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L06-1 Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'06) 514

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'06)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'06)
[L06-1000]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Khalid Choukri | Aldo Gangemi | Bente Maegaard | Joseph Mariani | Jan Odijk | Daniel Tapias

Pdf Export Search DanPASS - A Danish Phonetically Annotated Spontaneous Speech Corpus
[L06-1001]: N. Grønnum

Pdf Export Search A Hebrew Tree Bank Based on Cantillation Marks
[L06-1002]: A. Wu | K. Lowery

Pdf Export Search Techno-langue: The French National Initiative for Human Language Technologies (HLT)
[L06-1003]: S. Chaudiron | J. Mariani

Pdf Export Search REGULUS: A Generic Multilingual Open Source Platform for Grammar-Based Speech Applications
[L06-1004]: M. Rayner | P. Bouillon | B. Hockey | N. Chatzichrisafis

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Temporal Information from Texts in Swedish
[L06-1005]: A. Berglund | R. Johansson | P. Nugues

Pdf Export Search New Approach to Frequency Dictionaries - Czech Example
[L06-1006]: J. Hlaváèová

Pdf Export Search A Spell Checker for a World Language: The New Microsoft’s Spanish Spell Checker
[L06-1007]: F. Bustamante | A. Arnaiz | M. Ginés

Pdf Export Search TransType2 : The Last Word
[L06-1008]: E. Macklovitch

Pdf Export Search Designing and Recording an Emotional Speech Database for Corpus Based Synthesis in Basque
[L06-1009]: I. Saratxaga | E. Navas | I. Hernáez | I. Aholab

Pdf Export Search Collection, Encoding and Linguistic Processing of a Swedish Medical Corpus - The MEDLEX Experience
[L06-1010]: D. Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A new approach to syntactic annotation
[L06-1011]: N. Masaki | I. Hiroshi | H. Taiichi | T. Takenobu

Pdf Export Search A French Non-Native Corpus for Automatic Speech Recognition
[L06-1012]: T. Tan | L. Besacier

Pdf Export Search Documenting variation across Europe and the Mediterranean: the Pavia Typological Database
[L06-1013]: A. Sansò

Pdf Export Search Building and Incorporating Language Models for Persian Continuous Speech Recognition Systems
[L06-1014]: M. Bahrani | H. Sameti | N. Hafezi | H. Movassagh

Pdf Export Search Blind Evaluation for Thai Search Engines
[L06-1015]: S. Tongchim | P. Srichaivattana | V. Sornlertlamvanich | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search An Annotated Corpus Management Tool: ChaKi
[L06-1016]: Y. Matsumoto | M. Asahara | K. Hashimoto | Y. Tono | A. Ohtani | T. Morita

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Relationships "is-a": Distinguishing Belonging, Inclusion and Part/of Relationships.
[L06-1017]: C. Jouis

Pdf Export Search Morphological annotation of Korean with Directly Maintainable Resources
[L06-1018]: I. Berlocher | K. Huh | E. Laporte | J. Nam

Pdf Export Search PrepNet: a Multilingual Lexical Description of Prepositions
[L06-1019]: P. Saint-dizier

Pdf Export Search A Methodology for Developing Multilingual Resources for Terminology
[L06-1020]: M. L’homme | H. Bae 

Pdf Export Search Does a Virtual Talking Face Generate Proper Multimodal Cues to Draw User’s Attention to Points of Interest?
[L06-1021]: S. Raidt | G. Bailly | F. Elisei

Pdf Export Search Skeleton Parsing in Chinese: Annotation Scheme and Guidelines
[L06-1022]: M. Wong

Pdf Export Search Computer-aided summarisation - what the user really wants
[L06-1023]: C. Orasan | L. Hasler

Pdf Export Search Annotating the Predicate-Argument Structure of Chinese Nominalizations
[L06-1024]: N. Xue

Pdf Export Search A Self-Referring Quantitative Evaluation of the ATR Basic Travel Expression Corpus (BTEC)
[L06-1025]: K. Kageura | G. Kikui

Pdf Export Search Features of Terms in Actual Nursing Activities
[L06-1026]: H. Ozaku | A. Abe | K. Sagara | N. Kuwahara | K. Kogure

Pdf Export Search HAREM: An Advanced NER Evaluation Contest for Portuguese
[L06-1027]: D. Santos | N. Seco | N. Cardoso | R. Vilela

Pdf Export Search Acceptance Testing of a Spoken Language Translation System
[L06-1028]: R. Banchs | A. Bonafonte | J. Pérez

Pdf Export Search Creating Tools for Morphological Analysis of Sumerian
[L06-1029]: V. Tablan | W. Peters | D. Maynard | H. Cunningham

Pdf Export Search FonDat1: A Speech Synthesis Corpus for Norwegian
[L06-1030]: I. Amdal | T. Svendsen

Pdf Export Search A Computational Lexicon of Contemporary Hebrew
[L06-1031]: A. Itai | S. Wintner | S. Yona

Pdf Export Search Development of the First LRs for Macedonian: Current Projects
[L06-1032]: R. Ivanovska-naskova

Pdf Export Search Example-Based Machine Translation Using a Dictionary of Word Pairs
[L06-1033]: R. Rapp | C. Vide

Pdf Export Search Terminological Resources Acquisition Tools: Toward a User-oriented Evaluation Model
[L06-1034]: W. Mustafa el Hadi | I. Timimi | M. Dabbadie | K. Choukri | O. Hamon | Y. Chiao

Pdf Export Search New tools for the encoding of lexical data extracted from corpus
[L06-1035]: N. Bel | S. Espeja | M. Marimon

Pdf Export Search Progmatica: A Prosodic Database for European Portuguese
[L06-1036]: D. Braga | L. Coelho | J. Teixeira | D. Freitas

Pdf Export Search Iqmt: A Framework for Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation
[L06-1037]: J. Giménez | E. Amigó

Pdf Export Search Annotating Bridging Anaphors in Italian: in Search of Reliability
[L06-1038]: T. Caselli | I. Prodanof

Pdf Export Search TC-STAR: New language resources for ASR and SLT purposes
[L06-1039]: H. Heuvel | K. Choukri | C. Gollan | A. Moreno | D. Mostefa

Pdf Export Search Constructing A Chinese Chat Language Corpus with A Two-Stage Incremental Annotation Approach
[L06-1040]: Y. Xia | K. Wong. | Wen. Li

Pdf Export Search Searching for Language Resources on the Web: User Behaviour in the Open Language Archives Community
[L06-1041]: B. Hughes

Pdf Export Search Statistical Analysis for Thesaurus Construction using an Encyclopedic Corpus
[L06-1042]: Y. Ohishi | K. Itou | K. Takeda | A. Fujii

Pdf Export Search BULB: A Unified Lexical Browser
[L06-1043]: C. Havasi | J. Pustejovsky | M. Verhagen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Testing and Evaluation of Multilingual Language Technology Resources and Components
[L06-1044]: U. Schäfer | D. Beck

Pdf Export Search Spoken Russian in the Russian National Corpus (RNC)
[L06-1045]: E. Grishina

Pdf Export Search Ontology-based Information Extraction with SOBA
[L06-1046]: P. Buitelaar | P. Cimiano | S. Racioppa | M. Siegel

Pdf Export Search Alexandria: A Powerful Multilingual Resource for Web
[L06-1047]: D. Dutoit

Pdf Export Search BITT: A Corpus for Topic Tracking Evaluation on Multimodal Human-Robot-Interaction
[L06-1048]: J. Maas | B. Wrede

Pdf Export Search Hand-crafted versus Machine-learned Inflectional Rules: The Euroling-SiteSeeker Stemmer and CST's Lemmatiser
[L06-1049]: H. Dalianis | B. Jongejan

Pdf Export Search Improving coverage and parsing quality of a large-scale LFG for German
[L06-1050]: C. Rohrer | M. Forst

Pdf Export Search Non-probabilistic alignment of rare German and English nominal expressions
[L06-1051]: B. Schrader

Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of subcategorization frames for French
[L06-1052]: P. Chesley | S. Salmon-alt

Pdf Export Search Layered Speech-Act Annotation for Spoken Dialogue Corpus
[L06-1053]: Y. Irie | S. Matsubara | N. Kawaguchi | Y. Yamaguchi | Y. Inagaki

Pdf Export Search Visual Surveillance and Video Annotation and Description
[L06-1054]: K. Ahmad | C. Bennett | T. Oliver

Pdf Export Search Dictionary Building with the Jibiki Platform: the GDEF case
[L06-1055]: M. Mangeot | A. Chalvin

Pdf Export Search A Syntactically Annotated Corpus of Japanese Spoken Monologue
[L06-1056]: T. Ohno | S. Matsubara | H. Kashioka | N. Kato | Y. Inagaki

Pdf Export Search SI-PRON: A Pronunciation Lexicon for Slovenian
[L06-1057]: J. Gros | V. Cvetko-orešnik | P. Jakopin | A. Mihelic

Pdf Export Search From PropBank to EngValLex: Adapting the PropBank-Lexicon to the Valency Theory of the Functional Generative Description
[L06-1058]: S. Cinková

Pdf Export Search Training Language Models without Appropriate Language Resources: Experiments with an AAC System for Disabled People
[L06-1059]: T. Wandmacher | J. Antoine

Pdf Export Search SParseval: Evaluation Metrics for Parsing Speech
[L06-1060]: B. Roark | M. Harper | E. Charniak | B. Dorr | M. Johnson | J. Kahn | Y. Liu | M. Ostendorf | J. Hale | A. Krasnyanskaya | M. Lease | I. Shafran | M. Snover | R. Stewart | L. Yung

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Named Entity Ontology from Web Corpora
[L06-1061]: M. Lin | H. Chen

Pdf Export Search Spelling Error Patterns in Spanish for Word Processing Applications
[L06-1062]: F. Bustamante | E. Díaz

Pdf Export Search Developing a re-usable web-demonstrator for automatic anaphora resolution with support for manual editing of coreference chains
[L06-1063]: A. Nøklestad | Ø. Reigem | C. Johansson

Pdf Export Search Collection of Simultaneous Interpreting Patterns by Using Bilingual Spoken Monologue Corpus
[L06-1064]: H. Tohyama | S. Matsubara

Pdf Export Search Oriental COCOSDA: Past, Present and Future
[L06-1065]: S. Itahashi | C. Tseng | S. Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Automated detection and annotation of term definitions in German text corpora
[L06-1066]: A. Storrer | S. Wellinghoff

Pdf Export Search Building Annotated Written and Spoken Arabic LRs in NEMLAR Project
[L06-1067]: M. Yaseen | M. Attia | B. Maegaard | K. Choukri | N. Paulsson | S. Haamid | S. Krauwer | C. Bendahman | H. Fersøe | M. Rashwan | B. Haddad | C. Mukbel | A. Mouradi | A. Al-kufaishi | M. Shahin | N. Chenfour | A. Ragheb

Pdf Export Search Towards a Slovene Dependency Treebank
[L06-1068]: S. Džeroski | T. Erjavec | N. Ledinek | P. Pajas | Z. Žabokrtsky | A. Žele

Pdf Export Search A Conditional Random Field Framework for Thai Morphological Analysis
[L06-1069]: C. Kruengkrai | V. Sornlertlamvanich | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Corpus Search System Utilizing Lexical Dependency Structure
[L06-1070]: Y. Kato | S. Matsubara | Y. Inagaki

Pdf Export Search ANNEX - a web-based Framework for Exploiting Annotated Media Resources
[L06-1071]: P. Berck | A. Russel

Pdf Export Search The English-Slovene ACQUIS corpus
[L06-1072]: T. Erjavec

Pdf Export Search LAMUS: the Language Archive Management and Upload System
[L06-1073]: D. Broeder | A. Claus | F. Offenga | R. Skiba | P. Trilsbeek | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Technologies for a Federation of Language Resource Archives
[L06-1074]: D. Broeder | F. Offenga | P. Wittenburg | P. Kamp | D. Nathan | S. Strömqvist

Pdf Export Search An API for accessing the Data Category Registry
[L06-1075]: M. Kemps-snijders | J. Ducret | L. Romary | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Foundations of Modern Language Resource Archives
[L06-1076]: P. Wittenburg | D. Broeder | W. Klein | S. Levinson | L. Romary

Pdf Export Search Metadata Profile in the ISO Data Category Registry
[L06-1077]: F. Offenga | D. Broeder | P. Wittenburg | J. Ducret | L. Romary

Pdf Export Search LEXUS, a web-based tool for manipulating lexical resources lexicon
[L06-1078]: M. Kemps-snijders | M. Nederhof | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Building Slovene WordNet
[L06-1079]: T. Erjavec | T. Fišer

Pdf Export Search Towards an Ontology for Art and Colours
[L06-1080]: L. Bordoni | T. Mazzoli

Pdf Export Search Construction of a FrameNet Labeler for Swedish Text
[L06-1081]: R. Johansson | P. Nugues

Pdf Export Search ELAN: a Professional Framework for Multimodality Research
[L06-1082]: P. Wittenburg | H. Brugman | A. Russel | A. Klassmann | H. Sloetjes

Pdf Export Search Ontology-based Language Archive Utilization
[L06-1083]: P. Berck | H. Bibiko | M. Kemps-snijders | A. Russel | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search MaltParser: A Data-Driven Parser-Generator for Dependency Parsing
[L06-1084]: J. Nivre | J. Hall | J. Nilsson

Pdf Export Search SINOD - Slovenian non-native speech database
[L06-1085]: A. Zgank | D. Verdonik | A. Markus | Z. Kacic

Pdf Export Search Conversion of WordNet to a standard RDF/OWL representation
[L06-1086]: M. Assem | A. Gangemi | G. Schreiber

Pdf Export Search Transferring PoS-tagging and lemmatization tools from spoken to written Dutch corpus development
[L06-1087]: A. Bosch | I. Schuurman | V. Vandeghinste

Pdf Export Search Edit Distance: A Metric for Machine Translation Evaluation
[L06-1088]: M. Przybocki | G. Sanders | A. Le

Pdf Export Search H. C. Andersen Conversation Corpus
[L06-1089]: N. Bernsen | L. Dybkjær | S. Kiilerich

Pdf Export Search Towards pertinent evaluation methodologies for word-space models
[L06-1090]: M. Sahlgren

Pdf Export Search A Model for Context-Based Evaluation of Language Processing Systems and its Application to Machine Translation Evaluation
[L06-1091]: A. Popescu-belis | P. Estrella | M. King | N. Underwood

Pdf Export Search The importance of precise tokenizing for deep grammars
[L06-1092]: M. Forst | R. Kaplan

Pdf Export Search Tagging a Corpus of Interpreted Speeches: the European Parliament Interpreting Corpus (EPIC)
[L06-1093]: A. Sandrelli | C. Bendazzoli

Pdf Export Search RefRef: A Tool for Viewing and Exploring Coreference Space
[L06-1094]: H. Suzuki | G. Kacmarcik

Pdf Export Search Human and machine recognition as a function of SNR
[L06-1095]: B. Andrassy | H. Hoege

Pdf Export Search Building a Lexical Database for an Interactive Joke-Generator
[L06-1096]: R. Manurung | D. O’mara | H. Pain | G. Ritchie | A. Waller

Pdf Export Search Dealing with unknown words by simple decomposition: feasibility studies with Italian prefixes.
[L06-1097]: B. Cartoni

Pdf Export Search A Uniform Interface to Large-Scale Linguistic Resources
[L06-1098]: S. Sharoff

Pdf Export Search The Affective Weight of Lexicon
[L06-1099]: C. Strapparava | A. Valitutti | O. Stock

Pdf Export Search ROTE: A Tool to Support Users in Defining the Relative Importance of Quality Characteristics
[L06-1100]: A. Lisowska | N. Underwood

Pdf Export Search Using collocations from comparable corpora to find translation equivalents
[L06-1101]: S. Sharoff | B. Babych | A. Hartley

Pdf Export Search A Unified Structure for Dutch Dialect Dictionary Data
[L06-1102]: F. Vriend | L. Boves | H. Heuvel | R. Hout | J. Kruijsen | J. Swanenberg

Pdf Export Search A Part-of-speech tagger for Irish using Finite-State Morphology and Constraint Grammar Disambiguation
[L06-1103]: E. Dhonnchadha | J. Genabith

Pdf Export Search Language Challenges for Data Fusion in Question-Answering
[L06-1104]: V. Moriceau

Pdf Export Search BACO - A large database of text and co-occurrences
[L06-1105]: L. Sarmento

Pdf Export Search OntoNERdIE - Mapping and Linking Ontologies to Named Entity Recognition and Information Extraction Resources
[L06-1106]: U. Schäfer

Pdf Export Search Multiple Dimension Levenshtein Edit Distance Calculations for Evaluating Automatic Speech Recognition Systems During Simultaneous Speech
[L06-1107]: J. Fiscus | J. Ajot | N. Radde | C. Laprun

Pdf Export Search FreeLing 1.3: Syntactic and semantic services in an open-source NLP library
[L06-1108]: J. Atserias | B. Casas | E. Comelles | M. González | L. Padró | M. Padró

Pdf Export Search On Automatic Assignment of Verb Valency Frames in Czech
[L06-1109]: J. Semecký

Pdf Export Search An Introduction to NLP-based Textual Anonymisation
[L06-1110]: B. Medlock

Pdf Export Search A Web Based General Thesaurus Browser to Support Indexing of Television and Radio Programs
[L06-1111]: H. Brugman | V. Malaisé | L. Gazendam

Pdf Export Search SKELETON: Specialised knowledge retrieval on the basis of terms and conceptual relations
[L06-1112]: J. Feliu | J. Vivaldi | M. Cabré

Pdf Export Search Building an Evaluation Corpus for German Question Answering by Harvesting Wikipedia
[L06-1113]: I. Cramer | J. Leidner | D. Klakow

Pdf Export Search Towards Natural Interactive Question Answering
[L06-1114]: G. Fliedner

Pdf Export Search Preprocessing and Tokenisation Standards in DELPH-IN Tools
[L06-1115]: B. Waldron | A. Copestake | U. Schäfer | B. Kiefer

Pdf Export Search A Syntactically and Semantically Tagged Corpus of Russian: State of the Art and Prospects
[L06-1116]: J. Apresjan | I. Boguslavsky | B. Iomdin | L. Iomdin | A. Sannikov | V. Sizov

Pdf Export Search Towards Holistic Summarization - Selecting Summaries, Not Sentences
[L06-1117]: M. Hassel | J. Sjöbergh

Pdf Export Search “Casselberveetovallarga” and other Unpronounceable Places: The CrossTowns Corpus
[L06-1118]: S. Schaden | U. Jekosch

Pdf Export Search Recognizing Acronyms and their Definitions in Swedish Medical Texts
[L06-1119]: D. Kokkinakis | D. Dannélls

Pdf Export Search Tagging Heterogeneous Evaluation Corpora for Opinionated Tasks
[L06-1120]: L. Ku | Y. Liang | H. Chen

Pdf Export Search Talbanken05: A Swedish Treebank with Phrase Structure and Dependency Annotation
[L06-1121]: J. Nivre | J. Nilsson | J. Hall

Pdf Export Search Transferring Coreference Chains through Word Alignment
[L06-1122]: O. Postolache | D. Cristea | C. Orasan

Pdf Export Search A novel Textual Encoding paradigm based on Semantic Web tools and semantics
[L06-1123]: G. Tummarello | C. Morbidoni | F. Kepler | F. Piazza | P. Puliti

Pdf Export Search General and Task-Specific Corpus Resources for Polish Adult Learners of English
[L06-1124]: A. Bogacka | K. Dziubalska-kołaczyk | G. Krynicki | D. Pietrala | M. Wypych

Pdf Export Search Language Specific and Topic Focused Web Crawling
[L06-1125]: O. Medelyan | S. Schulz | J. Paetzold | M. Poprat | K. Markó

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Induced Corpus Clean-up
[L06-1126]: M. Reynaert

Pdf Export Search TQB: Accessing Multimodal Data Using a Transcript-based Query and Browsing Interface
[L06-1127]: A. Popescu-belis | M. Georgescul

Pdf Export Search An Annotated Corpus of Typical Durations of Events
[L06-1128]: F. Pan | R. Mulkar | J. Hobbs

Pdf Export Search Lexical similarity can distinguish between automatic and manual translations
[L06-1129]: A. Patel | D. Radev

Pdf Export Search Multimedia Database of Meetings and Informal Interactions for Tracking Participant Involvement and Discourse Flow
[L06-1130]: N. Campbell | T. Sadanobu | M. Imura | N. Iwahashi | S. Noriko | D. Douxchamps

Pdf Export Search Towards Unified Chinese Segmentation Algorithm
[L06-1131]: F. Wang | X. Deng | F. Zou

Pdf Export Search Building a Parallel Multilingual Corpus (Arabic-Spanish-English)
[L06-1132]: D. Samy | A. Sandoval | J. Guirao | E. Alfonseca

Pdf Export Search The OSU Quake 2004 corpus of two-party situated problem-solving dialogs
[L06-1133]: D. Byron | E. Fosler-lussier

Pdf Export Search Second Order Co-occurrence PMI for Determining the Semantic Similarity of Words
[L06-1134]: M. Islam | D. Inkpen

Pdf Export Search A Domain Ontology Production Tool Kit Based on Automatically Constructed Case Frames
[L06-1135]: Y. Kiyota | H. Nakagawa

Pdf Export Search Tangible Objects for the Acquisition of Multimodal Interaction Patterns
[L06-1136]: R. Taib | N. Ruiz

Pdf Export Search Perspectives of Turning Prague Dependency Treebank into a Knowledge Base
[L06-1137]: V. Novak | J. Hajic

Pdf Export Search CEFLE and Direkt Profil: a New Computer Learner Corpus in French L2 and a System for Grammatical Profiling
[L06-1138]: J. Granfeldt | P. Nugues | M. Ågren | J. Thulin | E. Persson | S. Schlyter

Pdf Export Search Development of a phoneme-to-phoneme (p2p) converter to improve the grapheme-to-phoneme (g2p) conversion of names
[L06-1139]: Q. Yang | J. Martens | N. Konings | H. Heuvel

Pdf Export Search Recurrent Markov Cluster (RMCL) Algorithm for the Refinement of the Semantic Network
[L06-1140]: J. Jung | M. Miyake | H. Akam

Pdf Export Search JASMIN-CGN: Extension of the Spoken Dutch Corpus with Speech of Elderly People, Children and Non-natives in the Human-Machine Interaction Modality
[L06-1141]: C. Cucchiarini | H. Hamme | O. Herwijnen | F. Smits

Pdf Export Search A framework for real-time dictionary updating
[L06-1142]: C. Fairon | S. Paumier

Pdf Export Search Bilingual speech corpus in two phonetically similar languages
[L06-1143]: V. Alabau | C. Martinez

Pdf Export Search METIS-II: Machine Translation for Low Resource Languages
[L06-1144]: V. Vandeghinste | I. Schuurman | M. Carl | S. Markantonatou | T. Badia

Pdf Export Search The Dutch-Flemish HLT Programme STEVIN: Essential Speech and Language Technology Resources
[L06-1145]: E. D'halleweyn | J. Odijk | L. Teunissen | C. Cucchiarini

Pdf Export Search On the Web Trilingual Sign Language Dictionary to Learn the foreign Sign Language without Learning a Target Spoken Language
[L06-1146]: E. Suzuki | T. Suzuki | K. Kakihana

Pdf Export Search Exploiting logical document structure for anaphora resolution
[L06-1147]: D. Goecke | A. Witt

Pdf Export Search A translated corpus of 30,000 French SMS
[L06-1148]: C. Fairon | S. Paumier

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Stop Word Lists in Chinese Language
[L06-1149]: F. Zou | F. Wang | X. Deng | S. Han

Pdf Export Search Intelligent Dictionary Interfaces: Usability Evaluation of Access-Supporting Enhancements
[L06-1150]: A. Sinopalnikova | P. Smrž

Pdf Export Search SmartWeb UMTS Speech Data Collection: The SmartWeb Handheld Corpus
[L06-1151]: H. Mögele | M. Kaiser | F. Schiel

Pdf Export Search Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs: Alternation-Based Model
[L06-1152]: M. Lopatkova | Z. Zabokrtsky | K. Skwarska

Pdf Export Search Are you ready for a call? - Spontaneous conversations in tourism for speech-to-speech translation systems
[L06-1153]: D. Verdonik | M. Rojc

Pdf Export Search Bikers Accessing the Web: The SmartWeb Motorbike Corpus
[L06-1154]: M. Kaiser | H. Mögele | F. Schiel

Pdf Export Search Ontology Driven K-Portal Construction and K-Service Provision
[L06-1155]: A. Kawtrakul | C. Pechsiri | T. Permpool | D. Thamvijit | P. Sornprasert | C. Yingsaeree | M. Suktarachan

Pdf Export Search Temporality in relation with discourse structure
[L06-1156]: C. Forăscu | I. Pistol | D. Cristea

Pdf Export Search Corpus Annotation as a Test of a Linguistic Theory
[L06-1157]: E. Hajicova | P. Sgall

Pdf Export Search Czech-English Word Alignment
[L06-1158]: O. Bojar | M. Prokopova

Pdf Export Search MORBO/COMP: a multilingual database of compound words
[L06-1159]: E. Guevara | S. Scalise | A. Bisetto | C. Melloni

Pdf Export Search A Multimodal Result Ontology for Integrated Semantic Web Dialogue Applications
[L06-1160]: D. Sonntag | M. Romanelli

Pdf Export Search Elaborating the parameterized Equivalence Class Method for Dutch
[L06-1161]: N. Grégoire

Pdf Export Search Developing a ContextualizedMultimodal Corpus for Human-Robot Interaction
[L06-1162]: A. Green | H. Hüttenrauch | E. Topp | K. Severinson

Pdf Export Search Uniform and Effective Tagging of a Heterogeneous Giga-word Corpus
[L06-1163]: W. Ma | C. Huang

Pdf Export Search Romanian Valence Dictionary in XML Format
[L06-1164]: A. Barbu | E. Ionescu | V. Mititelu

Pdf Export Search Field Evaluation of a Single-Word Pronunciation Training System
[L06-1165]: N. Bernsen | T. Hansen | S. Kiilerich | T. Madsen

Pdf Export Search Mining Implicit Entities in Queries
[L06-1166]: Wei. Li | Wen. Li | Q. Lu

Pdf Export Search Dependency-structure Annotation to Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese
[L06-1167]: K. Uchimoto | R. Hamabe | T. Maruyama | K. Takanashi | T. Kawahara | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search Structure, Annotation and Tools in the Basque ZT Corpus
[L06-1168]: N. Areta | A. Gurrutxaga | I. Leturia | Z. Polin | R. Saiz | I. Alegria | X. Artola | A. Diaz de Ilarraza | N. Ezeiza | A. Sologaistoa | A. Soroa | A. Valverde

Pdf Export Search Learning Database Content for Spoken Dialogue System Design
[L06-1169]: J. Polifroni | M. Walker

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Machine-Aided Indexing
[L06-1170]: J. Civera | A. Juan

Pdf Export Search Integrating Methods and LRs for Automatic Keyword Extraction from Open Domain Texts
[L06-1171]: P. Alessandro | F. Marco | M. Massimo

Pdf Export Search Component Evaluation in a Question Answering System
[L06-1172]: L. Costa | L. Sarmento

Pdf Export Search Set-up of a Unit-Selection Synthesis with a Prominent Voice
[L06-1173]: S. Breuer | S. Bergmann | R. Dragon | S. Möller

Pdf Export Search A Deep Linguistic Analysis for Cross-language Information Retrieval
[L06-1174]: N. Semmar | M. Laib | C. Fluhr

Pdf Export Search Annotating COMPARA, a Grammar-aware Parallel Corpus
[L06-1175]: D. Santos | S. Inácio

Pdf Export Search EuroTermBank - a Terminology Resource based on Best Practice
[L06-1176]: L. Henriksen | C. Povlsen | A. Vasiljevs

Pdf Export Search Open Resources and Tools for the Shallow Processing of Portuguese: The TagShare Project
[L06-1177]: F. Barreto | A. Branco | E. Ferreira | A. Mendes | M. Nascimento | F. Nunes | J. Silva

Pdf Export Search Corpógrafo V3 - From Terminological Aid to Semi-automatic Knowledge Engineering
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Pdf Export Search On the data base of Romanian syllables and some of its quantitative and cryptographic aspects
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Pdf Export Search A Dependency-based Algorithm for Grammar Conversion
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Pdf Export Search Ontological and Terminological Commitments and the Discourse of Specialist Communities
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Pdf Export Search LexiPass methodology: a conceptual path from frames to senses and back
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Pdf Export Search Fear-type emotions of the SAFE Corpus: annotation issues
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Pdf Export Search Training a Statistical Machine Translation System without GIZA++
[L06-1184]: A. Mauser | E. Matusov | H. Ney

Pdf Export Search Regional Bias in the Broad Phonetic Transcriptions of the Spoken Dutch Corpus
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Pdf Export Search Test Collections for Patent Retrieval and Patent Classification in the Fifth NTCIR Workshop
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Pdf Export Search Evaluating Morphosyntactic Tagging of Croatian Texts
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Pdf Export Search Extending the Wizard of Oz Methodologie for Multimodal Language-enabled Systems
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Pdf Export Search Syntactic Annotation of Large Corpora in STEVIN
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Pdf Export Search Mining Knowledge fromWikipedia for the Question Answering task
[L06-1191]: D. Buscaldi | P. Rosso

Pdf Export Search Human Verb Associations as the Basis for Gold Standard Verb Classes: Validation against GermaNet and FrameNet
[L06-1192]: S. Schulte

Pdf Export Search A Grapheme-Based Approach for Accent Restoration in Gikuyu
[L06-1193]: P. Wagacha | G. Pauw | P. Githinji

Pdf Export Search MEDUSA: User-Centred Design and usability evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition telephone services in Telefónica Móviles España
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Pdf Export Search The SALSA Corpus: a German Corpus Resource for Lexical Semantics
[L06-1195]: A. Burchardt | K. Erk | A. Frank | A. Kowalski | S. Pado

Pdf Export Search The JRC-Acquis: A Multilingual Aligned Parallel Corpus with 20+ Languages
[L06-1196]: R. Steinberger | B. Pouliquen | A. Widiger | C. Ignat | T. Erjavec | D. Tufiş | D. Varga

Pdf Export Search SALTO - A Versatile Multi-Level Annotation Tool
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Pdf Export Search KNACK-2002: a Richly Annotated Corpus of Dutch Written Text
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Pdf Export Search Finding the Appropriate Generalization Level for Binary Ontological Relations Extracted from the Genia Corpus
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Pdf Export Search Transcription Cost Reduction for Constructing Acoustic Models Using Acoustic Likelihood Selection Criteria
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Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging of Transcribed Speech
[L06-1201]: M. Mieskes | M. Strube

Pdf Export Search Analysis of TimeBank as a Resource for TimeML Parsing
[L06-1202]: B. Boguraev | R. Ando

Pdf Export Search Case Frame Compilation from the Web using High-Performance Computing
[L06-1203]: D. Kawahara | S. Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Data, Annotations and Measures in EASY the Evaluation Campaign for Parsers of French.
[L06-1204]: P. Paroubek | I. Robba | A. Vilnat | C. Ayache

Pdf Export Search Creation of a Japanese Adverb Dictionary that Includes Information on the Speaker’s Communicative Intention Using Machine Learning
[L06-1205]: T. Kanamaru | M. Murata | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search Exploiting text for extracting image processing resources
[L06-1206]: G. Grefenstette | F. Debili | C. Fluhr | S. Zinger

Pdf Export Search Clustering acronyms in biomedical text for disambiguation
[L06-1207]: N. Okazaki | S. Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Towards a terminological resource for biomedical text mining
[L06-1208]: G. Nenadic | N. Okazaki | S. Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Cross Language Term Correspondences
[L06-1209]: H. Hjelm

Pdf Export Search A Closer Look at Skip-gram Modelling
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Pdf Export Search Development of Linguistic Ontology on Natural Sciences and Technology
[L06-1211]: B. Dobrov | N. Loukachevitch

Pdf Export Search Evaluation for Scenario Question Answering Systems
[L06-1212]: M. Bilotti | E. Nyberg

Pdf Export Search Stochastic Spoken Natural Language Parsing in the Framework of the French MEDIA Evaluation Campaign
[L06-1213]: D. Buehler | W. Minker

Pdf Export Search Discriminant-Based MRS Banking
[L06-1214]: S. Oepen | J. Lønning

Pdf Export Search A highly accurate Named Entity corpus for Hungarian
[L06-1215]: G. Szarvas | R. Farkas | L. Felföldi | A. Kocsor | J. Csirik

Pdf Export Search Generic NLP Tools for Supporting Shallow Ontology Building
[L06-1216]: T. Declerck | M. Vela

Pdf Export Search Extraction tools for collocations and their morphosyntactic specificities
[L06-1217]: J. Ritz | U. Heid

Pdf Export Search What in the world is a Shahab?: Wide Coverage Named Entity Recognition for Arabic
[L06-1218]: L. Nezda | A. Hickl | J. Lehmann | S. Fayyaz

Pdf Export Search An Anaphora Resolution-Based Anonymization Module
[L06-1219]: M. Poesio | M. Kabadjov | P. Goux | U. Kruschwitz | E. Bishop | L. Corti

Pdf Export Search The Collection of Distributionally Idiosyncratic Items: A Multilingual Resource for Linguistic Research
[L06-1220]: M. Sailer | B. Trawinski

Pdf Export Search Grammar-based tools for the creation of tagging resources for an unresourced language: the case of Northern Sotho
[L06-1221]: U. Heid | E. Taljard | D. Prinsloo

Pdf Export Search Building a historical corpus for Classical Portuguese: some technological aspects
[L06-1222]: M. Sousa | T. Trippel

Pdf Export Search Mixing WordNet, VerbNet and PropBank for studying verb relations
[L06-1223]: M. Pazienza | M. Pennacchiotti | F. Zanzotto

Pdf Export Search Local Document Relevance Clustering in IR Using Collocation Information
[L06-1224]: L. Wanner | M. Ramos

Pdf Export Search SENTIWORDNET: A Publicly Available Lexical Resource for Opinion Mining
[L06-1225]: A. Esuli | F. Sebastiani

Pdf Export Search A Deep-Parsing Approach to Natural Language Understanding in Dialogue System: Results of a Corpus-Based Evaluation
[L06-1226]: A. Denis | M. Quignard | G. Pitel

Pdf Export Search Work within the W3C Internationalization Activity and its Benefit for the Creation and Manipulation of Language Resources
[L06-1227]: F. Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Symbiotic Systems: the challenge
[L06-1228]: M. King | N. Underwood

Pdf Export Search All Greek to me! An automatic Greeklish to Greek transliteration system
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Pdf Export Search Improving Automatic Emotion Recognition from Speech via Gender Differentiaion
[L06-1230]: T. Vogt | E. Andre

Pdf Export Search Sentiments on a Grid: Analysis of Streaming News and Views
[L06-1231]: K. Ahmad | L. Gillam | D. Cheng

Pdf Export Search Tools and resources for speech synthesis arising from a Welsh TTS project
[L06-1232]: B. Williams | R. Jones | I. Uemlianin

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Lexical Semantic Resources for Ontology Translation
[L06-1233]: T. Declerck | A. Pérez | O. Vela | Z. Gantner | D. Manzano-macho

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Annotation on the Performance of Protein Tagging in Biomedical Text
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Pdf Export Search Leveraging Machine Readable Dictionaries in Discriminative Sequence Models
[L06-1236]: B. Wellner | M. Vilain

Pdf Export Search Creating a Large-Scale Arabic to French Statistical MachineTranslation System
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Pdf Export Search A Study on Terminology Extraction Based on Classified Corpora
[L06-1238]: C. Yirong | L. Qin | L. Wenjie | S. Zhifang | J. Luning

Pdf Export Search Retrieving Terminological Data from the TxtCeram Tagged Domain Corpus: A First Step towards a Terminological Ontology
[L06-1239]: A. Estellés | A. Alcina | V. Soler

Pdf Export Search IMORPHĒ: An Inheritance and Equivalence Based Morphology Description Compiler
[L06-1240]: V. Cavalli-sforza | A. Soudi

Pdf Export Search Tools and methods for objective or contextual evaluation of topic segmentation
[L06-1241]: L. Sitbon | P. Bellot

Pdf Export Search Real life emotions in French and English TV video clips: an integrated annotation protocol combining continuous and discrete approaches
[L06-1242]: L. Devillers | R. Cowie | J. Martin | E. Douglas-cowie | S. Abrilian | M. Mcrorie

Pdf Export Search POS-based Word Reorderings for Statistical Machine Translation
[L06-1243]: M. Popovic | H. Ney

Pdf Export Search Error Analysis of Statistical Machine Translation Output
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Pdf Export Search The Sensem Corpus: a Corpus Annotated at the Syntactic and Semantic Level
[L06-1245]: I. Castellón | A. Fernández-montraveta | G. Vázquez | L. Alonso | J. Capilla

Pdf Export Search GAIA: Common Framework for the Development of Speech Translation Technologies
[L06-1246]: J. Pérez | A. Bonafonte

Pdf Export Search Morphological Tools for Six Small Uralic Languages
[L06-1247]: A. Novák

Pdf Export Search ECESS Inter-Module Interface Specification for Speech Synthesis
[L06-1248]: J. Pérez | A. Bonafonte | H. Hain | E. Keller | S. Breuer | J. Tian

Pdf Export Search Tree Searching/Rewriting Formalism
[L06-1249]: P. Nemec

Pdf Export Search Methods for Creating Semantic Orientation Dictionaries
[L06-1250]: M. Taboada | C. Anthony | K. Voll

Pdf Export Search Detecting Inter-domain Semantic Shift using Syntactic Similarity
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Pdf Export Search Methodology of Lombard Speech Database Acquisition: Experiences with CLSD
[L06-1252]: H. Boril | T. Boril | P. Pollák

Pdf Export Search Dimensions in Dialogue Act Annotation
[L06-1253]: H. Bunt

Pdf Export Search Interoperability of audio corpora : the case of the French corpora
[L06-1254]: O. Baude | M. Jacobson | A. Tchobanov | R. Walter

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Search in Libraries. The case-study of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
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Pdf Export Search A Factored Functional Dependency Transformation of the English Penn Treebank for Probabilistic Surface Generation
[L06-1256]: I. Langkilde-geary | J. Betteridge

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping New Language ASR Capabilities: Achieving Best Letter-to-Sound Performance under Resource Constraints
[L06-1257]: J. Talley

Pdf Export Search Automated Summarization Evaluation with Basic Elements.
[L06-1258]: E. Hovy | C. Lin | L. Zhou | J. Fukumoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of Japanese WordNet
[L06-1259]: H. Kaji | M. Watanabe

Pdf Export Search Generating Typed Dependency Parses from Phrase Structure Parses
[L06-1260]: M. Marneffe | B. Maccartney | C. Manning

Pdf Export Search FreP: An electronic tool for extracting frequency information of phonological units from Portuguese written text
[L06-1261]: S. Frota | M. Vigário | F. Martin

Pdf Export Search Querying Both Parallel And Treebank Corpora: Evaluation Of A Corpus Query System
[L06-1262]: U. Petersen

Pdf Export Search Summarizing Answers for Complicated Questions
[L06-1263]: L. Zhou | C. Lin | E. Hovy

Pdf Export Search Unified Lexicon and Unified Morphosyntactic Specifications for Written and Spoken Italian
[L06-1265]: M. Monachini | N. Calzolari | K. Choukri | J. Friedrich | G. Maltese | M. Mammini | J. Odijk | M. Ulivieri

Pdf Export Search Compiling large language resources using lexical similarity metrics for domain taxonomy learning
[L06-1266]: R. Melz | P. Ryu | K. Choi

Pdf Export Search Tagset Mapping and Statistical Training Data Cleaning-up
[L06-1267]: F. Pîrvan | D. Tufi

Pdf Export Search RoCo-News: A Hand Validated Journalistic Corpus of Romanian
[L06-1268]: D. Tufis | E. Irimia

Pdf Export Search Turning a Dependency Treebank into a PSG-style Constituent Treebank
[L06-1269]: E. Bick

Pdf Export Search Aligning Multilingual Thesauri
[L06-1270]: D. Ştefãnescu | D. Tufi

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Phrase Alignment
[L06-1271]: R. Ion | A. Ceauşu | D. Tufiş

Pdf Export Search Acquis Communautaire Sentence Alignment using Support Vector Machines
[L06-1272]: A. Ceauşu | D. Ştefănescu | D. Tufiş

Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Chunking and Reusability
[L06-1273]: C. Grover | R. Tobin

Pdf Export Search Reconsidering Language Identification for Written Language Resources
[L06-1274]: B. Hughes | T. Baldwin | S. Bird | J. Nicholson | A. Mackinlay

Pdf Export Search Automatic Terminology Intelligibility Estimation for Readership-oriented Technical Writing
[L06-1275]: Y. Senda | Y. Sinohara | M. Okumura

Pdf Export Search SYMBERED - a Symbol-Concept Editing Tool
[L06-1276]: M. Lundälv | K. Mühlenbock | B. Farre | A. Brännström

Pdf Export Search Automated Deep Lexical Acquisition for Robust Open Texts Processing
[L06-1277]: Y. Zhang | V. Kordoni

Pdf Export Search Manual Annotation and Automatic Image Processing of Multimodal Emotional Behaviours: Validating the Annotation of TV Interviews
[L06-1278]: J. Martin | G. Caridakis | L. Devillers | K. Karpouzis | S. Abrilian

Pdf Export Search WS4LR: A Workstation for Lexical Resources
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Pdf Export Search Extending VerbNet with Novel Verb Classes
[L06-1280]: K. Kipper | A. Korhonen | N. Ryant | M. Palmer

Pdf Export Search Towards a Generative Lexical Resource: The Brandeis Semantic Ontology
[L06-1281]: J. Pustejovsky | C. Havasi | J. Littman | A. Rumshisky | M. Verhagen

Pdf Export Search Act-Topic Patterns for Automatically Checking Dialogue Models
[L06-1282]: H. Dybkjær | L. Dybkjær

Pdf Export Search Predicting MT Quality as a Function of the Source Language
[L06-1283]: D. Rojas | T. Aikawa

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Extraction with Conjunction Disambiguation
[L06-1284]: P. Mazur | R. Dale

Pdf Export Search Functioning of the Centre for Dutch Language and Speech Technology
[L06-1285]: M. Boekestein | G. Depoorter | R. Veenendaal

Pdf Export Search The MULINCO corpus and corpus platform
[L06-1286]: B. Maegaard | L. Offersgaard | L. Henriksen | H. Jansen | X. Lepetit | C. Navarretta | C. Povlsen

Pdf Export Search Moving to dynamic computational lexicons with LeXFlow
[L06-1287]: C. Soria | M. Tesconi | F. Bertagna | N. Calzolari | A. Marchetti | M. Monachini

Pdf Export Search Identifying Named Entities in Text Databases from the Natural History Domain
[L06-1288]: C. Sporleder | M. Erp | T. Porcelijn | A. Bosch | P. Arntzen

Pdf Export Search Developing Speech Synthesis for Under-Resourced Languages by "Faking it": An Experiment with Somali
[L06-1289]: H. Somers | G. Evans | Z. Mohamed

Pdf Export Search Using Richly Annotated Trilingual Language Resources for Acquiring Reading Skills in a Foreign Language
[L06-1290]: D. Ciobanu | T. Hartley | S. Sharoff

Pdf Export Search A Development Tool For Multilingual Ontology-based Conceptual
[L06-1291]: G. Ajani | G. Boella | L. Lesmo | M. Martin | A. Mazze

Pdf Export Search KUNSTI - Knowledge Generation for Norwegian Language Technology
[L06-1292]: B. Maegaard | J. Fenstad | L. Ahrenberg | K. Kvale | K. Mühlenbock | B. Heid

Pdf Export Search Using a morphological analyzer in high precision POS tagging of Hungarian
[L06-1293]: P. Halácsy | A. Kornai | C. Oravecz | V. Trón | D. Varga

Pdf Export Search Ongoing Developments in Automatically Adapting Lexical Resources to the Biomedical Domain
[L06-1294]: D. Widdows | A. Toumouh | B. Dorow | A. Lehireche

Pdf Export Search Multilevel corpus analysis: generating and querying an AGset of spoken Italian (SpIt-MDb).
[L06-1295]: R. Savy | F. Cutugno | C. Crocco

Pdf Export Search Feature-based Encoding and Querying Language Resources with Character Semantics
[L06-1296]: B. Hughes | D. Gibbon | T. Trippel

Pdf Export Search Building lexical resources for PrincPar, a large coverage parser that generates principled semantic representations
[L06-1297]: R. Subba | B. Eugenio | E. Terenzi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection and Semi-Automatic Revision of Non-Machine-Translatable Parts of a Sentence
[L06-1298]: K. Uchimoto | N. Hayashida | T. Ishida | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search Exploring opportunities for Comparability and Enrichment by Linking lexical databases
[L06-1299]: I. Maks | B. Boelhouwer

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Multidocument Summarization Tools and Evaluation
[L06-1300]: H. Saggion

Pdf Export Search Building a network of topical relations from a corpus
[L06-1301]: O. Ferret

Pdf Export Search The role of lexical resources in matching classification schemas
[L06-1302]: P. Bouquet | L. Serafini | S. Zanobini

Pdf Export Search Dealing with Imbalanced Data using Bayesian Techniques
[L06-1303]: M. Maragoudakis | K. Kermanidis | A. Garbis | N. Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Design and acquisition of a telephone spontaneous speech dialogue corpus in Spanish: DIHANA
[L06-1304]: J. Benedí | E. Lleida | A. Varona | M. Castro | I. Galiano | R. Justo | I. López de Letona | A. Miguel

Pdf Export Search The Representation of German Prepositional Verbs in a Semantically Based Computer Lexicon
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Pdf Export Search Evaluation of multilingual text alignment systems: the ARCADE II project
[L06-1306]: Y. Chiao | O. Kraif | D. Laurent | T. Nguyen | N. Semmar | F. Stuck | J. Véronis | W. Zaghouani

Pdf Export Search Representation and Inference for Open-Domain QA: Strength and Limits of two Italian Semantic Lexicons
[L06-1307]: F. Bertagna

Pdf Export Search Building a Heterogeneous Information Retrieval Collection of Printed Arabic Documents
[L06-1308]: A. Abdelsapor | N. Adly | K. Darwish | O. Emam | W. Magdy | M. Nagi

Pdf Export Search Gathering a corpus of multimodal computer-mediated meetings
[L06-1309]: S. Luz | M. Bouamrane | M. Masoodian

Pdf Export Search Language identification from suprasegmental cues: Speech synthesis of Greek utterances from different dialectal variations.
[L06-1310]: D. Athanassia-lida | A. Chalamandaris

Pdf Export Search Tregex and Tsurgeon: tools for querying and manipulating tree data structures
[L06-1311]: R. Levy | G. Andrew

Pdf Export Search Question Answering Evaluation Survey
[L06-1312]: L. Gillard | P. Bellot | M. El-bèze

Pdf Export Search I-CAB: the Italian Content Annotation Bank
[L06-1313]: B. Magnini | E. Pianta | C. Girardi | M. Negri | L. Romano | M. Speranza | V. Lenzi | R. Sprugnoli

Pdf Export Search The BLARK concept and BLARK for Arabic
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Pdf Export Search Natural Language Processing: A Terminological and Statistical Approach
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Pdf Export Search Data for question answering: The case of why
[L06-1316]: S. Verberne | L. Boves | N. Oostdijk | P. Coppen

Pdf Export Search Shallow Semantic Annotation of Bulgarian
[L06-1317]: K. Simov | P. Osenova

Pdf Export Search The Mixer and Transcript Reading Corpora: Resources for Multilingual, Crosschannel Speaker Recognition Research
[L06-1318]: C. Cieri | W. Andrews | J. Campbell | G. Doddington | J. Godfrey | S. Huang | M. Liberman | A. Martin | H. Nakasone | M. Przybocki | K. Walker

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Emotions in Real-Life Video Interviews: Variability between Coders
[L06-1319]: S. Abrilian | L. Devillers | J. Martin

Pdf Export Search Hantology-A Linguistic Resource for Chinese Language Processing and Studying
[L06-1320]: Y. Chou | C. Huang

Pdf Export Search Language Resources Production Models: the Case of the INTERA Multilingual Corpus and Terminology
[L06-1321]: M. Gavrilidou | P. Labropoulou | S. Piperidis | V. Giouli | N. Calzolari | M. Monachini | C. Soria | K. Choukri

Pdf Export Search Semantic Analysis of Abstract Nouns to Compile a Thesaurus of Adjectives
[L06-1322]: K. Kanzaki | Q. Ma | E. Yamamoto | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search Shalmaneser - A Toolchain For Shallow Semantic Parsing
[L06-1323]: K. Erk | S. Pado

Pdf Export Search User-friendly ontology authoring using a controlled language
[L06-1324]: V. Tablan | T. Polajnar | H. Cunningham | K. Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search NPs for Events: Experiments in Coreference Annotation
[L06-1325]: L. Hasler | C. Orasan | K. Naumann

Pdf Export Search COMBINA-PT: A Large Corpus-extracted and Hand-checked Lexical Database of Portuguese Multiword Expressions
[L06-1326]: A. Mendes | S. Antunes | M. Nascimento | J. Casteleiro | L. Pereira | T. Sá

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Development for Varieties of Spoken Colloquial Arabic
[L06-1327]: D. Graff | T. Buckwalter | M. Maamouri | H. Jin

Pdf Export Search MOOD: A Modular Object-Oriented Decoder for Statistical Machine Translation
[L06-1328]: A. Patry | F. Gotti | P. Langlais

Pdf Export Search Developing and Using a Pilot Dialectal Arabic Treebank
[L06-1329]: M. Maamouri | A. Bies | T. Buckwalter | M. Diab | N. Habash | O. Rambow | D. Tabessi

Pdf Export Search Building a Swedish-Turkish Parallel Corpus
[L06-1330]: B. Megyesi | A. Hein | É. Johanson

Pdf Export Search Language Resources for Background Gathering
[L06-1331]: H. Saggion | R. Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search An Efficient Approach to Gold-Standard Annotation: Decision Points for Complex Tasks
[L06-1332]: J. Medero | K. Maeda | S. Strassel | C. Walker

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-based Approach to the Interpretation of Unknown Words with an Application to German
[L06-1333]: S. Klatt

Pdf Export Search The Ritel Corpus - An annotated Human-Machine open-domain question answering spoken dialog corpus
[L06-1334]: S. Rosset | S. Petel

Pdf Export Search A Cross-language Approach to Rapid Creation of New Morpho-syntactically Annotated Resources
[L06-1335]: A. Feldman | J. Hana | C. Brew

Pdf Export Search Greek Named Entity Recognition using Support Vector Machines, Maximum Entropy and Onetime
[L06-1336]: I. Michailidis | K. Diamantaras | S. Vasileiadis | Y. Frère

Pdf Export Search A Large Subcategorization Lexicon for Natural Language Processing Applications
[L06-1337]: A. Korhonen | Y. Krymolowski | T. Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Integrating Linguistic Resources: The American National Corpus Model
[L06-1338]: N. Ide | K. Suderman

Pdf Export Search Representing Linguistic Corpora and Their Annotations
[L06-1339]: N. Ide | L. Romary

Pdf Export Search An Open Source Prosodic Feature Extraction Tool
[L06-1340]: Z. Huang | L. Chen | M. Harper

Pdf Export Search Semantic Tag Extraction from WordNet Glosses
[L06-1341]: A. Andreevskaia | S. Bergler

Pdf Export Search Getting Deeper Semantics than Berkeley FrameNet with MSFA
[L06-1342]: K. Kuroda | M. Utiyama | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search The wraetlic NLP suite
[L06-1343]: E. Alfonseca | A. Moreno-sandoval | J. Guirao | M. Ruiz-casado

Pdf Export Search Linguistic and Biological Annotations of Biological Interaction Events
[L06-1344]: T. Ohta | Y. Tateisi | J. Kim | A. Yakushiji | J. Tsujii

Pdf Export Search The ASK Corpus - a Language Learner Corpus of Norwegian as a Second Language
[L06-1345]: K. Tenfjord | P. Meurer | K. Hofland

Pdf Export Search Annotation Guidelines for Czech-English Word Alignment
[L06-1346]: I. Kruijff-korbayová | K. Chvatalova | O. Postolache

Pdf Export Search Sign Language corpus analysis: Synchronisation of linguistic annotation and numerical data
[L06-1347]: J. Segouat | A. Braffort | E. Martin

Pdf Export Search Lexical Markup Framework (LMF)
[L06-1348]: G. Francopoulo | M. George | N. Calzolari | M. Monachini | N. Bel | M. Pet | C. Soria

Pdf Export Search Geocoding Multilingual Texts: Recognition, Disambiguation and Visualisation
[L06-1349]: B. Pouliquen | M. Kimler | R. Steinberger | C. Ignat | T. Oellinger | K. Blackler | F. Fluart | W. Zaghouani | A. Widiger | A. Forslund | C. Best

Pdf Export Search Query Expansion on Compounds
[L06-1350]: B. Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Word Knowledge Acquisition for Computational Lexicon Construction
[L06-1351]: T. Charoenporn | C. Kruengkrai | T. Theeramunkong | V. Sornlertlamvanich | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search The LOIS Project
[L06-1352]: W. Peters | M. Sagri | D. Tiscornia | S. Castagnoli

Pdf Export Search A mixed word / morphological approach for extending CELEX for high coverage on contemporary large corpora
[L06-1353]: J. Vaneyghen | G. Pauw | D. Compernolle | W. Daelemans

Pdf Export Search Linking Verbal Entries of Different Lexical Resources
[L06-1354]: A. Roventini

Pdf Export Search CESTA: First Conclusions of the Technolangue MT Evaluation Campaign
[L06-1355]: O. Hamon | A. Popescu-belis | K. Choukri | M. Dabbadie | A. Hartley | W. Mustafa El Hadi | M. Rajman | I. Timimi

Pdf Export Search Lemma-oriented dictionaries, concept-oriented terminology and translation memories
[L06-1356]: A. Meur | M. Derouin

Pdf Export Search Spanish Synthesis Corpora
[L06-1357]: M. Umbert | A. Moreno | P. Agüero | A. Bonafonte

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Linguistic Knowledge in Language Modeling of Czech Spontaneous Speech
[L06-1358]: P. Ircing | J. Hoidekr | J. Psutka

Pdf Export Search Semantic Descriptors: The Case of Reflexive Verbs
[L06-1359]: M. Slavcheva

Pdf Export Search Exploring HPSG-based Treebanks for Probabilistic Parsing HPSG grammar extraction
[L06-1360]: G. Neumann | B. Crysmann

Pdf Export Search Proper Names and Linguistic Dynamics
[L06-1361]: R. Marinelli | R. Bindi

Pdf Export Search Towards machine-readable lexicons for South African Bantu languages
[L06-1362]: S. Bosch | L. Pretorius | J. Jones

Pdf Export Search Creation of a corpus of multimodal spontaneous expressions of emotions in Human-Machine Interaction
[L06-1363]: G. Lechenadec | V. Maffiolo | N. Chateau | J. Colletta

Pdf Export Search A Dictionary Model for Unifying Machine Readable Dictionaries and Computational Concept Lexicons
[L06-1364]: Y. Hayashi | T. Ishida

Pdf Export Search Using Core Ontology for Domain Lexicon Structuring
[L06-1365]: R. Marinelli | A. Roventini | G. Spadoni

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Suite for Polish Cadastral System
[L06-1366]: W. Abramowicz | A. Filipowska | J. Piskorski | K. Węcel | K. Wieloc

Pdf Export Search Long-term Analysis of Prosodic Features of Spoken Guidance System User Speech
[L06-1367]: H. Kawanami | T. Kitamura | K. Shikano

Pdf Export Search Text Mining for Semantic Relations as a Support Base of a Scientific Portal Generator
[L06-1368]: V. Nováček | P. Smrž | J. Pomikálek

Pdf Export Search POS tagset design for Italian
[L06-1369]: R. Bernardi | A. Bolognesi | C. Seidenari | F. Tamburini

Pdf Export Search Augmenting a Semantic Verb Lexicon with a Large Scale Collection of Example Sentences
[L06-1370]: K. Inui | T. Hirano | R. Iida | A. Fujita | Y. Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search The DiaCORIS project: a diachronic corpus of written Italian
[L06-1371]: C. Onelli | D. Poietti | C. Seidenari | F. Tamburini

Pdf Export Search A Preliminary Study for Building the Basque PropBank
[L06-1372]: E. Agirre | I. Aldezabal | J. Etxeberria | E. Pociello

Pdf Export Search Detection of inconsistencies in concept classifications in a large dictionary — Toward an improvement of the EDR electronic dictionary —
[L06-1373]: E. Yamamoto | K. Kanzaki | H. Isahara

Pdf Export Search A methodology for the joint development of the Basque WordNet and Semcor
[L06-1374]: E. Agirre | I. Aldezabal | J. Etxeberria | E. Izagirre | K. Mendizabal | E. Pociello | M. Quintian

Pdf Export Search Benefit of a Class-based Language Model for Real-time Closed-captioning of TV Ice-hockey Commentaries
[L06-1375]: J. Hoidekr | J. Psutka | A. Pražák | J. Psutka

Pdf Export Search Identifying and Classifying Terms in the Life Sciences: The Case of Chemical Terminology
[L06-1376]: S. Anstein | G. Kremer | U. Reyle

Pdf Export Search Conceptual Vector Learning - Comparing Bootstrapping from a Thesaurus or Induction by Emergence
[L06-1377]: M. Lafourcade

Pdf Export Search Rebuilding Lexical Resources for Information Retrieval using Sense Folder Detection and Merging Methods
[L06-1378]: E. Luca | A. Nürnberger

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Semantics-Extraction Patterns
[L06-1379]: P. Smrž

Pdf Export Search Building a resource for studying translation shifts
[L06-1380]: L. Cyrus

Pdf Export Search Speech Recordings in Public Schools in Germany - the Perfect Show Case for Web-based Recordings and Annotation
[L06-1381]: C. Draxler | K. Jänsch

Pdf Export Search Court Stenography-To-Text (“STT”) in Hong Kong: A Jurilinguistic Engineering Effort
[L06-1382]: B. Tsou | T. Lai | K. Sin | L. Cheung

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation and Semantic Disambiguation for Construction Types in Deep Processing Grammars
[L06-1383]: D. Beermann | L. Hellan

Pdf Export Search Annotating Emotions in Meetings
[L06-1384]: D. Reidsma | D. Heylen | R. Ordelman

Pdf Export Search Results of the French Evalda-Media evaluation campaign for literal understanding
[L06-1385]: H. Bonneau-maynard | C. Ayache | F. Bechet | A. Denis | A. Kuhn | F. Lefevre | D. Mostefa | M. Quignard | S. Rosset | C. Servan | J. Villaneau

Pdf Export Search Multilingual parallel treebanking: a lean and flexible approach
[L06-1386]: J. Kuhn | M. Jellinghaus

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Well Recognized Words in Automatic Speech Transcriptions
[L06-1387]: J. Mauclair | Y. Estève | S. Petit-renaud | P. Deléglise

Pdf Export Search Next Generation Language Resources using Grid
[L06-1388]: F. Calzolari | E. Sassolini | M. Sassi | S. Cucurullo | E. Picchi | F. Bertagna | A. Enea | M. Monachini | C. Soria | N. Calzolari

Pdf Export Search LEXADV - a multilingual semantic Lexicon for Adverbs
[L06-1389]: S. Nimb

Pdf Export Search Multi-domain Multi-lingual Named Entity Recognition: Revisiting & Grounding the resources issue
[L06-1390]: V. Giouli | A. Konstandinidis | E. Desypri | H. Papageorgiou

Pdf Export Search Inter-annotator Agreement on a Multilingual Semantic Annotation Task
[L06-1391]: R. Passonneau | N. Habash | O. Rambow

Pdf Export Search Measuring Agreement on Set-valued Items (MASI) for Semantic and Pragmatic Annotation
[L06-1392]: R. Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Dynamic Passage Retrieval for Spoken Question Recognition and Context Processing towards Speech-driven Information Access Dialogue
[L06-1393]: T. Akiba

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Temporal Relations with Tango
[L06-1394]: M. Verhagen | R. Knippen | I. Mani | J. Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Annotating Information Structure in a Corpus of Spoken Danish
[L06-1395]: P. Paggio

Pdf Export Search Corpus Portal for Search in Monolingual Corpora
[L06-1396]: U. Quasthoff | M. Richter | C. Biemann

Pdf Export Search Constraint-Based Parsing as an Efficient Solution: Results from the Parsing Evaluation Campaign EASy
[L06-1397]: T. Vanrullen | P. Blache | J. Balfourier

Pdf Export Search Parallel Corpora and Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation for New Language Pairs via Multiple Intermediaries
[L06-1398]: A. Eisele

Pdf Export Search Parallel Syntactic Annotation of Multiple Languages
[L06-1399]: K. Miller | M. Vanni | O. Rambow | B. Dorr | D. Farwell | R. Green | N. Habash | S. Helmreich | E. Hovy | L. Levin | K. Miller | T. Mitamura | F. Reeder | A. Siddharthan

Pdf Export Search Corpus description of the ESTER Evaluation Campaign for the Rich Transcription of French Broadcast News
[L06-1400]: S. Galliano | E. Geoffrois | G. Gravier | J. Bonastre | D. Mostefa | K. Choukri

Pdf Export Search Usability evaluation of 3G multimodal services in Telefónica Móviles España
[L06-1401]: J. Soler | P. Cerezo | C. Ávila | D. Merino

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Parallel Corpora for Supervised Word-Sense Disambiguation in English-Hungarian Machine Translation
[L06-1402]: M. Miháltz | G. Pohl

Pdf Export Search A Framework to Integrate Ubiquitous Knowledge Modeling
[L06-1403]: P. Filipe | N. Mamede

Pdf Export Search Searching treebanks for functional constraints: cross-lingual experiments in grammatical relation assignment
[L06-1404]: F. Dell’orletta | A. Lenci | S. Montemagni | V. Pirrelli

Pdf Export Search SynAF: Towards a Standard for Syntactic Annotation
[L06-1405]: T. Declerck

Pdf Export Search EQueR: the French Evaluation campaign of Question-Answering Systems
[L06-1406]: C. Ayache | B. Grau | A. Vilnat

Pdf Export Search The African Varieties of Portuguese: Compiling Comparable Corpora and Analyzing Data-Derived Lexicon
[L06-1407]: M. Nascimento | J. Gonçalves | L. Pereira | A. Estrela | A. Pereira | R. Santos | S. Oliveira

Pdf Export Search Toward a Pan-Chinese Thesaurus
[L06-1408]: B. Tsou | O. Kwong

Pdf Export Search User requirements analysis for the design of a reference corpus of written Dutch
[L06-1409]: N. Oostdijk | L. Boves

Pdf Export Search FRASQUES: A Question Answering system in the EQueR evaluation campaign
[L06-1410]: B. Grau | A. Ligozat | I. Robba | A. Vilnat | L. Monceau

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Methods of a Linguistically Enriched Translation Memory System
[L06-1411]: G. Hodász

Pdf Export Search T2O - Recycling Thesauri into a Multilingual Ontology
[L06-1412]: A. Simões | J. Almeida

Pdf Export Search Data-driven Amharic-English Bilingual Lexicon Acquisition
[L06-1413]: S. Amsalu

Pdf Export Search ISA & ICA - Two Web Interfaces for Interactive Alignment of Bitexts alignment of parallel texts
[L06-1414]: J. Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search Wizard-of-Oz Data Collection for Perception and Interaction in Multi-User Environments
[L06-1415]: P. Strauß | H. Hoffman | W. Minker | H. Neumann | G. Palm | S. Scherer | F. Schwenker | H. Traue | W. Walter | U. Weidenbacher

Pdf Export Search The Evolution of an Evaluation Framework for a Text Mining System
[L06-1416]: N. Underwood | A. Lisowska

Pdf Export Search A pilot study for a Corpus of Dutch Aphasic Speech (CoDAS)
[L06-1417]: E. Westerhout | P. Monachesi

Pdf Export Search A German Sign Language Corpus of the Domain Weather Report
[L06-1418]: J. Bungeroth | D. Stein | P. Dreuw | M. Zahedi | H. Ney

Pdf Export Search Creation and Use of Lexicons and Ontologies for NL Interfaces to Databases
[L06-1419]: R. Bartolini | C. Caracciolo | E. Giovannetti | A. Lenci | S. Marchi | V. Pirrelli | C. Renso | L. Spinsanti

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Orthographics Cues for Cognate Recognition
[L06-1420]: A. Mulloni | V. Pekar

Pdf Export Search Open Source Corpus Analysis Tools for Malay
[L06-1421]: T. Baldwin | S. Awab

Pdf Export Search A task-oriented framework for evaluating theme detection systems: A discussion paper
[L06-1422]: F. Ibekwe-sanjuan

Pdf Export Search Generation of Language Resources for the Development of Speech Technologies in Catalan
[L06-1423]: A. Moreno | A. Febrer | L. Márquez

Pdf Export Search If “it” were “then”, then when was “it”? Establishing the anaphoric role of “then”
[L06-1424]: G. Puscasu | R. Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Hungarian lexical database and morphological grammar
[L06-1425]: V. Trón | P. Halácsy | P. Rebrus | A. Rung | P. Vajda | E. Simon

Pdf Export Search A Lexicalized Tree-Adjoining Grammar for Vietnamese
[L06-1426]: P. Le | T. Nguyen | L. Romary | A. Roussanaly

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic Building of Swedish Collocation Lexicon
[L06-1427]: S. Cinkova | P. Pecina | P. Podvesky | P. Schlesinger

Pdf Export Search Creation and analysis of a Polish speech database for use in unit selection synthesis
[L06-1428]: D. Oliver | K. Szklanny

Pdf Export Search CoGrOO: a Brazilian-Portuguese Grammar Checker based on the CETENFOLHA Corpus
[L06-1429]: J. Kinoshita | L. Salvador | C. Menezes

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatically Generated Transcriptions of Non-Native Pronunciations using a Phonetic Distance Measure
[L06-1430]: S. Schaden

Pdf Export Search Slips and errors in spoken data transcription
[L06-1431]: I. Chiari

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Web-based Corpora: Effects of Seed Selection and Time Interval
[L06-1432]: M. Ueyama

Pdf Export Search An Incremental Tri-Partite Approach To Ontology Learning
[L06-1433]: J. Iria | C. Brewster | F. Ciravegna | Y. Wilks

Pdf Export Search Experimental detection of vowel pronunciation variants in Amharic
[L06-1434]: T. Pellegrini | L. Lamel

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Automatically Generated Timelines from the Web
[L06-1435]: R. Catizone | A. Dalli | Y. Wilks

Pdf Export Search The SAMMIE Corpus of Multimodal Dialogues with an MP3 Player
[L06-1436]: I. Kruijff-korbayova | T. Becker | N. Blaylock | C. Gerstenberger | M. Kaisser | P. Poller | V. Rieser | J. Schehl

Pdf Export Search CLiMB ToolKit: A Case Study of Iterative Evaluation in a Multidisciplinary Project
[L06-1437]: R. Passonneau | R. Blitz | D. Elson | A. Giral | J. Klavans

Pdf Export Search Inducing Sense-Discriminating Context Patterns from Sense-Tagged Corpora
[L06-1438]: A. Rumshisky | J. Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Building a Large-Scale Repository of Textual Entailment Rules
[L06-1439]: M. Kouylekov | B. Magnini

Pdf Export Search A Tree Kernel approach to Question and Answer Classification in Question Answering Systems
[L06-1440]: A. Moschitti | R. Basili

Pdf Export Search A joint intelligibility evaluation of French text-to-speech synthesis systems: the EvaSy SUS/ACR campaign
[L06-1441]: P. Mareüil | C. D’alessandro | A. Raake | G. Bailly | M. Garcia | M. Morel

Pdf Export Search Finite state tokenisation of an orthographical disjunctive agglutinative language: The verbal segment of Northern Sotho
[L06-1442]: W. Anderson | P. Kotzé

Pdf Export Search Applying Lexical Constraints on Morpho-Syntactic Patterns for the Identification of Conceptual-Relational Content in Specialized Texts
[L06-1443]: J. Couturier | S. Neuvel | P. Drouin

Pdf Export Search Beyond Multimedia Integration: corpora and annotations for cross-media decision mechanisms
[L06-1444]: K. Pastra

Pdf Export Search Building Carefully Tagged Bilingual Corpora to Cope with Linguistic Idiosyncrasy
[L06-1445]: Y. Nitta | M. Saraki | S. Ikehara

Pdf Export Search SlinkET: A Partial Modal Parser for Events
[L06-1446]: R. Sauri | M. Verhagen | J. Pustejovsk

Pdf Export Search More Data and Tools for More Languages and Research Areas: A Progress Report on LDC Activities
[L06-1447]: C. Cieri | M. Liberman

Pdf Export Search TC-STAR:Specifications of Language Resources and Evaluation for Speech Synthesis
[L06-1448]: A. Bonafonte | H. Höge | I. Kiss | A. Moreno | U. Ziegenhain | H. Heuvel | H. Hain | X. Wang | M. Garcia

Pdf Export Search An observatory on Spoken Italian linguistic resources and descriptive standards.
[L06-1449]: M. Voghera | F. Cutugno

Pdf Export Search Linguistic features modeling based on Partial New Cache
[L06-1450]: K. Smaïli | C. Lavecchia | J. Haton

Pdf Export Search Semantic Atomicity and Multilinguality in the Medical Domain: Design Considerations for the MorphoSaurus Subword Lexicon
[L06-1451]: S. Schulz | K. Markó | P. Daumke | U. Hahn | S. Hanser | P. Nohama | R. Andrade | E. Pacheco | M. Romacker

Pdf Export Search Finding representative sets of dialect words for geographical regions
[L06-1452]: M. Salmenkivi

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution with and without Linguistic Knowledge
[L06-1453]: O. Uryupina

Pdf Export Search Formal v. Informal: Register-Differentiated Arabic MT Evaluation in the PLATO Paradigm
[L06-1454]: K. Miller | M. Vanni

Pdf Export Search X-Score: Automatic Evaluation of Machine Translation Grammaticality
[L06-1455]: O. Hamon | M. Rajman

Pdf Export Search Reducing the Granularity of a Computational Lexicon via an Automatic Mapping to a Coarse-Grained Sense Inventory
[L06-1456]: R. Navigli

Pdf Export Search A BLARK extension for temporal annotation mining
[L06-1457]: D. Gibbon | F. Fernandes | T. Trippel

Pdf Export Search The Mass-Count Distinction: Acquisition and Disambiguation
[L06-1458]: M. Schiehlen | K. Spranger

Pdf Export Search Corpus Development and Publication
[L06-1459]: A. Cole

Pdf Export Search Discourse functions of duration in Mandarin: resource design and implementation
[L06-1460]: D. Gibbon | S. Tseng

Pdf Export Search From Natural Language to Databases via Ontologies
[L06-1461]: L. Lesmo | L. Robaldo

Pdf Export Search The ALVIS Format for Linguistically Annotated Documents
[L06-1462]: A. Nazarenko | E. Alphonse | J. Derivière | T. Hamon | G. Vauvert | D. Weissenbacher

Pdf Export Search US-based Method for Speech Reception Threshold Measurement in French
[L06-1463]: A. Raake | B. Katz

Pdf Export Search Integrated Linguistic Resources for Language Exploitation Technologies
[L06-1464]: S. Strassel | C. Cieri | A. Cole | D. Dipersio | M. Liberman | X. Ma | M. Maamouri | K. Maeda

Pdf Export Search Champollion: A Robust Parallel Text Sentence Aligner
[L06-1465]: X. Ma

Pdf Export Search The Eclipse Annotator: an extensible system for multimodal corpus creation
[L06-1466]: F. Behrens | J. Milde

Pdf Export Search Adding multi-layer semantics to the Greek Dependency Treebank
[L06-1467]: H. Papageorgiou | E. Desipri | M. Koutsombogera | K. Pouli | P. Prokopidis

Pdf Export Search Comparing linguistic information in treebank annotations
[L06-1468]: C. Bosco | V. Lombardo

Pdf Export Search Dialectal resources on-line: the ALT-Web experience
[L06-1469]: N. Cucurullo | S. Montemagni | M. Paoli | E. Picchi | E. Sassolini

Pdf Export Search Corpus Support for Machine Translation at LDC
[L06-1470]: X. Ma | C. Cieri

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Resources for Speech Parsing
[L06-1471]: A. Bies | S. Strassel | H. Lee | K. Maeda | S. Kulick | Y. Liu | M. Harper | M. Lease

Pdf Export Search UAM Text Tools - a flexible NLP architecture
[L06-1472]: T. Obrebski | M. Stolarski

Pdf Export Search SAM - an annotation editor for parallel texts
[L06-1473]: M. Geilfuss | J. Milde

Pdf Export Search The pragmatic combination of different crosslingual resources
[L06-1474]: H. Uszkoreit | F. Xu | J. Steffen | I. Aslan

Pdf Export Search Design, Construction and Validation of an Arabic-English Conceptual Interlingua for Cross-lingual Information Retrieval
[L06-1475]: N. Habash | C. Mah | S. Imran | R. Calistri-yeh | P. Sheridan

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Lexicon of Polish Predicative Nouns
[L06-1476]: G. Vetulani | Z. Vetulani | T. Obrębski

Pdf Export Search The Italian Metaphor Database
[L06-1477]: A. Alonge

Pdf Export Search A Methodology and Tool for Representing Language Resources for Information Extraction
[L06-1478]: J. Iria | F. Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation and Composition of NLP Pipelines with Web Services
[L06-1479]: H. Halpin

Pdf Export Search Methodological Aspects of Semantic Annotation
[L06-1480]: H. Bunt | A. Schiffrin

Pdf Export Search PYCOT: An Optimality Theory-based Pronoun Resolution Toolkit
[L06-1481]: W. Gegg-harrison | D. Byron

Pdf Export Search Simulating Cub Reporter Dialogues: The collection of naturalistic human-human dialogues for information access to text archives
[L06-1482]: E. Barker | R. Higashinaka | F. Mairesse | R. Gaizauskas | M. Walker | J. Foster

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Multiple Semantic Resources for Answer Selection
[L06-1483]: J. Ko | L. Hiyakumoto | E. Nyberg

Pdf Export Search Low-cost Customized Speech Corpus Creation for Speech Technology Applications
[L06-1484]: K. Maeda | C. Cieri | K. Walker

Pdf Export Search NOMOS: A Semantic Web Software Framework for Annotation of Multimodal Corpora
[L06-1485]: J. Niekrasz | J. Gruenstein

Pdf Export Search A corpus of tutorial dialogs on theorem proving; the influence of the presentation of the study-material
[L06-1486]: C. Benzmüller | H. Horacek | H. Lesourd | I. Kruijff-korbayova | M. Schiller | M. Wolska

Pdf Export Search Task-based MT Evaluation: From Who/When/Where Extraction to Event Understanding
[L06-1487]: J. Laoudi | C. Tate | C. Voss

Pdf Export Search A New Phase in Annotation Tool Development at the Linguistic Data Consortium: The Evolution of the Annotation Graph Toolkit
[L06-1488]: K. Maeda | H. Lee | J. Medero | S. Strassel

Pdf Export Search Modular Approach to Error Analysis and Evaluation for Multilingual Question Answering
[L06-1489]: H. Shima | M. Wang | F. Lin | T. Mitamura

Pdf Export Search Analyzing the Effects of Spoken Dialog Systems on Driving Behavior
[L06-1490]: J. Ko | F. Murase | T. Mitamura | E. Nyberg | M. Tateishi | I. Akahori

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Annotation that Lasts Forever: Using Peer-to-Peer Technology for Disseminating Corpora and Language Resources
[L06-1491]: M. Balasubramanya | M. Higgins | P. Lucas | J. Senn | D. Widdows

Pdf Export Search The Look and Feel of a Confident Entailer
[L06-1492]: V. Rus | A. Graesser

Pdf Export Search Using Semantic Overlap Scoring in Answering TREC Relationship Questions
[L06-1493]: G. Marton | B. Katz

Pdf Export Search Impact of Question Decomposition on the Quality of Answer Summaries
[L06-1494]: F. Lacatusu | A. Hickl | S. Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search An Answer Bank for Temporal Inference
[L06-1495]: S. Harabagiu | C. Human

Pdf Export Search Principles for annotating and reasoning with spatial information
[L06-1496]: P. Morărescu

Pdf Export Search Interaction between Lexical Base and Ontology with Formal Concept Analysis
[L06-1497]: S. Li | Q. Lu | W. Li | R. Xu

Pdf Export Search Semantic-Based Keyword Recovery Function for Keyword Extraction System
[L06-1498]: R. Kongkachandra | K. Chamnongthai

Pdf Export Search The Design and Construction of A Chinese Collocation Bank
[L06-1499]: R. Xu | Q. Lu | S. Li

Pdf Export Search Merging two Ontology-based Lexical Resources
[L06-1500]: N. Ruimy

Pdf Export Search Towards automatic transcription of Somali language
[L06-1501]: A. Nimaan | P. Nocera | J. Bonastre

Pdf Export Search Competitive Evaluation of Commercially Available Speech Recognizers in Multiple Languages
[L06-1502]: S. Burger | Z. Sloane | J. Yang

Pdf Export Search Annotation and Analysis of Emotionally Relevant Behavior in the ISL Meeting Corpus
[L06-1503]: K. Laskowski | S. Burger

Pdf Export Search Building a WordNet for Arabic
[L06-1504]: S. Elkateb | W. Black | H. Rodríguez | M. Alkhalifa | E. Aribau | P. Vossen | A. Pease | C. Fellbaum

Pdf Export Search Deep non-probabilistic parsing of large corpora
[L06-1505]: B. Sagot | P. Boullier

Pdf Export Search Automatic Term Extraction from Knowledge Bank of Economics
[L06-1506]: M. Brekke | K. Innselset | M. Kristiansen | K. Øvsthus

Pdf Export Search Comparison of Resource Discovery Methods
[L06-1507]: A. Klassmann | F. Offenga | D. Broeder | R. Skiba | P. Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search The Information Commons Gazetteer
[L06-1508]: P. Lucas | M. Balasubramanya | D. Widdows | M. Higgins

Pdf Export Search The Lefff 2 syntactic lexicon for French: architecture, acquisition, use
[L06-1509]: B. Sagot | L. Clément | E. Villemonte de la Clergerie | P. Boullier

Pdf Export Search Structuring a Domain Vocabulary in a General Knowledge Environment
[L06-1510]: N. Ruimy

Pdf Export Search LexikoNet - a lexical database based on type and role hierarchies
[L06-1511]: A. Geyken | N. Schrader

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatic Speech Recognition and Speech Language Translation within TC-STAR:Results from the first evaluation campaign
[L06-1512]: D. Mostefa | O. Hamon | K. Choukri

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of multimodal components within CHIL: The evaluation packages and results
[L06-1513]: D. Mostefa | M. Garcia | K. Choukri

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Evaluation on Multilingual Information Retrieval System Development
[L06-1514]: C. Peters

Pdf Export Search The Multilingual Question Answering Track at CLEF
[L06-1515]: B. Magnini | D. Giampicollo | L. Aunimo | C. Ayache | P. Osenova | A. Peñas | M. Rijke | B. Sacaleanu | D. Santos | R. Sutcliffe

Pdf Export Search A joint prosody evaluation of French text-to-speech synthesis systems
[L06-1516]: M. Garcia | C. D’alessandro | G. Bailly | P. Mareüil | M. Morel