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Anthology Volume Papers
L08-1 LREC 2008 621

Pdf Export Search LREC 2008

Pdf Export Search LREC 2008

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Relation Extraction From Web Documents
[L08-1001]: Kathrin Eichler | Holmer Hemsen | Günter Neumann

Pdf Export Search Combining Multiple Models for Speech Information Retrieval
[L08-1002]: Muath Alzghool | Diana Inkpen

Pdf Export Search Event Detection and Summarization in Weblogs with Temporal Collocations
[L08-1003]: Chun-Yuan Teng | Hsin-Hsi Chen

Pdf Export Search The Usage of Various Lexical Resources and Tools to Improve the Performance of Web Search Engines
[L08-1004]: Cvetana Krstev | Ranka Stanković | Duško Vitas | Ivan Obradović

Pdf Export Search The ACL Anthology Reference Corpus: A Reference Dataset for Bibliographic Research in Computational Linguistics
[L08-1005]: Steven Bird | Robert Dale | Bonnie Dorr | Bryan Gibson | Mark Joseph | Min-Yen Kan | Dongwon Lee | Brett Powley | Dragomir Radev | Yee Fan Tan

Pdf Export Search The Linguistic Data Consortium Member Survey: Purpose, Execution and Results
[L08-1006]: Marian Reed | Denise DiPersio | Christopher Cieri

Pdf Export Search Language-Sites: Accessing and Presenting Language Resources via Geographic Information Systems
[L08-1007]: Dieter van Uytvanck | Alex Dukers | Jacquelijn Ringersma | Paul Trilsbeek

Pdf Export Search CLARIN: Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
[L08-1008]: Tamás Váradi | Steven Krauwer | Peter Wittenburg | Martin Wynne | Kimmo Koskenniemi

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Dialogue Act Tagging with Naive and Expert Annotators
[L08-1009]: Jeroen Geertzen | Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Validating the Quality of Full Morphological Annotation
[L08-1010]: Drahomíra johanka Spoustová | Pavel Pecina | Jan Hajič | Miroslav Spousta

Pdf Export Search Evaluating a German Sketch Grammar: A Case Study on Noun Phrase Case
[L08-1011]: Kremena Ivanova | Ulrich Heid | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Adam Kilgarriff | Jan Pomikalek

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Complement-Modifier Distinctions in a Semantically Annotated Corpus
[L08-1012]: Mark McConville | Myroslava O. Dzikovska

Pdf Export Search The PIT Corpus of German Multi-Party Dialogues
[L08-1013]: Petra-Maria Strauß | Holger Hoffmann | Wolfgang Minker | Heiko Neumann | Günther Palm | Stefan Scherer | Harald Traue | Ulrich Weidenbacher

Pdf Export Search Annotation and analysis of overlapping speech in political interviews
[L08-1014]: Martine Adda-Decker | Claude Barras | Gilles Adda | Patrick Paroubek | Philippe Boula de Mareuil | Benoit Habert

Pdf Export Search Data Collection for the CHIL CLEAR 2007 Evaluation Campaign
[L08-1015]: Nicolas Moreau | Djamel Mostefa | Rainer Stiefelhagen | Susanne Burger | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Cross-Domain Study of the Occurrence of Laughter in Meeting and Seminar Corpora
[L08-1016]: Susanne Burger | Kornel Laskowski | Matthias Woelfel

Pdf Export Search SpatialML: Annotation Scheme, Corpora, and Tools
[L08-1017]: Inderjeet Mani | Janet Hitzeman | Justin Richer | Dave Harris | Rob Quimby | Ben Wellner

Pdf Export Search Building a Corpus of Temporal-Causal Structure
[L08-1018]: Steven Bethard | William Corvey | Sara Klingenstein | James H. Martin

Pdf Export Search Computational Models for Event Type Classification in Context
[L08-1019]: Alessandra Zarcone | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search GMT to +2 or how can TimeML be used in Romanian
[L08-1020]: Corina Forăscu

Pdf Export Search Annotating “tense” in a Tense-less Language
[L08-1021]: Nianwen Xue | Hua Zhong | Kai-Yun Chen

Pdf Export Search Subdomain Sensitive Statistical Parsing using Raw Corpora
[L08-1022]: Barbara Plank | Khalil Sima’an

Pdf Export Search Developing a TT-MCTAG for German with an RCG-based Parser
[L08-1023]: Laura Kallmeyer | Timm Lichte | Wolfgang Maier | Yannick Parmentier | Johannes Dellert

Pdf Export Search Some Fine Points of Hybrid Natural Language Parsing
[L08-1024]: Peter Adolphs | Stephan Oepen | Ulrich Callmeier | Berthold Crysmann | Dan Flickinger | Bernd Kiefer

Pdf Export Search Evaluating and Extending the Coverage of HPSG Grammars: A Case Study for German
[L08-1025]: Jeremy Nicholson | Valia Kordoni | Yi Zhang | Timothy Baldwin | Rebecca Dridan

Pdf Export Search Robust Parsing with a Large HPSG Grammar
[L08-1026]: Yi Zhang | Valia Kordoni

Pdf Export Search Modeling Document Dynamics: an Evolutionary Approach
[L08-1027]: Jahna Otterbacher | Dragomir Radev

Pdf Export Search Semantic Vectors: a Scalable Open Source Package and Online Technology Management Application
[L08-1028]: Dominic Widdows | Kathleen Ferraro

Pdf Export Search Revealing Relations between Open and Closed Answers in Questionnaires through Text Clustering Evaluation
[L08-1029]: Magnus Rosell | Sumithra Velupillai

Pdf Export Search Personae: a Corpus for Author and Personality Prediction from Text
[L08-1030]: Kim Luyckx | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search Using the Complexity of the Distribution of Lexical Elements as a Feature in Authorship Attribution
[L08-1031]: Leanne Spracklin | Diana Inkpen | Amiya Nayak

Pdf Export Search An Exchange Format for Multimodal Annotations
[L08-1032]: Thomas Schmidt | Susan Duncan | Oliver Ehmer | Jeffrey Hoyt | Michael Kipp | Dan Loehr | Magnus Magnusson | Travis Rose | Han Sloetjes

Pdf Export Search SCARE: a Situated Corpus with Annotated Referring Expressions
[L08-1033]: Laura Stoia | Darla Magdalena Shockley | Donna K. Byron | Eric Fosler-Lussier

Pdf Export Search Annotation by Category: ELAN and ISO DCR
[L08-1034]: Han Sloetjes | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search A Common Multimedia Annotation Framework for Cross Linking Cultural Heritage Digital Collections
[L08-1035]: Hennie Brugman | Véronique Malaisé | Laura Hollink

Pdf Export Search Creating and Exploiting Multimodal Annotated Corpora
[L08-1036]: Philippe Blache | Roxane Bertrand | Gaëlle Ferré

Pdf Export Search The Encoding of lexical implications in VerbNet Predicates of change of locations
[L08-1037]: Annie Zaenen | Daniel Bobrow | Cleo Condoravdi

Pdf Export Search FATE: a FrameNet-Annotated Corpus for Textual Entailment
[L08-1038]: Aljoscha Burchardt | Marco Pennacchiotti

Pdf Export Search Projecting Propbank Roles onto the CCGbank
[L08-1039]: Stephen Boxwell | Michael White

Pdf Export Search Integrating Lexical Units, Synsets and Ontology in the Cornetto Database
[L08-1040]: Piek Vossen | Isa Maks | Roxane Segers | Hennie VanderVliet

Pdf Export Search Complete and Consistent Annotation of WordNet using the Top Concept Ontology
[L08-1041]: Javier Álvez | Jordi Atserias | Jordi Carrera | Salvador Climent | Egoitz Laparra | Antoni Oliver | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search A Conceptual Approach to Web Image Retrieval
[L08-1042]: Adrian Popescu | Gregory Grefenstette

Pdf Export Search On the Use of Web Resources and Natural Language Processing Techniques to Improve Automatic Speech Recognition Systems
[L08-1043]: Gwénolé Lecorvé | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot

Pdf Export Search Local Methods for On-Demand Out-of-Vocabulary Word Retrieval
[L08-1044]: Stanislas Oger | Georges Linares | Frederic Bechet

Pdf Export Search Exploring and Enriching a Language Resource Archive via the Web
[L08-1045]: Marc Kemps-Snijders | Alex Klassmann | Claus Zinn | Peter Berck | Albert Russel | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Talking and Looking: the SmartWeb Multimodal Interaction Corpus
[L08-1046]: Florian Schiel | Hannes Mögele

Pdf Export Search In Contrast - A Complex Discourse Connective
[L08-1047]: Erhard Hinrichs | Monica Lau

Pdf Export Search Towards a Reference Corpus of Web Genres for the Evaluation of Genre Identification Systems
[L08-1048]: Georg Rehm | Marina Santini | Alexander Mehler | Pavel Braslavski | Rüdiger Gleim | Andrea Stubbe | Svetlana Symonenko | Mirko Tavosanis | Vedrana Vidulin

Pdf Export Search Error Analysis for Learning-based Coreference Resolution
[L08-1049]: Olga Uryupina

Pdf Export Search From Sentence to Discourse: Building an Annotation Scheme for Discourse Based on Prague Dependency Treebank
[L08-1050]: Lucie Mladová | Sárka Zikánová | Eva Hajicová

Pdf Export Search A Corpus for Cross-Document Co-reference
[L08-1051]: David Day | Janet Hitzeman | Michael Wick | Keith Crouch | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Named Entity WordNet
[L08-1052]: Antonio Toral | Rafael Muñoz | Monica Monachini

Pdf Export Search Is this NE tagger getting old?
[L08-1053]: Cristina Mota | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Improving NER in Arabic Using a Morphological Tagger
[L08-1054]: Benjamin Farber | Dayne Freitag | Nizar Habash | Owen Rambow

Pdf Export Search Identifying Foreign Person Names in Chinese Text
[L08-1055]: Stephan Busemann | Yajing Zhang

Pdf Export Search Low-Complexity Heuristics for Deriving Fine-Grained Classes of Named Entities from Web Textual Data
[L08-1056]: Marius Pasca

Pdf Export Search Annotation Guidelines for Chinese-Korean Word Alignment
[L08-1057]: Jin-Ji Li | Dong-Il Kim | Jong-Hyeok Lee

Pdf Export Search CzEng 0.7: Parallel Corpus with Community-Supplied Translations
[L08-1058]: Ondřej Bojar | Miroslav Janíček | Zdeněk žabokrtský | Pavel Češka | Peter Beňa

Pdf Export Search Toward Active Learning in Data Selection: Automatic Discovery of Language Features During Elicitation
[L08-1059]: Jonathan Clark | Robert Frederking | Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search Babylon Parallel Text Builder: Gathering Parallel Texts for Low-Density Languages
[L08-1060]: Michael Mohler | Rada Mihalcea

Pdf Export Search SECTra_w.1: an Online Collaborative System for Evaluating, Post-editing and Presenting MT Translation Corpora
[L08-1061]: Cong-phap Huynh | Christian Boitet | Hervé Blanchon

Pdf Export Search Adjudicator Agreement and System Rankings for Person Name Search
[L08-1062]: Mark Arehart | Chris Wolf | Keith J. Miller

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Summaries Automatically - A system Proposal
[L08-1063]: Paulo C F de Oliveira | Edson Wilson Torrens | Alexandre Cidral | Sidney Schossland | Evandro Bittencourt

Pdf Export Search Do we Still Need Gold Standards for Evaluation?
[L08-1064]: Thierry Poibeau | Cédric Messiant

Pdf Export Search The Dutch-Flemish Comprehensive Approach to HLT Stimulation and Innovation: STEVIN, HLT Agency and beyond
[L08-1065]: Peter Spyns | Elisabeth D’Halleweyn | Catia Cucchiarini

Pdf Export Search 15 Years of Language Resource Creation and Sharing: a Progress Report on LDC Activities
[L08-1066]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search Estimating the Resource Adaption Cost from a Resource Rich Language to a Similar Resource Poor Language
[L08-1067]: Anil Kumar Singh | Kiran Pala | Harshit Surana

Pdf Export Search Latest Developments in ELRA’s Services
[L08-1068]: Valérie Mapelli | Victoria Arranz | Hélène Mazo | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search From Research to Application in Multilingual Information Access: the Contribution of Evaluation
[L08-1069]: Carol Peters | Martin Braschler | Giorgio Di Nunzio | Nicola Ferro | Julio Gonzalo | Mark Sanderson

Pdf Export Search Clustering Related Terms with Definitions
[L08-1070]: Scott Piao | John McNaught | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Challenges in Pronoun Resolution System for Biomedical Text
[L08-1071]: Ngan Nguyen | Jin-Dong Kim | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Multiply Annotated Corpora in Biomedical Information Extraction Tasks
[L08-1072]: Barry Haddow | Beatrice Alex

Pdf Export Search GENIA-GR: a Grammatical Relation Corpus for Parser Evaluation in the Biomedical Domain
[L08-1073]: Yuka Tateisi | Yusuke Miyao | Kenji Sagae | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Learning the Species of Biomedical Named Entities from Annotated Corpora
[L08-1074]: Xinglong Wang | Claire Grover

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Naturalistic Concept Descriptions from the Web
[L08-1075]: Tony Veale | Yanfen Hao

Pdf Export Search Tools for Collocation Extraction: Preferences for Active vs. Passive
[L08-1076]: Ulrich Heid | Marion Weller

Pdf Export Search Boot-Strapping a WordNet Using Multiple Existing WordNets
[L08-1077]: Francis Bond | Hitoshi Isahara | Kyoko Kanzaki | Kiyotaka Uchimoto

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Semantic Relatedness for the Construction of Polish WordNet
[L08-1078]: Bartosz Broda | Magdalena Derwojedowa | Maciej Piasecki | Stanislaw Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search Developing Verb Frames for Hindi
[L08-1079]: Rafiya Begum | Samar Husain | Lakshmi Bai | Dipti Misra Sharma

Pdf Export Search Uncertainty Corpus: Resource to Study User Affect in Complex Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L08-1080]: Kate Forbes-Riley | Diane Litman | Scott Silliman | Amruta Purandare

Pdf Export Search On the Role of the NIMITEK Corpus in Developing an Emotion Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System
[L08-1081]: Milan Gnjatovic | Dietmar Roesner

Pdf Export Search Emotion Recognition from Speech: Stress Experiment
[L08-1082]: Stefan Scherer | Hansjörg Hofmann | Malte Lampmann | Martin Pfeil | Steffen Rhinow | Friedhelm Schwenker | Günther Palm

Pdf Export Search Automatic Phone Segmentation of Expressive Speech
[L08-1083]: Laure Charonnat | Gaëlle Vidal | Olivier Boeffard

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Spontaneous Expressive Speech Corpus for Hungarian
[L08-1084]: Márk Fék | Nicolas Audibert | János Szabó | Albert Rilliard | Géza Németh | Véronique Aubergé

Pdf Export Search Vox Populi Annotation: Measuring Intensity of Ideological Perspectives by Aggregating Group Judgments
[L08-1085]: Wei-Hao Lin | Alexander Hauptmann

Pdf Export Search A Bootstrapping Method for Building Subjectivity Lexicons for Languages with Scarce Resources
[L08-1086]: Carmen Banea | Rada Mihalcea | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Finding the Sources and Targets of Subjective Expressions
[L08-1087]: Josef Ruppenhofer | Swapna Somasundaran | Janyce Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Annotating Topics of Opinions
[L08-1088]: Veselin Stoyanov | Claire Cardie

Pdf Export Search From Extracting to Abstracting: Generating Quasi-abstractive Summaries
[L08-1089]: Zhuli Xie | Barbara Di Eugenio | Peter C. Nelson

Pdf Export Search Controlling Redundancy in Referring Expressions
[L08-1090]: Jette Viethen | Robert Dale | Emiel Krahmer | Mariet Theune | Pascal Touset

Pdf Export Search Anaphoric Annotation in the ARRAU Corpus
[L08-1091]: Massimo Poesio | Ron Artstein

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Sources for Bridging Resolution in Multi-Party Dialog
[L08-1092]: Mark-Christoph Mueller | Margot Mieskes | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search The Penn Discourse TreeBank 2.0.
[L08-1093]: Rashmi Prasad | Nikhil Dinesh | Alan Lee | Eleni Miltsakaki | Livio Robaldo | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search A Coreference Corpus and Resolution System for Dutch
[L08-1094]: Iris Hendrickx | Gosse Bouma | Frederik Coppens | Walter Daelemans | Veronique Hoste | Geert Kloosterman | Anne-Marie Mineur | Joeri Van Der Vloet | Jean-Luc Verschelde

Pdf Export Search Statistical Identification of English Loanwords in Korean Using Automatically Generated Training Data
[L08-1095]: Kirk Baker | Chris Brew

Pdf Export Search Romanian Semantic Role Resource
[L08-1096]: Diana Trandabăț | Maria Husarciuc

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Acquisition of Verb Subcategorization Frames from Shallow-Parsed Corpora
[L08-1097]: Alessandro Lenci | Barbara McGillivray | Simonetta Montemagni | Vito Pirrelli

Pdf Export Search A Method for Automatically Constructing Case Frames for English
[L08-1098]: Daisuke Kawahara | Kiyotaka Uchimoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition for low frequency lexical items
[L08-1099]: Núria Bel | Sergio Espeja | Montserrat Marimon

Pdf Export Search BioSec Multimodal Biometric Database in Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition
[L08-1100]: Doroteo Toledano | Daniel Hernandez-Lopez | Cristina Esteve-Elizalde | Julian Fierrez | Javier Ortega-Garcia | Daniel Ramos | Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Pdf Export Search Text Independent Speaker Identification in Multilingual Environments
[L08-1101]: Iker Luengo | Eva Navas | Iñaki Sainz | Ibon Saratxaga | Jon Sanchez | Igor Odriozola | Inma Hernaez

Pdf Export Search NineOneOne: Recognizing and Classifying Speech for Handling Minority Language Emergency Calls
[L08-1102]: Udhyakumar Nallasamy | Alan Black | Tanja Schultz | Robert Frederking

Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gap between Linguists and Technology Developers: Large-Scale, Sociolinguistic Annotation for Dialect and Speaker Recognition
[L08-1103]: Christopher Cieri | Stephanie Strassel | Meghan Glenn | Reva Schwartz | Wade Shen | Joseph Campbell

Pdf Export Search Speaker Recognition: Building the Mixer 4 and 5 Corpora
[L08-1104]: Linda Brandschain | Christopher Cieri | David Graff | Abby Neely | Kevin Walker

Pdf Export Search MASC: the Manually Annotated Sub-Corpus of American English
[L08-1105]: Nancy Ide | Collin Baker | Christiane Fellbaum | Charles Fillmore | Rebecca Passonneau

Pdf Export Search Quality Assurance of Automatic Annotation of Very Large Corpora: a Study based on heterogeneous Tagging System
[L08-1106]: Chu-Ren Huang | Lung-Hao Lee | Jia-Fei Hog | Wei-guang Qu | Shiwen Yu

Pdf Export Search An eRulemaking Corpus: Identifying Substantive Issues in Public Comments
[L08-1107]: Claire Cardie | Cynthia Farina | Matt Rawding | Adil Aijaz

Pdf Export Search Navigating through Dense Annotation Spaces
[L08-1108]: Branimir Boguraev | Mary Neff

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Probabilistic Approach for the Detection of Outliers in Corpora
[L08-1109]: David Guthrie | Louise Guthrie | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Using Log-linear Models for Tuning Machine Translation Output
[L08-1110]: Michael Carl

Pdf Export Search Generalising Lexical Translation Strategies for MT Using Comparable Corpora
[L08-1111]: Bogdan Babych | Serge Sharoff | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Post-MT Term Swapper: Supplementing a Statistical Machine Translation System with a User Dictionary
[L08-1112]: Masaki Itagaki | Takako Aikawa

Pdf Export Search Using Parsed Corpora for Estimating Stochastic Inversion Transduction Grammars
[L08-1113]: Germán Sanchis | Joan Andreu Sánchez

Pdf Export Search Experiments on Processing Overlapping Parallel Corpora
[L08-1114]: Mark Fishel | Heiki-Jaan Kaalep

Pdf Export Search Parser Evaluation and the BNC: Evaluating 4 constituency parsers with 3 metrics
[L08-1115]: Jennifer Foster | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search EASY, Evaluation of Parsers of French: what are the Results?
[L08-1116]: Patrick Paroubek | Isabelle Robba | Anne Vilnat | Christelle Ayache

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Metrics for Automatic Temporal Annotation of Texts
[L08-1117]: Xavier Tannier | Philippe Muller

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study on Language Identification Methods
[L08-1118]: Lena Grothe | Ernesto William De Luca | Andreas Nürnberger

Pdf Export Search PASSAGE: from French Parser Evaluation to Large Sized Treebank
[L08-1119]: Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie | Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa | Christelle Ayache | Patrick Paroubek | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Structural Metadata Annotation of Speech Corpora: Comparing Broadcast News and Broadcast Conversations
[L08-1120]: Jáchym Kolář | Jan Švec

Pdf Export Search Thai Broadcast News Corpus Construction and Evaluation
[L08-1121]: Markpong Jongtaveesataporn | Chai Wutiwiwatchai | Koji Iwano | Sadaoki Furui

Pdf Export Search RUNDKAST: an Annotated Norwegian Broadcast News Speech Corpus
[L08-1122]: Ingunn Amdal | Ole Morten Strand | Jørn Almberg | Torbjørn Svendsen

Pdf Export Search First Broadcast News Transcription System for Khmer Language
[L08-1123]: Sopheap Seng | Sethserey Sam | Laurent Besacier | Brigitte Bigi | Eric Castelli

Pdf Export Search Quick Rich Transcriptions of Arabic Broadcast News Speech Data
[L08-1124]: Chomicha Bendahman | Meghan Glenn | Djamel Mostefa | Niklas Paulsson | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search A General Methodology for Mapping EuroWordNets to the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology
[L08-1125]: Dennis Spohr

Pdf Export Search Extended Named Entity Ontology with Attribute Information
[L08-1126]: Satoshi Sekine

Pdf Export Search Towards a Glossary of Activities in the Ontology Engineering Field
[L08-1127]: Mari Carmen Suárez-Figueroa | Asunción Gómez-Pérez

Pdf Export Search Chinese Core Ontology Construction from a Bilingual Term Bank
[L08-1128]: Yirong Chen | Qin Lu | Wenjie Li | Gaoying Cui

Pdf Export Search The European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies - a Multilingual Resource for Indexing, Retrieval, and Translation
[L08-1129]: Michael Kluck | Axel Huckstorf

Pdf Export Search Building Bilingual Lexicons using Lexical Translation Probabilities via Pivot Languages
[L08-1130]: Takashi Tsunakawa | Naoaki Okazaki | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Improving Statistical Machine Translation Efficiency by Triangulation
[L08-1131]: Yu Chen | Andreas Eisele | Martin Kay

Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Machine Translation based on Simulated Annealing
[L08-1132]: Caroline Lavecchia | David Langlois | Kamel Smaïli

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Context-Dependent Phrasal Translation Lexicons for Statistical Machine Translation
[L08-1133]: Marine Carpuat | Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Genre SMT System for Arabic to French
[L08-1134]: Saša Hasan | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Structure of Procedural Texts for Answering How-to Questions
[L08-1135]: Estelle Delpech | Patrick Saint-Dizier

Pdf Export Search Analysis and Performance of Morphological Query Expansion and Language-Filtering Words on Basque Web Searching
[L08-1136]: Igor Leturia | Antton Gurrutxaga | Nerea Areta | Eli Pociello

Pdf Export Search Scaling Answer Type Detection to Large Hierarchies
[L08-1137]: Kirk Roberts | Andrew Hickl

Pdf Export Search Answering List Questions using Co-occurrence and Clustering
[L08-1138]: Majid Razmara | Leila Kosseim

Pdf Export Search Extracting Lexical Semantic Knowledge from Wikipedia and Wiktionary
[L08-1139]: Torsten Zesch | Christof Müller | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Odds of Successful Transfer of Low-Level Concepts: a Key Metric for Bidirectional Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation in DARPA’s TRANSTAC Program
[L08-1140]: Gregory Sanders | Sebastien Bronsart | Sherri Condon | Craig Schlenoff

Pdf Export Search Question Answering on Speech Transcriptions: the QAST evaluation in CLEF
[L08-1141]: Lori Lamel | Sophie Rosset | Christelle Ayache | Djamel Mostefa | Jordi Turmo | Pere Comas

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Spoken Document Retrieval for Historic Speech Collections
[L08-1142]: Willemijn Heeren | Franciska de Jong | Laurens van der Werff | Marijn Huijbregts | Roeland Ordelman

Pdf Export Search Applying Automated Metrics to Speech Translation Dialogs
[L08-1143]: Sherri Condon | Jon Phillips | Christy Doran | John Aberdeen | Dan Parvaz | Beatrice Oshika | Greg Sanders | Craig Schlenoff

Pdf Export Search A Three-stage Disfluency Classifier for Multi Party Dialogues
[L08-1144]: Margot Mieskes | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Towards Heterogeneous Automatic MT Error Analysis
[L08-1145]: Jesús Giménez | Lluis Màrquez

Pdf Export Search Sensitivity of Automated MT Evaluation Metrics on Higher Quality MT Output: BLEU vs Task-Based Evaluation Methods
[L08-1146]: Bogdan Babych | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Translation Adequacy and Preference Evaluation Tool (TAP-ET)
[L08-1147]: Mark Przybocki | Kay Peterson | Sebastien Bronsart

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Cross-lingual Romanian-English Multi-document Summariser
[L08-1148]: Constantin Orasan | Oana Andreea Chiorean

Pdf Export Search The BNC Parsed with RASP4UIMA
[L08-1149]: Øistein E. Andersen | Julien Nioche | Ted Briscoe | John Carroll

Pdf Export Search Word-level Dependency-structure Annotation to Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese and its Application
[L08-1150]: Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Yasuharu Den

Pdf Export Search Induction of Treebank-Aligned Lexical Resources
[L08-1151]: Tejaswini Deoskar | Mats Rooth

Pdf Export Search A Unified Database of Dependency Treebanks: Integrating, Quantifying & Evaluating Dependency Data
[L08-1152]: Olga Pustylnikov | Alexander Mehler | Rüdiger Gleim

Pdf Export Search Amazigh Language Terminology in Morocco or Management of a “Multidimensional” Variation
[L08-1153]: Aicha Bouhjar

Pdf Export Search Chinese Term Extraction Based on Delimiters
[L08-1154]: Yuhang Yang | Qin Lu | Tiejun Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Word Term Extraction Program for Arabic Language
[L08-1155]: Siham Boulaknadel | Beatrice Daille | Driss Aboutajdine

Pdf Export Search Using Similarity Metrics For Terminology Recognition
[L08-1156]: Jonathan Butters | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Resources for Persuasion
[L08-1157]: Marco Guerini | Carlo Strapparava | Oliviero Stock

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic Building Method for a Multidimensional Affect Dictionary for a New Language
[L08-1158]: Guillaume Pitel | Gregory Grefenstette

Pdf Export Search Coding Emotional Events in Audiovisual Corpora
[L08-1159]: Laurence Devillers | Jean-Claude Martin

Pdf Export Search Annotating Expressions of Opinion and Emotion in the Italian Content Annotation Bank
[L08-1160]: Andrea Esuli | Fabrizio Sebastiani | Ilaria Urciuoli

Pdf Export Search Adjectives in the Dutch Semantic Lexical Database CORNETTO
[L08-1161]: Isa Maks | Piek Vossen | Roxane Segers | Hennie van der Vliet

Pdf Export Search Detecting Errors in Semantic Annotation
[L08-1162]: Markus Dickinson | Chong Min Lee

Pdf Export Search Corpus Co-Occurrence, Dictionary and Wikipedia Entries as Resources for Semantic Relatedness Information
[L08-1163]: Michael Roth | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Ontology Learning and Semantic Annotation: a Necessary Symbiosis
[L08-1164]: Emiliano Giovannetti | Simone Marchi | Simonetta Montemagni | Roberto Bartolini

Pdf Export Search Semantically Annotated Snapshot of the English Wikipedia
[L08-1165]: Jordi Atserias | Hugo Zaragoza | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Giuseppe Attardi

Pdf Export Search Annotating Students’ Understanding of Science Concepts
[L08-1166]: Rodney D. Nielsen | Wayne Ward | James Martin | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Relation between Agreement Measures on Human Labeling and Machine Learning Performance: Results from an Art History Domain
[L08-1167]: Rebecca Passonneau | Tom Lippincott | Tae Yano | Judith Klavans

Pdf Export Search The Construction and Evaluation of Word Space Models
[L08-1168]: Yves Peirsman | Simon De Deyne | Kris Heylen | Dirk Geeraerts

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Nuggets and Relevance in GALE Distillation Evaluation
[L08-1169]: Olga Babko-Malaya

Pdf Export Search Statistical Evaluation of Information Distillation Systems
[L08-1170]: J.V. White | D. Hunter | J.D. Goldstein

Pdf Export Search Automatic Learning and Evaluation of User-Centered Objective Functions for Dialogue System Optimisation
[L08-1171]: Verena Rieser | Oliver Lemon

Pdf Export Search Building the Valency Lexicon of Arabic Verbs
[L08-1172]: Viktor Bielický | Otakar Smrž

Pdf Export Search Combining Terminology Resources and Statistical Methods for Entity Recognition: an Evaluation
[L08-1173]: Angus Roberts | Robert Gaizasukas | Mark Hepple | Yikun Guo

Pdf Export Search A Suite to Compile and Analyze an LSP Corpus
[L08-1174]: Rogelio Nazar | Jorge Vivaldi | Teresa Cabré

Pdf Export Search Causal Relation Extraction
[L08-1175]: Eduardo Blanco | Nuria Castell | Dan Moldovan

Pdf Export Search Learning Morphology with Morfette
[L08-1176]: Grzegorz Chrupala | Georgiana Dinu | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Corpus Exploitation from Wikipedia for Ontology Construction
[L08-1177]: Gaoying Cui | Qin Lu | Wenjie Li | Yirong Chen

Pdf Export Search Development and Alignment of a Domain-Specific Ontology for Question Answering
[L08-1178]: Shiyan Ou | Viktor Pekar | Constantin Orăsan | Christian Spurk | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised and Domain Independent Ontology Learning: Combining Heterogeneous Sources of Evidence
[L08-1179]: David Manzano-Macho | Asunción Gómez-Pérez | Daniel Borrajo

Pdf Export Search L-ISA: Learning Domain Specific Isa-Relations from the Web
[L08-1180]: Alessandra Potrich | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search A Common Ground for Virtual Humans: Using an Ontology in a Natural Language Oriented Virtual Human Architecture
[L08-1181]: Arno Hartholt | Thomas Russ | David Traum | Eduard Hovy | Susan Robinson

Pdf Export Search Using the Multilingual Central Repository for Graph-Based Word Sense Disambiguation
[L08-1182]: Eneko Agirre | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search A Japanese-English Technical Lexicon for Translation and Language Research
[L08-1183]: Fredric Gey | David Evans | Noriko Kando

Pdf Export Search Mutual Bilingual Terminology Extraction
[L08-1184]: Le An Ha | Gabriela Fernandez | Ruslan Mitkov | Gloria Corpas

Pdf Export Search Building a Golden Collection of Parallel Multi-Language Word Alignment
[L08-1185]: Joao Graca | Joana Paulo Pardal | Luisa Coheur | Diamantino Caseiro

Pdf Export Search The QALL-ME Benchmark: a Multilingual Resource of Annotated Spoken Requests for Question Answering
[L08-1186]: Elena Cabrio | Milen Kouylekov | Bernardo Magnini | Matteo Negri | Laura Hasler | Constantin Orasan | David Tomas | Jose Luis Vicedo | Guenter Neumann | Corinna Weber

Pdf Export Search Tools & Resources for Visualising Conversational-Speech Interaction
[L08-1187]: Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search A Web Browser Extension for Growing-up Ontological Knowledge from Traditional Web Content
[L08-1188]: Maria Teresa Pazienza | Marco Pennacchiotti | Armando Stellato

Pdf Export Search A Development Environment for Configurable Meta-Annotators in a Pipelined NLP Architecture
[L08-1189]: Youssef Drissi | Branimir Boguraev | David Ferrucci | Paul Keyser | Anthony Levas

Pdf Export Search Ontology-Based XQuery’ing of XML-Encoded Language Resources on Multiple Annotation Layers
[L08-1190]: Georg Rehm | Richard Eckart | Christian Chiarcos | Johannes Dellert

Pdf Export Search A Lightweight and Efficient Tool for Cleaning Web Pages
[L08-1191]: Stefan Evert

Pdf Export Search Borrowing Language Resources for Development of Automatic Speech Recognition for Low- and Middle-Density Languages
[L08-1192]: Lynette Melnar | Chen Liu

Pdf Export Search Corpus Analysis of Spoken Smart-Home Interactions with Older Users
[L08-1193]: Sebastian Möller | Florian Gödde | Maria Wolters

Pdf Export Search A Fully Annotated Corpus for Studying the Effect of Cognitive Ageing on Users’ Interactions with Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L08-1194]: Kallirroi Georgila | Maria Wolters | Vasilis Karaiskos | Melissa Kronenthal | Robert Logie | Neil Mayo | Johanna Moore | Matt Watson

Pdf Export Search Recording Speech of Children, Non-Natives and Elderly People for HLT Applications: the JASMIN-CGN Corpus.
[L08-1195]: Catia Cucchiarini | Joris Driesen | Hugo Van hamme | Eric Sanders

Pdf Export Search F0 of Adolescent Speakers - First Results for the German Ph@ttSessionz Database
[L08-1196]: Christoph Draxler | Florian Schiel | Tania Ellbogen

Pdf Export Search Dialogue, Speech and Images: the Companions Project Data Set
[L08-1197]: Yorick Wilks | David Benyon | Christopher Brewster | Pavel Ircing | Oli Mival

Pdf Export Search Creating and Using a Correlated Corpus to Glean Communicative Commonalities
[L08-1198]: Jade Goldstein-Stewart | Kerri Goodwin | Roberta Sabin | Ransom Winder

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction Tools and Methods for Understanding Dialogue in a Companion
[L08-1199]: Roberta Catizone | Alexiei Dingli | Hugo Pinto | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Production in a Multimodal Corpus: how Speakers Communicate Complex Actions
[L08-1200]: Carlos Gómez Gallo | T. Florian Jaeger | James Allen | Mary Swift

Pdf Export Search Towards Formal Interpretation of Semantic Annotation
[L08-1201]: Harry Bunt | Chwhynny Overbeeke

Pdf Export Search Towards a Vector Space Model for FrameNet-like Resources
[L08-1202]: Marco Pennacchiotti | Diego De Cao | Paolo Marocco | Roberto Basili

Pdf Export Search KnoFusius: a New Knowledge Fusion System for Interpretation of Gene Expression Data
[L08-1203]: Pavel Smrz

Pdf Export Search Modelling Word Similarity: an Evaluation of Automatic Synonymy Extraction Algorithms.
[L08-1204]: Kris Heylen | Yves Peirsman | Dirk Geeraerts | Dirk Speelman

Pdf Export Search Children’s Oral Reading Corpus (CHOREC): Description and Assessment of Annotator Agreement
[L08-1205]: Leen Cleuren | Jacques Duchateau | Pol Ghesquière | Hugo Van hamme

Pdf Export Search A Bilingual Corpus of Inter-linked Events
[L08-1206]: Tommaso Caselli | Nancy Ide | Roberto Bartolini

Pdf Export Search New Resources for Document Classification, Analysis and Translation Technologies
[L08-1207]: Stephanie Strassel | Lauren Friedman | Safa Ismael | Linda Brandschain

Pdf Export Search Approximating Learning Curves for Active-Learning-Driven Annotation
[L08-1208]: Tomanek Katrin | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Lexicon Schemas and Related Data Models: when Standards Meet Users
[L08-1209]: Thorsten Trippel | Michael Maxwell | Greville Corbett | Cambell Prince | Christopher Manning | Stephen Grimes | Steve Moran

Pdf Export Search LexSchem: a Large Subcategorization Lexicon for French Verbs
[L08-1210]: Cédric Messiant | Thierry Poibeau | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Arabic WordNet: Semi-automatic Extensions using Bayesian Inference
[L08-1211]: Horacio Rodríquez | David Farwell | Javi Ferreres | Manuel Bertran | Musa Alkhalifa | M. Antonia Martí

Pdf Export Search Subjective Evaluation of an Emotional Speech Database for Basque
[L08-1212]: Iñaki Sainz | Ibon Saratxaga | Eva Navas | Inmaculada Hernáez | Jon Sanchez | Iker Luengo | Igor Odriozola

Pdf Export Search How to Compare Treebanks
[L08-1213]: Sandra Kübler | Wolfgang Maier | Ines Rehbein | Yannick Versley

Pdf Export Search The INFILE Project: a Crosslingual Filtering Systems Evaluation Campaign
[L08-1214]: Romaric Besançon | Stéphane Chaudiron | Djamel Mostefa | Ismail Timimi | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search DIAC+: a Professional Diacritics Recovering System
[L08-1215]: Dan Tufiş | Alexandru Ceauşu

Pdf Export Search Annotating an Arabic Learner Corpus for Error
[L08-1216]: Ghazi Abuhakema | Reem Faraj | Anna Feldman | Eileen Fitzpatrick

Pdf Export Search All, and only, the Errors: more Complete and Consistent Spelling and OCR-Error Correction Evaluation
[L08-1217]: Martin Reynaert

Pdf Export Search Using Movie Subtitles for Creating a Large-Scale Bilingual Corpora
[L08-1218]: Einav Itamar | Alon Itai

Pdf Export Search The IFADV Corpus: a Free Dialog Video Corpus
[L08-1219]: Rob van Son | Wieneke Wesseling | Eric Sanders | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search WOZ Acoustic Data Collection for Interactive TV
[L08-1220]: Alessio Brutti | Luca Cristoforetti | Walter Kellermann | Lutz Marquardt | Maurizio Omologo

Pdf Export Search Process Model for Composing High-quality Text Corpora
[L08-1221]: Mikko Lounela

Pdf Export Search AnCora: Multilevel Annotated Corpora for Catalan and Spanish
[L08-1222]: Mariona Taulé | M. Antònia Martí | Marta Recasens

Pdf Export Search The U.S. Policy Agenda Legislation Corpus Volume 1 - a Language Resource from 1947 - 1998
[L08-1223]: Stephen Purpura | John Wilkerson | Dustin Hillard

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Resource Creation for Textual Inference Applications
[L08-1224]: Jeremy Bensley | Andrew Hickl

Pdf Export Search A Simple Method for Tagset Comparision
[L08-1225]: Markus Dickinson | Charles Jochim

Pdf Export Search From D-Coi to SoNaR: a reference corpus for Dutch
[L08-1226]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Martin Reynaert | Paola Monachesi | Gertjan Van Noord | Roeland Ordelman | Ineke Schuurman | Vincent Vandeghinste

Pdf Export Search Relationships between Nursing Converstaions and Activities
[L08-1227]: Hiromi Itoh Ozaku | Akinori Abe | Kaoru Sagara | Kiyoshi Kogure

Pdf Export Search Management of Large Annotation Projects Involving Multiple Human Judges: a Case Study of GALE Machine Translation Post-editing
[L08-1228]: Meghan Lammie Glenn | Stephanie Strassel | Lauren Friedman | Haejoong Lee | Shawn Medero

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Language Description: the case of Mpiemo (Bantu A, Central African Republic)
[L08-1229]: Harald Hammarström | Christina Thornell | Malin Petzell | Torbjörn Westerlund

Pdf Export Search Automatic Assessment of Japanese Text Readability Based on a Textbook Corpus
[L08-1230]: Satoshi Sato | Suguru Matsuyoshi | Yohsuke Kondoh

Pdf Export Search Building a Bio-Event Annotated Corpus for the Acquisition of Semantic Frames from Biomedical Corpora
[L08-1231]: Paul Thompson | Philip Cotter | John McNaught | Sophia Ananiadou | Simonetta Montemagni | Andrea Trabucco | Giulia Venturi

Pdf Export Search Language Resources and Chemical Informatics
[L08-1232]: C.J. Rupp | Ann Copestake | Peter Corbett | Peter Murray-Rust | Advaith Siddharthan | Simone Teufel | Benjamin Waldron

Pdf Export Search Semantic Annotations for Biology: a Corpus Development Initiative at the Jena University Language & Information Engineering (JULIE) Lab
[L08-1233]: Udo Hahn | Elena Beisswanger | Ekaterina Buyko | Michael Poprat | Katrin Tomanek | Joachim Wermter

Pdf Export Search A lexicon for biology and bioinformatics: the BOOTStrep experience.
[L08-1234]: Valeria Quochi | Monica Monachini | Riccardo Del Gratta | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Relation Mining for Biomedical Literature
[L08-1235]: Fabio Rinaldi | Gerold Schneider | Kaarel Kaljurand | Michael Hess

Pdf Export Search MeSH©: from a Controlled Vocabulary to a Processable Resource
[L08-1236]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search A Semantically Annotated Swedish Medical Corpus
[L08-1237]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis

Pdf Export Search Learning Patterns for Building Resources about Semantic Relations in the Medical Domain
[L08-1238]: Mehdi Embarek | Olivier Ferret

Pdf Export Search Automatic extraction of subcategorization frames for Italian
[L08-1239]: Dino Ienco | Serena Villata | Cristina Bosco

Pdf Export Search Parallel Multi-Theory Annotations of Syntactic Structure
[L08-1240]: Jerid Francom | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search Tagging a Hebrew Corpus: the Case of Participles
[L08-1241]: Meni Adler | Yael Netzer | Yoav Goldberg | David Gabay | Michael Elhadad

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Parts-of-Speech Induction for Bengali
[L08-1242]: Joydeep Nath | Monojit Choudhury | Animesh Mukherjee | Christian Biemann | Niloy Ganguly

Pdf Export Search Tagging Spanish Texts: the Problem of Problem of “SE”
[L08-1243]: Guadalupe Aguado de Cea | Javier Puche | José Ángel Ramos

Pdf Export Search Does Netgraph Fit Prague Dependency Treebank?
[L08-1244]: Jiří Mírovský

Pdf Export Search The Kalshnikov 691 Dependency Bank
[L08-1245]: Tomas By

Pdf Export Search Treebank-Based Acquisition of LFG Parsing Resources for French
[L08-1246]: Natalie Schluter | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Chooser: a Multi-Task Annotation Tool
[L08-1247]: Svetla Koeva | Borislav Rizov | Svetlozara Leseva

Pdf Export Search BOEMIE Ontology-Based Text Annotation Tool
[L08-1248]: Pavlina Fragkou | Georgios Petasis | Aris Theodorakos | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine Spyropoulos

Pdf Export Search Minding the Source: Automatic Tagging of Reported Speech in Newspaper Articles
[L08-1249]: Ralf Krestel | Sabine Bergler | René Witte

Pdf Export Search KYOTO: a System for Mining, Structuring and Distributing Knowledge across Languages and Cultures
[L08-1250]: Piek Vossen | Eneko Agirre | Nicoletta Calzolari | Christiane Fellbaum | Shu-kai Hsieh | Chu-Ren Huang | Hitoshi Isahara | Kyoko Kanzaki | Andrea Marchetti | Monica Monachini | Federico Neri | Remo Raffaelli | German Rigau | Maurizio Tescon | Joop VanGent

Pdf Export Search Extracting and Querying Relations in Scientific Papers on Language Technology
[L08-1251]: Ulrich Schäfer | Hans Uszkoreit | Christian Federmann | Torsten Marek | Yajing Zhang

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Relation Mining using Wikipedia
[L08-1252]: Adrian Iftene | Alexandra Balahur-Dobrescu

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition for Digitised Historical Texts
[L08-1253]: Claire Grover | Sharon Givon | Richard Tobin | Julian Ball

Pdf Export Search Entity Translation and Alignment in the ACE-07 ET Task
[L08-1254]: Zhiyi Song | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Automated Subject Induction from Query Keywords through Wikipedia Categories and Subject Headings
[L08-1255]: Yoji Kiyota | Noriyuki Tamura | Satoshi Sakai | Hiroshi Nakagawa | Hidetaka Masuda

Pdf Export Search Using Random Indexing to improve Singular Value Decomposition for Latent Semantic Analysis
[L08-1256]: Linus Sellberg | Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Harvesting Multi-Word Expressions from Parallel Corpora
[L08-1257]: Špela Vintar | Darja Fišer

Pdf Export Search Integration of a Multilingual Keyword Extractor in a Document Management System
[L08-1258]: Andrea Agili | Marco Fabbri | Alessandro Panunzi | Manuel Zini

Pdf Export Search Dictionary of Multiword Expressions for Translation into highly Inflected Languages
[L08-1259]: Daiga Deksne | Raivis Skadins | Inguna Skadina

Pdf Export Search Verb-Noun Collocation SyntLex Dictionary: Corpus-Based Approach
[L08-1260]: Grazyna Vetulani | Zygmunt Vetulani | Tomasz Obrębski

Pdf Export Search Targeting Chinese Nominal Compounds in Corpora
[L08-1261]: Weiruo Qu | Christoph Ringlstetter | Randy Goebel

Pdf Export Search Using Semantically Annotated Corpora to Build Collocation Resources
[L08-1262]: Margarita Alonso Ramos | Owen Rambow | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Eksairesis: A Domain-Adaptable System for Ontology Building from Unstructured Text
[L08-1263]: Katia Lida Kermanidis | Aristomenis Thanopoulos | Manolis Maragoudakis | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Conceptual Modeling of Ontology-based Linguistic Resources with a Focus on Semantic Relations
[L08-1264]: Francisco Alvarez Montero | Antonio Vaquero Sanchez | Fernando Saenz Perez

Pdf Export Search Ontology Search with the OntoSelect Ontology Library
[L08-1265]: Paul Buitelaar | Thomas Eigner

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Multilingual Ontology Mapping
[L08-1266]: Cássia Trojahn | Paulo Quaresma | Renata Vieira

Pdf Export Search Acquiring a Taxonomy from the German Wikipedia
[L08-1267]: Laura Kassner | Vivi Nastase | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search LMM: an OWL-DL MetaModel to Represent Heterogeneous Lexical Knowledge
[L08-1268]: Davide Picca | Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo | Aldo Gangemi

Pdf Export Search Development of the Japanese WordNet
[L08-1269]: Hitoshi Isahara | Fransis Bond | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Masao Utiyama | Kyoko Kanzaki

Pdf Export Search Lexical Ontology Extraction using Terminology Analysis: Automating Video Annotation
[L08-1270]: Neil Newbold | Bogdan Vrusias | Lee Gillam

Pdf Export Search Workbench with Authoring Tools for Collaborative Multi-lingual Ontological Knowledge Construction and Maintenance
[L08-1271]: Mukda Suktarachan | Dussadee Thamvijit | Daoyos Noikongka | Panita Yongyuth | Puwarat Pavaputanont Na Mahasarakham | Asanee Kawtrakul | Asanee Kawtrakul | Margherita Sini

Pdf Export Search Towards Semi Automatic Construction of a Lexical Ontology for Persian
[L08-1272]: Mehrnoush Shamsfard

Pdf Export Search Mapping Roget’s Thesaurus and WordNet to French
[L08-1273]: Gerard de Melo | Gerhard Weikum

Pdf Export Search Representation of Atypical Entities in Ontologies
[L08-1274]: Christophe Jouis | Julien Bourdaillet

Pdf Export Search Extracting Concrete Senses of Lexicon through Measurement of Conceptual Similarity in Ontologies
[L08-1275]: Siaw-Fong Chung | Laurent Prévot | Mingwei Xu | Kathleen Ahrens | Shu-Kai Hsieh | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search A Contextual Dynamic Network Model for WSD Using Associative Concept Dictionary
[L08-1276]: Jun Okamoto | Kiyoko Uchiyama | Shun Ishizaki

Pdf Export Search A Semantic Memory for Incremental Ontology Population
[L08-1277]: Berenike Loos | Lasse Schwarten

Pdf Export Search Turning a Term Extractor into a new Domain: first Experiences
[L08-1278]: Jorge Vivaldi | Anna Joan | Mercè Lorente

Pdf Export Search Similar Term Discovery using Web Search
[L08-1279]: Peter Anick | Vijay Murthi | Shaji Sebastian

Pdf Export Search Temporal Aspects of Terminology for Automatic Term Recognition: Case Study on Women’s Studies Terms
[L08-1280]: Junko Kubo | Keita Tsuji | Shigeo Sugimoto

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Evaluation of Term Recognition Algorithms
[L08-1281]: Ziqi Zhang | Jose Iria | Christopher Brewster | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Learning-based Detection of Scientific Terms in Patient Information
[L08-1282]: Veronique Hoste | Els Lefever | Klaar Vanopstal | Isabelle Delaere

Pdf Export Search WNTERM: Enriching the MCR with a Terminological Dictionary
[L08-1283]: Eli Pociello | Antton Gurrutxaga | Eneko Agirre | Izaskun Aldezabal | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Encoding Terms from a Scientific Domain in a Terminological Database: Methodology and Criteria
[L08-1284]: Rita Marinelli | Melissa Tiberi | Remo Bindi

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Resource for Geographic Information Retrieval
[L08-1285]: Thomas Mandl | Fredric Gey | Giorgio Di Nunzio | Nicola Ferro | Mark Sanderson | Diana Santos | Christa Womser-Hacker

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Text Classification using the IBM 1 Translation Model
[L08-1286]: Jorge Civera | Alfons Juan-Císcar

Pdf Export Search Ping-pong Document Clustering using NMF and Linkage-Based Refinement
[L08-1287]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Minoru Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Spectral Clustering for a Large Data Set by Reducing the Similarity Matrix Size
[L08-1288]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Minoru Sasaki

Pdf Export Search A Text-based Query Interface to OWL Ontologies
[L08-1289]: Danica Damljanovic | Valentin Tablan | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search A Research on Automatic Chinese Catchword Extraction
[L08-1290]: Han Ren | Donghong Ji | Lei Han

Pdf Export Search ParsCit: an Open-source CRF Reference String Parsing Package
[L08-1291]: Isaac Councill | C Lee Giles | Min-Yen Kan

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Usage Information for Language Resources
[L08-1292]: Shunsuke Kozawa | Hitomi Tohyama | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Shigeki Matsubara

Pdf Export Search Cost-Sensitive Learning in Answer Extraction
[L08-1293]: Michael Wiegand | Jochen L. Leidner | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search Definition Extraction Using a Sequential Combination of Baseline Grammars and Machine Learning Classifiers
[L08-1294]: Łukasz Degórski | Michał Marcińczuk | Adam Przepiórkowski

Pdf Export Search Yet another Platform for Extracting Knowledge from Corpora
[L08-1295]: Francesca Fallucchi | Fabio Massimo Zanzotto

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Identity Resolution and Merging for Multi-source Information Extraction
[L08-1296]: Milena Yankova | Horacio Saggion | Hamish Cunningham

Pdf Export Search Experiments to Investigate the Connection between Case Distribution and Topical Relevance of Search Terms in an Information Retrieval Setting
[L08-1297]: Jussi Karlgren | Hercules Dalianis | Bart Jongejan

Pdf Export Search Identifying Strategic Information from Scientific Articles through Sentence Classification
[L08-1298]: Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan | Chaomei Chen | Roberto Pinho

Pdf Export Search Keywords, k-NN and Neural Networks: a Support for Hierarchical Categorization of Texts in Brazilian Portuguese
[L08-1299]: Susana Azeredo | Silvia Moraes | Vera Lima

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Textual Elements from News Web Pages
[L08-1300]: Hossam Ibrahim | Kareem Darwish | Abdel-Rahim Madany

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Informative Expressions from Domain-specific Documents
[L08-1301]: Eiko Yamamoto | Hitoshi Isahara | Akira Terada | Yasunori Abe

Pdf Export Search Connecting Text Mining and Pathways using the PathText Resource
[L08-1302]: Rune Sætre | Brian Kemper | Kanae Oda | Naoaki Okazaki | Yukiko Matsuoka | Norihiro Kikuchi | Hiroaki Kitano | Yoshimasa Tsuruoka | Sophia Ananiadou | Jun’ichi Tsujii

Pdf Export Search Detecting Co-Derivative Documents in Large Text Collections
[L08-1303]: Jan Pomikálek | Pavel Rychlý

Pdf Export Search Extraction and Evaluation of Keywords from Learning Objects: a Multilingual Approach
[L08-1304]: Lothar Lemnitzer | Paola Monachesi

Pdf Export Search Exploiting the Role of Position Feature in Chinese Relation Extraction
[L08-1305]: Peng Zhang | Wenjie Li | Furu Wei | Qin Lu | Yuexian Hou

Pdf Export Search Authorship Attribution of E-Mail: Comparing Classifiers over a New Corpus for Evaluation
[L08-1306]: Ben Allison | Louise Guthrie

Pdf Export Search Creating a Research Collection of Question Answer Sentence Pairs with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
[L08-1307]: Michael Kaisser | John Lowe

Pdf Export Search Adaptation of Relation Extraction Rules to New Domains
[L08-1308]: Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit | Hong Li | Niko Felger

Pdf Export Search Boosting Precision and Recall of Hyponymy Relation Acquisition from Hierarchical Layouts in Wikipedia
[L08-1309]: Asuka Sumida | Naoki Yoshinaga | Kentaro Torisawa

Pdf Export Search Parameters for Topic Boundary Detection in Multi-Party Dialogues
[L08-1310]: Margot Mieskes | Michael Strube

Pdf Export Search Semantic Press
[L08-1311]: Eugenio Picchi | Eva Sassolini | Sebastiana Cucurullo | Francesca Bertagna | Paola Baroni

Pdf Export Search An Approach to Modeling Heterogeneous Resources for Information Extraction
[L08-1312]: Lei Xia | Jose Iria

Pdf Export Search On Classifying Coherent/Incoherent Romanian Short Texts
[L08-1313]: Anca Dinu

Pdf Export Search Characterization of Scientific and Popular Science Discourse in French, Japanese and Russian
[L08-1314]: Lorraine Goeuriot | Natalia Grabar | Béatrice Daille

Pdf Export Search Converting Romanized Persian to the Arabic Writing Systems
[L08-1315]: Jalal Maleki | Lars Ahrenberg

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning-based Anomalous Arabic Text Detection
[L08-1316]: Nasser Abouzakhar | Ben Allison | Louise Guthrie

Pdf Export Search Condensing Sentences for Subtitle Generation
[L08-1317]: Prokopis Prokopidis | Vassia Karra | Aggeliki Papagianopoulou | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search Making Text Resources Accessible to the Reader: the Case of Patent Claims
[L08-1318]: Simon Mille | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Lexical Resources for Disambiguating CJK and Arabic Orthographic Variants
[L08-1319]: Jack Halpern

Pdf Export Search Automatic Document Quality Control
[L08-1320]: Neil Newbold | Lee Gillam

Pdf Export Search OpenCCG Workbench and Visualization Tool
[L08-1321]: Thepchai Supnithi | Suchinder Singh | Taneth Ruangrajitpakorn | Prachya Boonkwan | Monthika Boriboon

Pdf Export Search Using the Web as a Linguistic Resource to Automatically Correct Lexico-Syntactic Errors
[L08-1322]: Matthieu Hermet | Alain Désilets | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search I saw TREE trees in the park: How to Correct Real-Word Spelling Mistakes
[L08-1323]: Davide Fossati | Barbara Di Eugenio

Pdf Export Search User-Centred Design of Error Correction Tools
[L08-1324]: Martí Quixal | Toni Badia | Francesc Benavent | Jose R. Boullosa | Judith Domingo | Bernat Grau | Guillem Massó | Oriol Valentín

Pdf Export Search Professor or Screaming Beast? Detecting Anomalous Words in Chinese
[L08-1325]: Wei Liu | Ben Allison | Louise Guthrie

Pdf Export Search Spelling Correction: from Two-Level Morphology to Open Source
[L08-1326]: Iñaki Alegria | Klara Ceberio | Nerea Ezeiza | Aitor Soroa | Gregorio Hernandez

Pdf Export Search Automatic Rewriting of Patient Record Narratives
[L08-1327]: Catalina Hallett | David Hardcastle

Pdf Export Search BART: A modular toolkit for coreference resolution
[L08-1328]: Yannick Versley | Simone Ponzetto | Massimo Poesio | Vladimir Eidelman | Alan Jern | Jason Smith | Xiaofeng Yang | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search ANAWIKI: Creating Anaphorically Annotated Resources through Web Cooperation
[L08-1329]: Massimo Poesio | Udo Kruschwitz | Chamberlain Jon

Pdf Export Search Influence of Text Type and Text Length on Anaphoric Annotation
[L08-1330]: Daniela Goecke | Maik Stührenberg | Andreas Witt

Pdf Export Search Annotating Abstract Pronominal Anaphora in the DAD Project
[L08-1331]: Costanza Navarretta | Sussi Olsen

Pdf Export Search Deriving Rhetorical Complexity Data from the RST-DT Corpus
[L08-1332]: Sandra Williams | Richard Power

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-based Coreference Resolution for Hungarian
[L08-1333]: Márton Miháltz

Pdf Export Search The Italian Particle “ne”: Corpus Construction and Analysis
[L08-1334]: Malvina Nissim | Sara Perboni

Pdf Export Search Introducing DRS (The Digital Replay System): a Tool for the Future of Corpus Linguistic Research and Analysis
[L08-1335]: Dawn Knight | Paul Tennent

Pdf Export Search An Inverted Index for Storing and Retrieving Grammatical Dependencies
[L08-1336]: Michaela Atterer | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search MaltEval: an Evaluation and Visualization Tool for Dependency Parsing
[L08-1337]: Jens Nilsson | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search New Functions of FrameSQL for Multilingual FrameNets
[L08-1338]: Hiroaki Sato

Pdf Export Search Division of Example Sentences Based on the Meaning of a Target Word Using Semi-Supervised Clustering
[L08-1339]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Minoru Sasaki

Pdf Export Search The Japanese FrameNet Software Tools
[L08-1340]: Hiroaki Saito | Shunta Kuboya | Takaaki Sone | Hayato Tagami | Kyoko Ohara

Pdf Export Search JMWNL: an Extensible Multilingual Library for Accessing Wordnets in Different Languages
[L08-1341]: Maria Teresa Pazienza | Armando Stellato | Alexandra Tudorache

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking Textual Annotation Tools for the Semantic Web
[L08-1342]: Diana Maynard

Pdf Export Search Authorship Identification of Romanian Texts with Controversial Paternity
[L08-1343]: Liviu Dinu | Marius Popescu | Anca Dinu

Pdf Export Search Ensuring Semantic Interoperability on Lexical Resources
[L08-1344]: Marc Kemps-Snijders | Claus Zinn | Jacquelijn Ringersma | Menzo Windhouwer

Pdf Export Search Exploring and Navigating: Tools for GermaNet
[L08-1345]: Marc Finthammer | Irene Cramer

Pdf Export Search A Knowledge-Modeling Approach for Multilingual Regulus Lexica
[L08-1346]: Marianne Santaholma | Nikos Chatzichrisafis

Pdf Export Search ODL: an Object Description Language for Lexical Information
[L08-1347]: Michael Rosner

Pdf Export Search How to Evaluate and Raise the Quality in a Collaborative Lexicographic Approach
[L08-1348]: Dan Cristea | Corina Forăscu | Marius Răschip | Michael Zock

Pdf Export Search Merging a Syntactic Resource with a WordNet: a Feasibility Study of a Merge between STO and DanNet
[L08-1349]: Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Anna Braasch | Lina Henriksen | Sussi Olsen | Claus Povlsen

Pdf Export Search Hydra: a Modal Logic Tool for Wordnet Development, Validation and Exploration
[L08-1350]: Borislav Rizov

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of several Maximum Likelihood Linear Regression Variants for Language Adaptation.
[L08-1351]: Míriam Luján Mares | Carlos David Martínez Hinarejos | Vicent Alabau Gonzalvo

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Lexical Resources and Semantic Networks on a Corpus of Mental Associations
[L08-1352]: Laurianne Sitbon | Patrice Bellot | Philippe Blache

Pdf Export Search Measures for Term and Sentence Relevances: an Evaluation for German
[L08-1353]: Heike Bieler | Stefanie Dipper

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Information Structure: an Evaluation across different Types of Texts
[L08-1354]: Julia Ritz | Stefanie Dipper | Michael Götze

Pdf Export Search Word Segmentation of Vietnamese Texts: a Comparison of Approaches
[L08-1355]: Quang Thắng Đinh | Hồng Phương Lê | Thi Minh Huyền Nguyễn | Cẩm Tú Nguyễn | Mathias Rossignol | Xuẩn Lương Vũ

Pdf Export Search Comparing Italian parsers on a common Treebank: the EVALITA experience
[L08-1356]: Cristina Bosco | Alessandro Mazzei | Vincenzo Lombardo | Giuseppe Attardi | Anna Corazza | Alberto Lavelli | Leonardo Lesmo | Giorgio Satta | Maria Simi

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Natural Language Tools for Italian: EVALITA 2007
[L08-1357]: Bernardo Magnini | Amedeo Cappelli | Fabio Tamburini | Cristina Bosco | Alessandro Mazzei | Vincenzo Lombardo | Francesca Bertagna | Nicoletta Calzolari | Antonio Toral | Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi | Rachele Sprugnoli | Manuela Speranza

Pdf Export Search A Bottom-up Comparative Study of EuroWordNet and WordNet 3.0 Lexical and Semantic Relations
[L08-1358]: Maria Teresa Pazienza | Armando Stellato | Alexandra Tudorache

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Ontology underlying sMail - the Conceptual Framework for Semantic Email Communication
[L08-1359]: Simon Scerri | Myriam Mencke | Brian Davis | Siegfried Handschuh

Pdf Export Search Inter-sentential Coreferences in Semantic Networks: An Evaluation of Manual Annotation
[L08-1360]: Václav Novák | Keith Hall

Pdf Export Search Diacritic Annotation in the Arabic Treebank and its Impact on Parser Evaluation
[L08-1361]: Mohamed Maamouri | Seth Kulick | Ann Bies

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Virtual Keyboards for West-African Languages
[L08-1362]: Chantal Enguehard | Harouna Naroua

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution Exercise: an Overview
[L08-1363]: Constantin Orăsan | Dan Cristea | Ruslan Mitkov | António Branco

Pdf Export Search Portuguese-English Word Alignment: some Experiments
[L08-1364]: Diana Santos | Alberto Simões

Pdf Export Search System Evaluation on a Named Entity Corpus from Clinical Notes
[L08-1365]: Karin Schuler | Vinod Kaggal | James Masanz | Philip Ogren | Guergana Savova

Pdf Export Search Constructing Evaluation Corpora for Automated Clinical Named Entity Recognition
[L08-1366]: Philip Ogren | Guergana Savova | Christopher Chute

Pdf Export Search Assessing the Costs of Machine-Assisted Corpus Annotation through a User Study
[L08-1367]: Eric Ringger | Marc Carmen | Robbie Haertel | Kevin Seppi | Deryle Lonsdale | Peter McClanahan | James Carroll | Noel Ellison

Pdf Export Search Training and Evaluation of POS Taggers on the French MULTITAG Corpus
[L08-1368]: Alexandre Allauzen | Hélène Bonneau-Maynard

Pdf Export Search Cleaneval: a Competition for Cleaning Web Pages
[L08-1369]: Marco Baroni | Francis Chantree | Adam Kilgarriff | Serge Sharoff

Pdf Export Search A Ground Truth Dataset for Matching Culturally Diverse Romanized Person Names
[L08-1370]: Mark Arehart | Keith J Miller

Pdf Export Search Producing a Test Collection for Patent Machine Translation in the Seventh NTCIR Workshop
[L08-1371]: Atsushi Fujii | Masao Utiyama | Mikio Yamamoto | Takehito Utsuro

Pdf Export Search A Test Suite for Inference Involving Adjectives
[L08-1372]: Marilisa Amoia | Claire Gardent

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Framework for Distant-talking Speech Recognition under Reverberant Environments: newest Part of the CENSREC Series -
[L08-1373]: Takanobu Nishiura | Masato Nakayama | Yuki Denda | Norihide Kitaoka | Kazumasa Yamamoto | Takeshi Yamada | Satoru Tsuge | Chiyomi Miyajima | Masakiyo Fujimoto | Tetsuya Takiguchi | Satoshi Tamura | Shingo Kuroiwa | Kazuya Takeda | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search An Experimental Methodology for an End-to-End Evaluation in Speech-to-Speech Translation
[L08-1374]: Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Different Segmentation Techniques for Dialogue Turns
[L08-1375]: Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos | Vicent Tamarit

Pdf Export Search Acquisition and Evaluation of a Dialog Corpus through WOz and Dialog Simulation Techniques
[L08-1376]: David Griol | Lluís F. Hurtado | Encarna Segarra | Emilio Sanchis

Pdf Export Search What would you Ask a conversational Agent? Observations of Human-Agent Dialogues in a Museum Setting
[L08-1377]: Susan Robinson | David Traum | Midhun Ittycheriah | Joe Henderer

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Spoken and Textual Interaction in the RITEL Interactive Question Answering System
[L08-1378]: Dave Toney | Sophie Rosset | Aurélien Max | Olivier Galibert | Eric Bilinski

Pdf Export Search Classification Procedures for Software Evaluation
[L08-1379]: Muriel Amar | Sophie David | Rachel Panckhurst | Lisa Whistlecroft

Pdf Export Search Cross-Corpus Evaluation of Word Alignment
[L08-1380]: Sylwia Ozdowska

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Evaluation Metrics for Ontology-Based Applications: Infinite Reflection
[L08-1381]: Diana Maynard | Wim Peters | Yaoyong Li

Pdf Export Search Lexical Substitution as a Framework for Multiword Evaluation
[L08-1382]: Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search Tree Distance and Some Other Variants of Evalb
[L08-1383]: Martin Emms

Pdf Export Search BLEU+: a Tool for Fine-Grained BLEU Computation
[L08-1384]: A. Cuneyd Tantug | Kemal Oflazer | Ilknur Durgar El-Kahlout

Pdf Export Search Elicited Imitation as an Oral Proficiency Measure with ASR Scoring
[L08-1385]: C. Ray Graham | Deryle Lonsdale | Casey Kennington | Aaron Johnson | Jeremiah McGhee

Pdf Export Search Methodology for Evaluating the Usability of User Interfaces in Mobile Services
[L08-1386]: Pedro Concejero | Daniel Tapias | Juan José Rodríguez | Juan Carlos Luengo | Sebastián Sánchez

Pdf Export Search An Economic View on Human Language Technology Evaluation
[L08-1387]: Edouard Geoffrois

Pdf Export Search Comparing Corpus-based to Web-based Lookup Techniques for Automatic English Inclusion Detection
[L08-1388]: Beatrice Alex

Pdf Export Search Centering Theory for Evaluation of Coherence in Computer-Aided Summaries
[L08-1389]: Laura Hasler

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Resources and Evaluation Techniques for Evaluation of Cross-Document Automatic Content Extraction
[L08-1390]: Stephanie Strassel | Mark Przybocki | Kay Peterson | Zhiyi Song | Kazuaki Maeda

Pdf Export Search Let’s not Argue about Semantics
[L08-1391]: Johan Bos

Pdf Export Search Can we Evaluate the Quality of Generated Text?
[L08-1392]: David Hardcastle | Donia Scott

Pdf Export Search An Infrastructure, Tools and Methodology for Evaluation of Multicultural Name Matching Systems
[L08-1393]: Keith J. Miller | Mark Arehart | Catherine Ball | John Polk | Alan Rubenstein | Kenneth Samuel | Elizabeth Schroeder | Eva Vecchi | Chris Wolf

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Robustness Of A QA System Through A Corpus Of Real-Life Questions
[L08-1394]: Laurianne Sitbon | Patrice Bellot | Philippe Blache

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis and the Use of Extrinsic Datasets in Evaluation
[L08-1395]: Ann Devitt | Khurshid Ahmad

Pdf Export Search Certification and Cleaning up of a Text Corpus: Towards an Evaluation of the “Grammatical” Quality of a Corpus
[L08-1396]: Cyril Grouin

Pdf Export Search WEB-Based Listening Test System for Speech Synthesis and Speech Conversion Evaluation
[L08-1397]: Laurent Blin | Olivier Boeffard | Vincent Barreaud

Pdf Export Search Semiotic-based Ontology Evaluation Tool (S-OntoEval)
[L08-1398]: Renata Dividino | Massimo Romanelli | Daniel Sonntag

Pdf Export Search ANNALIST - ANNotation ALIgnment and Scoring Tool
[L08-1399]: George Demetriou | Robert Gaizauskas | Haotian Sun | Angus Roberts

Pdf Export Search Task-Based Evaluation of Meeting Browsers: from Task Elicitation to User Behavior Analysis
[L08-1400]: Andrei Popescu-Belis | Mike Flynn | Pierre Wellner | Philippe Baudrion

Pdf Export Search Improving Contextual Quality Models for MT Evaluation Based on Evaluators’ Feedback
[L08-1401]: Paula Estrella | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Maghi King

Pdf Export Search Performance Evaluation of Speech Translation Systems
[L08-1402]: Brian Weiss | Craig Schlenoff | Greg Sanders | Michelle Steves | Sherri Condon | Jon Phillips | Dan Parvaz

Pdf Export Search Automatic Evaluation Measures for Statistical Machine Translation System Optimization
[L08-1403]: Arne Mauser | Sasa Hasan | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search RACAI’s Linguistic Web Services
[L08-1404]: Dan Tufiş | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceauşu | Dan Ştefănescu

Pdf Export Search Words in Contexts: Digital Editions of Literary Journals in the “AAC - Austrian Academy Corpus”
[L08-1405]: Hanno Biber | Evelyn Breiteneder | Karlheinz Mörth

Pdf Export Search ASV Toolbox: a Modular Collection of Language Exploration Tools
[L08-1406]: Chris Biemann | Uwe Quasthoff | Gerhard Heyer | Florian Holz

Pdf Export Search LX-Service: Web Services of Language Technology for Portuguese
[L08-1407]: António Branco | Francisco Costa | Pedro Martins | Filipe Nunes | João Silva | Sara Silveira

Pdf Export Search The TextPro Tool Suite
[L08-1408]: Emanuele Pianta | Christian Girardi | Roberto Zanoli

Pdf Export Search An AI-inspired intelligent agent/student architecture to combine Language Resources research and teaching
[L08-1409]: Bayan Abu Shawar | Eric Atwell

Pdf Export Search Language Resources and Tools for Swedish: A Survey
[L08-1410]: Kjell Elenius | Eva Forsbom | Beáta Megyesi

Pdf Export Search Glossa: a Multilingual, Multimodal, Configurable User Interface
[L08-1411]: Lars Nygaard | Joel Priestley | Anders Nøklestad | Janne Bondi Johannessen

Pdf Export Search Ontology-Based Interface Specifications for a NLP Pipeline Architecture
[L08-1412]: Ekaterina Buyko | Christian Chiarcos | Antonio Pareja-Lora

Pdf Export Search Foundation of a Component-based Flexible Registry for Language Resources and Technology
[L08-1413]: Daan Broeder | Thierry Declerck | Erhard Hinrichs | Stelios Piperidis | Laurent Romary | Nicoletta Calzolari | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Building a Federation of Language Resource Repositories: the DAM-LR Project and its Continuation within CLARIN.
[L08-1414]: Daan Broeder | David Nathan | Sven Strömqvist | Remco van Veenendaal

Pdf Export Search A Grid of Regional Language Archives
[L08-1415]: Paul Trilsbeek | Daan Broeder | Tobias Valkenhoef | Peter Wittenburg

Pdf Export Search Adapting International Standard for Asian Language Technologies
[L08-1416]: Tokunaga Takenobu | Dain Kaplan | Chu-Ren Huang | Shu-Kai Hsieh | Nicoletta Calzolari | Monica Monachini | Claudia Soria | Kiyoaki Shirai | Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Thatsanee Charoenporn | Xia YingJu

Pdf Export Search A Large-Scale Web Data Collection as a Natural Language Processing Infrastructure
[L08-1417]: Keiji Shinzato | Daisuke Kawahara | Chikara Hashimoto | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search UFRA: a UIMA-based Approach to Federated Language Resource Architecture
[L08-1418]: Riccardo Del Gratta | Roberto Bartolini | Tommaso Caselli | Monica Monachini | Claudia Soria | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search The Metadata-Database of a Next Generation Sustainability Web-Platform for Language Resources
[L08-1419]: Georg Rehm | Oliver Schonefeld | Andreas Witt | Timm Lehmberg | Christian Chiarcos | Hanan Bechara | Florian Eishold | Kilian Evang | Magdalena Leshtanska | Aleksandar Savkov | Matthias Stark

Pdf Export Search From Field Notes towards a Knowledge Base
[L08-1420]: Piroska Lendvai | Steve Hunt

Pdf Export Search Construction of a Metadata Database for Efficient Development and Use of Language Resources
[L08-1421]: Hitomi Tohyama | Shunsuke Kozawa | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Shigeki Matsubara | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Taxonomy of Lexical Metadata Categories
[L08-1422]: Bodil Nistrup Madsen | Hanne Erdman Thomsen

Pdf Export Search The 2008 Oriental COCOSDA Book Project: in Commemoration of the First Decade of Sustained Activities in Asia
[L08-1423]: Shuichi Itahashi | Chiu-yu Tseng

Pdf Export Search Towards the National Corpus of Polish
[L08-1424]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Rafał L. Górski | Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszyk | Marek Łaziński

Pdf Export Search Strengthening the Estonian Language Technology
[L08-1425]: Einar Meister | Jaak Vilo

Pdf Export Search MEDAR: Collaboration between European and Mediterranean Arabic Partners to Support the Development of Language Technology for Arabic
[L08-1426]: Bente Maegaard | Mohammed Atiyya | Khalid Choukri | Steven Krauwer | Chafic Mokbel | Mustafa Yaseen

Pdf Export Search Slovene Terminology Web Portal and the TBX-Compatible Simplified DTD/schema
[L08-1427]: Simon Krek | Vojko Gorjanc | Špela Arhar

Pdf Export Search LIRICS Semantic Role Annotation: Design and Evaluation of a Set of Data Categories
[L08-1428]: Volha Petukhova | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Reusable Tagset Conversion Using Tagset Drivers
[L08-1429]: Daniel Zeman

Pdf Export Search Presentation of the New ISO-Standard for the Representation of Entries in Dictionaries: ISO 1951
[L08-1430]: Marie-Jeanne Derouin | André Le Meur

Pdf Export Search ISOcat: Corralling Data Categories in the Wild
[L08-1431]: Marc Kemps-Snijders | Menzo Windhouwer | Peter Wittenburg | Sue Ellen Wright

Pdf Export Search Standardising Bilingual Lexical Resources According to the Lexicon Markup Framework
[L08-1432]: Isa Maks | Carole Tiberius | Remco van Veenendaal

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Standardized Syntactic Annotation
[L08-1433]: Thierry Declerck

Pdf Export Search A Guide for the Production of Reusable Language Resources
[L08-1434]: Victoria Arranz | Franck Gandcher | Valérie Mapelli | Khalid Choukri

Pdf Export Search Prolexbase: a Multilingual Relational Lexical Database of Proper Names
[L08-1435]: Denis Maurel

Pdf Export Search Ontologizing Lexicon Access Functions based on an LMF-based Lexicon Taxonomy
[L08-1436]: Yoshihiko Hayashi | Chiharu Narawa | Monica Monachini | Claudia Soria | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search Romanian Lexical Data Bases: Inflected and Syllabic Forms Dictionaries
[L08-1437]: Ana-Maria Barbu

Pdf Export Search Producing an Encyclopedic Dictionary using Patent Documents
[L08-1438]: Atsushi Fujii

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Relationship between Linguistic and Geographic Distances using a 3D Visualization
[L08-1439]: Folkert De Vriend | Jan Pieter Kunst | Louis Ten Bosch | Charlotte Giesbers | Roeland Van Hout

Pdf Export Search Enhancing an English-Polish Electronic Dictionary for Multiword Expression Research
[L08-1440]: Piotr Bański | Radosław Moszczyński

Pdf Export Search ProPOSEL: A Prosody and POS English Lexicon for Language Engineering
[L08-1441]: Claire Brierley | Eric Atwell

Pdf Export Search Creating Glossaries Using Pattern-Based and Machine Learning Techniques
[L08-1442]: Eline Westerhout | Paola Monachesi

Pdf Export Search Using Similarity Measures to Extend the LinGO Lexicon
[L08-1443]: Lynne Cahill

Pdf Export Search Acquiring a Poor Man’s Inflectional Lexicon for German
[L08-1444]: Peter Adolphs

Pdf Export Search COLDIC, a Lexicographic Platform for LMF compliant lexica
[L08-1445]: Núria Bel | Sergio Espeja | Montserrat Marimon | Marta Villegas

Pdf Export Search The Annotation Guidelines of the Latin Dependency Treebank and Index Thomisticus Treebank: the Treatment of some specific Syntactic Constructions in Latin
[L08-1446]: David Bamman | Marco Passarotti | Roberto Busa | Gregory Crane

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Lexical Acquisition for Part of Speech Tagging
[L08-1447]: Dan Tufis | Elena Irimia | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceausu

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Extracting and Classifying Verb+Noun Constructions
[L08-1448]: Amalia Todiraşcu | Dan Tufiş | Ulrich Heid | Christopher Gledhill | Dan Ştefanescu | Marion Weller | François Rousselot

Pdf Export Search Head or Non-head? Semi-automatic Procedures for Extracting and Classifying Subcategorisation Properties of Compounds.
[L08-1449]: Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Ulrich Heid

Pdf Export Search A LAF/GrAF based Encoding Scheme for underspecified Representations of syntactic Annotations.
[L08-1450]: Manuel Kountz | Ulrich Heid | Kerstin Eckart

Pdf Export Search The JOS Morphosyntactically Tagged Corpus of Slovene
[L08-1451]: Tomaš Erjavec | Simon Krek

Pdf Export Search ♠ Demo: An Open Source Tool for Partial Parsing and Morphosyntactic Disambiguation
[L08-1452]: Aleksander Buczyński | Adam Przepiórkowski

Pdf Export Search Annotating Superlatives
[L08-1453]: Silke Scheible

Pdf Export Search POS Tagging for German: how important is the Right Context?
[L08-1454]: Steliana Ivanova | Sandra Kuebler

Pdf Export Search UnsuParse: unsupervised Parsing with unsupervised Part of Speech Tagging
[L08-1455]: Christian Hänig | Stefan Bordag | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search Enriching the Venice Italian Treebank with Dependency and Grammatical Relations
[L08-1456]: Sara Tonelli | Rodolfo Delmonte | Antonella Bristot

Pdf Export Search Rule-Based Chunker for Croatian
[L08-1457]: Kristina Vuckovic | Marko Tadic | Zdravko Dovedan

Pdf Export Search Learning properties of Noun Phrases: from data to functions
[L08-1458]: Valeria Quochi | Basilio Calderone

Pdf Export Search A Study of Parentheticals in Discourse Corpora - Implications for NLG Systems
[L08-1459]: Eva Banik | Alan Lee

Pdf Export Search Enhancing the Arabic Treebank: a Collaborative Effort toward New Annotation Guidelines
[L08-1460]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick

Pdf Export Search A Pilot Arabic Propbank
[L08-1461]: Martha Palmer | Olga Babko-Malaya | Ann Bies | Mona Diab | Mohamed Maamouri | Aous Mansouri | Wajdi Zaghouani

Pdf Export Search Saxon: an Extensible Multimedia Annotator
[L08-1462]: Mark Greenwood | José Iria | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Spatiotemporal Coding in ANVIL
[L08-1463]: Michael Kipp

Pdf Export Search Integrating Audio and Visual Information for Modelling Communicative Behaviours Perceived as Different
[L08-1464]: Michelina Savino | Laura Scivetti | Mario Refice

Pdf Export Search Annotation Tool Development for Large-Scale Corpus Creation Projects at the Linguistic Data Consortium
[L08-1465]: Kazuaki Maeda | Haejoong Lee | Shawn Medero | Julie Medero | Robert Parker | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Design and Recording of Czech Audio-Visual Database with Impaired Conditions for Continuous Speech Recognition
[L08-1466]: Jana Trojanová | Marek Hrúz | Pavel Campr | Milos Zelezny

Pdf Export Search The UJIpenchars Database: a Pen-Based Database of Isolated Handwritten Characters
[L08-1467]: D. Llorens | F. Prat | A. Marzal | J. M. Vilar | M. J. Castro | J. C. Amengual | S. Barrachina | A. Castellanos | S. España | J. A. Gómez | J. Gorbe | A. Gordo | V. Palazón | G. Peris | R. Ramos-Garijo | F. Zamora

Pdf Export Search Sign Language Corpus Annotation: toward a new Methodology
[L08-1468]: Emilie Chételat-Pelé | Annelies Braffort

Pdf Export Search Benchmark Databases for Video-Based Automatic Sign Language Recognition
[L08-1469]: Philippe Dreuw | Carol Neidle | Vassilis Athitsos | Stan Sclaroff | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search The ATIS Sign Language Corpus
[L08-1470]: Jan Bungeroth | Daniel Stein | Philippe Dreuw | Hermann Ney | Sara Morrissey | Andy Way | Lynette van Zijl

Pdf Export Search Collection and Preprocessing of Czech Sign Language Corpus for Sign Language Recognition
[L08-1471]: Pavel Campr | Marek Hrúz | Jana Trojanová

Pdf Export Search A Multimodal Infant Behavior Annotation for Developmental Analysis of Demonstrative Expressions
[L08-1472]: Shigeyoshi Kitazawa | Shinya Kiriyama | Tomohiko Kasami | Shogo Ishikawa | Naofumi Otani | Hiroaki Horiuchi | Yoichi Takebayashi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Emotional Degree Labeling for Speakers’ Anger Utterance during Natural Japanese Dialog
[L08-1473]: Yoshiko Arimoto | Sumio Ohno | Hitoshi Iida

Pdf Export Search A Real-World Emotional Speech Corpus for Modern Greek
[L08-1474]: Theodoros Kostoulas | Todor Ganchev | Iosif Mporas | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Annotating Subjective Content in Meetings
[L08-1475]: Theresa Wilson

Pdf Export Search The AUTONOMATA Spoken Names Corpus
[L08-1476]: Henk van den Heuvel | Jean-Pierre Martens | Bart D’hoore | Kristof D’hanens | Nanneke Konings

Pdf Export Search Acquiring Pronunciation Data for a Placenames Lexicon in a Less-Resourced Language
[L08-1477]: Briony Williams | Rhys James Jones

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Database of Non-Japanese Pronunciations of Different Japanese Romanizations
[L08-1478]: Reiko Kaji | Hajime Mochizuki

Pdf Export Search Combined Systems for Automatic Phonetic Transcription of Proper Nouns
[L08-1479]: Antoine Laurent | Téva Merlin | Sylvain Meignier | Yannick Estève | Paul Deléglise

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Modules and Tools for Speech Synthesis: the ECESS Framework
[L08-1480]: Harald Höge | Zdravko Kacic | Bojan Kotnik | Matej Rojc | Nicolas Moreau | Horst-Udo Hain

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Close Copy Speech Synthesis Tool for Large-Scale Speech Corpus Evaluation
[L08-1481]: Dafydd Gibbon | Jolanta Bachan

Pdf Export Search A Flexible Wizard of Oz Environment for Rapid Prototyping
[L08-1482]: Stefan Scherer | Petra-Maria Strauß

Pdf Export Search Building of a Speech Corpus Optimised for Unit Selection TTS Synthesis
[L08-1483]: Jindřich Matoušek | Daniel Tihelka | Jan Romportl

Pdf Export Search Methodologies for Designing and Recording Speech Databases for Corpus Based Synthesis
[L08-1484]: Luís Oliveira | Sérgio Paulo | Luís Figueira | Carlos Mendes | Ana Nunes | Joaquim Godinho

Pdf Export Search MISTRAL: a Statistical Machine Translation Decoder for Speech Recognition Lattices
[L08-1485]: Alexandre Patry | Philippe Langlais

Pdf Export Search LC-STAR II: Starring more Lexica
[L08-1486]: Ute Ziegenhain | Hanne Fersoe | Henk van den Heuvel | Asuncion Moreno

Pdf Export Search Communicating Unknown Words in Machine Translation
[L08-1487]: Matthias Eck | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Developing Non-European Translation Pairs in a Medium-Vocabulary Medical Speech Translation System
[L08-1488]: Pierrette Bouillon | Sonia Halimi | Yukie Nakao | Kyoko Kanzaki | Hitoshi Isahara | Nikos Tsourakis | Marianne Starlander | Beth Ann Hockey | Manny Rayner

Pdf Export Search CLIoS: Cross-lingual Induction of Speech Recognition Grammars
[L08-1489]: Nadine Perera | Michael Pitz | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Construction and Analysis of Word-level Time-aligned Simultaneous Interpretation Corpus
[L08-1490]: Takahiro Ono | Hitomi Tohyama | Shigeki Matsubara

Pdf Export Search Semantic Frame Annotation on the French MEDIA corpus
[L08-1491]: Marie-Jean Meurs | Frédéric Duvert | Frédéric Bechet | Fabrice Lefevre | Renato De Mori

Pdf Export Search Cross-Domain Dialogue Act Tagging
[L08-1492]: Nick Webb | Ting Liu | Mark Hepple | Yorick Wilks

Pdf Export Search Building Mobile Spoken Dialogue Applications Using Regulus
[L08-1493]: Nikos Tsourakis | Maria Georgescul | Pierrette Bouillon | Manny Rayner

Pdf Export Search Active Annotation in the LUNA Italian Corpus of Spontaneous Dialogues
[L08-1494]: Christian Raymond | Kepa Joseba Rodriguez | Giuseppe Riccardi

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Various Methods for Concept Tagging for Spoken Language Understanding
[L08-1495]: Stefan Hahn | Patrick Lehnen | Christian Raymond | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search Morphosyntactic Resources for Automatic Speech Recognition
[L08-1496]: Stéphane Huet | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot

Pdf Export Search STC-TIMIT: Generation of a Single-channel Telephone Corpus
[L08-1497]: Nicolas Morales | Javier Tejedor | Javier Garrido | Jose Colas | Doroteo T. Toledano

Pdf Export Search LILA: Cellular Telephone Speech Databases from Asia
[L08-1498]: Eric Sanders | Asuncion Moreno | Herbert Tropf | Lynette Melnar | Nurit Dekel | Breanna Gillies | Niklas Paulsson

Pdf Export Search JURISDIC: Polish Speech Database for Taking Dictation of Legal Texts
[L08-1499]: Grazyna Demenko | Stefan Grocholewski | Katarzyna Klessa | Jerzy Ogórkiewicz | Agnieszka Wagner | Marek Lange | Daniel Śledziński | Natalia Cylwik

Pdf Export Search A Multi-sensor Speech Database with Applications towards Robust Speech Processing in hostile Environments
[L08-1500]: Tomas Dekens | Yorgos Patsis | Werner Verhelst | Frédéric Beaugendre | François Capman

Pdf Export Search The LECTRA Corpus - Classroom Lecture Transcriptions in European Portuguese
[L08-1501]: Isabel Trancoso | Rui Martins | Helena Moniz | Ana Isabel Mata | M. Céu Viana

Pdf Export Search ALC: Alcohol Language Corpus
[L08-1502]: Florian Schiel | Christian Heinrich | Sabine Barfüßer | Thomas Gilg

Pdf Export Search Design of a Multimodal Database for Research on Automatic Detection of Severe Apnoea Cases
[L08-1503]: Rubén Fernández | Luis A. Hernández | Eduardo López | José Alcázar | Guillermo Portillo | Doroteo T. Toledano

Pdf Export Search Test Collections for Spoken Document Retrieval from Lecture Audio Data
[L08-1504]: Tomoyosi Akiba | Kiyoaki Aikawa | Yoshiaki Itoh | Tatsuya Kawahara | Hiroaki Nanjo | Hiromitsu Nishizaki | Norihito Yasuda | Yoichi Yamashita | Katunobu Itou

Pdf Export Search In-car Speech Data Collection along with Various Multimodal Signals
[L08-1505]: Akira Ozaki | Sunao Hara | Takashi Kusakawa | Chiyomi Miyajima | Takanori Nishino | Norihide Kitaoka | Katunobu Itou | Kazuya Takeda

Pdf Export Search Developing Corpus of Japanese Classroom Lecture Speech Contents
[L08-1506]: Masatoshi Tsuchiya | Satoru Kogure | Hiromitsu Nishizaki | Kengo Ohta | Seiichi Nakagawa

Pdf Export Search The ATCOSIM Corpus of Non-Prompted Clean Air Traffic Control Speech
[L08-1507]: Konrad Hofbauer | Stefan Petrik | Horst Hering

Pdf Export Search The MoveOn Motorcycle Speech Corpus
[L08-1508]: Thomas Winkler | Theodoros Kostoulas | Richard Adderley | Christian Bonkowski | Todor Ganchev | Joachim Köhler | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search Audio Database in Support of Potentiel Threat and Crisis Situation Management
[L08-1509]: Stavros Ntalampiras | Ilyas Potamitis | Todor Ganchev | Nikos Fakotakis

Pdf Export Search CallSurf: Automatic Transcription, Indexing and Structuration of Call Center Conversational Speech for Knowledge Extraction and Query by Content
[L08-1510]: Martine Garnier-Rizet | Gilles Adda | Frederik Cailliau | Sylvie Guillemin-Lanne | Claire Waast-Richard | Lori Lamel | Stephan Vanni | Claire Waast-Richard

Pdf Export Search New Telephone Speech Databases for French: a Children Database and an optimized Adult Corpus
[L08-1511]: Djamel Mostefa | Arnaud Vallee

Pdf Export Search Design and Data Collection for Spoken Polish Dialogs Database
[L08-1512]: Krzysztof Marasek | Ryszard Gubrynowicz

Pdf Export Search CORP-ORAL: Spontaneous Speech Corpus for European Portuguese
[L08-1513]: Fabíola Santos | Tiago Freitas

Pdf Export Search From Human Communication to Intelligent User Interfaces: Corpora of Spoken Estonian
[L08-1514]: Tiit Hennoste | Olga Gerassimenko | Riina Kasterpalu | Mare Koit | Andriela Rääbis | Krista Strandson

Pdf Export Search The Pronouncing Dictionary of Austrian German (AGPD) and the Austrian Phonetic Database (ADABA): Report on a large Phonetic Resources Database of the three Major Varieties of German
[L08-1515]: Rudolf Muhr

Pdf Export Search German Today: a really extensive Corpus of Spoken Standard German
[L08-1516]: Caren Brinckmann | Stefan Kleiner | Ralf Knöbl | Nina Berend

Pdf Export Search Corpus and Voices for Catalan Speech Synthesis
[L08-1517]: Antonio Bonafonte | Jordi Adell | Ignasi Esquerra | Silvia Gallego | Asunción Moreno | Javier Pérez

Pdf Export Search Developments of “Lëtzebuergesch” Resources for Automatic Speech Processing and Linguistic Studies
[L08-1518]: Martine Adda-Decker | Thomas Pellegrini | Eric Bilinski | Gilles Adda

Pdf Export Search Speech Errors on Frequently Observed Homophones in French: Perceptual Evaluation vs Automatic Classification
[L08-1519]: Rena Nemoto | Ioana Vasilescu | Martine Adda-Decker

Pdf Export Search Creation of Learner Corpus and Its Application to Speech Recognition
[L08-1520]: Hiroki Yamazaki | Keisuke Kitamura | Takashi Harada | Seiichi Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Rich Annotation of Large Corpus of Conversational transcribed speech: the Chunking Task of the EPAC Project
[L08-1521]: Jean-Yves Antoine | Abdenour Mokrane | Nathalie Friburger

Pdf Export Search Manual vs Assisted Transcription of Prepared and Spontaneous Speech
[L08-1522]: Thierry Bazillon | Yannick Estève | Daniel Luzzati

Pdf Export Search Developing a Phonemic and Syllabic Frequency Inventory for Spontaneous Spoken Castilian Spanish and their Comparison to Text-Based Inventories
[L08-1523]: Antonio Moreno Sandoval | Doroteo Torre Toledano | Raúl de la Torre | Marta Garrote | José M. Guirao

Pdf Export Search Phone Segmentation Tool with Integrated Pronunciation Lexicon and Czech Phonetically Labelled Reference Database.
[L08-1524]: Petr Pollák | Jan Volín | Radek Skarnitzl

Pdf Export Search Estimating Word Phonosemantics
[L08-1525]: Victoria Bobicev | Tatiana Zidraşco

Pdf Export Search memasysco: XML schema based metadata management system for speech corpora
[L08-1526]: Joachim Gasch | Caren Brinckmann | Sylvia Dickgießer

Pdf Export Search Comparing Set-Covering Strategies for Optimal Corpus Design
[L08-1527]: Jonathan Chevelu | Nelly Barbot | Olivier Boeffard | Arnaud Delhay

Pdf Export Search Automatic Phoneme Segmentation with Relaxed Textual Constraints
[L08-1528]: Pierre Lanchantin | Andrew C. Morris | Xavier Rodet | Christophe Veaux

Pdf Export Search IrcamCorpusTools: an Extensible Platform for Spoken Corpora Exploitation
[L08-1529]: Christophe Veaux | Gregory Beller | Xavier Rodet

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Resources for Reconstructing Spontaneous Speech Text
[L08-1530]: Erin Fitzgerald | Frederick Jelinek

Pdf Export Search Spock - a Spoken Corpus Client
[L08-1531]: Maarten Janssen | Tiago Freitas

Pdf Export Search On the Durational Reduction of Repeated Mentions: Recency and Speaker Effects
[L08-1532]: Viktor Tron

Pdf Export Search A Question Answering System for German. Experiments with Morphological Linguistic Resources
[L08-1533]: Florian Koehler | Hinrich Schuetze | Michaela Atterer

Pdf Export Search Lexical Resources for Automatic Translation of Constructed Neologisms: the Case Study of Relational Adjectives
[L08-1534]: Bruno Cartoni

Pdf Export Search A Proper Approach to Japanese Morphological Analysis: Dictionary, Model, and Evaluation
[L08-1535]: Yasuharu Den | Junpei Nakamura | Toshinobu Ogiso | Hideki Ogura

Pdf Export Search Word-Based or Morpheme-Based? Annotation Strategies for Modern Hebrew Clitics
[L08-1536]: Reut Tsarfaty | Yoav Goldberg

Pdf Export Search Experimental Fast-Tracking of Morphological Analysers for Nguni Languages
[L08-1537]: Sonja Bosch | Laurette Pretorius | Kholisa Podile | Axel Fleisch

Pdf Export Search Generating a Morphological Lexicon of Organization Entity Names
[L08-1538]: Nikola Ljubesic | Tomislava Lauc | Damir Boras

Pdf Export Search Designing and Evaluating a Russian Tagset
[L08-1539]: Serge Sharoff | Mikhail Kopotev | Tomaz Erjavec | Anna Feldman | Dagmar Divjak

Pdf Export Search Czech MWE Database
[L08-1540]: Karel Pala | Lukáš Svoboda | Pavel Šmerk

Pdf Export Search Identification of Naturally Occurring Numerical Expressions in Arabic
[L08-1541]: Nizar Habash | Ryan Roth

Pdf Export Search A Dependency Parser for Thai
[L08-1542]: Shisanu Tongchim | Randolf Altmeyer | Virach Sornlertlamvanich | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Morphology-Based POS Tagger for Persian
[L08-1543]: Mehrnoush Shamsfard | Hakimeh Fadaee

Pdf Export Search A Common Parts-of-Speech Tagset Framework for Indian Languages
[L08-1544]: Baskaran Sankaran | Kalika Bali | Monojit Choudhury | Tanmoy Bhattacharya | Pushpak Bhattacharyya | Girish Nath Jha | S. Rajendran | K. Saravanan | L. Sobha | K.V. Subbarao

Pdf Export Search Lexical Resources for Semantics Extraction
[L08-1545]: Rajat Mohanty | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Evolutionary Basic Notions for a Thematic Representation of General Knowledge
[L08-1546]: Alain Joubert | Mathieu Lafourcade

Pdf Export Search The Extended Architecture of Hantology for Japan Kanji
[L08-1547]: Ya-Min Chou | Chu-Ren Huang | Jia-Fei Hong

Pdf Export Search Language Resources for Semantic Document Annotation and Crosslingual Retrieval
[L08-1548]: Petya Osenova | Kiril Simov | Eelco Mossel

Pdf Export Search Using a Probabilistic Model of Context to Detect Word Obfuscation
[L08-1549]: Sanaz Jabbari | Ben Allison | Louise Guthrie

Pdf Export Search Frame Information Transfer from English to Italian
[L08-1550]: Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Towards Spanish Verbs’ Selectional Preferences Automatic Acquisition: Semantic Annotation of the SenSem Corpus
[L08-1551]: Jordi Carrrera | Irene Castellón | Salvador Climent | Marta Coll-Florit

Pdf Export Search Using Lexical Acquisition to Enrich a Predicate Argument Reusable Database
[L08-1552]: Paula Cristina Vaz | David Martins de Matos | Nuno J. Mamede

Pdf Export Search Language Resources for Studying Argument
[L08-1553]: Chris Reed | Raquel Mochales Palau | Glenn Rowe | Marie-Francine Moens

Pdf Export Search A Linguistic Resource for Discovering Event Structures and Resolving Event Coreference
[L08-1554]: Cosmin Bejan | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Lexicon, Grammar, and Multilinguality in the Japanese FrameNet
[L08-1555]: Kyoko Ohara

Pdf Export Search More Semantic Links in the SIMPLE-CLIPS Database
[L08-1556]: Nilda Ruimy | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Simple-Clips ongoing research: more information with less data by implementing inheritance
[L08-1557]: Riccardo Del Gratta | Nilda Ruimy | Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Linguistically Light Lexical Extensions for Ontologies
[L08-1558]: Brian Davis | Siegfried Handschuh | Alexander Troussov | John Judge | Mikhail Sogrin

Pdf Export Search Automatic Identification of Temporal Information in Tourism Web Pages
[L08-1559]: Stéphanie Weiser | Philippe Laublet | Jean-Luc Minel

Pdf Export Search Tapping Huge Temporally Indexed Textual Resources with WCTAnalyze
[L08-1560]: Sebastian Gottwald | Matthias Richter | Gerhard Heyer | Gerik Scheuermann

Pdf Export Search Spatiotemporal Annotation Using MiniSTEx: how to deal with Alternative, Foreign, Vague and/or Obsolete Names?
[L08-1561]: Ineke Schuurman

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Approach to a Preliminary Successful Identification and Resolution of Temporal Expressions in Spanish News Corpora
[L08-1562]: María Teresa Vicente-Díez | Doaa Samy | Paloma Martínez

Pdf Export Search Annotation of WordNet Verbs with TimeML Event Classes
[L08-1563]: Georgiana Puscasu | Verginica Barbu Mititelu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Translation of Biomedical Terms by Supervised Machine Learning
[L08-1564]: Vincent Claveau

Pdf Export Search Rapid Deployment of a New METIS Language Pair: Catalan-English
[L08-1565]: Toni Badia | Maite Melero | Oriol Valentín

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of a Machine Translation System for Low Resource Languages: METIS-II
[L08-1566]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Peter Dirix | Ineke Schuurman | Stella Markantonatou | Sokratis Sofianopoulos | Marina Vassiliou | Olga Yannoutsou | Toni Badia | Maite Melero | Gemma Boleda | Michael Carl | Paul Schmidt

Pdf Export Search Using Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation based on Alignment Block Classification
[L08-1567]: Marta R. Costa-jussà | José A. R. Fonollosa | Enric Monte

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Linguistics-Based Translation
[L08-1568]: Janne Bondi Johannessen | Torbjørn Nordgård | Lars Nygaard

Pdf Export Search Word Alignment Annotation in a Japanese-Chinese Parallel Corpus
[L08-1569]: Yujie Zhang | Zhulong Wang | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Qing Ma | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Selection of Japanese-English Equivalents by Integrating High-quality Corpora and Huge Amounts of Web Data
[L08-1570]: Qing Ma | Koichi Nakao | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Swedish-Turkish Parallel Treebank
[L08-1571]: Beáta Megyesi | Bengt Dahlqvist | Eva Pettersson | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Sentence Alignment in DPC: Maximizing Precision, Minimizing Human Effort
[L08-1572]: Julia Trushkina | Lieve Macken | Hans Paulussen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of a Japanese-Chinese Dictionary via English
[L08-1573]: Hiroyuki Kaji | Shin’ichi Tamamura | Dashtseren Erdenebat

Pdf Export Search Identification of Comparable Argument-Head Relations in Parallel Corpora
[L08-1574]: Kathrin Spreyer | Jonas Kuhn | Bettina Schrader

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Tools for Computer-Assisted Acquisition of Reading Abilities in Cognate Languages
[L08-1575]: Svitlana Kurella | Serge Sharoff | Anthony Hartley

Pdf Export Search Synchronizing Translated Movie Subtitles
[L08-1576]: Jörg Tiedemann

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Corpus that Indicates Patterns of Modification between Draft and Final Translations by Human Translators
[L08-1577]: Takeshi Abekawa | Kyo Kageura

Pdf Export Search Building a Bilingual Representation of the Roget Thesaurus for French to English Machine Translation
[L08-1578]: Violaine Prince | Jacques Chauché

Pdf Export Search Generating Bilingual Dictionaries by Transitivity
[L08-1579]: Luka Nerima | Eric Wehrli

Pdf Export Search Holy Moses! Leveraging Existing Tools and Resources for Entity Translation
[L08-1580]: Jean Tavernier | Rosa Cowan | Michelle Vanni

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Structure and Bilingual Informants Help Induce Machine Translation of Lesser-Resourced Languages
[L08-1581]: Christian Monson | Ariadna Font Llitjós | Vamshi Ambati | Lori Levin | Alon Lavie | Alison Alvarez | Roberto Aranovich | Jaime Carbonell | Robert Frederking | Erik Peterson | Katharina Probst

Pdf Export Search Creating Sentence-Aligned Parallel Text Corpora from a Large Archive of Potential Parallel Text using BITS and Champollion
[L08-1582]: Kazuaki Maeda | Xiaoyi Ma | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Application of Resource-based Machine Translation to Real Business Scenes
[L08-1583]: Hitoshi Isahara | Masao Utiyama | Eiko Yamamoto | Akira Terada | Yasunori Abe

Pdf Export Search Building a Multilingual Lexical Resource for Named Entity Disambiguation, Translation and Transliteration
[L08-1584]: Wolodja Wentland | Johannes Knopp | Carina Silberer | Matthias Hartung

Pdf Export Search Translation-oriented Word Sense Induction Based on Parallel Corpora
[L08-1585]: Marianna Apidianaki

Pdf Export Search Smarty - Extendable Framework for Bilingual and Multilingual Comprehension Assistants
[L08-1586]: Todor Arnaudov | Ruslan Mitkov

Pdf Export Search Parallel Creation of Gigaword Corpora for Medium Density Languages - an Interim Report
[L08-1587]: Péter Halácsy | András Kornai | Péter Németh | Dániel Varga

Pdf Export Search MTriage: Web-enabled Software for the Creation, Machine Translation, and Annotation of Smart Documents
[L08-1588]: Reginald Hobbs | Jamal Laoudi | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Exploitation of an Arabic Language Resource for Machine Translation Evaluation: using Buckwalter-based Lookup Tool to Augment CMU Alignment Algorithm
[L08-1589]: Clare Voss | Jamal Laoudi | Jeffrey Micher

Pdf Export Search A Trainable Tokenizer, solution for multilingual texts and compound expression tokenization
[L08-1590]: Oana Frunza

Pdf Export Search Low-Density Language Bootstrapping: the Case of Tajiki Persian
[L08-1591]: Karine Megerdoomian | Dan Parvaz

Pdf Export Search Enriching GermaNet with verb-noun relations - a case study of lexical acquisition
[L08-1592]: Lothar Lemnitzer | Holger Wunsch | Piklu Gupta

Pdf Export Search What’s in a Colour? Studying and Contrasting Colours with COMPARA
[L08-1593]: Diana Santos | Maria do Rosário Silva | Susana Inácio

Pdf Export Search A Multilingual Database of Polarity Items
[L08-1594]: Beata Trawinski | Jan-Philipp Soehn

Pdf Export Search Integrating Metaphor Information into RDF/OWL EuroWordNet
[L08-1595]: Ernesto William De Luca | Birte Lönneker-Rodman

Pdf Export Search Comparing Dependency and Constituent Syntax for Frame-semantic Analysis
[L08-1596]: Richard Johansson | Pierre Nugues

Pdf Export Search AnCora-Verb: A Lexical Resource for the Semantic Annotation of Corpora
[L08-1597]: Juan Aparicio | Mariona Taulé | M.Antònia Martí

Pdf Export Search Geo-WordNet: Automatic Georeferencing of WordNet
[L08-1598]: Davide Buscaldi | Paolo Rosso

Pdf Export Search Domain-Specific English-To-Spanish Translation of FrameNet
[L08-1599]: Mario Crespo Miguel | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Enriching Frame Semantic Resources with Dependency Graphs
[L08-1600]: Hagen Fürstenau

Pdf Export Search The Automatic Mapping of Princeton WordNet Lexical-Conceptual Relations onto the Brazilian Portuguese WordNet Database
[L08-1601]: Bento Carlos Dias-da-Silva | Ariani Di Felippo | Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes

Pdf Export Search Semantic Role Labeling Tools Trained on the Cast3LB-CoNNL-SemRol Corpus
[L08-1602]: Roser Morante

Pdf Export Search Building a Greek corpus for Textual Entailment
[L08-1603]: Evi Marzelou | Maria Zourari | Voula Giouli | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Attribute Concepts from Japanese Adjectives
[L08-1604]: Kyoko Kanzaki | Francis Bond | Noriko Tomuro | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Mapping Events and Abstract Entities from PAROLE-SIMPLE-CLIPS to ItalWordNet
[L08-1605]: Adriana Roventini | Nilda Ruimy

Pdf Export Search Supersense Tagger for Italian
[L08-1606]: Davide Picca | Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo | Massimiliano Ciaramita

Pdf Export Search Clustering of Terms from Translation Dictionaries and Synonyms Lists to Automatically Build more Structured Linguistic Resources
[L08-1607]: Maria Teresa Pazienza | Armando Stellato

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Description and Automatic Extraction of Definitions from German Court Decisions
[L08-1608]: Stephan Walter

Pdf Export Search Hungarian Word-Sense Disambiguated Corpus
[L08-1609]: Veronika Vincze | György Szarvas | Attila Almási | Dóra Szauter | Róbert Ormándi | Richárd Farkas | Csaba Hatvani | János Csirik

Pdf Export Search Semantic Annotation Layer in Russian National Corpus: Lexical Classes of Nouns and Adjectives
[L08-1610]: Olga N. Lashevskaja | Olga Yu. Shemanaeva

Pdf Export Search A Compact Arabic Lexical Semantics Language Resource Based on the Theory of Semantic Fields
[L08-1611]: Mohamed Attia | Mohsen Rashwan | Ahmed Ragheb | Mohamed Al-Badrashiny | Husein Al-Basoumy

Pdf Export Search Pragmatic Annotation of Discourse Markers in a Multilingual Parallel Corpus (Arabic- Spanish-English)
[L08-1612]: Doaa Samy | Ana González-Ledesma

Pdf Export Search Building an Annotated Corpus for Text Summarization and Question Answering
[L08-1613]: Patcharee Varasai | Chaveevan Pechsiri | Thana Sukvari | Vee Satayamas | Asanee Kawtrakul

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Lingual Dictionary of Dirty Words
[L08-1614]: Jonas Sjöbergh | Kenji Araki

Pdf Export Search What is poorly Said is a Little Funny
[L08-1615]: Jonas Sjöbergh | Kenji Araki

Pdf Export Search Building Affective Lexicons from Specific Corpora for Automatic Sentiment Analysis
[L08-1616]: Yves Bestgen

Pdf Export Search Opinion Annotation in On-line Chinese Product Reviews
[L08-1617]: Ruifeng Xu | Yunqing Xia | Kam-Fai Wong | Wenjie Li

Pdf Export Search Fine-grained Opinion Topic and Polarity Identification
[L08-1618]: Xiwen Cheng | Feiyu Xu

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis Based on Probabilistic Models Using Inter-Sentence Information
[L08-1619]: Kugatsu Sadamitsu | Satoshi Sekine | Mikio Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Valentino: A Tool for Valence Shifting of Natural Language Texts
[L08-1620]: Marco Guerini | Carlo Strapparava | Oliviero Stock