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Anthology Volume Papers
N04-1 Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: HLT-NAACL 2004 44
N04-2 Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at HLT-NAACL 2004 11
N04-3 Demonstration Papers at HLT-NAACL 2004 13
N04-4 Proceedings of HLT-NAACL 2004: Short Papers 41

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Multilingual Entity Detection and Tracking
[N04-1001]: R Florian | H Hassan | A Ittycheriah | H Jing | N Kambhatla | X Luo | N Nicolov | S Roukos

Pdf Export Search Cross-Document Coreference on a Large Scale Corpus
[N04-1002]: Chung Heong Gooi | James Allan

Pdf Export Search Robust Reading: Identification and Tracing of Ambiguous Names
[N04-1003]: Xin Li | Paul Morie | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search A Salience-Based Approach to Gesture-Speech Alignment
[N04-1004]: Jacob Eisenstein | C. Mario Christoudias

Pdf Export Search Balancing data-driven and rule-based approaches in the context of a Multimodal Conversational System
[N04-1005]: Srinivas Bangalore | Michael Johnston

Pdf Export Search Optimizing Automated Call Routing by Integrating Spoken Dialog Models with Queuing Models
[N04-1006]: Tim Paek | Eric Horvitz

Pdf Export Search Answering Definition Questions with Multiple Knowledge Sources
[N04-1007]: Wesley Hildebrandt | Boris Katz | Jimmy Lin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Question Answering: Beyond the Factoid
[N04-1008]: Radu Soricut | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Rasch Analysis of Question Answering Evaluations
[N04-1009]: Rense Lange | Juan Moran | Warren R Greiff | Lisa Ferro

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Hyponymy Relations from Web Documents
[N04-1010]: Keiji Shinzato | Kentaro Torisawa

Pdf Export Search Sentence-Internal Prosody Does not Help Parsing the Way Punctuation Does
[N04-1011]: Michelle Gregory | Mark Johnson | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Ensemble-based Active Learning for Parse Selection
[N04-1012]: Miles Osborne | Jason Baldridge

Pdf Export Search Speed and Accuracy in Shallow and Deep Stochastic Parsing
[N04-1013]: Ron Kaplan | Stefan Riezler | Tracy H. King | John T. Maxwell III | Alex Vasserman | Richard Crouch

Pdf Export Search Training Tree Transducers
[N04-1014]: Jonathan Graehl | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Catching the Drift: Probabilistic Content Models, with Applications to Generation and Summarization
[N04-1015]: Regina Barzilay | Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search The Web as a Baseline: Evaluating the Performance of Unsupervised Web-based Models for a Range of NLP Tasks
[N04-1016]: Mirella Lapata | Frank Keller

Pdf Export Search Lattice-Based Search for Spoken Utterance Retrieval
[N04-1017]: Murat Saraclar | Richard Sproat

Pdf Export Search Detecting Structural Metadata with Decision Trees and Transformation-Based Learning
[N04-1018]: Joungbum Kim | Sarah E Schwarm | Mari Ostendorf

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Content Selection in Summarization: The Pyramid Method
[N04-1019]: Ani Nenkova | Rebecca Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Inferring Sentence-internal Temporal Relations
[N04-1020]: Mirella Lapata | Alex Lascarides

Pdf Export Search A Smorgasbord of Features for Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-1021]: Franz Josef Och | Daniel Gildea | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Anoop Sarkar | Kenji Yamada | Alex Fraser | Shankar Kumar | Libin Shen | David Smith | Katherine Eng | Viren Jain | Zhen Jin | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-1022]: Shankar Kumar | William Byrne

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Reranking for Machine Translation
[N04-1023]: Libin Shen | Anoop Sarkar | Franz Josef Och

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Multiple Aspects of Coherence in Student Essays
[N04-1024]: Derrick Higgins | Jill Burstein | Daniel Marcu | Claudia Gentile

Pdf Export Search A Language Modeling Approach to Predicting Reading Difficulty
[N04-1025]: Kevyn Collins-Thompson | James P Callan

Pdf Export Search Predicting Emotion in Spoken Dialogue from Multiple Knowledge Sources
[N04-1026]: Kate Forbes-Riley | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search The Tao of CHI: Towards Effective Human-Computer Interaction
[N04-1027]: Robert Porzel | Manja Baudis

Pdf Export Search Non-Native Users in the Let's Go!! Spoken Dialogue System: Dealing with Linguistic Mismatch
[N04-1028]: Antoine Raux | Maxine Eskenazi

Pdf Export Search Comparison of two interactive search refinement techniques
[N04-1029]: Olga Vechtomova | Murat Karamuftuoglu

Pdf Export Search Shallow Semantic Parsing using Support Vector Machines
[N04-1030]: Sameer S Pradhan | Wayne H Ward | Kadri Hacioglu | James H Martin | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Paraphrasing Predicates from Written Language to Spoken Language Using the Web
[N04-1031]: Nobuhiro Kaji | Masashi Okamoto | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Shallow Semantc Parsing of Chinese
[N04-1032]: Honglin Sun | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Improvements in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-1033]: Richard Zens | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Improved Machine Translation Performance via Parallel Sentence Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[N04-1034]: Dragos Stefan Munteanu | Alexander Fraser | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search What's in a translation rule?
[N04-1035]: Michel Galley | Mark Hopkins | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Improving Named Entity Translation Combining Phonetic and Semantic Similarities
[N04-1036]: Fei Huang | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search The (Non)Utility of Predicate-Argument Frequencies for Pronoun Interpretation
[N04-1037]: Andrew Kehler | Douglas Appelt | Lara Taylor | Aleksandr Simma

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Contextual Role Knowledge for Coreference Resolution
[N04-1038]: David Bean | Ellen Riloff

Pdf Export Search Exponential Priors for Maximum Entropy Models
[N04-1039]: Joshua Goodman

Pdf Export Search Multiple Similarity Measures and Source-Pair Information in Story Link Detection
[N04-1040]: Francine Chen | Ayman Farahat | Thorsten Brants

Pdf Export Search Automatically Labeling Semantic Classes
[N04-1041]: Patrick Pantel | Deepak Ravichandran

Pdf Export Search Accurate Information Extraction from Research Papers using Conditional Random Fields
[N04-1042]: Fuchun Peng | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Name Tagging with Word Clusters and Discriminative Training
[N04-1043]: Scott Miller | Jethran Guinness | Alex Zamanian

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Speech Recognition for Information Retrieval in Indian Context
[N04-2001]: N. Udhaykumar | S.K. Ramakrishnan | R. Swaminathan

Pdf Export Search Identifying Chemical Names in Biomedical Text: an Investigation of Substring Co-occurrence Based Approaches
[N04-2002]: Alexander Vasserman

Pdf Export Search Maximum Entropy Modeling in Sparse Semantic Tagging
[N04-2003]: Jia Cui | David Guthrie

Pdf Export Search A Computational Framework for Non-Lexicalist Semantics
[N04-2004]: Jimmy Lin

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Path Architecture for Machine Translation of English Text into American Sign Language Animation
[N04-2005]: Matt Huenerfauth

Pdf Export Search Automatic Article Restoration
[N04-2006]: John Lee

Pdf Export Search A Preliminary Look into the Use of Named Entity Information for Bioscience Text Tokenization
[N04-2007]: Robert Arens

Pdf Export Search Greek Word Segmentation Using Minimal Information
[N04-2008]: C. Anton Rytting

Pdf Export Search Construction of Conceptual Graph Representation of Texts
[N04-2009]: Svetlana Hensman

Pdf Export Search Speaker Recognition with Mixtures of Gaussians with Sparse Regression Matrices
[N04-2010]: Constantinos Boulis

Pdf Export Search Demonstration Papers at HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search Demonstration Papers at HLT-NAACL 2004

Pdf Export Search Columbia Newsblaster: Multilingual News Summarization on the Web
[N04-3001]: David Kirk Evans | Judith L. Klavans | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search ITSPOKE: An Intelligent Tutoring Spoken Dialogue System
[N04-3002]: Diane J. Litman | Scott Silliman

Pdf Export Search Limited-Domain Speech-to-Speech Translation between English and Pashto
[N04-3003]: Kristin Precoda | Horacio Franco | Ascander Dost | Michael Frandsen | John Fry | Andreas Kathol | Colleen Richey | Susanne Riehemann | Dimitra Vergyri | Jing Zheng | Christopher Culy

Pdf Export Search MiTAP for SARS Detection
[N04-3004]: Laurie E. Damianos | Samuel Bayer | Michael A. Chisholm | John Henderson | Lynette Hirschman | William Morgan | Marc Ubaldino | Guido Zarrella | James M. Wilson V | Marat G. Polyak

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Video and Audio News Alerting
[N04-3005]: David D. Palmer | Patrick Bray | Marc Reichman | Katherine Rhodes | Noah White | Andrew Merlino | Francis Kubala

Pdf Export Search Open Text Semantic Parsing Using FrameNet and WordNet
[N04-3006]: Lei Shi | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search A Scaleable Multi-document Centroid-based Summarizer
[N04-3007]: Dragomir Radev | Timothy Allison | Matthew Craig | Stanko Dimitrov | Kareem Omer | Michael Topper | Adam Winkel | Jin Yi

Pdf Export Search SenseClusters - Finding Clusters that Represent Word Senses
[N04-3008]: Amruta Purandare | Ted Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialogue for Simulation Control and Conversational Tutoring
[N04-3009]: Elizabeth Owen Bratt | Karl Schultz | Brady Clark

Pdf Export Search A Thai Speech Translation System for Medical Dialogs
[N04-3010]: Tanja Schultz | Dorcas Alexander | Alan W. Black | Kay Peterson | Sinaporn Suebvisai | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Use and Acquisition of Semantic Language Model
[N04-3011]: Kuansan Wang | Ye-Yi Wang | Alex Acero

Pdf Export Search WordNet::Similarity - Measuring the Relatedness of Concepts
[N04-3012]: Ted Pedersen | Siddharth Patwardhan | Jason Michelizzi

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of HLT-NAACL 2004: Short Papers

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of HLT-NAACL 2004: Short Papers

Pdf Export Search Using N-Grams To Understand the Nature of Summaries
[N04-4001]: Michele Banko | Lucy Vanderwende

Pdf Export Search MMR-based Feature Selection for Text Categorization
[N04-4002]: Changki Lee | Gary Geunbae Lee

Pdf Export Search Example-based Rescoring of Statistical Machine Translation Output
[N04-4003]: Michael Pau | Eiichiro Sumita | Seiichi Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study on Multiple LVCSR Model Combination by Machine Learning
[N04-4004]: Takehito Utsuro | Yasuhiro Kodama | Tomohiro Watanabe | Hiromitsu Nishizaki | Seiichi Nakagawa

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Linguistically Oriented Automatic Keyword Extraction
[N04-4005]: Anette Hulth

Pdf Export Search Language Model Adaptation with MAP Estimation and the Perceptron Algorithm
[N04-4006]: Michiel Bacchiani | Brian Roark | Murat Saraclar

Pdf Export Search Advances in Children's Speech Recognition within an Interactive Literacy Tutor
[N04-4007]: Andreas Hagen | Bryan Pellom | Sarel van Vuuren | Ronald Cole

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of an English-Chinese Bilingual FrameNet
[N04-4008]: Benfeng Chen | Pascale Fung

Pdf Export Search Competitive Self-Trained Pronoun Interpretation
[N04-4009]: Andrew Kehler | Douglas Appelt | Lara Taylor | Aleksandr Simma

Pdf Export Search Using N-best lists for Named Entity Recognition from Chinese Speech
[N04-4010]: Lufeng Zhai | Pascale Fung | Richard Schwartz | Marine Carpuat | Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search Performance Evaluation and Error Analysis for Multimodal Reference Resolution in a Conversation System
[N04-4011]: Joyce Y. Chai | Zahar Prasov | Pengyu Hong

Pdf Export Search UI on the Fly: Generating a Multimodal User Interface
[N04-4012]: David Reitter | Erin Panttaja | Fred Cummins

Pdf Export Search Web Search Intent Induction via Automatic Query Reformulation
[N04-4013]: Hal Daumé III | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search HITIQA: A Data Driven Approach to Interactive Analytical Question Answering
[N04-4014]: Sharon Small | Tomek Strzalkowski

Pdf Export Search Morphological Analysis for Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-4015]: Young-Suk Lee

Pdf Export Search Correction Grammars for Error Handling in a Speech Dialog System
[N04-4016]: Hirohiko Sagawa | Teruko Mitamura | Eric Nyberg

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Rule-Based and Statistical Methods for Semantic Language Modeling and Confidence Measurement
[N04-4017]: Ruhi Srikaya | Yuqing Gao | Michael Picheny

Pdf Export Search Improving Automatic Sentence Boundary Detection with Confusion Networks
[N04-4018]: D. Hillard | M. Ostendorf | A. Stolcke | Y. Liu | E. Shriberg

Pdf Export Search Speech Graffiti vs. Natural Language: Assessing the User Experience
[N04-4019]: Stefanie Tomko | Roni Rosenfeld

Pdf Export Search Augmenting the kappa statistic to determine interannotator reliability for multiply labeled data points
[N04-4020]: Andrew Rosenberg | Ed Binkowski

Pdf Export Search Feature-based Pronunciation Modeling for Speech Recognition
[N04-4021]: Karen Livescu | James Glass

Pdf Export Search Context-based Speech Recognition Error Detection and Correction
[N04-4022]: Arup Sarma | David D. Palmer

Pdf Export Search Feature Selection for Trainable Multilingual Broadcast News Segmentation
[N04-4023]: David D. Palmer | Marc Reichman | Elyes Yaich

Pdf Export Search Direct Maximization of Average Precision by Hill-Climbing, with a Comparison to a Maximum Entropy Approach
[N04-4024]: William Morgan | Warren Greiff | John Henderson

Pdf Export Search Automated Team Discourse Annotation and Performance Prediction Using LSA
[N04-4025]: Melanie J. Martin | Peter W. Foltz

Pdf Export Search A Unigram Orientation Model for Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-4026]: Christoph Tillman

Pdf Export Search Summarizing Email Threads
[N04-4027]: Owen Rambow | Lokesh Shrestha | John Chen | Christy Laurdisen

Pdf Export Search Confidence Estimation for Information Extraction
[N04-4028]: Aron Culotta | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search A Speech-in List-out Approach to Spoken User Interfaces
[N04-4029]: Vijay Divi | C. Forlines | Jan Van Gemert | Bhiksha Raj | B. Schmidt-Nielsen | Kent Wittenburg | Joseph Woelfel | Fang-Fang Zhang

Pdf Export Search Nearly-Automated Metadata Hierarchy Creation
[N04-4030]: Emilia Soica | Marti A. Hearst

Pdf Export Search Computational Linkuistics: Word Triggers across Hyperlinks
[N04-4031]: Dragomir Radev | Hong Qi | Adam Winkel | Daniel Tam

Pdf Export Search Parsing Conversational Speech Using Enhanced Segmentation
[N04-4032]: Jeremy G. Kahn | Mari Ostendorf | Ciprian Chelba

Pdf Export Search Polarity Sensitivity and Evaluation Order in Type-Logical Grammar
[N04-4033]: Chung-chieh Shan

Pdf Export Search Multi-Speaker Language Modeling
[N04-4034]: Gang Ji | Jeffrey Bilmes

Pdf Export Search Prosody-based Topic Segmentation for Mandarin Broadcast News
[N04-4035]: Gina-Anne Levow

Pdf Export Search Parsing Arguments of Nominalizations in English and Chinese
[N04-4036]: Sameer Pradhan | Honglin Sun | Wayne Ward | James H. Martin | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search A Lightweight Semantic Chunker Based on Tagging
[N04-4037]: Kadri Hacioglu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Tagging of Arabic Text: From Raw Text to Base Phrase Chunks
[N04-4038]: Mona Diab | Kadri Hacioglu | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search Converting Text into Agent Animations: Assigning Gestures to Text
[N04-4039]: Yukiko I. Nakano | Masashi Okamoto | Daisuke Kawahara | Qing Li | Toyoaki Nishida

Pdf Export Search A Lexically-Driven Algorithm for Disfluency Detection
[N04-4040]: Matthew Snover | Bonnie Dorr | Richard Schwartz