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Anthology Volume Papers
C08-1 Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (Coling 2008) 146
C08-2 Coling 2008: Companion volume: Posters 36
C08-3 Coling 2008: Companion volume: Demonstrations 13
C08-4 Coling 2008: Educational Natural Language Processing - Tutorial notes 3
C08-5 Coling 2008: Advanced Dynamic Programming in Computational Linguistics: Theory, Algorithms and Applications - Tutorial notes 2

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (Coling 2008)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics (Coling 2008)
[C08-1000]: Hans Uszkoreit | Donia Scott

Pdf Export Search Two-Phased Event Relation Acquisition: Coupling the Relation-Oriented and Argument-Oriented Approaches
[C08-1001]: Yuji Matsumoto | Kentaro Inui | Shuya Abe

Pdf Export Search A Supervised Algorithm for Verb Disambiguation into VerbNet Classes
[C08-1002]: Omri Abend | Roi Reichart | Ari Rappoport

Pdf Export Search On Robustness and Domain Adaptation using SVD for Word Sense Disambiguation
[C08-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Oier Lopez de Lacalle

Pdf Export Search An Improved Hierarchical Bayesian Model of Language for Document Classification
[C08-1004]: Ben Allison

Pdf Export Search Improving Alignments for Better Confusion Networks for Combining Machine Translation Systems
[C08-1005]: Necip Fazil Ayan | Jing Zheng | Wen Wang

Pdf Export Search Verification and Implementation of Language-Based Deception Indicators in Civil and Criminal Narratives
[C08-1006]: Joan Bachenko | Eileen Fitzpatrick | Michael Schonwetter

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Multilingual Latent Semantic Analysis with Term Alignment Information
[C08-1007]: Brett W. Bader | Peter A. Chew

Pdf Export Search Weakly Supervised Supertagging with Grammar-Informed Initialization
[C08-1008]: Jason Baldridge

Pdf Export Search Good Neighbors Make Good Senses: Exploiting Distributional Similarity for Unsupervised WSD
[C08-1009]: Samuel Brody | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search A Classification of Dialogue Actions in Tutorial Dialogue
[C08-1010]: Mark Buckley | Magdalena Wolska

Pdf Export Search A Concept-Centered Approach to Noun-Compound Interpretation
[C08-1011]: Tony Veale | Cristina Butnariu

Pdf Export Search Are Morpho-Syntactic Features More Predictive for the Resolution of Noun Phrase Coordination Ambiguity than Lexico-Semantic Similarity Scores?
[C08-1012]: Udo Hahn | Ekaterina Buyko

Pdf Export Search ParaMetric: An Automatic Evaluation Metric for Paraphrasing
[C08-1013]: Mirella Lapata | Chris Callison-Burch | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Regenerating Hypotheses for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1014]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Boxing Chen | Aiti Aw

Pdf Export Search Learning Reliable Information for Dependency Parsing Adaptation
[C08-1015]: Hitoshi Isahara | Wenliang Chen | Youzheng Wu

Pdf Export Search Other-Anaphora Resolution in Biomedical Texts with Automatically Mined Patterns
[C08-1016]: Xiaofeng Yang | Jian Su | Chew Lim Tan | Bin Chen

Pdf Export Search Latent Morpho-Semantic Analysis: Multilingual Information Retrieval with Character N-Grams and Mutual Information
[C08-1017]: Brett W. Bader | Peter A. Chew | Ahmed Abdelali

Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression Beyond Word Deletion
[C08-1018]: Mirella Lapata | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Mind the Gap: Dangers of Divorcing Evaluations of Summary Content from Linguistic Quality
[C08-1019]: Hoa Trang Dang | John M. Conroy

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Processing for Grammar and Style Checking
[C08-1020]: Berthold Crysmann | Nuria Bertomeu | Peter Adolphs | Daniel Flickinger | Tina Klüwer

Pdf Export Search KnowNet: Building a Large Net of Knowledge from the Web
[C08-1021]: German Rigau | Montse Cuadros

Pdf Export Search A Classifier-Based Approach to Preposition and Determiner Error Correction in L2 English
[C08-1022]: Rachele De Felice | Stephen G. Pulman

Pdf Export Search Pedagogically Useful Extractive Summaries for Science Education
[C08-1023]: Sebastian Chica | Faisal Ahmad | James H. Martin | Tamara Sumner

Pdf Export Search Looking for Trouble
[C08-1024]: Kentaro Torisawa | Stijn De Saeger | Jun'ichi Kazama

Pdf Export Search Re-estimation of Lexical Parameters for Treebank PCFGs
[C08-1025]: Tejaswini Deoskar

Pdf Export Search Representations for category disambiguation
[C08-1026]: Markus Dickinson

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Reordering Integrated with Phrase-Based SMT
[C08-1027]: Jakob Elming

Pdf Export Search Efficiently Parsing with the Product-Free Lambek Calculus
[C08-1028]: Timothy A. D. Fowler

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Model for Measuring Grammaticality and Similarity of Automatically Generated Paraphrases of Predicate Phrases
[C08-1029]: Satoshi Sato | Atsushi Fujita

Pdf Export Search Retrieving Bilingual Verb-Noun Collocations by Integrating Cross-Language Category Hierarchies
[C08-1030]: Fumiyo Fukumoto | Yoshimi Suzuki | Kazuyuki Yamashita

Pdf Export Search Mining Opinions in Comparative Sentences
[C08-1031]: Murthy Ganapathibhotla | Bing Liu

Pdf Export Search Integrating a Unification-Based Semantics in a Large Scale Lexicalised Tree Adjoining Grammar for French
[C08-1032]: Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Statistical Anaphora Resolution in Biomedical Texts
[C08-1033]: Ted Briscoe | Caroline Gasperin

Pdf Export Search Instance-Based Ontology Population Exploiting Named-Entity Substitution
[C08-1034]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Gliozzo

Pdf Export Search Measuring Topic Homogeneity and its Application to Dictionary-Based Word Sense Disambiguation
[C08-1035]: Ann Gledson | John Keane

Pdf Export Search Using Web-Search Results to Measure Word-Group Similarity
[C08-1036]: Ann Gledson | John Keane

Pdf Export Search An Algorithm for Adverbial Aspect Shift
[C08-1037]: Sabine Gründer

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based N-Gram Models for General Purpose Sentence Realisation
[C08-1038]: Haifeng Wang | Yuqing Guo | Josef Genabith

Pdf Export Search Homotopy-Based Semi-Supervised Hidden Markov Models for Sequence Labeling
[C08-1039]: Anoop Sarkar | Gholamreza Haffari

Pdf Export Search Tracking the Dynamic Evolution of Participants Salience in a Discussion
[C08-1040]: Dragomir R. Radev | Ahmed Hassan | Anthony Fader | Michael H. Crespin | Kevin M. Quinn | Burt L. Monroe | Michael Colaresi

Pdf Export Search Improving Statistical Machine Translation using Lexicalized Rule Selection
[C08-1041]: Zhongjun He | Qun Liu | Shouxun Lin

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Tagging for Grammar Induction
[C08-1042]: Eugene Charniak | William P. Headden III | David McClosky

Pdf Export Search Using Discourse Commitments to Recognize Textual Entailment
[C08-1043]: Andrew Hickl

Pdf Export Search Modeling Chinese Documents with Topical Word-Character Models
[C08-1044]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Nobuyuki Shimizu | Wei Hu | Huanye Sheng

Pdf Export Search Non-Compositional Language Model and Pattern Dictionary Development for Japanese Compound and Complex Sentences
[C08-1045]: Satoru Ikehara | Masato Tokuhisa | Jin'ichi Murakami

Pdf Export Search Japanese Dependency Parsing Using a Tournament Model
[C08-1046]: Yuji Matsumoto | Masayuki Asahara | Masakazu Iwatate

Pdf Export Search Contents Modelling of Neo-Sumerian Ur III Economic Text Corpus
[C08-1047]: Wojciech Jaworski

Pdf Export Search Generating Chinese Couplets using a Statistical MT Approach
[C08-1048]: Ming Zhou | Long Jiang

Pdf Export Search Word Lattice Reranking for Chinese Word Segmentation and Part-of-Speech Tagging
[C08-1049]: Qun Liu | Wenbin Jiang | Haitao Mi

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Syntactic Representation on Semantic Role Labeling
[C08-1050]: Richard Johansson | Pierre Nugues

Pdf Export Search Using Hidden Markov Random Fields to Combine Distributional and Pattern-Based Word Clustering
[C08-1051]: Nobuhiro Kaji | Masaru Kitsuregawa

Pdf Export Search Textual Demand Analysis: Detection of Users' Wants and Needs from Opinions
[C08-1052]: Tetsuya Nasukawa | Hiroshi Kanayama

Pdf Export Search A Local Alignment Kernel in the Context of NLP
[C08-1053]: Sophia Katrenko | Pieter Adriaans

Pdf Export Search Coordination Disambiguation without Any Similarities
[C08-1054]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara

Pdf Export Search Generation of Referring Expressions: Managing Structural Ambiguities
[C08-1055]: Imtiaz Hussain Khan | Kees Deemter | Graeme Ritchie

Pdf Export Search Normalizing SMS: are Two Metaphors Better than One ?
[C08-1056]: Catherine Kobus | François Yvon | Géraldine Damnati

Pdf Export Search The Choice of Features for Classification of Verbs in Biomedical Texts
[C08-1057]: Nigel Collier | Yuval Krymolowski | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Extending a Thesaurus with Words from Pan-Chinese Sources
[C08-1058]: Benjamin K. Tsou | Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Stopping Criteria for Active Learning of Named Entity Recognition
[C08-1059]: Florian Laws | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Reading the Markets: Forecasting Public Opinion of Political Candidates by News Analysis
[C08-1060]: Kevin Lerman | Ari Gilder | Mark Dredze | Fernando Pereira

Pdf Export Search Classifying What-Type Questions by Head Noun Tagging
[C08-1061]: Fangtao Li | Xian Zhang | Jinhui Yuan | Xiaoyan Zhu

Pdf Export Search PNR2: Ranking Sentences with Positive and Negative Reinforcement for Query-Oriented Update Summarization
[C08-1062]: Wenjie Li | Furu Wei | Qin Lu | Yanxiang He

Pdf Export Search Understanding and Summarizing Answers in Community-Based Question Answering Services
[C08-1063]: Chin-Yew Lin | Yunbo Cao | Yuanjie Liu | Shasha Li | Dingyi Han | Yong Yu

Pdf Export Search Tera-Scale Translation Models via Pattern Matching
[C08-1064]: Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution and Verification with Many Authors and Limited Data
[C08-1065]: Walter Daelemans | Kim Luyckx

Pdf Export Search Modeling Semantic Containment and Exclusion in Natural Language Inference
[C08-1066]: Bill MacCartney | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Linguistically-Based Sub-Sentential Alignment for Terminology Extraction from a Bilingual Automotive Corpus
[C08-1067]: Veronique Hoste | Lieve Macken | Els Lefever

Pdf Export Search Hindi Urdu Machine Transliteration using Finite-State Transducers
[C08-1068]: Christian Boitet | M. G. Abbas Malik | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Comparative Parser Performance Analysis across Grammar Frameworks through Automatic Tree Conversion using Synchronous Grammars
[C08-1069]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | Takuya Matsuzaki

Pdf Export Search What's the Date? High Accuracy Interpretation of Weekday Names
[C08-1070]: Robert Dale | Pawel Mazur

Pdf Export Search When is Self-Training Effective for Parsing?
[C08-1071]: Eugene Charniak | Mark Johnson | David McClosky

Pdf Export Search A Syntactic Time-Series Model for Parsing Fluent and Disfluent Speech
[C08-1072]: William Schuler | Tim Miller

Pdf Export Search Applying Discourse Analysis and Data Mining Methods to Spoken OSCE Assessments
[C08-1073]: Timothy Baldwin | Meladel Mistica | Marisa Cordella | Simon Musgrave

Pdf Export Search Random Restarts in Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1074]: Robert C. Moore | Chris Quirk

Pdf Export Search Robust Similarity Measures for Named Entities Matching
[C08-1075]: François Yvon | Erwan Moreau | Olivier Cappé

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Structure and Dynamics of the Consonant Inventories: A Complex Network Approach
[C08-1076]: Animesh Mukherjee | Monojit Choudhury | Anupam Basu | Niloy Ganguly

Pdf Export Search Detecting Multiple Facets of an Event using Graph-Based Unsupervised Methods
[C08-1077]: Dragomir R. Radev | Pradeep Muthukrishnan | Joshua Gerrish

Pdf Export Search Investigating Statistical Techniques for Sentence-Level Event Classification
[C08-1078]: Martina Naughton | Nicola Stokes | Joe Carthy

Pdf Export Search Exploring Domain Differences for the Design of a Pronoun Resolution System for Biomedical Text
[C08-1079]: Ngan L.T. Nguyen | Jin-Dong Kim

Pdf Export Search Computer Aided Correction and Extension of a Syntactic Wide-Coverage Lexicon
[C08-1080]: Lionel Nicolas | Benoît Sagot | Miguel A. Molinero | Jacques Farré | Eric Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Parsing the SynTagRus Treebank of Russian
[C08-1081]: Joakim Nivre | Igor M. Boguslavsky | Leonid L. Iomdin

Pdf Export Search Semantic Classification with Distributional Kernels
[C08-1082]: Ann Copestake | Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha

Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Alignment Model for Abbreviation Recognition
[C08-1083]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | Sophia Ananiadou | Naoaki Okazaki

Pdf Export Search Semantic Role Assignment for Event Nominalisations by Leveraging Verbal Data
[C08-1084]: Caroline Sporleder | Sebastian Padó | Marco Pennacchiotti

Pdf Export Search Recent Advances in a Feature-Rich Framework for Treebank Annotation
[C08-1085]: Petr Pajas | Jan Štepánek

Pdf Export Search A Joint Information Model for N-Best Ranking
[C08-1086]: Patrick Pantel | Vishnu Vyas

Pdf Export Search Scientific Paper Summarization Using Citation Summary Networks
[C08-1087]: Dragomir R. Radev | Vahed Qazvinian

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Constituent Dependencies for Tree Kernel-Based Semantic Relation Extraction
[C08-1088]: Longhua Qian | Guodong Zhou | Fang Kong | Qiaoming Zhu | Peide Qian

Pdf Export Search A Method for Automatic POS Guessing of Chinese Unknown Words
[C08-1089]: Likun Qiu | Changjian Hu | Kai Zhao

Pdf Export Search Almost Flat Functional Semantics for Speech Translation
[C08-1090]: Manny Rayner | Beth Ann Hockey | Pierrette Bouillon | Yukie Nakao

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Induction of Labeled Parse Trees by Clustering with Syntactic Features
[C08-1091]: Roi Reichart | Ari Rappoport

Pdf Export Search Anomalies in the WordNet Verb Hierarchy
[C08-1092]: Tom Richens

Pdf Export Search Translating Queries into Snippets for Improved Query Expansion
[C08-1093]: Stefan Riezler | Yi Liu | Alexander Vasserman

Pdf Export Search Classifying Chart Cells for Quadratic Complexity Context-Free Inference
[C08-1094]: Brian Roark | Kristy Hollingshead

Pdf Export Search Shift-Reduce Dependency DAG Parsing
[C08-1095]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | Kenji Sagae

Pdf Export Search Event Frame Extraction Based on a Gene Regulation Corpus
[C08-1096]: Sophia Ananiadou | Yutaka Sasaki | John McNaught | Paul Thompson | Philip Cotter

Pdf Export Search A Fully-Lexicalized Probabilistic Model for Japanese Zero Anaphora Resolution
[C08-1097]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Ryohei Sasano

Pdf Export Search Estimation of Conditional Probabilities With Decision Trees and an Application to Fine-Grained POS Tagging
[C08-1098]: Helmut Schmid | Florian Laws

Pdf Export Search Toward a Psycholinguistically-Motivated Model of Language Processing
[C08-1099]: William Schuler | Tim Miller | Samir AbdelRahman | Lane Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Metric Learning for Synonym Acquisition
[C08-1100]: Hiroshi Nakagawa | Nobuyuki Shimizu | Masato Hagiwara | Yasuhiro Ogawa | Katsuhiko Toyama

Pdf Export Search Discourse Level Opinion Interpretation
[C08-1101]: Janyce Wiebe | Swapna Somasundaran | Josef Ruppenhofer

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Sense Tagged Examples using Relevance Feedback
[C08-1102]: Mark Stevenson | Robert Gaizauskas | Yikun Guo

Pdf Export Search Topic Identification for Fine-Grained Opinion Analysis
[C08-1103]: Claire Cardie | Veselin Stoyanov

Pdf Export Search From Words to Senses: A Case Study of Subjectivity Recognition
[C08-1104]: Fangzhong Su | Katja Markert

Pdf Export Search Prediction of Maximal Projection for Semantic Role Labeling
[C08-1105]: Haifeng Wang | Weiwei Sun | Zhifang Sui

Pdf Export Search Modeling Latent-Dynamic in Shallow Parsing: A Latent Conditional Model with Imrpoved Inference
[C08-1106]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | Xu Sun | Louis-Philippe Morency | Daisuke Okanohara | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka

Pdf Export Search Learning Entailment Rules for Unary Templates
[C08-1107]: Ido Dagan | Idan Szpektor

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Reasoning for Temporal Relations between Events
[C08-1108]: Marta Tatu | Munirathnam Srikanth

Pdf Export Search The Ups and Downs of Preposition Error Detection in ESL Writing
[C08-1109]: Martin Chodorow | Joel R. Tetreault

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Identifying Textual Redundancy
[C08-1110]: Kathleen McKeown | Kapil Thadani

Pdf Export Search Emotion Classification Using Massive Examples Extracted from the Web
[C08-1111]: Yuji Matsumoto | Kentaro Inui | Ryoko Tokhisa

Pdf Export Search Relational-Realizational Parsing
[C08-1112]: Reut Tsarfaty | Khalil Sima'an

Pdf Export Search Training Conditional Random Fields Using Incomplete Annotations
[C08-1113]: Yuji Matsumoto | Shinsuke Mori | Yuta Tsuboi | Hisashi Kashima | Hiroki Oda

Pdf Export Search A Uniform Approach to Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Associations
[C08-1114]: Peter Turney

Pdf Export Search Tighter Integration of Rule-Based and Statistical MT in Serial System Combination
[C08-1115]: George Foster | Evgeny Matusov | Nicola Ueffing | Jens Stephan | Loïc Dugast | Roland Kuhn | Jean Senellart | Jin Yang

Pdf Export Search Class-Driven Attribute Extraction
[C08-1116]: Benjamin Van Durme | Ting Qian | Lenhart Schubert

Pdf Export Search Using Three Way Data for Word Sense Discrimination
[C08-1117]: Tim Van de Cruys

Pdf Export Search Source Language Markers in EUROPARL Translations
[C08-1118]: Hans Halteren

Pdf Export Search A Fluid Knowledge Representation for Understanding and Generating Creative Metaphors
[C08-1119]: Tony Veale | Yanfen Hao

Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic Information for Improving Why-Question Answering
[C08-1120]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Suzan Verberne | Lou Boves | Peter-Arno Coppen

Pdf Export Search Coreference Systems Based on Kernels Methods
[C08-1121]: Massimo Poesio | Xiaofeng Yang | Yannick Versley | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search CollabRank: Towards a Collaborative Approach to Single-Document Keyphrase Extraction
[C08-1122]: Xiaojun Wan | Jianguo Xiao

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Portability of Corpus-Derived Cue Phrases for Dialogue Act Classification
[C08-1123]: Ting Liu | Nick Webb

Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization Using Supervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
[C08-1124]: Wenjie Li | Kam-Fai Wong | Mingli Wu

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation with Domain Dictionary and Monolingual Corpora
[C08-1125]: Hua Wu | Chengqing Zong | Haifeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Graph Structure for Accelerating the Calculation of Shortest Paths in Wordnets
[C08-1126]: Holger Wunsch

Pdf Export Search Linguistically Annotated BTG for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1127]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Aiti Aw | Deyi Xiong

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Semi-Supervised Chinese Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1128]: Hermann Ney | Jianfeng Gao | Kristina Toutanova | Jia Xu

Pdf Export Search Switching to Real-Time Tasks in Multi-Tasking Dialogue
[C08-1129]: Peter A. Heeman | Fan Yang | Andrew Kun

Pdf Export Search Chinese Term Extraction Using Minimal Resources
[C08-1130]: Tiejun Zhao | Qin Lu | Yuhang Yang

Pdf Export Search Measuring and Predicting Orthographic Associations: Modelling the Similarity of Japanese Kanji
[C08-1131]: Timothy Baldwin | Lars Yencken

Pdf Export Search Chinese Dependency Parsing with Large Scale Automatically Constructed Case Structures
[C08-1132]: Sadao Kurohashi | Daisuke Kawahara | Kun Yu

Pdf Export Search OntoNotes: Corpus Cleanup of Mistaken Agreement Using Word Sense Disambiguation
[C08-1133]: Eduard Hovy | Chung-Hsien Wu | Liang-Chih Yu

Pdf Export Search An Integrated Probabilistic and Logic Approach to Encyclopedia Relation Extraction with Multiple Features
[C08-1134]: Wai Lam | Xiaofeng Yu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Seed Word Selection for Unsupervised Sentiment Classification of Chinese Text
[C08-1135]: John Carroll | Taras Zagibalov

Pdf Export Search Extracting Synchronous Grammar Rules From Word-Level Alignments in Linear Time
[C08-1136]: Daniel Gildea | Hao Zhang | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Sentence Type Based Reordering Model for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1137]: Chengqing Zong | Jiajun Zhang | Shoushan Li

Pdf Export Search Grammar Comparison Study for Translational Equivalence Modeling and Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-1138]: Sheng Li | Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Aiti Aw | Hongfei Jiang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Generation of Parallel Treebanks
[C08-1139]: Andy Way | Ventsislav Zhechev

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Framework to Train a Semantic Parser from an Un-annotated Corpus
[C08-1140]: Deyu Zhou | Yulan He

Pdf Export Search Diagnostic Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems Using Automatically Constructed Linguistic Check-Points
[C08-1141]: Tiejun Zhao | Ming Zhou | Bo Wang | Shujie Liu | Mu Li | Dongdong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Multi-Criteria-Based Strategy to Stop Active Learning for Data Annotation
[C08-1142]: Eduard Hovy | Jingbo Zhu | Huizhen Wang

Pdf Export Search Active Learning with Sampling by Uncertainty and Density for Word Sense Disambiguation and Text Classification
[C08-1143]: Benjamin K. Tsou | Jingbo Zhu | Huizhen Wang | Tianshun Yao

Pdf Export Search A Systematic Comparison of Phrase-Based, Hierarchical and Syntax-Augmented Statistical MT
[C08-1144]: Andreas Zollmann | Ashish Venugopal | Franz Och | Jay Ponte

Pdf Export Search Choosing the Right Translation: A Syntactically Informed Classification Approach
[C08-1145]: Simon Zwarts | Mark Dras

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Companion volume: Posters

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Companion volume: Posters
[C08-2000]: Donia Scott | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Metaphor in Textual Entailment
[C08-2001]: Rodrigo Agerri

Pdf Export Search Distilling Opinion in Discourse: A Preliminary Study
[C08-2002]: Nicholas Asher | Farah Benamara | Yvette Yannick Mathieu

Pdf Export Search Towards Incremental End-of-Utterance Detection in Dialogue Systems
[C08-2003]: Michaela Atterer | Timo Baumann | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search The Power of Negative Thinking: Exploiting Label Disagreement in the Min-cut Classification Framework
[C08-2004]: Mohit Bansal | Claire Cardie | Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Phrasal Segmentation Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[C08-2005]: Graeme Blackwood | Adrià Gispert | William Byrne

Pdf Export Search A Scalable MMR Approach to Sentence Scoring for Multi-Document Update Summarization
[C08-2006]: Florian Boudin | Marc El-Bèze | Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno

Pdf Export Search Hindi Compound Verbs and their Automatic Extraction
[C08-2007]: Debasri Chakrabarti | Hemang Mandalia | Ritwik Priya | Vaijayanthi Sarma | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Detecting Erroneous Uses of Complex Postpositions in an Agglutinative Language
[C08-2008]: Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza | Koldo Gojenola | Maite Oronoz

Pdf Export Search Underspecified Modelling of Complex Discourse Constraints
[C08-2009]: Markus Egg | Michaela Regneri

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Reference Quality on Automatic MT Evaluation
[C08-2010]: Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation for All Words using Tree-Structured Conditional Random Fields
[C08-2011]: Jun Hatori | Yusuke Miyao | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search ILP-based Conceptual Analysis for Chinese NPs
[C08-2012]: Paul D. Ji | Stephen G. Pulman

Pdf Export Search Scaling up Analogical Learning
[C08-2013]: Philippe Langlais | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Alignments by Monolingual String Differences
[C08-2014]: Adrien Lardilleux | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Bayes Risk-based Dialogue Management for Document Retrieval System with Speech Interface
[C08-2015]: Teruhisa Misu | Tatsuya Kawahara

Pdf Export Search Exact Inference for Multi-label Classification using Sparse Graphical Models
[C08-2016]: Yusuke Miyao | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Modelling Multilinguality in Ontologies
[C08-2017]: Elena Montiel-Ponsoda | Guadalupe Aguado de Cea | Asunción Gómez-Pérez | Wim Peters

Pdf Export Search Quantification and Implication in Semantic Calendar Expressions Represented with Finite-State Transducers
[C08-2018]: Jyrki Niemi | Kimmo Koskenniemi

Pdf Export Search Using Very Simple Statistics for Review Search: An Exploration
[C08-2019]: Bo Pang | Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Generation under Space Constraints
[C08-2020]: Cécile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Andrew Lampert | Joan Giralt Duran

Pdf Export Search A Language-Independent Approach to Keyphrase Extraction and Evaluation
[C08-2021]: Mari-Sanna Paukkeri | Ilari T. Nieminen | Matti Pöllä | Timo Honkela

Pdf Export Search Easily Identifiable Discourse Relations
[C08-2022]: Emily Pitler | Mridhula Raghupathy | Hena Mehta | Ani Nenkova | Alan Lee | Aravind Joshi

Pdf Export Search Rank Distance as a Stylistic Similarity
[C08-2023]: Marius Popescu | Liviu P. Dinu

Pdf Export Search Integrating Motion Predicate Classes with Spatial and Temporal Annotations
[C08-2024]: James Pustejovsky | Jessica L. Moszkowicz

Pdf Export Search On the Weak Generative Capacity of Weighted Context-free Grammars
[C08-2025]: Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Range Concatenation Grammars for Translation
[C08-2026]: Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Comparative Evaluation of Arabic Language Morphological Analysers and Stemmers
[C08-2027]: Majdi Sawalha | Eric Atwell

Pdf Export Search A Complete and Modestly Funny System for Generating and Performing Japanese Stand-Up Comedy
[C08-2028]: Jonas Sjöbergh | Kenji Araki

Pdf Export Search On "Redundancy” in Selecting Attributes for Generating Referring Expressions
[C08-2029]: Philipp Spanger | Takehiro Kurosawa | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search Construction of an Infrastructure for Providing Users with Suitable Language Resources
[C08-2030]: Hitomi Tohyama | Shunsuke Kozawa | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Shigeki Matsubara | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Base-NP Chunking and Its Role in Dependency Parsing for Thai
[C08-2031]: Shisanu Tongchim | Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Building a Bilingual Lexicon Using Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation via a Pivot Language
[C08-2032]: Takashi Tsunakawa | Naoaki Okazaki | Jun'ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Explaining Similarity of Terms
[C08-2033]: Vishnu Vyas | Patrick Pantel

Pdf Export Search Robust and Efficient Chinese Word Dependency Analysis with Linear Kernel Support Vector Machines
[C08-2034]: Yu-Chieh Wu | Jie-Chi Yang | Yue-Shi Lee

Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression as a Step in Summarization or an Alternative Path in Text Shortening
[C08-2035]: Mehdi Yousfi-Monod | Violaine Prince

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Companion volume: Demonstrations

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Companion volume: Demonstrations
[C08-3000]: Allan Ramsay | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search Online-Monitoring of Security-Related Events
[C08-3001]: Martin Atkinson | Jakub Piskorski | Bruno Pouliquen | Ralf Steinberger | Hristo Tanev | Vanni Zavarella

Pdf Export Search A Grammar Checking System for Punjabi
[C08-3002]: Mandeep Singh Gill | Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Pdf Export Search A Toolchain for Grammarians
[C08-3003]: Bruno Guillaume | Joseph Le Roux | Jonathan Marchand | Guy Perrier | Karën Fort | Jennifer Planul

Pdf Export Search A Punjabi To Hindi Machine Translation System
[C08-3004]: Gurpreet Singh Josan | Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Pdf Export Search “Build Your Own” Spoken Dialogue Systems: Automatically Generating ISU Dialogue Systems from Business User Resources
[C08-3005]: Oliver Lemon | Xingkun Liu | Helen Hastie

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Mobile-Phone Translation Services for World Travelers
[C08-3006]: Michael Paul | Hideo Okuma | Hirofumi Yamamoto | Eiichiro Sumita | Shigeki Matsuda | Tohru Shimizu | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Assistant for Medical Diagnosing and Drug Prescription Based on Category Ranking
[C08-3007]: Fernando Ruiz-Rico | Jose-Luis Vicedo | María-Consuelo Rubio-Sánchez

Pdf Export Search Entailment-based Question Answering for Structured Data
[C08-3008]: Bogdan Sacaleanu | Constantin Orasan | Christian Spurk | Shiyan Ou | Oscar Ferrandez | Milen Kouylekov | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi Transliteration System
[C08-3009]: Tejinder Singh Saini | Gurpreet Singh Lehal | Virinder S. Kalra

Pdf Export Search A Linguistic Knowledge Discovery Tool: Very Large Ngram Database Search with Arbitrary Wildcards
[C08-3010]: Satoshi Sekine

Pdf Export Search Semantic Visualization and Meaning Computation
[C08-3011]: Fabienne Venant

Pdf Export Search Temporal Processing with the TARSQI Toolkit
[C08-3012]: Marc Verhagen | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Educational Natural Language Processing - Tutorial notes

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Educational Natural Language Processing - Tutorial notes
[C08-4000]: Iryna Gurevych | Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search ENLP Tutorial Notes – Slides
[C08-4001]: Iryna Gurevych | Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search ENLP Tutorial Notes – References
[C08-4002]: Iryna Gurevych | Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Advanced Dynamic Programming in Computational Linguistics: Theory, Algorithms and Applications - Tutorial notes

Pdf Export Search Coling 2008: Advanced Dynamic Programming in Computational Linguistics: Theory, Algorithms and Applications - Tutorial notes
[C08-5000]: Liang Huang

Pdf Export Search Advanced Dynamic Programming in Semiring and Hypergraph Frameworks
[C08-5001]: Liang Huang