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L14-1 Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2014) 747

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2014)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2014)
[L14-1000]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Khalid Choukri | Thierry Declerck | Hrafn Loftsson | Bente Maegaard | Joseph Mariani | Asuncion Moreno | Jan Odijk | Stelios Piperidis

Pdf Export Search CLiPS Stylometry Investigation (CSI) corpus: A Dutch corpus for the detection of age, gender, personality, sentiment and deception in text
[L14-1001]: Ben Verhoeven | Walter Daelemans

Pdf Export Search On Paraphrase Identification Corpora
[L14-1002]: Vasile Rus | Rajendra Banjade | Mihai Lintean

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Comparisons in Product Reviews
[L14-1003]: Wiltrud Kessler | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Generating and using probabilistic morphological resources for the biomedical domain
[L14-1004]: Vincent Claveau | Ewa Kijak

Pdf Export Search A System for Experiments with Dependency Parsers
[L14-1005]: Kiril Simov | Iliana Simova | Ginka Ivanova | Maria Mateva | Petya Osenova

Pdf Export Search Sockpuppet Detection in Wikipedia: A Corpus of Real-World Deceptive Writing for Linking Identities
[L14-1006]: Thamar Solorio | Ragib Hasan | Mainul Mizan

Pdf Export Search Textual Emigration Analysis (TEA)
[L14-1007]: Andre Blessing | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Phoneme Set Design Using English Speech Database by Japanese for Dialogue-Based English CALL Systems
[L14-1008]: Xiaoyun Wang | Jinsong Zhang | Masafumi Nishida | Seiichi Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Toward a unifying model for Opinion, Sentiment and Emotion information extraction
[L14-1009]: Amel Fraisse | Patrick Paroubek

Pdf Export Search Towards automatic quality assessment of component metadata
[L14-1010]: Thorsten Trippel | Daan Broeder | Matej Durco | Oddrun Ohren

Pdf Export Search PropBank: Semantics of New Predicate Types
[L14-1011]: Claire Bonial | Julia Bonn | Kathryn Conger | Jena D. Hwang | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search RESTful Annotation and Efficient Collaboration
[L14-1012]: Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search ALICO: a multimodal corpus for the study of active listening
[L14-1013]: Hendrik Buschmeier | Zofia Malisz | Joanna Skubisz | Marcin Wlodarczak | Ipke Wachsmuth | Stefan Kopp | Petra Wagner

Pdf Export Search PoliTa: A multitagger for Polish
[L14-1014]: Łukasz Kobyliński

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Participant Roles in Contentious Discussions
[L14-1015]: Siddharth Jain | Archna Bhatia | Angelique Rein | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Dictionary Construction with Transliteration Filtering
[L14-1016]: John Richardson | Toshiaki Nakazawa | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Revising the annotation of a Broadcast News corpus: a linguistic approach
[L14-1017]: Vera Cabarrão | Helena Moniz | Fernando Batista | Ricardo Ribeiro | Nuno Mamede | Hugo Meinedo | Isabel Trancoso | Ana Isabel Mata | David Martins de Matos

Pdf Export Search Gold-standard for Topic-specific Sentiment Analysis of Economic Texts
[L14-1018]: Pyry Takala | Pekka Malo | Ankur Sinha | Oskar Ahlgren

Pdf Export Search Visualization of Language Relations and Families: MultiTree
[L14-1019]: Damir Cavar | Malgorzata Cavar

Pdf Export Search HiEve: A Corpus for Extracting Event Hierarchies from News Stories
[L14-1020]: Goran Glavaš | Jan Šnajder | Marie-Francine Moens | Parisa Kordjamshidi

Pdf Export Search Image Annotation with ISO-Space: Distinguishing Content from Structure
[L14-1021]: James Pustejovsky | Zachary Yocum

Pdf Export Search The ETAPE speech processing evaluation
[L14-1022]: Olivier Galibert | Jeremy Leixa | Gilles Adda | Khalid Choukri | Guillaume Gravier

Pdf Export Search PanLex: Building a Resource for Panlingual Lexical Translation
[L14-1023]: David Kamholz | Jonathan Pool | Susan Colowick

Pdf Export Search Large SMT data-sets extracted from Wikipedia
[L14-1024]: Dan Tufiș

Pdf Export Search NomLex-PT: A Lexicon of Portuguese Nominalizations
[L14-1025]: Valeria de Paiva | Livy Real | Alexandre Rademaker | Gerard de Melo

Pdf Export Search VERTa: Facing a Multilingual Experience of a Linguistically-based MT Evaluation
[L14-1026]: Elisabet Comelles | Jordi Atserias | Victoria Arranz | Irene Castellon | Jordi Sesé

Pdf Export Search Corpus and Method for Identifying Citations in Non-Academic Text
[L14-1027]: Yifan He | Adam Meyers

Pdf Export Search Building a Dataset for Summarization and Keyword Extraction from Emails
[L14-1028]: Vanessa Loza | Shibamouli Lahiri | Rada Mihalcea | Po-Hsiang Lai

Pdf Export Search Improving Open Relation Extraction via Sentence Re-Structuring
[L14-1029]: Jordan Schmidek | Denilson Barbosa

Pdf Export Search How to Use less Features and Reach Better Performance in Author Gender Identification
[L14-1030]: Juan Soler | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised methods for expanding psycholinguistics norms by integrating distributional similarity with the structure of WordNet
[L14-1031]: Michael Mohler | Marc Tomlinson | David Bracewell | Bryan Rink

Pdf Export Search - Including Multimedia Language Resources to disseminate Knowledge and Create Educational Material on less-Resourced Languages
[L14-1032]: Dagmar Jung | Katarzyna Klessa | Zsuzsa Duray | Beatrix Oszkó | Mária Sipos | Sándor Szeverényi | Zsuzsa Várnai | Trilsbeek Paul | Tamás Váradi

Pdf Export Search A Cross-language Corpus for Studying the Phonetics and Phonology of Prominence
[L14-1033]: Bistra Andreeva | William Barry | Jacques Koreman

Pdf Export Search DeLex, a freely-avaible, large-scale and linguistically grounded morphological lexicon for German
[L14-1034]: Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Using Resource-Rich Languages to Improve Morphological Analysis of Under-Resourced Languages
[L14-1035]: Peter Baumann | Janet Pierrehumbert

Pdf Export Search Accommodations in Tuscany as Linked Data
[L14-1036]: Clara Bacciu | Angelica Lo Duca | Andrea Marchetti | Maurizio Tesconi

Pdf Export Search The DWAN framework: Application of a web annotation framework for the general humanities to the domain of language resources
[L14-1037]: Przemyslaw Lenkiewicz | Olha Shkaravska | Twan Goosen | Daan Broeder | Menzo Windhouwer | Stephanie Roth | Olof Olsson

Pdf Export Search Croatian Memories
[L14-1038]: Arjan van Hessen | Franciska de Jong | Stef Scagliola | Tanja Petrovic

Pdf Export Search Combining elicited imitation and fluency features for oral proficiency measurement
[L14-1039]: Deryle Lonsdale | Carl Christensen

Pdf Export Search Semantic Search in Documents Enriched by LOD-based Annotations
[L14-1040]: Pavel Smrz | Jan Kouril

Pdf Export Search A Meta-data Driven Platform for Semi-automatic Configuration of Ontology Mediators
[L14-1041]: Manuel Fiorelli | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Armando Stellato

Pdf Export Search Semantic approaches to software component retrieval with English queries
[L14-1042]: Huijing Deng | Grzegorz Chrupała

Pdf Export Search The Ellogon Pattern Engine: Context-free Grammars over Annotations
[L14-1043]: Georgios Petasis

Pdf Export Search Missed opportunities in translation memory matching
[L14-1044]: Friedel Wolff | Laurette Pretorius | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Universal Stanford dependencies: A cross-linguistic typology
[L14-1045]: Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Timothy Dozat | Natalia Silveira | Katri Haverinen | Filip Ginter | Joakim Nivre | Christopher D. Manning

Pdf Export Search Getting Reliable Annotations for Sarcasm in Online Dialogues
[L14-1046]: Reid Swanson | Stephanie Lukin | Luke Eisenberg | Thomas Corcoran | Marilyn Walker

Pdf Export Search Collaboratively Annotating Multilingual Parallel Corpora in the Biomedical Domain―some MANTRAs
[L14-1047]: Johannes Hellrich | Simon Clematide | Udo Hahn | Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann

Pdf Export Search On the Importance of Text Analysis for Stock Price Prediction
[L14-1048]: Heeyoung Lee | Mihai Surdeanu | Bill MacCartney | Dan Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search On the use of a fuzzy classifier to speed up the Sp ToBI labeling of the Glissando Spanish corpus
[L14-1049]: David Escudero | Aguilar-Cuevas Lourdes | González-Ferreras César | Gutiérrez-González Yurena | Valentín Cardeñoso-Payo

Pdf Export Search Definition patterns for predicative terms in specialized lexical resources
[L14-1050]: Antonio San Martín | Marie-Claude L'Homme

Pdf Export Search Native Language Identification Using Large, Longitudinal Data
[L14-1051]: Xiao Jiang | Yufan Guo | Jeroen Geertzen | Dora Alexopoulou | Lin Sun | Anna Korhonen

Pdf Export Search Production of Phrase Tables in 11 European Languages using an Improved Sub-sentential Aligner
[L14-1052]: Juan Luo | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Construction and Annotation of a French Folkstale Corpus
[L14-1053]: Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search The Making of Ancient Greek WordNet
[L14-1054]: Yuri Bizzoni | Federico Boschetti | Harry Diakoff | Riccardo Del Gratta | Monica Monachini | Gregory Crane

Pdf Export Search Enriching ODIN
[L14-1055]: Fei Xia | William Lewis | Michael Wayne Goodman | Joshua Crowgey | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Turkish Treebank as a Gold Standard for Morphological Disambiguation and Its Influence on Parsing
[L14-1056]: Ozlem Cetinoglu

Pdf Export Search CroDeriV: a new resource for processing Croatian morphology
[L14-1057]: Krešimir Šojat | Matea Srebačić | Marko Tadić | Tin Pavelić

Pdf Export Search Building a Database of Japanese Adjective Examples from Special Purpose Web Corpora
[L14-1058]: Masaya Yamaguchi

Pdf Export Search Praaline: Integrating Tools for Speech Corpus Research
[L14-1059]: George Christodoulides

Pdf Export Search Extracting a bilingual semantic grammar from FrameNet-annotated corpora
[L14-1060]: Dana Dannells | Normunds Gruzitis

Pdf Export Search Mapping Between English Strings and Reentrant Semantic Graphs
[L14-1061]: Fabienne Braune | Daniel Bauer | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search The KiezDeutsch Korpus (KiDKo) Release 1.0
[L14-1062]: Ines Rehbein | Sören Schalowski | Heike Wiese

Pdf Export Search Etymological Wordnet: Tracing The History of Words
[L14-1063]: Gerard de Melo

Pdf Export Search The Interplay Between Lexical and Syntactic Resources in Incremental Parsebanking
[L14-1064]: Victoria Rosén | Petter Haugereid | Martha Thunes | Gyri S. Losnegaard | Helge Dyvik

Pdf Export Search Interoperability and Customisation of Annotation Schemata in Argo
[L14-1065]: Rafal Rak | Jacob Carter | Andrew Rowley | Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Polish Coreference Corpus in Numbers
[L14-1066]: Maciej Ogrodniczuk | Mateusz Kopeć | Agata Savary

Pdf Export Search A Gold Standard Dependency Corpus for English
[L14-1067]: Natalia Silveira | Timothy Dozat | Marie-Catherine de Marneffe | Samuel Bowman | Miriam Connor | John Bauer | Chris Manning

Pdf Export Search A High-Coverage Derivational Morphology Resource for Croatian
[L14-1068]: Jan Šnajder

Pdf Export Search Extracting Information for Context-aware Meeting Preparation
[L14-1069]: Simon Scerri | Behrang Q. Zadeh | Maciej Dabrowski | Ismael Rivera

Pdf Export Search A Repository of State of the Art and Competitive Baseline Summaries for Generic News Summarization
[L14-1070]: Kai Hong | John Conroy | Benoit Favre | Alex Kulesza | Hui Lin | Ani Nenkova

Pdf Export Search Collecting Natural SMS and Chat Conversations in Multiple Languages: The BOLT Phase 2 Corpus
[L14-1071]: Zhiyi Song | Stephanie Strassel | Haejoong Lee | Kevin Walker | Jonathan Wright | Jennifer Garland | Dana Fore | Brian Gainor | Preston Cabe | Thomas Thomas | Brendan Callahan | Ann Sawyer

Pdf Export Search Comparing the Quality of Focused Crawlers and of the Translation Resources Obtained from them
[L14-1072]: Bruno Laranjeira | Viviane Moreira | Aline Villavicencio | Carlos Ramisch | Maria José Finatto

Pdf Export Search Augmenting English Adjective Senses with Supersenses
[L14-1073]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Nathan Schneider | Dirk Hovy | Archna Bhatia | Manaal Faruqui | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search N-gram Counts and Language Models from the Common Crawl
[L14-1074]: Christian Buck | Kenneth Heafield | Bas van Ooyen

Pdf Export Search ColLex.en: Automatically Generating and Evaluating a Full-form Lexicon for English
[L14-1075]: Tim vor der Brück | Alexander Mehler | Zahurul Islam

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Simple Distributional Compositional Operations on Longer Texts
[L14-1076]: Tamara Polajnar | Laura Rimell | Stephen Clark

Pdf Export Search Creating Summarization Systems with SUMMA
[L14-1077]: Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search BiographyNet: Methodological Issues when NLP supports historical research
[L14-1078]: Antske Fokkens | Serge Ter Braake | Niels Ockeloen | Piek Vossen | Susan Legêne | Guus Schreiber

Pdf Export Search Enhancing the TED-LIUM Corpus with Selected Data for Language Modeling and More TED Talks
[L14-1079]: Anthony Rousseau | Paul Deléglise | Yannick Estève

Pdf Export Search Enrichment of Bilingual Dictionary through News Stream Data
[L14-1080]: Ajay Dubey | Parth Gupta | Vasudeva Varma | Paolo Rosso

Pdf Export Search sloWCrowd: A crowdsourcing tool for lexicographic tasks
[L14-1081]: Darja Fišer | Aleš Tavčar | Tomaž Erjavec

Pdf Export Search A Large Scale Database of Strongly-related Events in Japanese
[L14-1082]: Tomohide Shibata | Shotaro Kohama | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search FLELex: a graded lexical resource for French foreign learners
[L14-1083]: Thomas Francois | Nùria Gala | Patrick Watrin | Cédrick Fairon

Pdf Export Search Building Domain Specific Bilingual Dictionaries
[L14-1084]: Lucas Hilgert | Lucelene Lopes | Artur Freitas | Renata Vieira | Denise Hogetop | Aline Vanin

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Machine Translation Errors Extracted from Translation Students Exercises
[L14-1085]: Guillaume Wisniewski | Natalie Kübler | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search Finding Romanized Arabic Dialect in Code-Mixed Tweets
[L14-1086]: Clare Voss | Stephen Tratz | Jamal Laoudi | Douglas Briesch

Pdf Export Search Co-Training for Classification of Live or Studio Music Recordings
[L14-1087]: Nicolas Auguin | Pascale Fung

Pdf Export Search #mygoal: Finding Motivations on Twitter
[L14-1088]: Marc Tomlinson | David Bracewell | Wayne Krug | David Hinote

Pdf Export Search The RATS Collection: Supporting HLT Research with Degraded Audio Data
[L14-1089]: David Graff | Kevin Walker | Stephanie Strassel | Xiaoyi Ma | Karen Jones | Ann Sawyer

Pdf Export Search Modeling Language Proficiency Using Implicit Feedback
[L14-1090]: Chris Hokamp | Rada Mihalcea | Peter Schuelke

Pdf Export Search Event Extraction Using Distant Supervision
[L14-1091]: Kevin Reschke | Martin Jankowiak | Mihai Surdeanu | Christopher Manning | Daniel Jurafsky

Pdf Export Search First Insight into Quality-Adaptive Dialogue
[L14-1092]: Stefan Ultes | Hüseyin Dikme | Wolfgang Minker

Pdf Export Search TLAXCALA: a multilingual corpus of independent news
[L14-1093]: Antonio Toral

Pdf Export Search Creating and using large monolingual parallel corpora for sentential paraphrase generation
[L14-1094]: Sander Wubben | Antal van den Bosch | Emiel Krahmer

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking of English-Hindi parallel corpora
[L14-1095]: Jayendra Rakesh Yeka | Prasanth Kolachina | Dipti Misra Sharma

Pdf Export Search A New Framework for Sign Language Recognition based on 3D Handshape Identification and Linguistic Modeling
[L14-1096]: Mark Dilsizian | Polina Yanovich | Shu Wang | Carol Neidle | Dimitris Metaxas

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Improvised Hip Hop Lyrics - Challenges and Observations
[L14-1097]: Karteek Addanki | Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search Votter Corpus: A Corpus of Social Polling Language
[L14-1098]: Nathan Green | Septina Dian Larasati

Pdf Export Search SinoCoreferencer: An End-to-End Chinese Event Coreference Resolver
[L14-1099]: Chen Chen | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Developing an Egyptian Arabic Treebank: Impact of Dialectal Morphology on Annotation and Tool Development
[L14-1100]: Mohamed Maamouri | Ann Bies | Seth Kulick | Michael Ciul | Nizar Habash | Ramy Eskander

Pdf Export Search A German Twitter Snapshot
[L14-1101]: Tatjana Scheffler

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Evaluation Methodology for NLG in Interactive Systems
[L14-1102]: Helen Hastie | Anja Belz

Pdf Export Search Relating Frames and Constructions in Japanese FrameNet
[L14-1103]: Kyoko Ohara

Pdf Export Search TMO ― The Federated Ontology of the TrendMiner Project
[L14-1104]: Hans-Ulrich Krieger | Thierry Declerck

Pdf Export Search A Graph-Based Approach for Computing Free Word Associations
[L14-1105]: Gemma Bel Enguix | Reinhard Rapp | Michael Zock

Pdf Export Search Developing Text Resources for Ten South African Languages
[L14-1106]: Roald Eiselen | Martin Puttkammer

Pdf Export Search Momresp: A Bayesian Model for Multi-Annotator Document Labeling
[L14-1107]: Paul Felt | Robbie Haertel | Eric Ringger | Kevin Seppi

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Detection of Narrative Structure
[L14-1108]: Jessica Ouyang | Kathy McKeown

Pdf Export Search OpenLogos Semantico-Syntactic Knowledge-Rich Bilingual Dictionaries
[L14-1109]: Anabela Barreiro | Fernando Batista | Ricardo Ribeiro | Helena Moniz | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Using Large Biomedical Databases as Gold Annotations for Automatic Relation Extraction
[L14-1110]: Tilia Ellendorff | Fabio Rinaldi | Simon Clematide

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing for the identification of event nominals: an experiment
[L14-1111]: Rachele Sprugnoli | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search Automatic Refinement of Syntactic Categories in Chinese Word Structures
[L14-1112]: Jianqiang Ma

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Alternate Translations into English Translation Treebank
[L14-1113]: Ann Bies | Justin Mott | Seth Kulick | Jennifer Garland | Colin Warner

Pdf Export Search Zmorge: A German Morphological Lexicon Extracted from Wiktionary
[L14-1114]: Rico Sennrich | Beat Kunz

Pdf Export Search Tharwa: A Large Scale Dialectal Arabic - Standard Arabic - English Lexicon
[L14-1115]: Mona Diab | Mohamed AlBadrashiny | Maryam Aminian | Mohammed Attia | Heba Elfardy | Nizar Habash | Abdelati Hawwari | Wael Salloum | Pradeep Dasigi | Ramy Eskander

Pdf Export Search A SKOS-based Schema for TEI encoded Dictionaries at ICLTT
[L14-1116]: Thierry Declerck | Karlheinz Mörth | Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Pdf Export Search Semantic Technologies for Querying Linguistic Annotations: An Experiment Focusing on Graph-Structured Data
[L14-1117]: Milen Kouylekov | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Eliciting and Annotating Uncertainty in Spoken Language
[L14-1118]: Heather Pon-Barry | Stuart Shieber | Nicholas Longenbaugh

Pdf Export Search A hierarchical taxonomy for classifying hardness of inference tasks
[L14-1119]: Martin Gleize | Brigitte Grau

Pdf Export Search Automatic Methods for the Extension of a Bilingual Dictionary using Comparable Corpora
[L14-1120]: Michael Rosner | Kurt Sultana

Pdf Export Search A Method for Building Burst-Annotated Co-Occurrence Networks for Analysing Trends in Textual Data
[L14-1121]: Yutaka Mitsuishi | Vit Novacek | Pierre-Yves Vandenbussche

Pdf Export Search Casa de la Lhéngua: a set of language resources and natural language processing tools for Mirandese
[L14-1122]: José Pedro Ferreira | Cristiano Chesi | Daan Baldewijns | Fernando Miguel Pinto | Margarita Correia | Daniela Braga | Hyongsil Cho | Amadeu Ferreira | Miguel Dias

Pdf Export Search Untrained Forced Alignment of Transcriptions and Audio for Language Documentation Corpora using WebMAUS
[L14-1123]: Jan Strunk | Florian Schiel | Frank Seifart

Pdf Export Search MultiVal - towards a multilingual valence lexicon
[L14-1124]: Lars Hellan | Dorothee Beermann | Tore Bruland | Mary Esther Kropp Dakubu | Montserrat Marimon

Pdf Export Search The Sweet-Home speech and multimodal corpus for home automation interaction
[L14-1125]: Michel Vacher | Benjamin Lecouteux | Pedro Chahuara | François Portet | Brigitte Meillon | Nicolas Bonnefond

Pdf Export Search Global Intelligent Content: Active Curation of Language Resources using Linked Data
[L14-1126]: David Lewis | Rob Brennan | Leroy Finn | Dominic Jones | Alan Meehan | Declan O'sullivan | Sebastian Hellmann | Felix Sasaki

Pdf Export Search On the Romance Languages Mutual Intelligibility
[L14-1127]: Liviu Dinu | Alina Maria Ciobanu

Pdf Export Search Aggregation methods for efficient collocation detection
[L14-1128]: Anca Dinu | Liviu Dinu | Ionut Sorodoc

Pdf Export Search Annotating Inter-Sentence Temporal Relations in Clinical Notes
[L14-1129]: Jennifer D'Souza | Vincent Ng

Pdf Export Search Terminology localization guidelines for the national scenario
[L14-1130]: Juris Borzovs | Ilze Ilziņa | Iveta Keiša | Mārcis Pinnis | Andrejs Vasiļjevs

Pdf Export Search Tools for Arabic Natural Language Processing: a case study in qalqalah prosody
[L14-1131]: Claire Brierley | Majdi Sawalha | Eric Atwell

Pdf Export Search Teenage and adult speech in school context: building and processing a corpus of European Portuguese
[L14-1132]: Ana Isabel Mata | Helena Moniz | Fernando Batista | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search A Unified Annotation Scheme for the Semantic/Pragmatic Components of Definiteness
[L14-1133]: Archna Bhatia | Mandy Simons | Lori Levin | Yulia Tsvetkov | Chris Dyer | Jordan Bender

Pdf Export Search Aligning Predicate-Argument Structures for Paraphrase Fragment Extraction
[L14-1134]: Michaela Regneri | Rui Wang | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search An evaluation of the role of statistical measures and frequency for MWE identification
[L14-1135]: Sandra Antunes | Amália Mendes

Pdf Export Search On the reliability and inter-annotator agreement of human semantic MT evaluation via HMEANT
[L14-1136]: Chi-kiu Lo | Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search Dual Subtitles as Parallel Corpora
[L14-1137]: Shikun Zhang | Wang Ling | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search REFRACTIVE: An Open Source Tool to Extract Knowledge from Syntactic and Semantic Relations
[L14-1138]: Peter Exner | Pierre Nugues

Pdf Export Search Variations on quantitative comparability measures and their evaluations on synthetic French-English comparable corpora
[L14-1139]: Guiyao Ke | Pierre-Francois Marteau | Gildas Menier

Pdf Export Search Using a machine learning model to assess the complexity of stress systems
[L14-1140]: Liviu Dinu | Alina Maria Ciobanu | Ioana Chitoran | Vlad Niculae

Pdf Export Search Prosodic, syntactic, semantic guidelines for topic structures across domains and corpora
[L14-1141]: Ana Isabel Mata | Helena Moniz | Telmo Móia | Anabela Gonçalves | Fátima Silva | Fernando Batista | Inês Duarte | Fátima Oliveira | Isabel Falé

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Lemmatization Models for Machine-Assisted Corpus-Dictionary Linkage
[L14-1142]: Kevin Black | Eric Ringger | Paul Felt | Kevin Seppi | Kristian Heal | Deryle Lonsdale

Pdf Export Search Finite-state morphological transducers for three Kypchak languages
[L14-1143]: Jonathan Washington | Ilnar Salimzyanov | Francis Tyers

Pdf Export Search Automatic creation of WordNets from parallel corpora
[L14-1144]: Antoni Oliver | Salvador Climent

Pdf Export Search The Polish Summaries Corpus
[L14-1145]: Maciej Ogrodniczuk | Mateusz Kopeć

Pdf Export Search GlobalPhone: Pronunciation Dictionaries in 20 Languages
[L14-1146]: Tanja Schultz | Tim Schlippe

Pdf Export Search Pre-ordering of phrase-based machine translation input in translation workflow
[L14-1147]: Alexandru Ceausu | Sabine Hunsicker

Pdf Export Search A Vector Space Model for Syntactic Distances Between Dialects
[L14-1148]: Emanuele Di Buccio | Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio | Gianmaria Silvello

Pdf Export Search A finite-state morphological analyzer for a Lakota HPSG grammar
[L14-1149]: Christian Curtis

Pdf Export Search A Wikipedia-based Corpus for Contextualized Machine Translation
[L14-1150]: Jennifer Drexler | Pushpendre Rastogi | Jacqueline Aguilar | Benjamin Van Durme | Matt Post

Pdf Export Search Mapping WordNet Domains, WordNet Topics and Wikipedia Categories to Generate Multilingual Domain Specific Resources
[L14-1151]: Spandana Gella | Carlo Strapparava | Vivi Nastase

Pdf Export Search Annotating Events in an Emotion Corpus
[L14-1152]: Sophia Lee | Shoushan Li | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Statistical Analysis of Multilingual Text Corpus and Development of Language Models
[L14-1153]: Shyam Sundar Agrawal | Abhimanue | Shweta Bansal | Minakshi Mahajan

Pdf Export Search New Directions for Language Resource Development and Distribution
[L14-1154]: Christopher Cieri | Denise DiPersio | Mark Liberman | Andrea Mazzucchi | Stephanie Strassel | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search Rediscovering 15 Years of Discoveries in Language Resources and Evaluation: The LREC Anthology Analysis
[L14-1155]: Joseph Mariani | Patrick Paroubek | Gil Francopoulo | Olivier Hamon

Pdf Export Search Annotating Question Decomposition on Complex Medical Questions
[L14-1156]: Kirk Roberts | Kate Masterton | Marcelo Fiszman | Halil Kilicoglu | Dina Demner-Fushman

Pdf Export Search Boosting Open Information Extraction with Noun-Based Relations
[L14-1157]: Clarissa Xavier | Vera Lima

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Open-Source English-Bulgarian Computational Dictionary
[L14-1158]: Krasimir Angelov

Pdf Export Search MotàMot project: conversion of a French-Khmer published dictionary for building a multilingual lexical system
[L14-1159]: Mathieu Mangeot

Pdf Export Search JUST.ASK, a QA system that learns to answer new questions from previous interactions
[L14-1160]: Sérgio Curto | Ana C. Mendes | Pedro Curto | Luísa Coheur | Angela Costa

Pdf Export Search Design and Development of an Online Computational Framework to Facilitate Language Comprehension Research on Indian Languages
[L14-1161]: manjira sinha | Tirthankar Dasgupta | Anupam Basu

Pdf Export Search The Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Czech
[L14-1162]: Mirjam Ernestus | Lucie Kočková-Amortová | Petr Pollak

Pdf Export Search Modern Chinese Helps Archaic Chinese Processing: Finding and Exploiting the Shared Properties
[L14-1163]: Yan Song | Fei Xia

Pdf Export Search Digital Library 2.0: Source of Knowledge and Research Collaboration Platform
[L14-1164]: Włodzimierz Gruszczyński | Maciej Ogrodniczuk

Pdf Export Search Open-domain Interaction and Online Content in the Sami Language
[L14-1165]: Kristiina Jokinen

Pdf Export Search A Character-based Approach to Distributional Semantic Models: Exploiting Kanji Characters for Constructing JapaneseWord Vectors
[L14-1166]: Akira Utsumi

Pdf Export Search Cross-Language Authorship Attribution
[L14-1167]: Dasha Bogdanova | Angeliki Lazaridou

Pdf Export Search Using Transfer Learning to Assist Exploratory Corpus Annotation
[L14-1168]: Paul Felt | Eric Ringger | Kevin Seppi | Kristian Heal

Pdf Export Search ANCOR_Centre, a large free spoken French coreference corpus: description of the resource and reliability measures
[L14-1169]: Judith Muzerelle | Anaïs Lefeuvre | Emmanuel Schang | Jean-Yves Antoine | Aurore Pelletier | Denis Maurel | Iris Eshkol | Jeanne Villaneau

Pdf Export Search Guampa: a Toolkit for Collaborative Translation
[L14-1170]: Alex Rudnick | Taylor Skidmore | Alberto Samaniego | Michael Gasser

Pdf Export Search Experiences with the ISOcat Data Category Registry
[L14-1171]: Daan Broeder | Ineke Schuurman | Menzo Windhouwer

Pdf Export Search RELISH LMF: Unlocking the Full Power of the Lexical Markup Framework
[L14-1172]: Menzo Windhouwer | Justin Petro | Shakila Shayan

Pdf Export Search Building a Corpus of Manually Revised Texts from Discourse Perspective
[L14-1173]: Ryu Iida | Takenobu Tokunaga

Pdf Export Search The CMD Cloud
[L14-1174]: Matej Durco | Menzo Windhouwer

Pdf Export Search Linguistic landscaping of South Asia using digital language resources: Genetic vs. areal linguistics
[L14-1175]: Lars Borin | Anju Saxena | Taraka Rama | Bernard Comrie

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Evaluation of Support Verb Constructions by OpenLogos and Google Translate
[L14-1176]: Anabela Barreiro | Johanna Monti | Brigitte Orliac | Susanne Preuß | Kutz Arrieta | Wang Ling | Fernando Batista | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Single-Person and Multi-Party 3D Visualizations for Nonverbal Communication Analysis
[L14-1177]: Michael kipp | Levin Freiherr von Hollen | Michael Christopher Hrstka | Franziska Zamponi

Pdf Export Search Collection of a Simultaneous Translation Corpus for Comparative Analysis
[L14-1178]: Hiroaki Shimizu | Graham Neubig | Sakriani Sakti | Tomoki Toda | Satoshi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search The AV-LASYN Database : A synchronous corpus of audio and 3D facial marker data for audio-visual laughter synthesis
[L14-1179]: Huseyin Cakmak | Jerome Urbain | Thierry Dutoit | Joelle Tilmanne

Pdf Export Search Interoperability of Dialogue Corpora through ISO 24617-2-based Querying
[L14-1180]: Volha Petukhova | Andrei Malchanau | Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search ASR-based CALL systems and learner speech data: new resources and opportunities for research and development in second language learning
[L14-1181]: Catia Cucchiarini | Steve Bodnar | Bart Penning de Vries | Roeland Van Hout | Helmer Strik

Pdf Export Search The DBOX Corpus Collection of Spoken Human-Human and Human-Machine Dialogues
[L14-1182]: Volha Petukhova | Martin Gropp | Dietrich Klakow | Gregor Eigner | Mario Topf | Stefan Srb | Petr Motlicek | Blaise Potard | John Dines | Olivier Deroo | Ronny Egeler | Uwe Meinz | Steffen Liersch | Anna Schmidt

Pdf Export Search The Database for Spoken German ― DGD2
[L14-1183]: Thomas Schmidt

Pdf Export Search Building a Dataset of Multilingual Cognates for the Romanian Lexicon
[L14-1184]: Liviu Dinu | Alina Maria Ciobanu

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking the Extraction and Disambiguation of Named Entities on the Semantic Web
[L14-1185]: Giuseppe Rizzo | Marieke van Erp | Raphaël Troncy

Pdf Export Search Automatic Expansion of the MRC Psycholinguistic Database Imageability Ratings
[L14-1186]: Ting Liu | Kit Cho | G. Aaron Broadwell | Samira Shaikh | Tomek Strzalkowski | John Lien | Sarah Taylor | Laurie Feldman | Boris Yamrom | Nick Webb | Umit Boz | Ignacio Cases | Ching-Sheng Lin

Pdf Export Search Towards building a Kashmiri Treebank: Setting up the Annotation Pipeline
[L14-1187]: Riyaz Ahmad Bhat | Shahid Musjtaq Bhat | Dipti Misra Sharma

Pdf Export Search SenTube: A Corpus for Sentiment Analysis on YouTube Social Media
[L14-1188]: Olga Uryupina | Barbara Plank | Aliaksei Severyn | Agata Rotondi | Alessandro Moschitti

Pdf Export Search CIEMPIESS: A New Open-Sourced Mexican Spanish Radio Corpus
[L14-1189]: Carlos Daniel Hernandez Mena | Abel Herrera Camacho

Pdf Export Search SAVAS: Collecting, Annotating and Sharing Audiovisual Language Resources for Automatic Subtitling
[L14-1190]: Arantza del Pozo | Carlo Aliprandi | Aitor Álvarez | Carlos Mendes | Joao P. Neto | Sérgio Paulo | Nicola Piccinini | Matteo Raffaelli

Pdf Export Search Exploring and Visualizing Variation in Language Resources
[L14-1191]: Peter Fankhauser | Jörg Knappen | Elke Teich

Pdf Export Search Simple Effective Microblog Named Entity Recognition: Arabic as an Example
[L14-1192]: Kareem Darwish | Wei Gao

Pdf Export Search Priberam Compressive Summarization Corpus: A New Multi-Document Summarization Corpus for European Portuguese
[L14-1193]: Miguel B. Almeida | Mariana S. C. Almeida | André F. T. Martins | Helena Figueira | Pedro Mendes | Cláudia Pinto

Pdf Export Search Hope and Fear: How Opinions Influence Factuality
[L14-1194]: Chantal van Son | Marieke van Erp | Antske Fokkens | Piek Vossen

Pdf Export Search Linking Pictographs to Synsets: Sclera2Cornetto
[L14-1195]: Vincent Vandeghinste | Ineke Schuurman

[L14-1196]: Mohamed Morchid | Georges Linares | Richard Dufour

Pdf Export Search Information Extraction from German Patient Records via Hybrid Parsing and Relation Extraction Strategies
[L14-1197]: Hans-Ulrich Krieger | Christian Spurk | Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Yi Zhang | Frank Müller | Thomas Tolxdorff

Pdf Export Search The MMASCS multi-modal annotated synchronous corpus of audio, video, facial motion and tongue motion data of normal, fast and slow speech
[L14-1198]: Dietmar Schabus | Michael Pucher | Phil Hoole

Pdf Export Search Genres in the Prague Discourse Treebank
[L14-1199]: Lucie Poláková | Pavlína Jínová | Jiří Mírovský

Pdf Export Search Speech Recognition Web Services for Dutch
[L14-1200]: Joris Pelemans | Kris Demuynck | Hugo Van hamme | Patrick Wambacq

Pdf Export Search Translation errors from English to Portuguese: an annotated corpus
[L14-1201]: Angela Costa | Tiago Luís | Luísa Coheur

Pdf Export Search Amazigh Verb Conjugator
[L14-1202]: Fadoua Ataa Allah | Siham Boulaknadel

Pdf Export Search The liability of service providers in e-Research Infrastructures: killing the messenger?
[L14-1203]: Pawel Kamocki

Pdf Export Search Adapting VerbNet to French using existing resources
[L14-1204]: Quentin Pradet | Laurence Danlos | Gaël de Chalendar

Pdf Export Search English-French Verb Phrase Alignment in Europarl for Tense Translation Modeling
[L14-1205]: Sharid Loaiciga | Thomas Meyer | Andrei Popescu-Belis

Pdf Export Search The evolving infrastructure for language resources and the role for data scientists
[L14-1206]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search A New Form of Humor ― Mapping Constraint-Based Computational Morphologies to a Finite-State Representation
[L14-1207]: Attila Novák

Pdf Export Search SLMotion - An extensible sign language oriented video analysis tool
[L14-1208]: Matti Karppa | Ville Viitaniemi | Marcos Luzardo | Jorma Laaksonen | Tommi Jantunen

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Chinese―Japanese Parallel Corpus from Wikipedia
[L14-1209]: Chenhui Chu | Toshiaki Nakazawa | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search CFT13: A resource for research into the post-editing process
[L14-1210]: Michael Carl | Mercedes Martínez García | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao

Pdf Export Search Mörkum Njálu. An annotated corpus to analyse and explain grammatical divergences between 14th-century manuscripts of Njál's saga.
[L14-1211]: Ludger Zeevaert

Pdf Export Search A Crowdsourcing Smartphone Application for Swiss German: Putting Language Documentation in the Hands of the Users
[L14-1212]: Jean-Philippe Goldman | Adrian Leeman | Marie-José Kolly | Ingrid Hove | Ibrahim Almajai | Volker Dellwo | Steven Moran

Pdf Export Search ClearTK 2.0: Design Patterns for Machine Learning in UIMA
[L14-1213]: Steven Bethard | Philip Ogren | Lee Becker

Pdf Export Search A Conventional Orthography for Tunisian Arabic
[L14-1214]: Inès Zribi | Rahma Boujelbane | Abir Masmoudi | Mariem Ellouze | Lamia Belguith | Nizar Habash

Pdf Export Search Creating a massively parallel Bible corpus
[L14-1215]: Thomas Mayer | Michael Cysouw

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Computation of Reverse Associations
[L14-1216]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search LexTec ― a rich language resource for technical domains in Portuguese
[L14-1217]: Palmira Marrafa | Raquel Amaro | Sara Mendes

Pdf Export Search Boosting the creation of a treebank
[L14-1218]: Blanca Arias | Nuria Bel | Mercè Lorente | Montserrat Marimón | Alba Milà | Jorge Vivaldi | Muntsa Padró | Marina Fomicheva | Imanol Larrea

Pdf Export Search The Dutch LESLLA Corpus
[L14-1219]: Eric Sanders | Ineke van de Craats | Vanja de Lint

Pdf Export Search Improvements to Dependency Parsing Using Automatic Simplification of Data
[L14-1220]: Tomáš Jelínek

Pdf Export Search The Meta-knowledge of Causality in Biomedical Scientific Discourse
[L14-1221]: Claudiu Mihăilă | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Discosuite - A parser test suite for German discontinuous structures
[L14-1222]: Wolfgang Maier | Miriam Kaeshammer | Peter Baumann | Sandra Kübler

Pdf Export Search Modelling Irony in Twitter: Feature Analysis and Evaluation
[L14-1223]: Francesco Barbieri | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search DBpedia Domains: augmenting DBpedia with domain information
[L14-1224]: Gregor Titze | Volha Bryl | Cäcilia Zirn | Simone Paolo Ponzetto

Pdf Export Search Mining a multimodal corpus for non-verbal behavior sequences conveying attitudes
[L14-1225]: Mathieu Chollet | Magalie Ochs | Catherine Pelachaud

Pdf Export Search Biomedical entity extraction using machine-learning based approaches
[L14-1226]: Cyril Grouin

Pdf Export Search Parsing Heterogeneous Corpora with a Rich Dependency Grammar
[L14-1227]: Achim Stein

Pdf Export Search ML-Optimization of Ported Constraint Grammars
[L14-1228]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Cultural Repository of Automatically Discovered Linguistic and Conceptual Metaphors
[L14-1229]: Samira Shaikh | Tomek Strzalkowski | Ting Liu | George Aaron Broadwell | Boris Yamrom | Sarah Taylor | Laurie Feldman | Kit Cho | Umit Boz | Ignacio Cases | Yuliya Peshkova | Ching-Sheng Lin

Pdf Export Search First approach toward Semantic Role Labeling for Basque
[L14-1230]: Haritz Salaberri | Olatz Arregi | Beñat Zapirain

[L14-1231]: Lianet Sepúlveda Torres | Magali Sanches Duran | Sandra Aluísio

Pdf Export Search xLiD-Lexica: Cross-lingual Linked Data Lexica
[L14-1232]: Lei Zhang | Michael Färber | Achim Rettinger

Pdf Export Search A Study on Expert Sourcing Enterprise Question Collection and Classification
[L14-1233]: Yuan Luo | Thomas Boucher | Tolga Oral | David Osofsky | Sara Weber

Pdf Export Search Annotating Relation Mentions in Tabloid Press
[L14-1234]: Hong Li | Sebastian Krause | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit | Robert Hummel | Veselina Mironova

Pdf Export Search Efficient Reuse of Structured and Unstructured Resources for Ontology Population
[L14-1235]: Chetana Gavankar | Ashish Kulkarni | Ganesh Ramakrishnan

[L14-1236]: Marie Kopřivová | Hana Goláňová | Petra Klimešová | David Lukeš

Pdf Export Search Corpus and Evaluation of Handwriting Recognition of Historical Genealogical Records
[L14-1237]: Patrick Schone | Heath Nielson | Mark Ward

Pdf Export Search Reusing Swedish FrameNet for training semantic roles
[L14-1238]: Ildikó Pilán | Elena Volodina

Pdf Export Search A Database of Freely Written Texts of German School Students for the Purpose of Automatic Spelling Error Classification
[L14-1239]: Kay Berkling | Johanna Fay | Masood Ghayoomi | Katrin Hein | Rémi Lavalley | Ludwig Linhuber | Sebastian Stüker

Pdf Export Search PACE Corpus: a multilingual corpus of Polarity-annotated textual data from the domains Automotive and CEllphone
[L14-1240]: Christian Haenig | Andreas Niekler | Carsten Wuensch

Pdf Export Search Szeged Corpus 2.5: Morphological Modifications in a Manually POS-tagged Hungarian Corpus
[L14-1241]: Veronika Vincze | Viktor Varga | Katalin Ilona Simkó | János Zsibrita | Ágoston Nagy | Richárd Farkas | János Csirik

Pdf Export Search Linked Open Data and Web Corpus Data for noun compound bracketing
[L14-1242]: Pierre André Ménard | Caroline Barriere

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Corpora for Silent Speech Interaction
[L14-1243]: João Freitas | António Teixeira | Miguel Dias

Pdf Export Search Constructing a Corpus of Japanese Predicate Phrases for Synonym/Antonym Relations
[L14-1244]: Tomoko Izumi | Tomohide Shibata | Hisako Asano | Yoshihiro Matsuo | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search The Impact of Cohesion Errors in Extraction Based Summaries
[L14-1245]: Evelina Rennes | Arne Jonsson

Pdf Export Search The CUHK Discourse TreeBank for Chinese: Annotating Explicit Discourse Connectives for the Chinese TreeBank
[L14-1246]: Lanjun Zhou | Binyang Li | Zhongyu Wei | Kam-Fai Wong

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Daily Changing Words for Question Answering
[L14-1247]: Kugatsu Sadamitsu | Ryuichiro Higashinaka | Yoshihiro Matsuo

Pdf Export Search MTWatch: A Tool for the Analysis of Noisy Parallel Data
[L14-1248]: Sandipan Dandapat | Declan Groves

[L14-1249]: Martin Riedl | Richard Steuer | Chris Biemann

Pdf Export Search The CLE Urdu POS Tagset
[L14-1250]: Saba Urooj | Sarmad Hussain | Asad Mustafa | Rahila Parveen | Farah Adeeba | Tafseer Ahmed Khan | Miriam Butt | Annette Hautli

Pdf Export Search NoSta-D Named Entity Annotation for German: Guidelines and Dataset
[L14-1251]: Darina Benikova | Chris Biemann | Marc Reznicek

Pdf Export Search Phone Boundary Annotation in Conversational Speech
[L14-1252]: Yi-Fen Liu | Shu-Chuan Tseng | J.-S Roger Jang

Pdf Export Search A Colloquial Corpus of Japanese Sign Language: Linguistic Resources for Observing Sign Language Conversations
[L14-1253]: Mayumi Bono | Kouhei Kikuchi | Paul Cibulka | Yutaka Osugi

Pdf Export Search Walenty: Towards a comprehensive valence dictionary of Polish
[L14-1254]: Adam Przepiórkowski | Elżbieta Hajnicz | Agnieszka Patejuk | Marcin Woliński | Filip Skwarski | Marek Świdziński

Pdf Export Search Can the Crowd be Controlled?: A Case Study on Crowd Sourcing and Automatic Validation of Completed Tasks based on User Modeling
[L14-1255]: Balamurali A.R

Pdf Export Search Computational Narratology: Extracting Tense Clusters from Narrative Texts
[L14-1256]: Thomas Bögel | Jannik Strötgen | Michael Gertz

Pdf Export Search Designing the Latvian Speech Recognition Corpus
[L14-1257]: Mārcis Pinnis | Ilze Auziņa | Kārlis Goba

Pdf Export Search Aligning parallel texts with InterText
[L14-1258]: Pavel Vondřička

Pdf Export Search Corpus for Coreference Resolution on Scientific Papers
[L14-1259]: Panot Chaimongkol | Akiko Aizawa | Yuka Tateisi

Pdf Export Search From Non Word to New Word: Automatically Identifying Neologisms in French Newspapers
[L14-1260]: Ingrid Falk | Delphine Bernhard | Christophe Gérard

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the effects of interactivity in a post-editing workbench
[L14-1261]: Nancy Underwood | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao | Mercedes García Martínez | Michael Carl | Vicent Alabau | Jesús González-Rubio | Luis A. Leiva | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Daniel Ortíz-Martínez | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Using Twitter and Sentiment Analysis for event detection
[L14-1262]: Georgios Paltoglou

Pdf Export Search The Research and Teaching Corpus of Spoken German ― FOLK
[L14-1263]: Thomas Schmidt

Pdf Export Search Data Mining with Shallow vs. Linguistic Features to Study Diversification of Scientific Registers
[L14-1264]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Peter Fankhauser | Hannah Kermes | Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Noam Ordan | Elke Teich

Pdf Export Search On Stopwords, Filtering and Data Sparsity for Sentiment Analysis of Twitter
[L14-1265]: Hassan Saif | Miriam Fernandez | Yulan He | Harith Alani

Pdf Export Search Adapting Freely Available Resources to Build an Opinion Mining Pipeline in Portuguese
[L14-1266]: Patrik Lambert | Carlos Rodriguez-Penagos

Pdf Export Search The SYN-series corpora of written Czech
[L14-1267]: Milena Hnátková | Michal Křen | Pavel Procházka | Hana Skoumalová

Pdf Export Search ParCor 1.0: A Parallel Pronoun-Coreference Corpus to Support Statistical MT
[L14-1268]: Liane Guillou | Christian Hardmeier | Aaron Smith | Jörg Tiedemann | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search A Benchmark Database of Phonetic Alignments in Historical Linguistics and Dialectology
[L14-1269]: Johann-Mattis List | Jelena Prokić

Pdf Export Search Extracting News Web Page Creation Time with DCTFinder
[L14-1270]: Xavier Tannier

Pdf Export Search Corpus of 19th-century Czech Texts: Problems and Solutions
[L14-1271]: Karel Kučera | Martin Stluka

Pdf Export Search Investigating the Image of Entities in Social Media: Dataset Design and First Results
[L14-1272]: Julien Velcin | Young-Min Kim | Caroline Brun | Jean-Yves Dormagen | Eric SanJuan | Leila Khouas | Anne Peradotto | Stéphane Bonnevay | Claude Roux | Julien Boyadjian | Alejandro Molina | Marie Neihouser

Pdf Export Search The Norwegian Dependency Treebank
[L14-1273]: Per Erik Solberg | Arne Skjærholt | Lilja Øvrelid | Kristin Hagen | Janne Bondi Johannessen

Pdf Export Search Extending standoff annotation
[L14-1274]: Maik Stührenberg

Pdf Export Search An efficient language independent toolkit for complete morphological disambiguation
[L14-1275]: László Laki | György Orosz

Pdf Export Search A decade of HLT Agency activities in the Low Countries: from resource maintenance (BLARK) to service offerings (BLAISE)
[L14-1276]: Peter Spyns | Remco van Veenendaal

Pdf Export Search A Corpus of Spontaneous Speech in Lectures: The KIT Lecture Corpus for Spoken Language Processing and Translation
[L14-1277]: Eunah Cho | Sarah Fünfer | Sebastian Stüker | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Free Acoustic and Language Models for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition in Swedish
[L14-1278]: Niklas Vanhainen | Giampiero Salvi

Pdf Export Search Turkish Resources for Visual Word Recognition
[L14-1279]: Begum Erten | Cem Bozsahin | Deniz Zeyrek

Pdf Export Search An Arabic Twitter Corpus for Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis
[L14-1280]: Eshrag Refaee | Verena Rieser

Pdf Export Search The IMAGACT Visual Ontology. An Extendable Multilingual Infrastructure for the representation of lexical encoding of Action
[L14-1281]: Massimo Moneglia | Susan Brown | Francesca Frontini | Gloria Gagliardi | Fahad Khan | Monica Monachini | Alessandro Panunzi

Pdf Export Search Collaboration in the Production of a Massively Multilingual Lexicon
[L14-1282]: Martin Benjamin

Pdf Export Search An Effortless Way To Create Large-Scale Datasets For Famous Speakers
[L14-1283]: François Salmon | Félicien Vallet

Pdf Export Search Bridging the gap between speech technology and natural language processing: an evaluation toolbox for term discovery systems
[L14-1284]: Bogdan Ludusan | Maarten Versteegh | Aren Jansen | Guillaume Gravier | Xuan-Nga Cao | Mark Johnson | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search Modeling and evaluating dialog success in the LAST MINUTE corpus
[L14-1285]: Dietmar Rösner | Rafael Friesen | Stephan Günther | Rico Andrich

Pdf Export Search Comparison of Gender- and Speaker-adaptive Emotion Recognition
[L14-1286]: Maxim Sidorov | Stefan Ultes | Alexander Schmitt

Pdf Export Search The pragmatic annotation of a corpus of academic lectures
[L14-1287]: Sian Alsop | Hilary Nesi

Pdf Export Search Using TEI, CMDI and ISOcat in CLARIN-DK
[L14-1288]: Dorte Haltrup Hansen | Lene Offersgaard | Sussi Olsen

Pdf Export Search Comparative analysis of verbal alignment in human-human and human-agent interactions
[L14-1289]: Sabrina Campano | Jessica Durand | Chloé Clavel

Pdf Export Search Transliteration and alignment of parallel texts from Cyrillic to Latin
[L14-1290]: Petic Mircea | Daniela Gîfu

Pdf Export Search How to Tell a Schneemann from a Milchmann: An Annotation Scheme for Compound-Internal Relations
[L14-1291]: Corina Dima | Verena Henrich | Erhard Hinrichs | Christina Hoppermann

Pdf Export Search Can Numerical Expressions Be Simpler? Implementation and Demostration of a Numerical Simplification System for Spanish
[L14-1292]: Susana Bautista | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search 4FX: Light Verb Constructions in a Multilingual Parallel Corpus
[L14-1293]: Anita Rácz | István Nagy T. | Veronika Vincze

Pdf Export Search The eIdentity Text Exploration Workbench
[L14-1294]: Fritz Kliche | Andre Blessing | Dr. Ulrich Heid | Jonathan Sonntag

Pdf Export Search Emilya: Emotional body expression in daily actions database
[L14-1295]: Nesrine Fourati | Catherine Pelachaud

Pdf Export Search Using Stem-Templates to Improve Arabic POS and Gender/Number Tagging
[L14-1296]: Kareem Darwish | Ahmed Abdelali | Hamdy Mubarak

Pdf Export Search Construction of Diachronic Ontologies from People's Daily of Fifty Years
[L14-1297]: Shaoda He | Xiaojun Zou | Liumingjing Xiao | Junfeng Hu

Pdf Export Search ROOTS: a toolkit for easy, fast and consistent processing of large sequential annotated data collections
[L14-1298]: Jonathan Chevelu | Gwénolé Lecorvé | Damien Lolive

Pdf Export Search Computer-Aided Quality Assurance of an Icelandic Pronunciation Dictionary
[L14-1299]: Martin Jansche

Pdf Export Search Disambiguating Verbs by Collocation: Corpus Lexicography meets Natural Language Processing
[L14-1300]: Ismail El Maarouf | Jane Bradbury | Vít Baisa | Patrick Hanks

Pdf Export Search Automatic Error Detection concerning the Definite and Indefinite Conjugation in the HunLearner Corpus
[L14-1301]: Veronika Vincze | János Zsibrita | Péter Durst | Martina Katalin Szabó

Pdf Export Search Speech-Based Emotion Recognition: Feature Selection by Self-Adaptive Multi-Criteria Genetic Algorithm
[L14-1302]: Maxim Sidorov | Christina Brester | Wolfgang Minker | Eugene Semenkin

Pdf Export Search Constructing and exploiting an automatically annotated resource of legislative texts
[L14-1303]: Stefan Höfler | Kyoko Sugisaki

Pdf Export Search GenitivDB ― a Corpus-Generated Database for German Genitive Classification
[L14-1304]: Roman Schneider

Pdf Export Search Resources in Conflict: A Bilingual Valency Lexicon vs. a Bilingual Treebank vs. a Linguistic Theory
[L14-1305]: Jana Sindlerova | Zdenka Uresova | Eva Fucikova

Pdf Export Search The NewSoMe Corpus: A Unifying Opinion Annotation Framework across Genres and in Multiple Languages
[L14-1306]: Roser Saurí | Judith Domingo | Toni Badia

Pdf Export Search Buy one get one free: Distant annotation of Chinese tense, event type and modality
[L14-1307]: Nianwen Xue | Yuchen Zhang

Pdf Export Search Multimodal dialogue segmentation with gesture post-processing
[L14-1308]: Kodai Takahashi | Masashi Inoue

Pdf Export Search The Dangerous Myth of the Star System
[L14-1309]: André Bittar | dini luca | Sigrid Maurel | Mathieu Ruhlmann

Pdf Export Search Comparison of the Impact of Word Segmentation on Name Tagging for Chinese and Japanese
[L14-1310]: Haibo Li | Masato Hagiwara | Qi Li | Heng Ji

Pdf Export Search CoRoLa ― The Reference Corpus of Contemporary Romanian Language
[L14-1311]: Verginica Barbu Mititelu | Elena Irimia | Dan Tufiș

Pdf Export Search Building a reference lexicon for countability in English
[L14-1312]: Tibor Kiss | Francis Jeffry Pelletier | Tobias Stadtfeld

Pdf Export Search The LIMA Multilingual Analyzer Made Free: FLOSS Resources Adaptation and Correction
[L14-1313]: Gaël de Chalendar

Pdf Export Search A SICK cure for the evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models
[L14-1314]: Marco Marelli | Stefano Menini | Marco Baroni | Luisa Bentivogli | Raffaella bernardi | Roberto Zamparelli

Pdf Export Search Twente Debate Corpus ― A Multimodal Corpus for Head Movement Analysis
[L14-1315]: Bayu Rahayudi | Ronald Poppe | Dirk Heylen

Pdf Export Search The EASR Corpora of European Portuguese, French, Hungarian and Polish Elderly Speech
[L14-1316]: Annika Hämäläinen | Jairo Avelar | Silvia Rodrigues | Miguel Sales Dias | Artur Kolesiński | Tibor Fegyó | Géza Németh | Petra Csobánka | Karine Lan | David Hewson

Pdf Export Search Sharing Cultural Heritage: the Clavius on the Web Project
[L14-1317]: Matteo Abrate | Angelo Mario Del Grosso | Emiliano Giovannetti | Angelica Lo Duca | Damiana Luzzi | Lorenzo Mancini | Andrea Marchetti | Irene Pedretti | Silvia Piccini

Pdf Export Search 3D Face Tracking and Multi-Scale, Spatio-temporal Analysis of Linguistically Significant Facial Expressions and Head Positions in ASL
[L14-1318]: Bo Liu | Jingjing Liu | Xiang Yu | Dimitris Metaxas | Carol Neidle

Pdf Export Search Exploring factors that contribute to successful fingerspelling comprehension
[L14-1319]: Leah Geer | Jonathan Keane

Pdf Export Search The DARE Corpus: A Resource for Anaphora Resolution in Dialogue Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
[L14-1320]: Nobal Niraula | Vasile Rus | Rajendra Banjade | Dan Stefanescu | William Baggett | Brent Morgan

Pdf Export Search On the annotation of TMX translation memories for advanced leveraging in computer-aided translation
[L14-1321]: Mikel Forcada

Pdf Export Search The D-ANS corpus: the Dublin-Autonomous Nervous System corpus of biosignal and multimodal recordings of conversational speech
[L14-1322]: Shannon Hennig | Ryad Chellali | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Annotating the MASC Corpus with BabelNet
[L14-1323]: Andrea Moro | Roberto Navigli | Francesco Maria Tucci | Rebecca J. Passonneau

Pdf Export Search All Fragments Count in Parser Evaluation
[L14-1324]: Joost Bastings | Khalil Sima'an

Pdf Export Search TexAFon 2.0: A text processing tool for the generation of expressive speech in TTS applications
[L14-1325]: Juan-María Garrido | Yesika Laplaza | Benjamin Kolz | Miquel Cornudella

Pdf Export Search A Persian Treebank with Stanford Typed Dependencies
[L14-1326]: Mojgan Seraji | Carina Jahani | Beáta Megyesi | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search A Language-independent Approach to Extracting Derivational Relations from an Inflectional Lexicon
[L14-1327]: Marion Baranes | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition on Turkish Tweets
[L14-1328]: Dilek Kucuk | Guillaume Jacquet | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search Rhapsodie: a Prosodic-Syntactic Treebank for Spoken French
[L14-1329]: Anne Lacheret | Sylvain Kahane | Julie Beliao | Anne Dister | Kim Gerdes | Jean-Philippe Goldman | Nicolas Obin | Paola Pietrandrea | Atanas Tchobanov

Pdf Export Search The IULA Spanish LSP Treebank
[L14-1330]: Montserrat Marimon | Núria Bel | Beatriz Fisas | Blanca Arias | Silvia Vázquez | Jorge Vivaldi | Carlos Morell | Mercè Lorente

Pdf Export Search Morpho-Syntactic Study of Errors from Speech Recognition System
[L14-1331]: Maria Goryainova | Cyril Grouin | Sophie Rosset | Ioana Vasilescu

Pdf Export Search Not an Interlingua, But Close: Comparison of English AMRs to Chinese and Czech
[L14-1332]: Nianwen Xue | Ondrej Bojar | Jan Hajic | Martha Palmer | Zdenka Uresova | Xiuhong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Annotating Relations in Scientific Articles
[L14-1333]: Adam Meyers | Giancarlo Lee | Angus Grieve-Smith | Yifan He | Harriet Taber

Pdf Export Search Annotating Clinical Events in Text Snippets for Phenotype Detection
[L14-1334]: Prescott Klassen | Fei Xia | Lucy Vanderwende | Meliha Yetisgen

Pdf Export Search Phoneme Similarity Matrices to Improve Long Audio Alignment for Automatic Subtitling
[L14-1335]: Pablo Ruiz | Aitor Álvarez | Haritz Arzelus

Pdf Export Search Use of unsupervised word classes for entity recognition: Application to the detection of disorders in clinical reports
[L14-1336]: Maria Evangelia Chatzimina | Cyril Grouin | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search Three dimensions of the so-called ""interoperability"" of annotation schemes"
[L14-1337]: Eva Hajičová

Pdf Export Search On Complex Word Alignment Configurations
[L14-1338]: Miriam Kaeshammer | Anika Westburg

Pdf Export Search HFST-SweNER ― A New NER Resource for Swedish
[L14-1339]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis | Jyrki Niemi | Sam Hardwick | Krister Lindén | Lars Borin

Pdf Export Search Building and Modelling Multilingual Subjective Corpora
[L14-1340]: Motaz Saad | David Langlois | Kamel Smaili

Pdf Export Search GRASS: the Graz corpus of Read And Spontaneous Speech
[L14-1341]: Barbara Schuppler | Martin Hagmueller | Juan A. Morales-Cordovilla | Hannes Pessentheiner

Pdf Export Search Linguistic resources and cats: how to use ISOcat, RELcat and SCHEMAcat
[L14-1342]: Menzo Windhouwer | Ineke Schuurman

Pdf Export Search Bring vs. MTRoget: Evaluating automatic thesaurus translation
[L14-1343]: Lars Borin | Jens Allwood | Gerard de Melo

Pdf Export Search Introducing a Framework for the Evaluation of Music Detection Tools
[L14-1344]: Paula Lopez-Otero | Laura Docio-Fernandez | Carmen Garcia-Mateo

Pdf Export Search WordNet―Wikipedia―Wiktionary: Construction of a Three-way Alignment
[L14-1345]: Tristan Miller | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Cross-linguistic annotation of narrativity for English/French verb tense disambiguation
[L14-1346]: Cristina Grisot | Thomas Meyer

Pdf Export Search The taraXÜ corpus of human-annotated machine translations
[L14-1347]: Eleftherios Avramidis | Aljoscha Burchardt | Sabine Hunsicker | Maja Popović | Cindy Tscherwinka | David Vilar | Hans Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Detecting Document Structure in a Very Large Corpus of UK Financial Reports
[L14-1348]: Mahmoud El-Haj | Paul Rayson | Steve Young | Martin Walker

Pdf Export Search Latent Semantic Analysis Models on Wikipedia and TASA
[L14-1349]: Dan Stefanescu | Rajendra Banjade | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search The Strategic Impact of META-NET on the Regional, National and International Level
[L14-1350]: Georg Rehm | Hans Uszkoreit | Sophia Ananiadou | Núria Bel | Audroné Bielevičiené | Lars Borin | António Branco | Gerhard Budin | Nicoletta Calzolari | Walter Daelemans | Radovan Garabík | Marko Grobelnik | Carmen Garcia-Mateo | Josef van Genabith | Jan Hajic | Inma Hernaez | John Judge | Svetla Koeva | Simon Krek | Cvetana Krstev | Krister Linden | Bernardo Magnini | Joseph Mariani | John McNaught | Maite Melero | Monica Monachini | Asuncion Moreno | Jan Odijk | Maciej Ogrodniczuk | Piotr Pezik | Stelios Piperidis | Adam Przepiórkowski | Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson | Michael Rosner | Bolette Pedersen | Inguna Skadina | Koenraad De Smedt | Marko Tadić | Paul Thompson | Dan Tufiș | Tamás Váradi | Andrejs Vasiļjevs | Kadri Vider | Jolanta Zabarskaite

Pdf Export Search The Weltmodell: A Data-Driven Commonsense Knowledge Base
[L14-1351]: Alan Akbik | Thilo Michael

Pdf Export Search German Alcohol Language Corpus - the Question of Dialect
[L14-1352]: Florian Schiel | Thomas Kisler

Pdf Export Search CLARA: A New Generation of Researchers in Common Language Resources and Their Applications
[L14-1353]: Koenraad De Smedt | Erhard Hinrichs | Detmar Meurers | Inguna Skadina | Bolette Pedersen | Costanza Navarretta | Núria Bel | Krister Linden | Marketa Lopatkova | Jan Hajic | Gisle Andersen | Przemyslaw Lenkiewicz

Pdf Export Search A Large Corpus of Product Reviews in Portuguese: Tackling Out-Of-Vocabulary Words
[L14-1354]: Nathan Hartmann | Lucas Avanço | Pedro Balage | Magali Duran | Maria das Graças Volpe Nunes | Thiago Pardo | Sandra Aluísio

Pdf Export Search Shata-Anuvadak: Tackling Multiway Translation of Indian Languages
[L14-1355]: Anoop Kunchukuttan | Abhijit Mishra | Rajen Chatterjee | Ritesh Shah | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search The CLARIN Research Infrastructure: Resources and Tools for eHumanities Scholars
[L14-1356]: Erhard Hinrichs | Steven Krauwer

Pdf Export Search Sprinter: Language Technologies for Interactive and Multimedia Language Learning
[L14-1357]: Renlong Ai | Marcela Charfuelan | Walter Kasper | Tina Klüwer | Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Sandra Gasber | Philip Gienandt

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Dictionary Induction as an Optimization Problem
[L14-1358]: Wushouer Mairidan | Toru Ishida | Donghui Lin | Katsutoshi Hirayama

Pdf Export Search Two Approaches to Metaphor Detection
[L14-1359]: Brian MacWhinney | Davida Fromm

Pdf Export Search A Japanese Word Dependency Corpus
[L14-1360]: Shinsuke Mori | Hideki Ogura | Tetsuro Sasada

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing and annotating NER for Twitter #drift
[L14-1361]: Hege Fromreide | Dirk Hovy | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Language Resources and Annotation Tools for Cross-Sentence Relation Extraction
[L14-1362]: Sebastian Krause | Hong Li | Feiyu Xu | Hans Uszkoreit | Robert Hummel | Luise Spielhagen

Pdf Export Search Evaluating corpora documentation with regards to the Ethics and Big Data Charter
[L14-1363]: Alain Couillault | Karën Fort | Gilles Adda | Hugues Mazancourt (de)

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Term Extractors for Multiple Languages
[L14-1364]: Ahmet Aker | Monica Paramita | Emma Barker | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatic Hypernym Extraction from Technical Corpora in English and Dutch
[L14-1365]: Els Lefever | Marjan Van de Kauter | Veronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Measuring Readability of Polish Texts: Baseline Experiments
[L14-1366]: Bartosz Broda | Bartłomiej Nitoń | Włodzimierz Gruszczyński | Maciej Ogrodniczuk

Pdf Export Search Introducing a web application for labeling, visualizing speech and correcting derived speech signals
[L14-1367]: Raphael Winkelmann | Georg Raess

Pdf Export Search An Iterative Approach for Mining Parallel Sentences in a Comparable Corpus
[L14-1368]: Lise Rebout | Phillippe Langlais

Pdf Export Search Development of a TV Broadcasts Speech Recognition System for Qatari Arabic
[L14-1369]: Mohamed Elmahdy | Mark Hasegawa-Johnson | Eiman Mustafawi

Pdf Export Search Can Crowdsourcing be used for Effective Annotation of Arabic?
[L14-1370]: Wajdi Zaghouani | Kais Dukes

Pdf Export Search Design and development of an RDB version of the Corpus of Spontaneous Japanese
[L14-1371]: Hanae Koiso | Yasuharu Den | Ken'ya Nishikawa | Kikuo Maekawa

Pdf Export Search Automatic Long Audio Alignment and Confidence Scoring for Conversational Arabic Speech
[L14-1372]: Mohamed Elmahdy | Mark Hasegawa-Johnson | Eiman Mustafawi

Pdf Export Search Vocabulary-Based Language Similarity using Web Corpora
[L14-1373]: Dirk Goldhahn | Uwe Quasthoff

Pdf Export Search NewsReader: recording history from daily news streams
[L14-1374]: Piek Vossen | German Rigau | Luciano Serafini | Pim Stouten | Francis Irving | Willem Van Hage

Pdf Export Search A set of open source tools for Turkish natural language processing
[L14-1375]: Çağrı Çöltekin

Pdf Export Search The Gulf of Guinea Creole Corpora
[L14-1376]: Tjerk Hagemeijer | Michel Généreux | Iris Hendrickx | Amália Mendes | Abigail Tiny | Armando Zamora

Pdf Export Search S-pot - a benchmark in spotting signs within continuous signing
[L14-1377]: Ville Viitaniemi | Tommi Jantunen | Leena Savolainen | Matti Karppa | Jorma Laaksonen

Pdf Export Search Converting an HPSG-based Treebank into its Parallel Dependency-based Treebank
[L14-1378]: Masood Ghayoomi | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search TweetNorm_es: an annotated corpus for Spanish microtext normalization
[L14-1379]: Iñaki Alegria | Nora Aranberri | Pere Comas | Victor Fresno | Pablo Gamallo | Lluís Padró | Iñaki San Vicente | Jordi Turmo | Arkaitz Zubiaga

Pdf Export Search The Procedure of Lexico-Semantic Annotation of Składnica Treebank
[L14-1380]: Elżbieta Hajnicz

Pdf Export Search Media monitoring and information extraction for the highly inflected agglutinative language Hungarian
[L14-1381]: Júlia Pajzs | Ralf Steinberger | Maud Ehrmann | Mohamed Ebrahim | Leonida Della Rocca | Stefano Bucci | Eszter Simon | Tamás Váradi

Pdf Export Search French Resources for Extraction and Normalization of Temporal Expressions with HeidelTime
[L14-1382]: Véronique Moriceau | Xavier Tannier

Pdf Export Search Legal aspects of text mining
[L14-1383]: Maarten Truyens | Patrick Van Eecke

Pdf Export Search Treelet Probabilities for HPSG Parsing and Error Correction
[L14-1384]: Angelina Ivanova | Gertjan van Noord

Pdf Export Search A Corpus and Phonetic Dictionary for Tunisian Arabic Speech Recognition
[L14-1385]: Abir Masmoudi | Mariem Ellouze Khmekhem | Yannick Esteve | Lamia Hadrich Belguith | Nizar Habash

Pdf Export Search Discovering frames in specialized domains
[L14-1386]: Marie-Claude L'Homme | Benoît Robichaud | Carlos Subirats Rüggeberg

Pdf Export Search Resources for the Detection of Conventionalized Metaphors in Four Languages
[L14-1387]: Lori Levin | Teruko Mitamura | Brian MacWhinney | Davida Fromm | Jaime Carbonell | Weston Feely | Robert Frederking | Anatole Gershman | Carlos Ramirez

Pdf Export Search CLARIN-NL: Major results
[L14-1388]: Jan Odijk

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Portuguese Lexical Knowledge Bases for Answering Open Domain Cloze Questions Automatically
[L14-1389]: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira | Inês Coelho | Paulo Gomes

Pdf Export Search Annotation of Computer Science Papers for Semantic Relation Extrac-tion
[L14-1390]: Yuka Tateisi | Yo Shidahara | Yusuke Miyao | Akiko Aizawa

Pdf Export Search Identifying Idioms in Chinese Translations
[L14-1391]: Wan Yu Ho | Christine Kng | Shan Wang | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation for Subtitling: A Large-Scale Evaluation
[L14-1392]: Thierry Etchegoyhen | Lindsay Bywood | Mark Fishel | Panayota Georgakopoulou | Jie Jiang | Gerard van Loenhout | Arantza del Pozo | Mirjam Sepesy Maucec | Anja Turner | Martin Volk

Pdf Export Search T-PAS; A resource of Typed Predicate Argument Structures for linguistic analysis and semantic processing
[L14-1393]: Elisabetta Jezek | Bernardo Magnini | Anna Feltracco | Alessia Bianchini | Octavian Popescu

[L14-1394]: Kara Warburton

Pdf Export Search Author-Specific Sentiment Aggregation for Polarity Prediction of Reviews
[L14-1395]: Subhabrata Mukherjee | Sachindra Joshi

Pdf Export Search Clustering of Multi-Word Named Entity variants: Multilingual Evaluation
[L14-1396]: Guillaume Jacquet | Maud Ehrmann | Ralf Steinberger

Pdf Export Search A Database for Measuring Linguistic Information Content
[L14-1397]: Richard Sproat | Bruno Cartoni | HyunJeong Choe | David Huynh | Linne Ha | Ravindran Rajakumar | Evelyn Wenzel-Grondie

Pdf Export Search Designing and Evaluating a Reliable Corpus of Web Genres via Crowd-Sourcing
[L14-1398]: Noushin Rezapour Asheghi | Serge Sharoff | Katja Markert

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing as a preprocessing for complex semantic annotation tasks
[L14-1399]: Héctor Martínez Alonso | Lauren Romeo

Pdf Export Search Automatic Annotation of Machine Translation Datasets with Binary Quality Judgements
[L14-1400]: Marco Turchi | Matteo Negri

Pdf Export Search Semantic Clustering of Pivot Paraphrases
[L14-1401]: Marianna Apidianaki | Emilia Verzeni | Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search When POS data sets don’t add up: Combatting sample bias
[L14-1402]: Dirk Hovy | Barbara Plank | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search Out in the Open: Finding and Categorising Errors in the Lexical Simplification Pipeline
[L14-1403]: Matthew Shardlow

Pdf Export Search The N2 corpus: A semantically annotated collection of Islamist extremist stories
[L14-1404]: Mark Finlayson | Jeffry Halverson | Steven Corman

Pdf Export Search Learning from Domain Complexity
[L14-1405]: Robert Remus | Dominique Ziegelmayer

Pdf Export Search Benchmarking Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tools
[L14-1406]: Ahmed Abbasi | Ammar Hassan | Milan Dhar

Pdf Export Search Designing a Bilingual Speech Corpus for French and German Language Learners: a Two-Step Process
[L14-1407]: Camille Fauth | Anne Bonneau | Frank Zimmerer | Juergen Trouvain | Bistra Andreeva | Vincent Colotte | Dominique Fohr | Denis Jouvet | Jeanin Jügler | Yves Laprie | Odile Mella | Bernd Möbius

Pdf Export Search Creative language explorations through a high-expressivity N-grams query language
[L14-1408]: Carlo Strapparava | Lorenzo Gatti | Marco Guerini | Oliviero Stock

Pdf Export Search Using Word Familiarities and Word Associations to Measure Corpus Representativeness
[L14-1409]: Reinhard Rapp

Pdf Export Search Deep Syntax Annotation of the Sequoia French Treebank
[L14-1410]: Marie Candito | Guy Perrier | Bruno Guillaume | Corentin Ribeyre | Karën Fort | Djamé Seddah | Eric de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Developing a French FrameNet: Methodology and First results
[L14-1411]: Marie Candito | Pascal Amsili | Lucie Barque | Farah Benamara | Gaël de Chalendar | Marianne Djemaa | Pauline Haas | Richard Huyghe | Yvette Yannick Mathieu | Philippe Muller | Benoît Sagot | Laure Vieu

Pdf Export Search Corpus Annotation through Crowdsourcing: Towards Best Practice Guidelines
[L14-1412]: Marta Sabou | Kalina Bontcheva | Leon Derczynski | Arno Scharl

Pdf Export Search Locating Requests among Open Source Software Communication Messages
[L14-1413]: Ioannis Korkontzelos | Sophia Ananiadou

Pdf Export Search Valency and Word Order in Czech ― A Corpus Probe
[L14-1414]: Katerina Rysova | Jiří Mírovský

Pdf Export Search Harmonization of German Lexical Resources for Opinion Mining
[L14-1415]: Thierry Declerck | Hans-Ulrich Krieger

Pdf Export Search Word-Formation Network for Czech
[L14-1416]: Magda Sevcikova | Zdenek Zabokrtsky

Pdf Export Search An Analysis of Older Users' Interactions with Spoken Dialogue Systems
[L14-1417]: Jamie Bost | Johanna Moore

Pdf Export Search Innovations in Parallel Corpus Search Tools
[L14-1418]: Martin Volk | Johannes Graën | Elena Callegaro

Pdf Export Search Machine Translationness: Machine-likeness in Machine Translation Evaluation
[L14-1419]: Joaquim Moré | Salvador Climent

Pdf Export Search Towards an environment for the production and the validation of lexical semantic resources
[L14-1420]: Mikaël Morardo | Eric De La Clergerie

Pdf Export Search The Distress Analysis Interview Corpus of human and computer interviews
[L14-1421]: Jonathan Gratch | Ron Artstein | Gale Lucas | Giota stratou | Stefan Scherer | Angela Nazarian | Rachel Wood | Jill Boberg | David DeVault | Stacy Marsella | David Traum | Skip Rizzo | Louis-Philippe Morency

Pdf Export Search Representing Multimodal Linguistic Annotated data
[L14-1422]: Brigitte Bigi | Tatsuya Watanabe | Laurent Prévot

Pdf Export Search SWIFT Aligner, A Multifunctional Tool for Parallel Corpora: Visualization, Word Alignment, and (Morpho)-Syntactic Cross-Language Transfer
[L14-1423]: Timur Gilmanov | Olga Scrivner | Sandra Kübler

Pdf Export Search Semi-automatic annotation of the UCU accents speech corpus
[L14-1424]: Rosemary Orr | Marijn Huijbregts | Roeland van Beek | Lisa Teunissen | Kate Backhouse | David van Leeuwen

Pdf Export Search Comparative Analysis of Portuguese Named Entities Recognition Tools
[L14-1425]: Daniela Amaral | Evandro Fonseca | Lucelene Lopes | Renata Vieira

Pdf Export Search A corpus of European Portuguese child and child-directed speech
[L14-1426]: Ana Lúcia Santos | Michel Généreux | Aida Cardoso | Celina Agostinho | Silvana Abalada

Pdf Export Search Using C5.0 and Exhaustive Search for Boosting Frame-Semantic Parsing Accuracy
[L14-1427]: Guntis Barzdins | Didzis Gosko | Laura Rituma | Peteris Paikens

Pdf Export Search 'interHist' ̶ an interactive visual interface for corpus exploration
[L14-1428]: Verena Lyding | Lionel Nicolas | Egon Stemle

Pdf Export Search Identification of Multiword Expressions in the brWaC
[L14-1429]: Rodrigo Boos | Kassius Prestes | Aline Villavicencio

Pdf Export Search Collocation or Free Combination? ― Applying Machine Translation Techniques to identify collocations in Japanese
[L14-1430]: Lis Pereira | Elga Strafella | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Extrinsic Corpus Evaluation with a Collocation Dictionary Task
[L14-1431]: Adam Kilgarriff | Pavel Rychlý | Milos Jakubicek | Vojtěch Kovář | Vit Baisa | Lucia Kocincová

Pdf Export Search AusTalk: an audio-visual corpus of Australian English
[L14-1432]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Felicity Cox | Denis Burnham

Pdf Export Search Comprehensive Annotation of Multiword Expressions in a Social Web Corpus
[L14-1433]: Nathan Schneider | Spencer Onuffer | Nora Kazour | Emily Danchik | Michael T. Mordowanec | Henrietta Conrad | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Automatic semantic relation extraction from Portuguese texts
[L14-1434]: Leonardo Sameshima Taba | Helena Caseli

Pdf Export Search A Multidialectal Parallel Corpus of Arabic
[L14-1435]: Houda Bouamor | Nizar Habash | Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search Transfer learning of feedback head expressions in Danish and Polish comparable multimodal corpora
[L14-1436]: Costanza Navarretta | Magdalena Lis

Pdf Export Search Comparing two acquisition systems for automatically building an English―Croatian parallel corpus from multilingual websites
[L14-1437]: Miquel Esplà-Gomis | Filip Klubička | Nikola Ljubešić | Sergio Ortiz-Rojas | Vassilis Papavassiliou | Prokopis Prokopidis

Pdf Export Search Hashtag Occurrences, Layout and Translation: A Corpus-driven Analysis of Tweets Published by the Canadian Government
[L14-1438]: Fabrizio Gotti | Phillippe Langlais | Atefeh Farzindar

Pdf Export Search Towards an Integration of Syntactic and Temporal Annotations in Estonian
[L14-1439]: Siim Orasmaa

Pdf Export Search HuRIC: a Human Robot Interaction Corpus
[L14-1440]: Emanuele Bastianelli | Giuseppe Castellucci | Danilo Croce | Luca Iocchi | Roberto Basili | Daniele Nardi

Pdf Export Search On the origin of errors: A fine-grained analysis of MT and PE errors and their relationship
[L14-1441]: Joke Daems | Lieve Macken | Sonia Vandepitte

Pdf Export Search The WaveSurfer Automatic Speech Recognition Plugin
[L14-1442]: Giampiero Salvi | Niklas Vanhainen

Pdf Export Search Free English and Czech telephone speech corpus shared under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license
[L14-1443]: Matěj Korvas | Ondřej Plátek | Ondřej Dušek | Lukáš Žilka | Filip Jurčíček

Pdf Export Search Creating a Gold Standard Corpus for the Extraction of Chemistry-Disease Relations from Patent Texts
[L14-1444]: Antje Schlaf | Claudia Bobach | Matthias Irmer

Pdf Export Search The SSPNet-Mobile Corpus: Social Signal Processing Over Mobile Phones.
[L14-1445]: Anna Polychroniou | Hugues Salamin | Alessandro Vinciarelli

Pdf Export Search Projection-based Annotation of a Polish Dependency Treebank
[L14-1446]: Alina Wróblewska | Adam Przepiórkowski

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping an Italian VerbNet: data-driven analysis of verb alternations
[L14-1447]: Gianluca Lebani | Veronica Viola | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search Self-training a Constituency Parser using n-gram Trees
[L14-1448]: Arda Celebi | Arzucan Özgür

Pdf Export Search A Tagged Corpus and a Tagger for Urdu
[L14-1449]: Bushra Jawaid | Amir Kamran | Ondrej Bojar

Pdf Export Search Lexical Substitution Dataset for German
[L14-1450]: Kostadin Cholakov | Chris Biemann | Judith Eckle-Kohler | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search A cascade approach for complex-type classification
[L14-1451]: Lauren Romeo | Sara Mendes | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Generating a Resource for Products and Brandnames Recognition. Application to the Cosmetic Domain.
[L14-1452]: Cédric Lopez | Frédérique Segond | Olivier Hondermarck | Paolo Curtoni | Luca Dini

Pdf Export Search Annotation of specialized corpora using a comprehensive entity and relation scheme
[L14-1453]: Louise Deleger | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Cyril Grouin | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Aurelie Neveol

Pdf Export Search Annotation Pro + TGA: automation of speech timing analysis
[L14-1454]: Katarzyna Klessa | Dafydd Gibbon

Pdf Export Search Polysemy Index for Nouns: an Experiment on Italian using the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexical Database
[L14-1455]: Francesca Frontini | Valeria Quochi | Sebastian Padó | Monica Monachini | Jason Utt

Pdf Export Search YouDACC: the Youtube Dialectal Arabic Comment Corpus
[L14-1456]: Ahmed Salama | Houda Bouamor | Behrang Mohit | Kemal Oflazer

Pdf Export Search Towards an Encyclopedia of Compositional Semantics: Documenting the Interface of the English Resource Grammar
[L14-1457]: Dan Flickinger | Emily M. Bender | Stephan Oepen

Pdf Export Search Enriching the "Senso Comune" Platform with Automatically Acquired Data
[L14-1458]: Tommaso Caselli | Laure Vieu | Carlo Strapparava | Guido Vetere

Pdf Export Search Online experiments with the Percy software framework - experiences and some early results
[L14-1459]: Christoph Draxler

Pdf Export Search Improving the exploitation of linguistic annotations in ELAN
[L14-1460]: Onno Crasborn | Han Sloetjes

Pdf Export Search A Deep Context Grammatical Model For Authorship Attribution
[L14-1461]: Simon Fuller | Phil Maguire | Philippe Moser

Pdf Export Search Manual Analysis of Structurally Informed Reordering in German-English Machine Translation
[L14-1462]: Teresa Herrmann | Jan Niehues | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Presenting a system of human-machine interaction for performing map tasks.
[L14-1463]: Gabriele Pallotti | Francesca Frontini | Fabio Affè | Monica Monachini | Stefania Ferrari

Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Synonyms for German Particle Verbs from Parallel Data with Distributional Similarity as a Re-Ranking Feature
[L14-1464]: Moritz Wittmann | Marion Weller | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search NASTIA: Negotiating Appointment Setting Interface
[L14-1465]: Layla El Asri | Rémi Lemonnier | Romain Laroche | Olivier Pietquin | Hatim Khouzaimi

Pdf Export Search DINASTI: Dialogues with a Negotiating Appointment Setting Interface
[L14-1466]: Layla El Asri | Romain Laroche | Olivier Pietquin

Pdf Export Search LQVSumm: A Corpus of Linguistic Quality Violations in Multi-Document Summarization
[L14-1467]: Annemarie Friedrich | Marina Valeeva | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search Potsdam Commentary Corpus 2.0: Annotation for Discourse Research
[L14-1468]: Manfred Stede | Arne Neumann

Pdf Export Search GLÀFF, a Large Versatile French Lexicon
[L14-1469]: Nabil Hathout | Franck Sajous | Basilio Calderone

[L14-1470]: Ahti Lohk | Kaarel Allik | Heili Orav | Leo Võhandu

Pdf Export Search Choosing which to use? A study of distributional models for nominal lexical semantic classification
[L14-1471]: Lauren Romeo | Gianluca Lebani | Núria Bel | Alessandro Lenci

Pdf Export Search Extensions of the Sign Language Recognition and Translation Corpus RWTH-PHOENIX-Weather
[L14-1472]: Jens Forster | Christoph Schmidt | Oscar Koller | Martin Bellgardt | Hermann Ney

Pdf Export Search HESITA(te) in Portuguese
[L14-1473]: Sara Candeias | Dirce Celorico | Jorge Proença | Arlindo Veiga | Carla Lopes | Fernando Perdigão

Pdf Export Search MUHIT: A Multilingual Harmonized Dictionary
[L14-1474]: Sameh Alansary

Pdf Export Search Predicate Matrix: extending SemLink through WordNet mappings
[L14-1475]: Maddalen Lopez de Lacalle | Egoitz Laparra | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search TaLAPi ― A Thai Linguistically Annotated Corpus for Language Processing
[L14-1476]: AiTi Aw | Sharifah Mahani Aljunied | Nattadaporn Lertcheva | Sasiwimon Kalunsima

Pdf Export Search T2K^2: a System for Automatically Extracting and Organizing Knowledge from Texts
[L14-1477]: Felice Dell'Orletta | Giulia Venturi | Andrea Cimino | Simonetta Montemagni

Pdf Export Search EMOVO Corpus: an Italian Emotional Speech Database
[L14-1478]: Giovanni Costantini | Iacopo Iaderola | Andrea Paoloni | Massimiliano Todisco

Pdf Export Search MADAMIRA: A Fast, Comprehensive Tool for Morphological Analysis and Disambiguation of Arabic
[L14-1479]: Arfath Pasha | Mohamed Al-Badrashiny | Mona Diab | Ahmed El Kholy | Ramy Eskander | Nizar Habash | Manoj Pooleery | Owen Rambow | Ryan Roth

Pdf Export Search Developing Politeness Annotated Corpus of Hindi Blogs
[L14-1480]: Ritesh Kumar

Pdf Export Search The CMU METAL Farsi NLP Approach
[L14-1481]: Weston Feely | Mehdi Manshadi | Robert Frederking | Lori Levin

Pdf Export Search Recognising suicidal messages in Dutch social media
[L14-1482]: Bart Desmet | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search A Rank-based Distance Measure to Detect Polysemy and to Determine Salient Vector-Space Features for German Prepositions
[L14-1483]: Maximilian Köper | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Expanding n-gram analytics in ELAN and a case study for sign synthesis
[L14-1484]: Rosalee Wolfe | John McDonald | Larwan Berke | Marie Stumbo

Pdf Export Search Sentence Rephrasing for Parsing Sentences with OOV Words
[L14-1485]: Hen-Hsen Huang | Huan-Yuan Chen | Chang-Sheng Yu | Hsin-Hsi Chen | Po-Ching Lee | Chun-Hsun Chen

Pdf Export Search Mapping the Lexique des Verbes du Français (Lexicon of French Verbs) to a NLP lexicon using examples
[L14-1486]: Bruno Guillaume | Karën Fort | Guy Perrier | Paul Bédaride

Pdf Export Search Language Resources for French in the Biomedical Domain
[L14-1487]: Aurelie Neveol | Julien Grosjean | Stéfan Darmoni | Pierre Zweigenbaum

Pdf Export Search The MERLIN corpus: Learner language and the CEFR
[L14-1488]: Adriane Boyd | Jirka Hana | Lionel Nicolas | Detmar Meurers | Katrin Wisniewski | Andrea Abel | Karin Schöne | Barbora Štindlová | Chiara Vettori

Pdf Export Search Computer-aided morphology expansion for Old Swedish
[L14-1489]: Yvonne Adesam | Malin Ahlberg | Peter Andersson | Gerlof Bouma | Markus Forsberg | Mans Hulden

Pdf Export Search Two-Step Machine Translation with Lattices
[L14-1490]: Bushra Jawaid | Ondrej Bojar

Pdf Export Search The Munich Biovoice Corpus: Effects of Physical Exercising, Heart Rate, and Skin Conductance on Human Speech Production
[L14-1491]: Björn Schuller | Felix Friedmann | Florian Eyben

Pdf Export Search DysList: An Annotated Resource of Dyslexic Errors
[L14-1492]: Luz Rello | Ricardo Baeza-Yates | Joaquim Llisterri

Pdf Export Search Estimation of Speaking Style in Speech Corpora Focusing on speech transcriptions
[L14-1493]: Raymond SHEN | Hideaki KIKUCHI

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of different strategies for domain adaptation in opinion mining
[L14-1494]: Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Olivier Ferret | Marco Dinarelli

Pdf Export Search Clinical Data-Driven Probabilistic Graph Processing
[L14-1495]: Travis Goodwin | Sanda Harabagiu

Pdf Export Search Comparing Similarity Measures for Distributional Thesauri
[L14-1496]: Muntsa Padró | Marco Idiart | Aline Villavicencio | Carlos Ramisch

Pdf Export Search Pruning the Search Space of the Wolof LFG Grammar Using a Probabilistic and a Constraint Grammar Parser
[L14-1497]: Cheikh M. Bamba Dione

Pdf Export Search AraNLP: a Java-based Library for the Processing of Arabic Text.
[L14-1498]: Maha Althobaiti | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Criteria for Identifying and Annotating Caused Motion Constructions in Corpus Data
[L14-1499]: Jena D. Hwang | Annie Zaenen | Martha Palmer

Pdf Export Search Web-imageability of the Behavioral Features of Basic-level Concepts
[L14-1500]: Yoshihiko Hayashi

Pdf Export Search The Alveo Virtual Laboratory: A Web Based Repository API
[L14-1501]: Steve Cassidy | Dominique Estival | Timothy Jones | Denis Burnham | Jared Burghold

Pdf Export Search A Compact Interactive Visualization of Dependency Treebank Query Results
[L14-1502]: Chris Culy | Marco Passarotti | Ulla König-Cardanobile

Pdf Export Search Building a Crisis Management Term Resource for Social Media: The Case of Floods and Protests
[L14-1503]: Irina Temnikova | Andrea Varga | Dogan Biyikli

Pdf Export Search ILLINOISCLOUDNLP: Text Analytics Services in the Cloud
[L14-1504]: Hao Wu | Zhiye Fei | Aaron Dai | Mark Sammons | Dan Roth | Stephen Mayhew

Pdf Export Search Text Readability and Word Distribution in Japanese
[L14-1505]: Satoshi Sato

Pdf Export Search The Use of a FileMaker Pro Database in Evaluating Sign Language Notation Systems
[L14-1506]: Julie Hochgesang

Pdf Export Search Mapping CPA Patterns onto OntoNotes Senses
[L14-1507]: Octavian Popescu | Martha Palmer | Patrick Hanks

Pdf Export Search Language CoLLAGE: Grammatical Description with the LinGO Grammar Matrix
[L14-1508]: Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Applying Accessibility-Oriented Controlled Language (CL) Rules to Improve Appropriateness of Text Alternatives for Images: an Exploratory Study
[L14-1509]: Silvia Rodríguez Vázquez | Pierrette Bouillon | Anton Bolfing

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Dialect, Multi-Genre Corpus of Informal Written Arabic
[L14-1510]: Ryan Cotterell | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Reconstructing the Semantic Landscape of Natural Language Processing
[L14-1511]: Elisa Omodei | Jean-Philippe Cointet | Thierry Poibeau

Pdf Export Search Discovering and Visualising Stories in News
[L14-1512]: Marieke van Erp | Gleb Satyukov | Piek Vossen | Marit Nijsen

Pdf Export Search Supervised Within-Document Event Coreference using Information Propagation
[L14-1513]: Zhengzhong Liu | Jun Araki | Eduard Hovy | Teruko Mitamura

Pdf Export Search VOCE Corpus: Ecologically Collected Speech Annotated with Physiological and Psychological Stress Assessments
[L14-1514]: Ana Aguiar | Mariana Kaiseler | Hugo Meinedo | Pedro Almeida | Mariana Cunha | Jorge Silva

Pdf Export Search Language Resource Addition: Dictionary or Corpus?
[L14-1515]: Shinsuke Mori | Graham Neubig

Pdf Export Search The DIRHA simulated corpus
[L14-1516]: Luca Cristoforetti | Mirco Ravanelli | Maurizio Omologo | Alessandro Sosi | Alberto Abad | Martin Hagmueller | Petros Maragos

Pdf Export Search The Slovak Categorized News Corpus
[L14-1517]: Daniel Hladek | Jan Stas | Jozef Juhar

Pdf Export Search High Quality Word Lists as a Resource for Multiple Purposes
[L14-1518]: Uwe Quasthoff | Dirk Goldhahn | Thomas Eckart | Erla Hallsteinsdóttir | Sabine Fiedler

Pdf Export Search A Quality-based Active Sample Selection Strategy for Statistical Machine Translation
[L14-1519]: Varvara Logacheva | Lucia Specia

Pdf Export Search The Multilingual Paraphrase Database
[L14-1520]: Juri Ganitkevitch | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search The Development of Dutch and Afrikaans Language Resources for Compound Boundary Analysis.
[L14-1521]: Menno van Zaanen | Gerhard Van Huyssteen | Suzanne Aussems | Chris Emmery | Roald Eiselen

Pdf Export Search Language Processing Infrastructure in the XLike Project
[L14-1522]: Lluís Padró | Zeljko Agic | Xavier Carreras | Blaz Fortuna | Esteban García-Cuesta | Zhixing Li | Tadej Stajner | Marko Tadić

Pdf Export Search Conceptual transfer: Using local classifiers for transfer selection
[L14-1523]: Gregor Thurmair

Pdf Export Search Metadata as Linked Open Data: mapping disparate XML metadata registries into one RDF/OWL registry.
[L14-1524]: Marta Villegas | Maite Melero | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Sharing resources between free/open-source rule-based machine translation systems: Grammatical Framework and Apertium
[L14-1525]: Grégoire Détrez | Víctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena | Aarne Ranta

Pdf Export Search Annotating Arguments: The NOMAD Collaborative Annotation Tool
[L14-1526]: Georgios Petasis

Pdf Export Search Who cares about Sarcastic Tweets? Investigating the Impact of Sarcasm on Sentiment Analysis.
[L14-1527]: Diana Maynard | Mark Greenwood

Pdf Export Search A stream computing approach towards scalable NLP
[L14-1528]: Xabier Artola | Zuhaitz Beloki | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search ISLEX ― a Multilingual Web Dictionary
[L14-1529]: Þórdís Úlfarsdóttir

Pdf Export Search Exploiting catenae in a parallel treebank alignment
[L14-1530]: Manuela Sanguinetti | Cristina Bosco | Loredana Cupi

Pdf Export Search Sublanguage Corpus Analysis Toolkit: A tool for assessing the representativeness and sublanguage characteristics of corpora
[L14-1531]: Irina Temnikova | William A. Baumgartner Jr. | Negacy D. Hailu | Ivelina Nikolova | Tony McEnery | Adam Kilgarriff | Galia Angelova | K. Bretonnel Cohen

Pdf Export Search A Large-Scale Evaluation of Pre-editing Strategies for Improving User-Generated Content Translation
[L14-1532]: Violeta Seretan | Pierrette Bouillon | Johanna Gerlach

Pdf Export Search Correcting Errors in a New Gold Standard for Tagging Icelandic Text
[L14-1533]: Sigrún Helgadóttir | Hrafn Loftsson | Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson

Pdf Export Search Semi-compositional Method for Synonym Extraction of Multi-Word Terms
[L14-1534]: Béatrice Daille | Amir Hazem

Pdf Export Search TUKE-BNews-SK: Slovak Broadcast News Corpus Construction and Evaluation
[L14-1535]: Matus Pleva | Jozef Juhar

Pdf Export Search The Hungarian Gigaword Corpus
[L14-1536]: Csaba Oravecz | Tamás Váradi | Bálint Sass

Pdf Export Search Hindi to English Machine Translation: Using Effective Selection in Multi-Model SMT
[L14-1537]: Kunal Sachdeva | Rishabh Srivastava | Sambhav Jain | Dipti Sharma

Pdf Export Search From Natural Language to Ontology Population in the Cultural Heritage Domain. A Computational Linguistics-based approach.
[L14-1538]: Maria Pia di Buono | Mario Monteleone

Pdf Export Search Experiences with Parallelisation of an Existing NLP Pipeline: Tagging Hansard
[L14-1539]: Stephen Wattam | Paul Rayson | Marc Alexander | Jean Anderson

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Corpus Construction using Wikipedia and DBpedia Ontology
[L14-1540]: Younggyun Hahm | Jungyeul Park | Kyungtae Lim | Youngsik Kim | Dosam Hwang | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search A model to generate adaptive multimodal job interviews with a virtual recruiter
[L14-1541]: Zoraida Callejas | Brian Ravenet | Magalie Ochs | Catherine Pelachaud

Pdf Export Search The SETimes.HR Linguistically Annotated Corpus of Croatian
[L14-1542]: Željko Agić | Nikola Ljubešić

Pdf Export Search ACTIV-ES: a comparable, cross-dialect corpus of ‘everyday’ Spanish from Argentina, Mexico, and Spain
[L14-1543]: Jerid Francom | Mans Hulden | Adam Ussishkin

Pdf Export Search Multiple Choice Question Corpus Analysis for Distractor Characterization
[L14-1544]: Van-Minh Pho | Thibault André | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Brigitte Grau | Gabriel Illouz | Thomas Francois

Pdf Export Search Croatian Dependency Treebank 2.0: New Annotation Guidelines for Improved Parsing
[L14-1545]: Željko Agić | Daša Berović | Danijela Merkler | Marko Tadić

Pdf Export Search Euronews: a multilingual speech corpus for ASR
[L14-1546]: Roberto Gretter

Pdf Export Search Constituency Parsing of Bulgarian: Word- vs Class-based Parsing
[L14-1547]: Masood Ghayoomi | Kiril Simov | Petya Osenova

Pdf Export Search A Multimodal Corpus of Rapid Dialogue Games
[L14-1548]: Maike Paetzel | David Nicolas Racca | David DeVault

Pdf Export Search New Spanish speech corpus database for the analysis of people suffering from Parkinson's disease
[L14-1549]: Juan Rafael Orozco-Arroyave | Julián David Arias-Londoño | Jesús Francisco Vargas-Bonilla | María Claudia Gonzalez-Rátiva | Elmar Nöth

Pdf Export Search Thomas Aquinas in the TüNDRA: Integrating the Index Thomisticus Treebank into CLARIN-D
[L14-1550]: Scott Martens | Marco Passarotti

Pdf Export Search Identification of Technology Terms in Patents
[L14-1551]: Peter Anick | Marc Verhagen | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Towards Linked Hypernyms Dataset 2.0: complementing DBpedia with hypernym discovery
[L14-1552]: Tomáš Kliegr | Ondřej Zamazal

Pdf Export Search Automatic Mapping Lexical Resources: A Lexical Unit as the Keystone
[L14-1553]: Eduard Bejček | Kettnerová Václava | Marketa Lopatkova

Pdf Export Search TermWise: A CAT-tool with Context-Sensitive Terminological Support.
[L14-1554]: Kris Heylen | Stephen Bond | Dirk De Hertog De Hertog | Ivan Vulić | Hendrik Kockaert

Pdf Export Search Measuring the Impact of Spelling Errors on the Quality of Machine Translation
[L14-1555]: Irina Galinskaya | Valentin Gusev | Elena Mescheryakova | Mariya Shmatova

Pdf Export Search Towards Multilingual Conversations in the Medical Domain: Development of Multilingual Medical Data and A Network-based ASR System
[L14-1556]: Sakriani Sakti | Keigo Kubo | Sho Matsumiya | Graham Neubig | Tomoki Toda | Satoshi Nakamura | Fumihiro Adachi | Ryosuke Isotani

Pdf Export Search Automatic detection of other-repetition occurrences: application to French conversational Speech
[L14-1557]: Brigitte Bigi | Roxane Bertrand | Mathilde Guardiola

Pdf Export Search The Slovene BNSI Broadcast News database and reference speech corpus GOS: Towards the uniform guidelines for future work
[L14-1558]: Andrej Zgank | Ana Zwitter Vitez | Darinka Verdonik

Pdf Export Search From Synsets to Videos: Enriching ItalWordNet Multimodally
[L14-1559]: Roberto Bartolini | Valeria Quochi | Irene De Felice | Irene Russo | Monica Monachini

Pdf Export Search Language Editing Dataset of Academic Texts
[L14-1560]: Vidas Daudaravicius

Pdf Export Search A Toolkit for Efficient Learning of Lexical Units for Speech Recognition
[L14-1561]: Matti Varjokallio | mikko kurimo

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Transformation between Different Transcription Conventions: Prediction of Intonation Markers from Linguistic and Acoustic Features
[L14-1562]: Yuichi Ishimoto | Tomoyuki Tsuchiya | Hanae Koiso | Yasuharu Den

Pdf Export Search Japanese conversation corpus for training and evaluation of backchannel prediction model.
[L14-1563]: Hiroaki Noguchi | Yasuhiro Katagiri | Yasuharu Den

Pdf Export Search Aix Map Task corpus: The French multimodal corpus of task-oriented dialogue
[L14-1564]: Jan Gorisch | Corine Astésano | Ellen | Gurman Bard | Brigitte Bigi | Laurent Prévot

Pdf Export Search Adapting a part-of-speech tagset to non-standard text: The case of STTS
[L14-1565]: Heike Zinsmeister | Ulrich Heid | Kathrin Beck

Pdf Export Search Alert!... Calm Down, There is Nothing to Worry About. Warning and Soothing Speech Synthesis.
[L14-1566]: Milan Rusko | Sakhia Darjaa | Marian Trnka | Marian Ritomsky | Robert Sabo

Pdf Export Search Multiword Expressions in Machine Translation
[L14-1567]: Valia Kordoni | Iliana Simova

Pdf Export Search CROMER: a Tool for Cross-Document Event and Entity Coreference
[L14-1568]: Christian Girardi | Manuela Speranza | Rachele Sprugnoli | Sara Tonelli

Pdf Export Search RSS-TOBI - A Prosodically Enhanced Romanian Speech Corpus
[L14-1569]: Tiberiu Boroș | Adriana Stan | Oliver Watts | Stefan Daniel Dumitrescu

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution for Latvian
[L14-1570]: Arturs Znotins | Peteris Paikens

Pdf Export Search How Could Veins Speed Up The Process Of Discourse Parsing
[L14-1571]: Elena Mitocariu | Daniel Anechitei | Dan Cristea

Pdf Export Search How to construct a multi-lingual domain ontology
[L14-1572]: Nitsan Chrizman | Alon Itai

Pdf Export Search Automatic language identity tagging on word and sentence-level in multilingual text sources: a case-study on Luxembourgish
[L14-1573]: Thomas Lavergne | Gilles Adda | Martine Adda-Decker | Lori Lamel

Pdf Export Search Towards Shared Datasets for Normalization Research
[L14-1574]: Orphee De Clercq | Sarah Schulz | Bart Desmet | Veronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Rule-based Reordering Space in Statistical Machine Translation
[L14-1575]: Nicolas Pécheux | Alexander Allauzen | François Yvon

Pdf Export Search KALAKA-3: a database for the recognition of spoken European languages on YouTube audios
[L14-1576]: Luis Javier Rodriguez-Fuentes | Mikel Penagarikano | Amparo Varona | Mireia Diez | German Bordel

Pdf Export Search Mining Online Discussion Forums for Metaphors
[L14-1577]: Andrew Gargett | John Barnden

Pdf Export Search TagNText: A parallel corpus for the induction of resource-specific non-taxonomical relations from tagged images
[L14-1578]: Theodosia Togia | Ann Copestake

Pdf Export Search CORILGA: a Galician Multilevel Annotated Speech Corpus for Linguistic Analysis
[L14-1579]: Carmen Garcia-Mateo | Antonio Cardenal | Xose Luis Regueira | Elisa Fernández Rei | Marta Martinez | Roberto Seara | Rocío Varela | Noemí Basanta

Pdf Export Search Overview of Todai Robot Project and Evaluation Framework of its NLP-based Problem Solving
[L14-1580]: Akira Fujita | Akihiro Kameda | Ai Kawazoe | Yusuke Miyao

Pdf Export Search A Database of Full Body Virtual Interactions Annotated with Expressivity Scores
[L14-1581]: Demulier Virginie | Elisabetta Bevacqua | Florian Focone | Tom Giraud | Pamela Carreno | Brice Isableu | Sylvie Gibet | Pierre De Loor | Jean-Claude Martin

Pdf Export Search Access control by query rewriting: the case of KorAP
[L14-1582]: Piotr Banski | Nils Diewald | Michael Hanl | Marc Kupietz | Andreas Witt

Pdf Export Search Basque Speecon-like and Basque SpeechDat MDB-600: speech databases for the development of ASR technology for Basque
[L14-1583]: Igor Odriozola | Inma Hernaez | María Inés Torres | Luis Javier Rodriguez-Fuentes | Mikel Penagarikano | Eva Navas

Pdf Export Search DiVE-Arabic: Gulf Arabic Dialogue in a Virtual Environment
[L14-1584]: Andrew Gargett | Sam Hellmuth | Ghazi AlGethami

Pdf Export Search A multimodal interpreter for 3D visualization and animation of verbal concepts
[L14-1585]: Coline Claude-Lachenaud | Eric Charton | Benoit Ozell | Michel Gagnon

Pdf Export Search Erlangen-CLP: A Large Annotated Corpus of Speech from Children with Cleft Lip and Palate
[L14-1586]: Tobias Bocklet | Andreas Maier | Korbinian Riedhammer | Ulrich Eysholdt | Elmar Nöth

Pdf Export Search Classifying Inconsistencies in DBpedia Language Specific Chapters
[L14-1587]: Elena Cabrio | Serena Villata | Fabien Gandon

Pdf Export Search TVD: A Reproducible and Multiply Aligned TV Series Dataset
[L14-1588]: Anindya Roy | Camille Guinaudeau | Herve Bredin | Claude Barras

Pdf Export Search Towards Electronic SMS Dictionary Construction: An Alignment-based Approach
[L14-1589]: Cédric Lopez | Reda Bestandji | Mathieu Roche | Rachel Panckhurst

Pdf Export Search Compounds and distributional thesauri
[L14-1590]: Olivier Ferret

Pdf Export Search TALC-sef A Manually-Revised POS-TAgged Literary Corpus in Serbian, English and French
[L14-1591]: Antonio Balvet | Dejan Stosic | Aleksandra Miletic

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing for Evaluating Machine Translation Quality
[L14-1592]: Shinsuke Goto | Donghui Lin | Toru Ishida

Pdf Export Search The Halliday Centre Tagger: An Online Platform for Semi-automatic Text Annotation and Analysis
[L14-1593]: Billy T.M. Wong | Ian C. Chow | Jonathan J. Webster | Hengbin Yan

Pdf Export Search Flow Graph Corpus from Recipe Texts
[L14-1594]: Shinsuke Mori | Hirokuni Maeta | Yoko Yamakata | Tetsuro Sasada

Pdf Export Search Freepal: A Large Collection of Deep Lexico-Syntactic Patterns for Relation Extraction
[L14-1595]: Johannes Kirschnick | Alan Akbik | Holmer Hemsen

Pdf Export Search Correcting and Validating Syntactic Dependency in the Spoken French Treebank Rhapsodie
[L14-1596]: Rachel Bawden | Marie-Amélie Botalla | kim gerdes | Sylvain Kahane

Pdf Export Search Morfeusz Reloaded
[L14-1597]: Marcin Woliński

Pdf Export Search Modeling, Managing, Exposing, and Linking Ontologies with a Wiki-based Tool
[L14-1598]: Mauro Dragoni | Alessio Bosca | Matteo Casu | Andi Rexha

Pdf Export Search A Model for Processing Illocutionary Structures and Argumentation in Debates
[L14-1599]: Kasia Budzynska | Mathilde Janier | Chris Reed | Patrick Saint-Dizier | Manfred Stede | Olena yakorska

Pdf Export Search Student achievement and French sentence repetition test scores
[L14-1600]: Deryle Lonsdale | Benjamin Millard

Pdf Export Search Human annotation of ASR error regions: Is "gravity" a sharable concept for human annotators?
[L14-1601]: Daniel Luzzati | Cyril Grouin | Ioana Vasilescu | Martine Adda-Decker | Eric Bilinski | Nathalie Camelin | Juliette Kahn | Carole Lailler | Lori Lamel | Sophie Rosset

Pdf Export Search SwissAdmin: A multilingual tagged parallel corpus of press releases
[L14-1602]: Yves Scherrer | Luka Nerima | Lorenza Russo | Maria Ivanova | Eric Wehrli

Pdf Export Search To Pay or to Get Paid: Enriching a Valency Lexicon with Diatheses
[L14-1603]: Anna Vernerová | Václava Kettnerová | Marketa Lopatkova

Pdf Export Search UM-Corpus: A Large English-Chinese Parallel Corpus for Statistical Machine Translation
[L14-1604]: Liang Tian | Derek F. Wong | Lidia S. Chao | Paulo Quaresma | Francisco Oliveira | Lu Yi

Pdf Export Search IXA pipeline: Efficient and Ready to Use Multilingual NLP tools
[L14-1605]: Rodrigo Agerri | Josu Bermudez | German Rigau

Pdf Export Search Annotating the Focus of Negation in Japanese Text
[L14-1606]: Suguru Matsuyoshi | Ryo Otsuki | Fumiyo Fukumoto

Pdf Export Search NIF4OGGD - NLP Interchange Format for Open German Governmental Data
[L14-1607]: Mohamed Sherif | Sandro Coelho | Ricardo Usbeck | Sebastian Hellmann | Jens Lehmann | Martin Brümmer | Andreas Both

Pdf Export Search A Gold Standard for CLIR evaluation in the Organic Agriculture Domain
[L14-1608]: Alessio Bosca | Matteo Casu | Matteo Dragoni | Nikolaos Marianos

Pdf Export Search Heuristic Hyper-minimization of Finite State Lexicons
[L14-1609]: Senka Drobac | Krister Lindén | Tommi Pirinen | Miikka Silfverberg

Pdf Export Search META-SHARE: One year after
[L14-1610]: Stelios Piperidis | Harris Papageorgiou | Christian Spurk | Georg Rehm | Khalid Choukri | Olivier Hamon | Nicoletta Calzolari | Riccardo Del Gratta | Bernardo Magnini | Christian Girardi

[L14-1611]: Claudia Baur | Manny Rayner | Nikos Tsourakis

Pdf Export Search The LRE Map disclosed
[L14-1612]: Riccardo Del Gratta | Gabriella Pardelli | Sara Goggi

Pdf Export Search The Development of the Multilingual LUNA Corpus for Spoken Language System Porting
[L14-1613]: Evgeny Stepanov | Giuseppe Riccardi | Ali Orkan Bayer

Pdf Export Search Verbs of Saying with a Textual Connecting Function in the Prague Discourse Treebank
[L14-1614]: Magdalena Rysova

Pdf Export Search Ranking Job Offers for Candidates: learning hidden knowledge from Big Data
[L14-1615]: Marc Poch | Núria Bel | Sergio Espeja | Felipe Navio

Pdf Export Search An Open-Source Heavily Multilingual Translation Graph Extracted from Wiktionaries and Parallel Corpora
[L14-1616]: Valérie Hanoka | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search Crowd-sourcing evaluation of automatically acquired, morphologically related word groupings
[L14-1617]: Claudia Borg | Albert Gatt

Pdf Export Search An Innovative World Language Centre : Challenges for the Use of Language Technology
[L14-1618]: Auður Hauksdóttir

Pdf Export Search A language-independent and fully unsupervised approach to lexicon induction and part-of-speech tagging for closely related languages
[L14-1619]: Yves Scherrer | Benoît Sagot

Pdf Export Search New bilingual speech databases for audio diarization
[L14-1620]: David Tavarez | Eva Navas | Daniel Erro | Ibon Saratxaga | Inma Hernaez

[L14-1621]: Mohamed Morchid | Richard Dufour | Georges Linares

Pdf Export Search An open source part-of-speech tagger for Norwegian: Building on existing language resources
[L14-1622]: Cristina Sánchez Marco

Pdf Export Search Bilingual dictionaries for all EU languages
[L14-1623]: Ahmet Aker | Monica Paramita | Marcis Pinnis | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Synergy of Nederlab and
[L14-1624]: Martin Reynaert

Pdf Export Search Quality Estimation for Synthetic Parallel Data Generation
[L14-1625]: Raphael Rubino | Antonio Toral | Nikola Ljubešić | Gema Ramírez-Sánchez

Pdf Export Search Adding a Third Language to a Lexical Resource Describing Legal Terminology: the assignment of equivalents
[L14-1626]: Janine Pimentel

Pdf Export Search An Out-of-Domain Test Suite for Dependency Parsing of German
[L14-1627]: Wolfgang Seeker | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Representing Multilingual Data as Linked Data: the Case of BabelNet 2.0
[L14-1628]: Maud Ehrmann | Francesco Cecconi | Daniele Vannella | John Philip McCrae | Philipp Cimiano | Roberto Navigli

Pdf Export Search NOMAD: Linguistic Resources and Tools Aimed at Policy Formulation and Validation
[L14-1629]: George Kiomourtzis | George Giannakopoulos | Georgios Petasis | Pythagoras Karampiperis | Vangelis Karkaletsis

Pdf Export Search Encompassing a spectrum of LT users in the CLARIN-DK Infrastructure
[L14-1630]: Lina Henriksen | Dorte Haltrup Hansen | Bente Maegaard | Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Claus Povlsen

Pdf Export Search Automatically enriching spoken corpora with syntactic information for linguistic studies
[L14-1631]: Alexis Nasr | Frederic Bechet | Benoit Favre | Thierry Bazillon | Jose Deulofeu | Andre Valli

Pdf Export Search Propa-L: a semantic filtering service from a lexical network created using Games With A Purpose
[L14-1632]: Mathieu Lafourcade | Karën Fort

Pdf Export Search Less is More? Towards a Reduced Inventory of Categories for Training a Parser for the Italian Stanford Dependencies
[L14-1633]: Maria Simi | Cristina Bosco | Simonetta Montemagni

Pdf Export Search Meta-Classifiers Easily Improve Commercial Sentiment Detection Tools
[L14-1634]: Mark Cieliebak | Oliver Dürr | Fatih Uzdilli

Pdf Export Search UnixMan Corpus: A Resource for Language Learning in the Unix Domain
[L14-1635]: Kyle Richardson | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search GraPAT: a Tool for Graph Annotations
[L14-1636]: Jonathan Sonntag | Manfred Stede

Pdf Export Search Standardisation and Interoperation of Morphosyntactic and Syntactic Annotation Tools for Spanish and their Annotations
[L14-1637]: Antonio Pareja-Lora | Guillermo Cárcamo-Escorza | Alicia Ballesteros-Calvo

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Compiling High Quality Knowledge Resources From Raw Corpora
[L14-1638]: Gongye Jin | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Fuzzy V-Measure - An Evaluation Method for Cluster Analyses of Ambiguous Data
[L14-1639]: Jason Utt | Sylvia Springorum | Maximilian Köper | Sabine Schulte im Walde

Pdf Export Search Clustering tweets usingWikipedia concepts
[L14-1640]: Guoyu Tang | Yunqing Xia | Weizhi Wang | Raymond Lau | Fang Zheng

Pdf Export Search The Tutorbot Corpus ― A Corpus for Studying Tutoring Behaviour in Multiparty Face-to-Face Spoken Dialogue
[L14-1641]: Maria Koutsombogera | Samer Al Moubayed | Bajibabu Bollepalli | Ahmed Hussen Abdelaziz | Martin Johansson | José David Aguas Lopes | Jekaterina Novikova | Catharine Oertel | Kalin Stefanov | Gül Varol

Pdf Export Search TweetCaT: a tool for building Twitter corpora of smaller languages
[L14-1642]: Nikola Ljubešić | Darja Fišer | Tomaž Erjavec

Pdf Export Search HindEnCorp - Hindi-English and Hindi-only Corpus for Machine Translation
[L14-1643]: Ondrej Bojar | Vojtěch Diatka | Pavel Rychlý | Pavel Stranak | Vit Suchomel | Aleš Tamchyna | Daniel Zeman

Pdf Export Search Combining dependency information and generalization in a pattern-based approach to the classification of lexical-semantic relation instances
[L14-1644]: Silvia Necsulescu | Sara Mendes | Núria Bel

Pdf Export Search Using Audio Books for Training a Text-to-Speech System
[L14-1645]: Aimilios Chalamandaris | Pirros Tsiakoulis | Sotiris Karabetsos | Spyros Raptis

Pdf Export Search Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut? Lexical diversity and event coreference resolution
[L14-1646]: Agata Cybulska | Piek Vossen

Pdf Export Search caWaC - A web corpus of Catalan and its application to language modeling and machine translation
[L14-1647]: Nikola Ljubešić