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Anthology Volume Papers
H01-1 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Human Language Technology Research 76

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First International Conference on Human Language Technology Research

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the First International Conference on Human Language Technology Research

Pdf Export Search Activity detection for information access to oral communication
[H01-1001]: K. Ries | A. Waibel

Pdf Export Search Adapting an Example-Based Translation System to Chinese
[H01-1002]: Y. Zhang | R.D. Brown | R.E. Frederking

Pdf Export Search Advances in meeting recognition
[H01-1003]: A. Waibel | H. Yu | T. Schultz | Y. Pan | M. Bett | M. Westphal | H. Soltau | T. Schaaf | F. Metze

Pdf Export Search Amount of Information Presented in a Complex List: Effects on User Performance
[H01-1004]: D. Dutton | M. Walker | S. Chu | J. Hubbell | S. Narayanan

Pdf Export Search The Annotation Graph Toolkit: Software Components for Building Linguistic Annotation Tools
[H01-1005]: K. Maeda | S. Bird | X. Ma | H. Lee

Pdf Export Search Answering What-Is Questions by Virtual Annotation
[H01-1006]: J. Prager | D. Radev | K. Czuba

Pdf Export Search Architecture and Design Considerations in NESPOLE!: a Speech Translation System for E-commerce Applications
[H01-1007]: A. Lavie | C. Langley | A. Waibel | F. Pianesi | G. Lazzari | P. Coletti | L. Taddei | F. Balducci

Pdf Export Search Assigning Belief Scores to Names in Queries
[H01-1008]: C. Dozier

Pdf Export Search Automatic Pattern Acquisition for Japanese Information Extraction
[H01-1009]: K. Sudo | S. Sekine | R. Grishman

Pdf Export Search Automatic Predicate Argument Analysis of the Penn TreeBank
[H01-1010]: M. Palmer | J. Rosenzweig | S. Cotton

Pdf Export Search Automatic Title Generation for Spoken Broadcast News
[H01-1011]: R. Jin | A. Hauptmann

Pdf Export Search A Conversational Interface for Online Shopping
[H01-1012]: J. Chai | V. Horvath | N. Kambhatla | N. Nicolov | M. Stys-Budzikowska

Pdf Export Search Conversational Sales Assistant for Online Shopping
[H01-1013]: M. Budzikowska | J. Chai | S. Govindappa | V. Horvath | N. Kambhatla | N. Nicolov | W. Zadrozny

Pdf Export Search Converting Dependency Structures to Phrase Structures
[H01-1014]: F. Xia | M. Palmer

Pdf Export Search DATE: A Dialogue Act Tagging Scheme for Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems
[H01-1015]: M. Walker | R. Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Development of the HRL Route Navigation Dialogue System
[H01-1016]: R. Belvin | R. Burns | C. Hein

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Interaction with the DARPA Communicator Infrastructure: The Development of Useful Software
[H01-1017]: S. Bayer | C. Doran | B. George

Pdf Export Search Domain Portability in Speech-to-Speech Translation
[H01-1018]: A. Lavie | L Levin | T. Schultz | C. Langley | B. Han | A. Tribble | D. Gates | D. Wallace | K. Peterson

Pdf Export Search English-Chinese CLIR using a Simplified PIRCS System
[H01-1019]: K.L. Kwok | N. Dinstl | P. Deng

Pdf Export Search Entry Vocabulary - a Technology to Enhance Digital Search
[H01-1020]: F. Gey | M. Buckland | A. Chen | R. Larson

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Question-Answering Techniques in Chinese
[H01-1021]: X. Li | W.B. Croft

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Corpus For Temporal Summarization
[H01-1022]: V. Khandelwal | R. Gupta | J. Allan

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Results for the Talk'n'Travel System
[H01-1023]: D. Stallard

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Multi-Modal Automatic Content Extraction
[H01-1024]: L. Ramshaw | E. Boschee | S. Bratus | S. Miller | R. Stone | R. Weischedel | A. Zamanian

Pdf Export Search Exploring Speech-Enabled Dialogue with the Galaxy Communicator Infrastructure
[H01-1025]: S. Bayer | C. Doran | B. George

Pdf Export Search Facilitating Treebank Annotation Using a Statistical Parser
[H01-1026]: F. Chiou | D. Chiang | M. Palmer

Pdf Export Search FactBrowser Demonstration
[H01-1027]: S. Miller | S. Bratus | L. Ramshaw | R. Weischedel | A. Zamanian

Pdf Export Search Finding Errors Automatically in Semantically Tagged Dialogues
[H01-1028]: J. Aberdeen | C. Doran | L. Damianos | S. Bayer | L. Hirschman

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Hidden Markov Modeling for Broadcast-News Story Segmentation
[H01-1029]: W. Greiff | A. Morgan | R. Fish | M. Richards | A. Kundu

Pdf Export Search First Story Detection using a Composite Document Representation
[H01-1030]: N. Stokes | J. Carthy

Pdf Export Search Guidelines for Annotating Temporal Information
[H01-1031]: I. Mani | G. Wilson | L. Ferro | B. Sundheim

Pdf Export Search Hypothesis Selection and Resolution in the Mercury Flight Reservation System
[H01-1032]: S. Seneff | J. Polifroni

Pdf Export Search Improved Cross-Language Retrieval using Backoff Translation
[H01-1033]: P. Resnik | D. Oard | G. Levow

Pdf Export Search Improving Information Extraction by Modeling Errors in Speech Recognizer Output
[H01-1034]: D.D. Palmer | M. Ostendorf

Pdf Export Search Inducing Multilingual Text Analysis Tools via Robust Projection across Aligned Corpora
[H01-1035]: D. Yarowsky | G. Ngai | R. Wicentowski

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction with Term Frequencies
[H01-1036]: T.R. Lynam | C.L.A. Clarke | G.V. Cormack

Pdf Export Search The Integrated Feasibility Experiment Process
[H01-1037]: A. Sears | S.E. Cross

Pdf Export Search Integrated Feasibility Experiment for Bio-Security: IFE-Bio, A TIDES Demonstration
[H01-1038]: L. Hirschman | K. Concepcion | L. Damianos | D. Day | J. Delmore | L. Ferro | J. Griffith | J. Henderson | J. Kurtz | I. Mani | S. Mardis | T. McEntee | K. Miller | B. Nunam | J. Ponte | F. Reeder | B. Wellner | G. Wilson | A. Yeh

Pdf Export Search Integrated Information Management: An Interactive, Extensible Architecture for Information Retrieval
[H01-1039]: E. Nyberg | H. Daume

Pdf Export Search Intelligent Access to Text: Integrating Information Extraction Technology into Text Browsers
[H01-1040]: R. Gaizauskas | P. Herring | M. Oakes | M. Beaulieu | P. Willett | H. Fowkes | A. Jonsson

Pdf Export Search Interlingua-Based Broad-Coverage Korean-to-English Translation in CCLINC
[H01-1041]: Y.-S. Lee | W.S. Yi | S. Seneff | C. Weinstein

Pdf Export Search Is That Your Final Answer?
[H01-1042]: F. Reeder

Pdf Export Search Japanese Case Frame Construction by Coupling the Verb and its Closest Case Component
[H01-1043]: D. Kawahara | S. Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Japanese Text Input System With Digits
[H01-1044]: K. Tanaka-Ishii | Y. Inutsuka | M. Takeichi

Pdf Export Search Large scale testing of a descriptive phrase finder
[H01-1045]: H. Joho | Y.K. Liu | M. Sanderson

Pdf Export Search LaTaT: Language and Text Analysis Tools
[H01-1046]: D. Lin

Pdf Export Search Linguatronic: Product-Level Speech System for Mercedes-Benz Car
[H01-1047]: P. Heisterkamp

Pdf Export Search LingWear: A Mobile Tourist Information System
[H01-1048]: C. Fügen | M. Westphal | M. Schneider | T. Schultz | A. Waibel

Pdf Export Search Listen-Communicate-Show: Spoken Language Command of Agent-based Remote Information Access
[H01-1049]: J. Daniels | B. Bell

Pdf Export Search Mandarin-English Information: Investigating Translingual Speech Retrieval
[H01-1050]: H. Meng | W.-K. Lo | B. Chen | H.-M.. Wang | S. Khudanpur | G.-A. Levow | D.W. Oard | J. Wang

Pdf Export Search The Meeting Project at ICSI
[H01-1051]: N. Morgan | D. Baron | J. Edwards | D. Ellis | D. Gelbart | A. Janin | T. Pfau | E. Shriberg | A. Stolcke

Pdf Export Search Mitigating the Paucity-of-Data Problem: Exploring the Effect of Training Corpus Size on Classifier Performance for Natural Language Processing
[H01-1052]: M. Banko | E. Brill

Pdf Export Search Monitoring the News: a TDT demonstration system
[H01-1053]: D. Frey | R. Gupta | V. Khandelwal | V. Lavrenko | A. Leuski | J. Allan

Pdf Export Search Multidocument Summarization via Information Extraction
[H01-1054]: M. White | T. Korelsky | C. Cardie | V. Ng | D. Pierce | K. Wagstaff

Pdf Export Search Natural Language Generation in Dialog Systems
[H01-1055]: O. Rambow | S. Bangalore | M. Walker

Pdf Export Search NewsInEssence: A System For Domain-Independent, Real-Time News Clustering and Multi-Document Summarization
[H01-1056]: D.R. Radev | S. Blair-Goldensohn | Z. Zhang | R.S. Raghavan

Pdf Export Search Non-Dictionary-Based Thai Word Segmentation Using Decision Trees
[H01-1057]: T. Theeramunkong | S. Usanavasin

Pdf Export Search On Combining Language Models: Oracle Approach
[H01-1058]: K. Hacioglu | W. Ward

Pdf Export Search Portability Issues for Speech Recognition Technologies
[H01-1059]: L. Lamel | F. Lefevre | J.-L. Gauvain | G. Adda

Pdf Export Search Rapidly Retargetable Interactive Translingual Retrieval
[H01-1060]: G.-A. Levow | D.W. Oard | P. Resnik

Pdf Export Search Robust Knowledge Discovery from Parallel Speech and Text Sources
[H01-1061]: F. Jelinek | W. Byrne | S. Khudanpur | B. Hladká | H. Ney | F.J. Och | J. Curín | J. Psutka

Pdf Export Search The RWTH System for Statistical Translation of Spoken Dialogues
[H01-1062]: H. Ney | F.J. Och | S. Vogel

Pdf Export Search Scalability and Portability of a Belief Network-based Dialog Model for Different Application Domains
[H01-1063]: C. Wai | H.M. Meng | R. Pieraccini

Pdf Export Search SCANMail: Audio Navigation in the Voicemail Domain
[H01-1064]: M. Bacchiani | J. Hirschberg | A. Rosenberg | S. Whittaker | D. Hindle | P. Isenhour | M. Jones | L. Stark | G. Zamchick

Pdf Export Search Sentence Ordering in Multidocument Summarization
[H01-1065]: R. Barzilay | N. Elhadad | K. McKeown

Pdf Export Search A Server for Real-Time Event Tracking in News
[H01-1066]: R.D. Brown

Pdf Export Search The SynDiKATe Text Knowledge Base Generator
[H01-1067]: U. Hahn | M. Romacker

Pdf Export Search A Three-Tiered Evaluation Approach for Interactive Spoken Dialogue Systems
[H01-1068]: K. Stibler | J. Denny

Pdf Export Search Toward Semantics-Based Answer Pinpointing
[H01-1069]: E. Hovy | L. Gerber | U. Hermjakob | C.-Y. Lin | D. Ravichandran

Pdf Export Search Towards an Intelligent Multilingual Keyboard System
[H01-1070]: T. Potipiti | V. Sornlertlamvanich | K. Thanadkran

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Sign Translation
[H01-1071]: J. Yang | J. Gao | Y. Zhang | A. Waibel

Pdf Export Search TüSBL: A Similarity-Based Chunk Parser for Robust Syntactic Processing
[H01-1072]: S. Kübler | E.W. Hinrichs

Pdf Export Search University of Colorado Dialogue Systems for Travel and Navigation
[H01-1073]: B. Pellom | W. Ward | J. Hansen | R. Cole | K. Hacioglu | J. Zhang | X. Yu | S. Pradhan

Pdf Export Search The Use of Dynamic Segment Scoring for Language-Independent Question Answering
[H01-1074]: D. Pack | C. Weinstein

Pdf Export Search Using Speech and Language Technology to Coach Reading
[H01-1075]: P. Price | L. Julia