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E95-1 Seventh Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics 46

Pdf Export Search Seventh Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Seventh Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search On Reasoning with Ambiguities
[E95-1001]: Uwe Reyle

Pdf Export Search Principle Based Semantics for HPSG
[E95-1002]: Anette Frank | Uwe Reyle

Pdf Export Search Criteria for Measuring Term Recognition
[E95-1003]: Andy Lauriston

Pdf Export Search Automatic Processing of Proper Names in Texts
[E95-1004]: Francis Wolinski | Frantz Vichot | Bruno Dillet

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Resource Sharing in Lexical-Functional Grammar
[E95-1005]: Andrew Kehler | Mary Dalrymple | John Lamping | Vijay Saraswat

Pdf Export Search A Specification Language for Lexical Functional Grammars
[E95-1006]: Patrick Blackburn | Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Some Remarks on the Decidability of the Generation Problem in LFG- and PATR-Style Unification Grammars
[E95-1007]: Jurgen Wedekind

Pdf Export Search Collocation Map for Overcoming Data Sparseness
[E95-1008]: Moonjoo Kim | Young S. Han | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Computational dialectology in Irish Gaelic
[E95-1009]: Brett Kessler

Pdf Export Search Text Alignment in the Real World: Improving Alignments of Noisy Translations Using Common Lexical Features, String Matching Strategies and N-Gram Comparisons
[E95-1010]: Mark W. Davis | Ted E. Dunning | William C. Ogden

Pdf Export Search A Tractable Extension of Linear Indexed Grammars
[E95-1011]: Bill Keller | David Weir

Pdf Export Search Stochastic HPSG
[E95-1012]: Chris Brew

Pdf Export Search Literal Movement Grammars
[E95-1013]: Annius V. Groenink

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Method for Automatic Identification of Support Verbs for Nominalizations
[E95-1014]: Simone Teufel | Gregory Grefenstette

Pdf Export Search The Problem of Computing the Most Probable Tree in Data-Oriented Parsing and Stochastic Tree Grammars
[E95-1015]: Rens Bad

Pdf Export Search On Learning more Appropriate Selectional Restrictions
[E95-1016]: Francesc Ribas

Pdf Export Search Incremental Interpretation of Categorial Grammar
[E95-1017]: David Milward

Pdf Export Search Mixing Modes of Linguistic Description in Categorial Grammar
[E95-1018]: Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Higher-order Linear Logic Programming of Categorial Deduction
[E95-1019]: Glyn Morrill

Pdf Export Search Distributional Part-of-Speech Tagging
[E95-1020]: Hinrich Schitze

Pdf Export Search Tagging French - comparing a statistical and a constraint-based method
[E95-1021]: Jean-Pierre Chanod | Pasi Tapanainen

Pdf Export Search A syntax-based part-of-speech analyser
[E95-1022]: Atro Voutilainen

Pdf Export Search Deterministic Consistency Checking of LP Constraints
[E95-1023]: Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Off-line Optimization for Earley-style HPSG Processing
[E95-1024]: Guido Minnen | Dale Gerdemann | Thilo Gotz

Pdf Export Search ProFIT: Prolog with Features, Inheritance and Templates
[E95-1025]: Gregor Erbach

Pdf Export Search A Robust and Efficient Three-Layered Dialogue Component for a Speech-to-Speech Translation System
[E95-1026]: Jan Alexandersson | Elisabeth Maier | Norbert Reithinger

Pdf Export Search Towards a Workbench for Acquisition of Domain Knowledge from Natural Language
[E95-1027]: Andrei Mikheev | Steven Finch

Pdf Export Search Rapid Development of Morphological Descriptions for Full Language Processing Systems
[E95-1028]: David Carter

Pdf Export Search Specifying a shallow grammatical representation for parsing purposes
[E95-1029]: Atro Voutilainen | Timo Jarvinen

Pdf Export Search A fast partial parse of natural language sentences using a connectionist method
[E95-1030]: Caroline Lyon | Bob Dickerson

Pdf Export Search A Robust Parser Based on Syntactic Information
[E95-1031]: Kong Joo Lee | Cheol Jung Kweon | Jungyun Seo | Gil Chang Kim

Pdf Export Search Ellipsis and Quantification: A Substitutional Approach
[E95-1032]: Richard Crouch

Pdf Export Search ParseTalk about Sentence- and Text-Level Anaphora
[E95-1033]: Michael Strube | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Integrating "Free" Word Order Syntax and Information Structure
[E95-1034]: Beryl Hoffman

Pdf Export Search Algorithms for Analysing the Temporal Structure of Discourse
[E95-1035]: Janet Hitzeman | Marc Moens | Claire Grover

Pdf Export Search Splitting the Reference Time: Temporal Anaphora and Quantification in DRT
[E95-1036]: Rani Nelken | Nissim Francez

Pdf Export Search Topic Identification in Discourse
[E95-1037]: Kuang-hua Chen

Pdf Export Search A State-Transition Grammar for Data-Oriented Parsing
[E95-1038]: David Tugwell

Pdf Export Search Grouping Words Using Statistical Context
[E95-1039]: Christopher C. Huckle

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Motion
[E95-1040]: Pierre Sablayrolles

Pdf Export Search An Algorithm to Co-Ordinate Anaphora Resolution and PPS Disambiguation Process
[E95-1041]: Saliha Azzam

Pdf Export Search Aggregation in the NL-generator of the Visual and Natural language Specification Tool
[E95-1042]: Hercules Dalianis

Pdf Export Search Incorporating "Unconscious Reanalyses" into an Incremental, Monotonic Parser
[E95-1043]: Patrick Sturt

Pdf Export Search Cooperative Error Handling and Shallow Processing
[E95-1044]: Tanya Bowden

Pdf Export Search Towards an Account of Extraposition in HPSG
[E95-1045]: Frank Keller