith

Pdf Export Search Extracting semantic clusters from the alignment of definitions
[C00-2115]: Gerardo Sierra | John McNaught

Pdf Export Search Automatic Corpus-Based Thai Word Extraction with the C4.5 Learning Algorithm
[C00-2116]: Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Tanapong Potipiti | Thatsanee Charoenporn

Pdf Export Search Text Genre Detection Using Common Word Frequencies
[C00-2117]: E. Stamatatos | N. Fakotakis | G. Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search Automatic Lexical Acquisition Based on Statistical Distributions
[C00-2118]: Suzanne Stevenson | Paola Merlo

Pdf Export Search Using a Broad-Coverage Parser for Word-Breaking in Japanese
[C00-2119]: Hisami Suzuki | Chris Broekett | Gary Kaemareik

Pdf Export Search Matching a tone-based and tune-based approach to English intonation for concept-to-speech generation
[C00-2120]: Elke Teich | Catherine I. Watson | Cecile Pereira

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Semantic Relations from Specialized Corpora
[C00-2121]: Aristomenis Thanopoulos | Nikos Fakotakis | George Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search Learning to Select a Good Translation
[C00-2122]: Dan Tidhar | Uwe Kiissner

Pdf Export Search Word Re-ordering and DP-based Search in Statistical Machine Translation
[C00-2123]: Christoph Tillmann | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Applying System Combination to Base Noun Phrase Identification
[C00-2124]: Erik F. Tjong Kim Sang | Walter Daelemans | Herve Dejean | Rob Koeling | Yuval Krymolowski | Vasin Punyakanok | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Modelling Speech Repairs in German and Mandarin Chinese Spoken Dialogues
[C00-2125]: Shu-Chuan Tseng

Pdf Export Search Word Order Acquisition from Corpora
[C00-2126]: Kiyotaka Uchimotot | Masaki Muratat | Qing Ma | Satoshi Sekine | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Toward the "At-a-glance" Summary: Phrase-representation Summarization Method
[C00-2127]: Yoshihiro Ueda | Mamiko Oka | Takahiro Koyama | Tadanobu Miyauchi

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Approach to the Processing of Metonymy
[C00-2128]: Masao Utiyama | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Multi-Topic Multi-Document Summarization
[C00-2129]: Masao Utiyama | Koiti Hasida

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Development and Evaluation of a System for Processing Definite Descriptions
[C00-2130]: Renata Vieira | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Finding Structural Correspondences from Bilingual Parsed Corpus for Corpus-based Translation
[C00-2131]: Hideo Watanabe | Sadao Kurohashi | Eiji Aramaki

Pdf Export Search A Method for Accelerating CFG-Parsing by Using Dependency Information
[C00-2132]: Hideo Watanabe

Pdf Export Search Prosody and the Resolution of Pronominal Anaphora
[C00-2133]: Maria Wolters | Donna K. Byron

Pdf Export Search Lexicalized Tree Automata-based Grammars for Translating Conversational Texts
[C00-2134]: Kiyoshi Yamabana | Shinichi Ando | Kiyomi Mimura

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Phrase-level Bilingual Correspondence using Dependency Structure
[C00-2135]: Kaoru Yamamoto | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Domain Knowledge for Information Extraction
[C00-2136]: Roman Yangarber | Ralph Grishman | Pasi Tapanainen | Silja Huttunen

Pdf Export Search More accurate tests for the statistical significance of result differences
[C00-2137]: Alexander Yeh

Pdf Export Search Identifying Temporal Expression and its Syntactic Role Using FST and Lexical Data from Corpus
[C00-2138]: Juntae Yoon | Yoonkwan Kim | Mansuk Song

Pdf Export Search ABL: Aiignment-Based Learning
[C00-2139]: Menno van Zaanen

Pdf Export Search DIASUMM: Flexible Summarization of Spontaneous Dialogues in Unrestricted Domains
[C00-2140]: Klaus Zechner | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Local context templates for Chinese constituent boundary prediction
[C00-2141]: Qiang Zhou

Pdf Export Search Rapid Development of Translation Tools: Application to Persian and Turkish
[C00-2142]: Jan W. Amtrup | Karine Megerdoomian | Remi Zajac

Pdf Export Search Dependency Treebank for Russian: Concept, Tools, Types of Information
[C00-2143]: Igor Boguslavsky | Svetlana Grigorieva | Nikolai Grigoriev | Leonid Kreidlin | Nadezhda Frid

Pdf Export Search Thistle and Interarbora
[C00-2144]: Jo Calder

Pdf Export Search A Model of Competence for Corpus-Based Machine Translation
[C00-2145]: Michael Carl

Pdf Export Search Structural disambiguation of morpho-syntactic categorial parsing for Korean
[C00-2146]: Jeongwon Cha | Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search The Week at a Glance - Cross-language Cross-document Information Extraction and Translation
[C00-2147]: Jim Cowie | Yevgeny Ludovik | Hugo Molina-Salgado | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Integrating compositional semantics into a verb lexicon
[C00-2148]: Hoa Trang Dang | Karin Kipper | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Context-Free Grammar Rewriting and the Transfer of Packed Linguistic Representations
[C00-2149]: Mare Dymetman | Frederic Tendeau

[C00-2150]: John Elliott | Eric Atwell | Bill Whyte

Pdf Export Search An Experiment On Incremental Analysis Using Robust Parsing Techniques
[C00-2151]: Kilian Foth | Wolfgang Menzel | Horia F. Pop | Ingo Schroder

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Architecture for Example-Based Machine Translation
[C00-2152]: Alexander Franz | Keiko Horiguchi | Lei Duan | Doris Ecker | Eugene Koontz | Kazami Uchida

Pdf Export Search Design and evaluation of grammar checkers in multiple languages
[C00-2153]: Antje Helfrich | Bradley Music

Pdf Export Search WebDIPLOMAT: A Web-Based Interactive Machine Translation System
[C00-2154]: Christopher Hogan | Robert Frederking

Pdf Export Search An HPSG-to-CFG Approximation of Japanese
[C00-2155]: Bernd Kiefer | Hans-Ulrich Krieger | Melanie Siegel

Pdf Export Search Decision-Tree based Error Correction for Statistical Phrase Break Prediction in Korean
[C00-2156]: Byeongchang Kim | Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search A Description Language for Syntactically Annotated Corpora
[C00-2157]: Esther Konig | Wolfgang Lezius

Pdf Export Search MT and Topic-Based Techniques to Enhance Speech Recognition Systems for Professional Translators
[C00-2158]: Yevgeny Ludovik | Ron Zacharski

Pdf Export Search A Bootstrapping Method for Extracting Bilingual Text Pairs
[C00-2159]: Hiroshi Masuichi | Raymond Flournoy | Stefan Kaufmann | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Producing More Readable Extracts by Revising Them
[C00-2160]: Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search Querying Temporal Databases Using Controlled Natural Language
[C00-2161]: Rani Nelken | Nissim Francez

Pdf Export Search Improving SMT quality with morpho-syntactic analysis
[C00-2162]: Sonja Nieflen | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Alignment Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[C00-2163]: Franz Josef Och | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Perception, Concepts and Language ROAD and IPaGe
[C00-2164]: Matthias Rehm | Karl Ulrich Goecke

Pdf Export Search KCAT: A Korean Corpus Annotating Tool Minimizing Human Intervention
[C00-2165]: Won-He Ryu | Jin-DongKim | Hae-Chang Rim | Heui-Seok Lim

Pdf Export Search Robust Semantic Construction
[C00-2166]: Michael Schiehlen

Pdf Export Search Japanese Named Entity Extraction Evaluation - Analysis of Results -
[C00-2167]: Satoshi Sekine | Yoshio Eriguchi

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of a Language Computational Model for NLP
[C00-2168]: Svetlana Sheremetyeva | Sergei Nirenburg

Pdf Export Search Processing Self Corrections in a speech to speech system
[C00-2169]: Jorg Spilker | Martin Klarner | Gunther Gorz

Pdf Export Search Jurilinguistic Engineering in Cantonese Chinese: An N-gram-based Speech to Text Transcription System
[C00-2170]: B K T'sou | K K Sin | S W K Chan | T B Y Lai | C Lun | K T Ko | G K K Chan | L Y L Cheung

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Metaphonemes in a Multilingual Lexicon
[C00-2171]: Carole Tiberius | Lynne Cahill

Pdf Export Search Construction of a Hierarchical Translation Memory
[C00-2172]: S. Vogel | H. Ney

Pdf Export Search XMLTrans: a Java-based XML Transformation Language for Structured Data
[C00-2173]: Derek Walker | Dominique Petitpierre | Susan Armstrong

Pdf Export Search Chinese Generation in a Spoken Dialogue Translation System
[C00-2174]: Hua Wu | Taiyi Huang | Chengqing Zong

Pdf Export Search Comparing two trainable grammatical relations finders
[C00-2175]: Alexander Yeh