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D12-1 Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning 140
W12-45 Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task 17

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning
[D12-1000]: Jun'ichi Tsujii | James Henderson | Marius Paşca

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Transfer Using a Bilingual Lexicon
[D12-1001]: Greg Durrett | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Regularized Interlingual Projections: Evaluation on Multilingual Transliteration
[D12-1002]: Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi | Hal Daume III

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Using Label Propagation
[D12-1003]: Akihiro Tamura | Taro Watanabe | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search Lexical Differences in Autobiographical Narratives from Schizophrenic Patients and Healthy Controls
[D12-1004]: Kai Hong | Christian G. Kohler | Mary E. March | Amber A. Parker | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Streaming Analysis of Discourse Participants
[D12-1005]: Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Detecting Subgroups in Online Discussions by Modeling Positive and Negative Relations among Participants
[D12-1006]: Ahmed Hassan | Amjad Abu-Jbara | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Generative Goal-Driven User Simulation for Dialog Management
[D12-1007]: Aciel Eshky | Ben Allison | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Optimising Incremental Dialogue Decisions Using Information Density for Interactive Systems
[D12-1008]: Nina Dethlefs | Helen Hastie | Verena Rieser | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Mixed Membership Markov Models for Unsupervised Conversation Modeling
[D12-1009]: Michael J. Paul

Pdf Export Search An Entity-Topic Model for Entity Linking
[D12-1010]: Xianpei Han | Le Sun

Pdf Export Search Linking Named Entities to Any Database
[D12-1011]: Avirup Sil | Ernest Cronin | Penghai Nie | Yinfei Yang | Ana-Maria Popescu | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Towards Efficient Named-Entity Rule Induction for Customizability
[D12-1012]: Ajay Nagesh | Ganesh Ramakrishnan | Laura Chiticariu | Rajasekar Krishnamurthy | Ankush Dharkar | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Imbalanced Sentiment Classification
[D12-1013]: Shoushan Li | Shengfeng Ju | Guodong Zhou | Xiaojun Li

Pdf Export Search A Weakly Supervised Model for Sentence-Level Semantic Orientation Analysis with Multiple Experts
[D12-1014]: Lizhen Qu | Rainer Gemulla | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Collocation Polarity Disambiguation Using Web-based Pseudo Contexts
[D12-1015]: Yanyan Zhao | Bing Qin | Ting Liu

Pdf Export Search Aligning Predicates across Monolingual Comparable Texts using Graph-based Clustering
[D12-1016]: Michael Roth | Anette Frank

Pdf Export Search Local and Global Context for Supervised and Unsupervised Metonymy Resolution
[D12-1017]: Vivi Nastase | Alex Judea | Katja Markert | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Learning Verb Inference Rules from Linguistically-Motivated Evidence
[D12-1018]: Hila Weisman | Jonathan Berant | Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Spectral Dependency Parsing with Latent Variables
[D12-1019]: Paramveer Dhillon | Jordan Rodu | Michael Collins | Dean Foster | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search A Phrase-Discovering Topic Model Using Hierarchical Pitman-Yor Processes
[D12-1020]: Robert Lindsey | William Headden | Michael Stipicevic

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model for Learning SCFGs with Discontiguous Rules
[D12-1021]: Abby Levenberg | Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom

Pdf Export Search Multiple Aspect Summarization Using Integer Linear Programming
[D12-1022]: Kristian Woodsend | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Minimal Dependency Length in Realization Ranking
[D12-1023]: Michael White | Rajakrishnan Rajkumar

Pdf Export Search Framework of Automatic Text Summarization Using Reinforcement Learning
[D12-1024]: Seonggi Ryang | Takeshi Abekawa

Pdf Export Search Large Scale Decipherment for Out-of-Domain Machine Translation
[D12-1025]: Qing Dou | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search N-gram-based Tense Models for Statistical Machine Translation
[D12-1026]: Zhengxian Gong | Min Zhang | Chew Lim Tan | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Source Language Adaptation for Resource-Poor Machine Translation
[D12-1027]: Pidong Wang | Preslav Nakov | Hwee Tou Ng

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Reducibility in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing
[D12-1028]: David Mareček | Zdeněk Žabokrtský

Pdf Export Search Improving Transition-Based Dependency Parsing with Buffer Transitions
[D12-1029]: Daniel Fernández-González | Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez

Pdf Export Search Generalized Higher-Order Dependency Parsing with Cube Pruning
[D12-1030]: Hao Zhang | Ryan McDonald

Pdf Export Search Universal Grapheme-to-Phoneme Prediction Over Latin Alphabets
[D12-1031]: Young-Bum Kim | Benjamin Snyder

Pdf Export Search Name Phylogeny: A Generative Model of String Variation
[D12-1032]: Nicholas Andrews | Jason Eisner | Mark Dredze

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Surprisal Affects Spoken Word Duration in Conversational Contexts
[D12-1033]: Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed | Philip Gorinski | Nikolaos Engonopoulos

Pdf Export Search Why Question Answering using Sentiment Analysis and Word Classes
[D12-1034]: Jong-Hoon Oh | Kentaro Torisawa | Chikara Hashimoto | Takuya Kawada | Stijn De Saeger | Jun'ichi Kazama | Yiou Wang

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Questions for the Web of Data
[D12-1035]: Mohamed Yahya | Klaus Berberich | Shady Elbassuoni | Maya Ramanath | Volker Tresp | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Answering Opinion Questions on Products by Exploiting Hierarchical Organization of Consumer Reviews
[D12-1036]: Jianxing Yu | Zheng-Jun Zha | Tat-Seng Chua

Pdf Export Search Locally Training the Log-Linear Model for SMT
[D12-1037]: Lemao Liu | Hailong Cao | Taro Watanabe | Tiejun Zhao | Mo Yu | Conghui Zhu

Pdf Export Search Iterative Annotation Transformation with Predict-Self Reestimation for Chinese Word Segmentation
[D12-1038]: Wenbin Jiang | Fandong Meng | Qun Liu | Yajuan Lü

Pdf Export Search Automatically Constructing a Normalisation Dictionary for Microblogs
[D12-1039]: Bo Han | Paul Cook | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised PCFG Induction for Grounded Language Learning with Highly Ambiguous Supervision
[D12-1040]: Joohyun Kim | Raymond Mooney

Pdf Export Search Forced Derivation Tree based Model Training to Statistical Machine Translation
[D12-1041]: Nan Duan | Mu Li | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Multi-instance Multi-label Learning for Relation Extraction
[D12-1042]: Mihai Surdeanu | Julie Tibshirani | Ramesh Nallapati | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search An ``AI readability'' Formula for French as a Foreign Language
[D12-1043]: Thomas François | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Programming for Higher Order Parsing of Gap-Minding Trees
[D12-1044]: Emily Pitler | Sampath Kannan | Mitchell Marcus

Pdf Export Search Joint Entity and Event Coreference Resolution across Documents
[D12-1045]: Heeyoung Lee | Marta Recasens | Angel Chang | Mihai Surdeanu | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Joint Chinese Word Segmentation, POS Tagging and Parsing
[D12-1046]: Xian Qian | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Translation Model Based Cross-Lingual Language Model Adaptation: from Word Models to Phrase Models
[D12-1047]: Shixiang Lu | Wei Wei | Xiaoyin Fu | Bo Xu

Pdf Export Search Open Language Learning for Information Extraction
[D12-1048]: Mausam | Michael Schmitz | Stephen Soderland | Robert Bart | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search Modelling Sequential Text with an Adaptive Topic Model
[D12-1049]: Lan Du | Wray Buntine | Huidong Jin

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Vector-based Representations for Semantic Composition
[D12-1050]: William Blacoe | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Chunk-level Features to Improve Phrase Chunking
[D12-1051]: Junsheng Zhou | Weiguang Qu | Fen Zhang

Pdf Export Search A Beam-Search Decoder for Grammatical Error Correction
[D12-1052]: Daniel Dahlmeier | Hwee Tou Ng

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Relational Learning Approach to Identifying Evidence Based Medicine Categories
[D12-1053]: Mathias Verbeke | Vincent Van Asch | Roser Morante | Paolo Frasconi | Walter Daelemans | Luc De Raedt

Pdf Export Search Lyrics, Music, and Emotions
[D12-1054]: Rada Mihalcea | Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Assessment of ESL Learners' Syntactic Competence Based on Similarity Measures
[D12-1055]: Su-Youn Yoon | Suma Bhat

Pdf Export Search A Unified Approach to Transliteration-based Text Input with Online Spelling Correction
[D12-1056]: Hisami Suzuki | Jianfeng Gao

Pdf Export Search Excitatory or Inhibitory: A New Semantic Orientation Extracts Contradiction and Causality from the Web
[D12-1057]: Chikara Hashimoto | Kentaro Torisawa | Stijn De Saeger | Jong-Hoon Oh | Jun'ichi Kazama

Pdf Export Search Enlarging Paraphrase Collections through Generalization and Instantiation
[D12-1058]: Atsushi Fujita | Pierre Isabelle | Roland Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Concurrent Acquisition of Word Meaning and Lexical Categories
[D12-1059]: Afra Alishahi | Grzegorz Chrupala

Pdf Export Search Do Neighbours Help? An Exploration of Graph-based Algorithms for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification
[D12-1060]: Natalia Ponomareva | Mike Thelwall

Pdf Export Search Learning Lexicon Models from Search Logs for Query Expansion
[D12-1061]: Jianfeng Gao | Shasha Xie | Xiaodong He | Alnur Ali

Pdf Export Search Joint Inference for Event Timeline Construction
[D12-1062]: Quang Do | Wei Lu | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Three Dependency-and-Boundary Models for Grammar Induction
[D12-1063]: Valentin I. Spitkovsky | Hiyan Alshawi | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Exploring Adaptor Grammars for Native Language Identification
[D12-1064]: Sze-Meng Jojo Wong | Mark Dras | Mark Johnson

Pdf Export Search Discovering Diverse and Salient Threads in Document Collections
[D12-1065]: Jennifer Gillenwater | Alex Kulesza | Ben Taskar

Pdf Export Search Generalizing Sub-sentential Paraphrase Acquisition across Original Signal Type of Text Pairs
[D12-1066]: Aurélien Max | Houda Bouamor | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Parse, Price and Cut—Delayed Column and Row Generation for Graph Based Parsers
[D12-1067]: Sebastian Riedel | David Smith | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation for Coreference Resolution: An Adaptive Ensemble Approach
[D12-1068]: Jian Bo Yang | Qi Mao | Qiao Liang Xiang | Ivor Wai-Hung Tsang | Kian Ming Adam Chai | Hai Leong Chieu

Pdf Export Search Weakly Supervised Training of Semantic Parsers
[D12-1069]: Jayant Krishnamurthy | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Language Modeling with Syntactic Reordering for Low-Resource Speech Recognition
[D12-1070]: Ping Xu | Pascale Fung

Pdf Export Search Resolving Complex Cases of Definite Pronouns: The Winograd Schema Challenge
[D12-1071]: Altaf Rahman | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search A Sequence Labelling Approach to Quote Attribution
[D12-1072]: Timothy O'Keefe | Silvia Pareti | James R. Curran | Irena Koprinska | Matthew Honnibal

Pdf Export Search SSHLDA: A Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Topic Model
[D12-1073]: Xian-Ling Mao | Zhao-Yan Ming | Tat-Seng Chua | Si Li | Hongfei Yan | Xiaoming Li

Pdf Export Search Improving NLP through Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
[D12-1074]: Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Type-Supervised Hidden Markov Models for Part-of-Speech Tagging with Incomplete Tag Dictionaries
[D12-1075]: Dan Garrette | Jason Baldridge

Pdf Export Search Explore Person Specific Evidence in Web Person Name Disambiguation
[D12-1076]: Liwei Chen | Yansong Feng | Lei Zou | Dongyan Zhao

Pdf Export Search Inducing a Discriminative Parser to Optimize Machine Translation Reordering
[D12-1077]: Graham Neubig | Taro Watanabe | Shinsuke Mori

Pdf Export Search Re-training Monolingual Parser Bilingually for Syntactic SMT
[D12-1078]: Shujie Liu | Chi-Ho Li | Mu Li | Ming Zhou

Pdf Export Search Transforming Trees to Improve Syntactic Convergence
[D12-1079]: David Burkett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Learning Constraints for Consistent Timeline Extraction
[D12-1080]: David McClosky | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Identifying Constant and Unique Relations by using Time-Series Text
[D12-1081]: Yohei Takaku | Nobuhiro Kaji | Naoki Yoshinaga | Masashi Toyoda

Pdf Export Search No Noun Phrase Left Behind: Detecting and Typing Unlinkable Entities
[D12-1082]: Thomas Lin | Mausam | Oren Etzioni

Pdf Export Search A Novel Discriminative Framework for Sentence-Level Discourse Analysis
[D12-1083]: Shafiq Joty | Giuseppe Carenini | Raymond Ng

Pdf Export Search Using Discourse Information for Paraphrase Extraction
[D12-1084]: Michaela Regneri | Rui Wang

Pdf Export Search Generating Non-Projective Word Order in Statistical Linearization
[D12-1085]: Bernd Bohnet | Anders Björkelund | Jonas Kuhn | Wolfgang Seeker | Sina Zarriess

Pdf Export Search Learning Syntactic Categories Using Paradigmatic Representations of Word Context
[D12-1086]: Mehmet Ali Yatbaz | Enis Sert | Deniz Yuret

Pdf Export Search Exploring Topic Coherence over Many Models and Many Topics
[D12-1087]: Keith Stevens | Philip Kegelmeyer | David Andrzejewski | David Buttler

Pdf Export Search Entropy-based Pruning for Phrase-based Machine Translation
[D12-1088]: Wang Ling | João Graça | Isabel Trancoso | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search A Systematic Comparison of Phrase Table Pruning Techniques
[D12-1089]: Richard Zens | Daisy Stanton | Peng Xu

Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Finite State Machines for Regression-based MT Evaluation
[D12-1090]: Mengqiu Wang | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of Statistical Significance in NLP
[D12-1091]: Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | David Burkett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Employing Compositional Semantics and Discourse Consistency in Chinese Event Extraction
[D12-1092]: Peifeng Li | Guodong Zhou | Qiaoming Zhu | Libin Hou

Pdf Export Search Reading The Web with Learned Syntactic-Semantic Inference Rules
[D12-1093]: Ni Lao | Amarnag Subramanya | Fernando Pereira | William W. Cohen

Pdf Export Search Ensemble Semantics for Large-scale Unsupervised Relation Extraction
[D12-1094]: Bonan Min | Shuming Shi | Ralph Grishman | Chin-Yew Lin

Pdf Export Search Forest Reranking through Subtree Ranking
[D12-1095]: Richard Farkas | Helmut Schmid

Pdf Export Search Parser Showdown at the Wall Street Corral: An Empirical Investigation of Error Types in Parser Output
[D12-1096]: Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | David Hall | James R. Curran | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Extending Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics with Lexical Cohesion to Document Level
[D12-1097]: Billy T. M. Wong | Chunyu Kit

Pdf Export Search Fast Large-Scale Approximate Graph Construction for NLP
[D12-1098]: Amit Goyal | Hal Daume III | Raul Guerra

Pdf Export Search Building a Lightweight Semantic Model for Unsupervised Information Extraction on Short Listings
[D12-1099]: Doo Soon Kim | Kunal Verma | Peter Yeh

Pdf Export Search Sketch Algorithms for Estimating Point Queries in NLP
[D12-1100]: Amit Goyal | Hal Daume III | Graham Cormode

Pdf Export Search Monte Carlo MCMC: Efficient Inference by Approximate Sampling
[D12-1101]: Sameer Singh | Michael Wick | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search On Amortizing Inference Cost for Structured Prediction
[D12-1102]: Vivek Srikumar | Gourab Kundu | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Exact Sampling and Decoding in High-Order Hidden Markov Models
[D12-1103]: Simon Carter | Marc Dymetman | Guillaume Bouchard

Pdf Export Search PATTY: A Taxonomy of Relational Patterns with Semantic Types
[D12-1104]: Ndapandula Nakashole | Gerhard Weikum | Fabian Suchanek

Pdf Export Search Training Factored PCFGs with Expectation Propagation
[D12-1105]: David Hall | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search A Coherence Model Based on Syntactic Patterns
[D12-1106]: Annie Louis | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Language Model Rest Costs and Space-Efficient Storage
[D12-1107]: Kenneth Heafield | Philipp Koehn | Alon Lavie

Pdf Export Search Document-Wide Decoding for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[D12-1108]: Christian Hardmeier | Joakim Nivre | Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search Left-to-Right Tree-to-String Decoding with Prediction
[D12-1109]: Yang Feng | Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Semantic Compositionality through Recursive Matrix-Vector Spaces
[D12-1110]: Richard Socher | Brody Huval | Christopher D. Manning | Andrew Y. Ng

Pdf Export Search Polarity Inducing Latent Semantic Analysis
[D12-1111]: Wen-tau Yih | Geoffrey Zweig | John Platt

Pdf Export Search First Order vs. Higher Order Modification in Distributional Semantics
[D12-1112]: Gemma Boleda | Eva Maria Vecchi | Miquel Cornudella | Louise McNally

Pdf Export Search Learning-based Multi-Sieve Co-reference Resolution with Knowledge
[D12-1113]: Lev Ratinov | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Joint Learning for Coreference Resolution with Markov Logic
[D12-1114]: Yang Song | Jing Jiang | Wayne Xin Zhao | Sujian Li | Houfeng Wang

Pdf Export Search Resolving "This-issue" Anaphora
[D12-1115]: Varada Kolhatkar | Graeme Hirst

Pdf Export Search Entity based Q&A Retrieval
[D12-1116]: Amit Singh

Pdf Export Search Constructing Task-Specific Taxonomies for Document Collection Browsing
[D12-1117]: Hui Yang

Pdf Export Search Besting the Quiz Master: Crowdsourcing Incremental Classification Games
[D12-1118]: Jordan Boyd-Graber | Brianna Satinoff | He He | Hal Daume III

Pdf Export Search Multi-Domain Learning: When Do Domains Matter?
[D12-1119]: Mahesh Joshi | Mark Dredze | William W. Cohen | Carolyn Rose

Pdf Export Search Biased Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation
[D12-1120]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Unambiguity Regularization for Unsupervised Learning of Probabilistic Grammars
[D12-1121]: Kewei Tu | Vasant Honavar

Pdf Export Search Extracting Opinion Expressions with semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
[D12-1122]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie

Pdf Export Search Opinion Target Extraction Using Word-Based Translation Model
[D12-1123]: Kang Liu | Liheng Xu | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Word Salad: Relating Food Prices and Descriptions
[D12-1124]: Victor Chahuneau | Kevin Gimpel | Bryan R. Routledge | Lily Scherlis | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Learning to Map into a Universal POS Tagset
[D12-1125]: Yuan Zhang | Roi Reichart | Regina Barzilay | Amir Globerson

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for Chinese-English Mixed Texts with Dynamic Features
[D12-1126]: Jiayi Zhao | Xipeng Qiu | Shu Zhang | Feng Ji | Xuanjing Huang

Pdf Export Search Wiki-ly Supervised Part-of-Speech Tagging
[D12-1127]: Shen Li | João Graça | Ben Taskar

Pdf Export Search Joining Forces Pays Off: Multilingual Joint Word Sense Disambiguation
[D12-1128]: Roberto Navigli | Simone Paolo Ponzetto

Pdf Export Search A New Minimally-Supervised Framework for Domain Word Sense Disambiguation
[D12-1129]: Stefano Faralli | Roberto Navigli

Pdf Export Search Grounded Models of Semantic Representation
[D12-1130]: Carina Silberer | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search Improved Parsing and POS Tagging Using Inter-Sentence Consistency Constraints
[D12-1131]: Alexander Rush | Roi Reichart | Michael Collins | Amir Globerson

Pdf Export Search Unified Dependency Parsing of Chinese Morphological and Syntactic Structures
[D12-1132]: Zhongguo Li | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search A Transition-Based System for Joint Part-of-Speech Tagging and Labeled Non-Projective Dependency Parsing
[D12-1133]: Bernd Bohnet | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Identifying Event-related Bursts via Social Media Activities
[D12-1134]: Xin Zhao | Baihan Shu | Jing Jiang | Yang Song | Hongfei Yan | Xiaoming Li

Pdf Export Search User Demographics and Language in an Implicit Social Network
[D12-1135]: Katja Filippova

Pdf Export Search Revisiting the Predictability of Language: Response Completion in Social Media
[D12-1136]: Bo Pang | Sujith Ravi

Pdf Export Search Supervised Text-based Geolocation Using Language Models on an Adaptive Grid
[D12-1137]: Stephen Roller | Michael Speriosu | Sarat Rallapalli | Benjamin Wing | Jason Baldridge

Pdf Export Search A Discriminative Model for Query Spelling Correction with Latent Structural SVM
[D12-1138]: Huizhong Duan | Yanen Li | ChengXiang Zhai | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search Characterizing Stylistic Elements in Syntactic Structure
[D12-1139]: Song Feng | Ritwik Banerjee | Yejin Choi

Pdf Export Search Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task

Pdf Export Search Joint Conference on EMNLP and CoNLL - Shared Task
[W12-4500]: Sameer Pradhan | Alessandro Moschitti | Nianwen Xue

Pdf Export Search CoNLL-2012 Shared Task: Modeling Multilingual Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes
[W12-4501]: Sameer Pradhan | Alessandro Moschitti | Nianwen Xue | Olga Uryupina | Yuchen Zhang

Pdf Export Search Latent Structure Perceptron with Feature Induction for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution
[W12-4502]: Eraldo Fernandes | Cícero dos Santos | Ruy Milidiú

Pdf Export Search Data-driven Multilingual Coreference Resolution using Resolver Stacking
[W12-4503]: Anders Björkelund | Richárd Farkas

Pdf Export Search Combining the Best of Two Worlds: A Hybrid Approach to Multilingual Coreference Resolution
[W12-4504]: Chen Chen | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic Dependencies to Solve Coreferences
[W12-4505]: Marcus Stamborg | Dennis Medved | Peter Exner | Pierre Nugues

Pdf Export Search ICT: System Description for CoNLL-2012
[W12-4506]: Hao Xiong | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search A Mixed Deterministic Model for Coreference Resolution
[W12-4507]: Bo Yuan | Qingcai Chen | Yang Xiang | Xiaolong Wang | Liping Ge | Zengjian Liu | Meng Liao | Xianbo Si

Pdf Export Search Simple Maximum Entropy Models for Multilingual Coreference Resolution
[W12-4508]: Xinxin Li | Xuan Wang | Xingwei Liao

Pdf Export Search UBIU for Multilingual Coreference Resolution in OntoNotes
[W12-4509]: Desislava Zhekova | Sandra Kübler | Joshua Bonner | Marwa Ragheb | Yu-Yin Hsu

Pdf Export Search Chinese Coreference Resolution via Ordered Filtering
[W12-4510]: Xiaotian Zhang | Chunyang Wu | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Multigraph Model for Coreference Resolution
[W12-4511]: Sebastian Martschat | Jie Cai | Samuel Broscheit | Éva Mújdricza-Maydt | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Rule-based and Statistic-based Techniques for Coreference Resolution
[W12-4512]: Ruifeng Xu | Jun Xu | Jie Liu | Chengxiang Liu | Chengtian Zou | Lin Gui | Yanzhen Zheng | Peng Qu

Pdf Export Search Illinois-Coref: The UI System in the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task
[W12-4513]: Kai-Wei Chang | Rajhans Samdani | Alla Rozovskaya | Mark Sammons | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search System paper for CoNLL-2012 shared task: Hybrid Rule-based Algorithm for Coreference Resolution.
[W12-4514]: Heming Shou | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search BART goes multilingual: The UniTN / Essex submission to the CoNLL-2012 Shared Task
[W12-4515]: Olga Uryupina | Alessandro Moschitti | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Learning to Model Multilingual Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes
[W12-4516]: Baoli Li