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Anthology Volume Papers
A00-1 Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference 47
A00-2 1st Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics 44
A00-3 Proceedings of the ANLP-NAACL 2000 Student Research Workshop 9
A00-4 Author Index to the Proceedings of ANLP-NAACL 2000 and the Student Research Workshop 1

Pdf Export Search Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference

Pdf Export Search Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference

Pdf Export Search BusTUC - A natural language bus route oracle
[A00-1001]: Tore Amble

Pdf Export Search Machine Translation of Very Close Languages
[A00-1002]: Jan HAJIC

Pdf Export Search Cross-Language Multimedia Information Retrieval
[A00-1003]: Sharon Flank

Pdf Export Search Automatic construction of parallel English-Chinese corpus for cross-language information retrieval
[A00-1004]: Jiang Chen | Jian-Yun Nie

Pdf Export Search PartsID: A Dialogue-Based System for Identifying Parts for Medical Systems
[A00-1005]: Amit Bagga | Tomek Strzalkowski | G. Bowden

Pdf Export Search Translation using Information on Dialogue Participants
[A00-1006]: Setsuo Yamada | Eiichiro Sumita | Hideki Kashioka

Pdf Export Search Distilling dialogues - A method using natural dialogue corpora for dialogue systems development
[A00-1007]: Arne Jonsson | Nils Dahlback

Pdf Export Search Plan-Based Dialogue Management in a Physics Tutor
[A00-1008]: Reva Freedman

Pdf Export Search A Framework for MT and Multilingual NLG Systems Based on Uniform Lexico-Structural Processing
[A00-1009]: Benoit Lavoie | Richard Kittredge | Tanya Korelsky | Owen Rambow

[A00-1010]: David Stallard

Pdf Export Search REES: A Large-Scale Relation and Event Extraction System
[A00-1011]: Chinatsu Aone | Mila Ramos-Santacruz

Pdf Export Search Experiments on Sentence Boundary Detection
[A00-1012]: Mark Stevenson | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search DP: A Detector for Presuppositions in survey questions
[A00-1013]: Katja Wiemer-Hastings | Peter Wiemer-Hastings | Sonya Rajah

Pdf Export Search MIMIC: An Adaptive Mixed Initiative Spoken Dialogue System for Information Queries
[A00-1014]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll

Pdf Export Search Javox: A Toolkit for Building Speech-Enabled Applications
[A00-1015]: Michael S. Fulkerson | Alan W. Biermann

Pdf Export Search A Compact Architecture for Dialogue Management Based on Scripts and Meta-Outputs
[A00-1016]: Manny Rayner | Beth Ann Hockey | Frankie James

Pdf Export Search A Representation for Complex and Evolving Data Dependencies in Generation
[A00-1017]: C Mellish | R Evans | L Cahill | C Doran | D Paiva | M Reape | D Scott | N Tipper

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Reviser: The TransCheck System
[A00-1018]: Jean-Marc Jutras RALI

Pdf Export Search Unit Completion for a Computer-aided Translation Typing System
[A00-1019]: Philippe Langlais | George Foster | Guy Lapalme

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Coreference Resolution
[A00-1020]: Sanda M. Harabagiu | Steven J. Maiorano

Pdf Export Search Ranking suspected answers to natural language questions using predictive annotation
[A00-1021]: Dragomir R. Radev | John Prager | Valerie Samn

Pdf Export Search Message Classification in the Call Center
[A00-1022]: Stephan Busemann | Sven Schmeier | Roman G. Arens

Pdf Export Search A Question Answering System Supported by Information Extraction
[A00-1023]: Rohini Srihari | Wel Li

Pdf Export Search Categorizing Unknown Words: Using Decision Trees to Identify Names and Misspellings
[A00-1024]: Janine Toole

Pdf Export Search Examining the Role of Statistical and Linguistic Knowledge Sources in a General-Knowledge Question-Answering System
[A00-1025]: Claire Cardiel | Vincent Ng | David Pierce | Chris Buckley

Pdf Export Search Extracting Molecular Binding Relationships from Biomedical Text
[A00-1026]: Thomas C. Rindflesch | Jayant V. Rajan | Lawrence Hunter

Pdf Export Search Compound Noun Segmentation Based on Lexical Data Extracted from Corpus
[A00-1027]: Juntae Yoon

Pdf Export Search Experiments with Corpus-based LFG Specialization
[A00-1028]: Nicola Cancedda | Christer Samuelsson

Pdf Export Search A Tool for Automated Revision of Grammars for NLP Systems
[A00-1029]: Nanda Kambhatla | Wlodek Zadrozny

Pdf Export Search Aggressive Morphology for Robust Lexical Coverage
[A00-1030]: William A. Woods

Pdf Export Search TnT - A Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger
[A00-1031]: Thorsten Brants

Pdf Export Search Language Independent Morphological Analysis
[A00-1032]: Tatsuo Yamashita | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Shallow Parsing of German Free Texts
[A00-1033]: Gunter Neumann | Christian Braunt | Jakub Piskorski

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach for Named Entity and Sub-Type Tagging
[A00-1034]: Rohini Srihari

Pdf Export Search Spelling and Grammar Correction for Danish in SCARRIE
[A00-1035]: Patrizia Paggio

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Knowledge can Improve Information Retrieval
[A00-1036]: William A. Woods | Lawrence A. Bookman | Ann Houston | Robert J. Kuhns | Paul Martin | Stephen Green

Pdf Export Search Domain-Specific Knowledge Acquisition from Text
[A00-1037]: Dan Moldovan | Roxana Girju | Vasile Rus

Pdf Export Search Large-scale Controlled Vocabulary Indexing for Named Entities
[A00-1038]: Mark Wasson

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Discovery of Scenario-Level Patterns for Information Extraction
[A00-1039]: Roman Yangarber | Ralph Grishman | Pasi Tapanainen

Pdf Export Search Using Corpus-derived Name Lists for Named Entity Recognition
[A00-1040]: Mark Stevenson | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Answer Extraction
[A00-1041]: Steven Abney | Michael Collins | Amit Singhal

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatically Identified Index Terms for Browsing Electronic Documents
[A00-1042]: Nina Wacholder | Judith L. Klavans | David K. Evans

Pdf Export Search Sentence Reduction for Automatic Text Summarization
[A00-1043]: Hongyan Jing

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Extraction from Noisy Input: Speech and OCR
[A00-1044]: David Miller | Sean Boisen | Richard Schwartz | Rebecca Stone | Ralph Weischedel

Pdf Export Search Improving Testsuites via Instrumentation
[A00-1045]: Norbert Broker

Pdf Export Search The Efficiency of Multimodal Interaction for a Map-based Task
[A00-1046]: Philip Cohen | David McGee | Josh Clow

Pdf Export Search 1st Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search 1st Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

Pdf Export Search Modelling Grounding and Discourse Obligations Using Update Rules
[A00-2001]: Colin Matheson | Massimo Poesio | David Traum

Pdf Export Search The Automatic Translation of Discourse Structures
[A00-2002]: Daniel Marcu | Lynn Carlson | Maki Watanabe

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Genre-Independent Model of Pronominalization
[A00-2003]: Michael Strube | Maria Wolters

Pdf Export Search Advances in domain independent linear text segmentation
[A00-2004]: Freddy Y. Y. Choi

Pdf Export Search Bagging and Boosting a Treebank Parser
[A00-2005]: John C. Henderson | Eric Brill

Pdf Export Search Encoding information on adjectives in a lexical-semantic net for computational applications
[A00-2006]: Antonietta ALONGE | Francesca BERTAGNA | Nicoletta CALZOLARI | Adriana ROVENTINI | Antonio ZAMPOLLI

Pdf Export Search Noun Phrase Recognition by System Combination
[A00-2007]: Erik F. Tjong

Pdf Export Search The FrameNet tagset for frame-semantic and syntactic coding of predicate-argument structure
[A00-2008]: Christopher JOHNSON | Charles J. FILLMORE

Pdf Export Search A Simple Approach to Building Ensembles of Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Word Sense Disambiguation
[A00-2009]: Ted Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Generation in the Lambek Calculus Framework: an Approach with Semantic Proof Nets
[A00-2010]: Sylvain Pogodalla

Pdf Export Search Word-for-Word Glossing with Contextually Similar Words
[A00-2011]: Patrick Pantel | Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Arabic Morphology Generation Using a Concatenative Strategy
[A00-2012]: Violetta Cavalli-Sforza | Abdelhadi Soudi | Teruko Mitamura

Pdf Export Search Morphological Tagging: Data vs. Dictionaries
[A00-2013]: Jan Hajic

Pdf Export Search The Effectiveness of Corpus-Induced Dependency Grammars for Post-processing Speech
[A00-2014]: M. P. Harper | C. M. White | W. Wang | M. T. Johnson | R. A. Helzerman

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Dependencies of Japanese Subordinate Clauses based on Statistics of Scope Embedding Preference
[A00-2015]: Takehito Utsuro | Shigeyuki Nishiokayama | Masakazu Fujio | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Rapid Parser Development: A Machine Learning Approach for Korean
[A00-2016]: Ulf Hermjakob

Pdf Export Search A Classification Approach to Word Prediction
[A00-2017]: Yair Even-Zohar | Dan Roth

Pdf Export Search A Maximum-Entropy-Inspired Parser
[A00-2018]: Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Method for Detecting Grammatical Errors
[A00-2019]: Martin Chodorow | Claudia Leacock

Pdf Export Search Detecting Errors within a Corpus using Anomaly Detection
[A00-2020]: Eleazar Eskin

Pdf Export Search Exploiting auxiliary distributions in stochastic unification-based grammars
[A00-2021]: Mark Johnson | Stefan Riezler

Pdf Export Search Ambiguity Packing in Constraint-based Parsing Practical Results
[A00-2022]: Stephan Cepen | John Carroll

Pdf Export Search Forest-Based Statistical Sentence Generation
[A00-2023]: Irene Langkilde

Pdf Export Search Cut and Paste Based Text Summarization
[A00-2024]: Hongyan Jing | Kathleen R. McKeown

Pdf Export Search Minimizing Word Error Rate in Textual Summaries of Spoken Language
[A00-2025]: Klaus Zechner | Alex Waibel

Pdf Export Search Trainable Methods for Surface Natural Language Generation
[A00-2026]: Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Automatic Dialogue Strategy Adaptation for a Spoken Dialogue System
[A00-2027]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll

Pdf Export Search Learning to Predict Problematic Situations in a Spoken Dialogue System: Experiments with How May I Help You.?
[A00-2028]: Marilyn Walker | Irene Langkilde | Jerry Wright | Allen Gorin | Diane Litman

Pdf Export Search Predicting Automatic Speech Recognition Performance Using Prosodic Cues
[A00-2029]: Diane J. Litman | Julia B. Hirschberg | Marc Swerts

Pdf Export Search A Novel Use of Statistical Parsing to Extract Information from Text
[A00-2030]: Scott Miller | Heidi Fox | Lance Ramshaw | Ralph Weischedel

Pdf Export Search Assigning Function Tags to Parsed Text
[A00-2031]: Don Blaheta | Eugene Charniak

Pdf Export Search Mostly-Unsupervised Statistical Segmentation of Japanese: Applications to Kanji
[A00-2032]: Rie Kubota Ando | Lillian Lee

Pdf Export Search Removing Left Recursion from Context-Free Grammars
[A00-2033]: Robert C. Moore

Pdf Export Search Using Semantic Preferences to Identify Verbal Participation in Role Switching Alternations
[A00-2034]: Diana McCarthy

Pdf Export Search Tagging Sentence Boundaries
[A00-2035]: Andrei Mikheev

Pdf Export Search Left-To-Right Parsing and Bilexical Context-Free Grammars
[A00-2036]: Mark-Jan Nederhof | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search Acknowledgments in Human-Computer Interaction
[A00-2037]: Karen Ward | Peter A. Heeman

Pdf Export Search A New Algorithm for the Alignment of Phonetic Sequences
[A00-2038]: Grzegorz Kondrak

Pdf Export Search Finite-State Reduplication in One-Level Prosodic Morphology
[A00-2039]: Markus Walther

Pdf Export Search A Finite State and Data-Oriented Method for Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion
[A00-2040]: Gosse Bouma

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Robust Semantic Interpretation Learning
[A00-2041]: Carolyn P. Rose

Pdf Export Search Understanding "Each Other
[A00-2042]: Claire Gardent | Karsten Konrad

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Assessment of Semantic Interpretation
[A00-2043]: Martin Romacker | Udo Hahn

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ANLP-NAACL 2000 Student Research Workshop

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ANLP-NAACL 2000 Student Research Workshop

Pdf Export Search Experimenting with the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Structuring
[A00-3001]: Hua Cheng

Pdf Export Search Efficient parsing strategies for syntactic analysis of closed captions
[A00-3002]: Krzysztof Czuba

Pdf Export Search Generating Text with a Theorem Prover
[A00-3003]: Ivan I. Garibay

Pdf Export Search A Weighted Robust Parsing Approach to Semantic Annotation
[A00-3004]: Hatem Ghorbel | Vincenzo Pallotta

Pdf Export Search Corpus-Based Syntactic Error Detection Using Syntactic Patterns
[A00-3005]: Koldo Gojenola | Maite Oronoz

Pdf Export Search The use of error tags in ARTFL's Encyclope"die: Does good error identification lead to good error correction?
[A00-3006]: Derrick Higgins

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[A00-3007]: Mary Xiaoyong Liu | Ted Diamond | Anne R. Diekema

Pdf Export Search Multiple Discourse Marker Occurrence: Creating Hierarchies for Natural Language Generation
[A00-3008]: Sarah Louise Oates

Pdf Export Search Author Index to the Proceedings of ANLP-NAACL 2000 and the Student Research Workshop

Pdf Export Search Author Index to the Proceedings of ANLP-NAACL 2000 and the Student Research Workshop