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Y96-1 Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 53

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y96-1000]: Byung-Soo Park | Jong-Bok

Pdf Export Search Classifiers and Semantic Type Coercion : Motivating a New Classification of Classifiers
[Y96-1001]: Kathleen Ahrens | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Configuration vs. Information : An Informational Explanation of Command Relations
[Y96-1002]: Jean-Yves Morin

Pdf Export Search Subject-oriented and non Subject-oriented Long-distance Anaphora : an Integrated Approach
[Y96-1003]: Antonio Branco | Palmira Marrafa

Pdf Export Search English Free Relative Clause Constructions : From a Constraint-Based Perspective
[Y96-1004]: Jong-Bok Kim | Byung-Soo Park

Pdf Export Search Preferences and Defaults for Definiteness and Number in Japanese to German Machine Translation
[Y96-1005]: Melanie Siegel

Pdf Export Search Underspecified Japanese Semantics in a Machine Translation System
[Y96-1006]: Björn Gambäck | Christian Lieske | Yoshiki Mori

Pdf Export Search Improving Automated Alignment in Multilingual Corpora
[Y96-1007]: J.A. Campbell | N. Chatterjee | M. Manela | Alex Chengyu Fang

Pdf Export Search The Truth-Conditional Treatment of Ambiguity and Chinese Serial Verb Constructions
[Y96-1008]: Alice Yin Wa Chan

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Causatives in Korean : Clause Union or Not?
[Y96-1009]: Keon Soo Lee

Pdf Export Search A Discourse Approach to Causal Sentences in Mandarin Chinese
[Y96-1010]: Mei-chih Tsai

Pdf Export Search Light Verb Constructions and Structural Ambiguity
[Y96-1011]: Hee-Rahk Chae

Pdf Export Search Ambiguous (((Par(t)(it))((ion))(s))(in)) Thai Text
[Y96-1012]: Doug Cooper

Pdf Export Search Neural Networks in Chinese Lexical Classification
[Y96-1013]: Md Maruf Hasan | Kim-Teng Lua

Pdf Export Search A Logical Structure for the Construction of Machine Readable Dictionaries
[Y96-1014]: Byung-Jin Choi | Jae-Sung Lee | Woon-Jae Lee | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Thematic Roles from Dictionary Definitions
[Y96-1015]: Michael L. Mc Hale | Sung H. Myaeng

Pdf Export Search Beyond Telicity and Affected-Theme : Semantic Factors Contributing to the Resultative Interpretation of Predicates in Japanese
[Y96-1016]: Chiharu Uda

Pdf Export Search The Semantic Structure of Japanese Adjectives with -tai Derivational Suffix
[Y96-1017]: Akira Ikeya

Pdf Export Search SINICA CORPUS : Design Methodology for Balanced Corpora
[Y96-1018]: Keh-Jiann Chen | Chu-Ren Huang | Li-Ping Chang | Hui-Li Hsu

Pdf Export Search Finding a Deficiency of a Meaning in a Bunrui-goi-hyou Entry by Using Corpora
[Y96-1019]: Hiroyuki Shinnou

Pdf Export Search The Effect of -ga Sequences on Processing Japanese Multiply Center-Embedded Sentences
[Y96-1020]: Keiko Uehara | Dianne Bradley

Pdf Export Search The Event-Dependent Individuals and the Ambiguity of Donkey Sentences
[Y96-1021]: Eun-Joo Kwak

Pdf Export Search Are Pronouns Always Zero in Zero Pronominal Languages? : The Case in Japanese
[Y96-1022]: Satoshi Uehara

Pdf Export Search Markup of Korean Dictionary Entries
[Y96-1023]: Beom-mo Kang

Pdf Export Search A Proposal of Korean Conjugation System and its Application to Morphological Analysis
[Y96-1024]: Yoshitaka Hirano | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Rule-based Approach to Korean Morphological Disambiguation Supported by Statistical Method
[Y96-1025]: Min-Jung Kim | Hyuk-Chul Kwon | Ae-Sun Yoon

Pdf Export Search Argument Control and Mapping Theory : Evidence from the HO Construction in Taiwanese
[Y96-1026]: Jiun-Shiung Wu

Pdf Export Search Interrogative Feature Checking in Japanese and Korean
[Y96-1027]: Keiko Yoshida | Tomoyuki Yoshida

Pdf Export Search Temporal/Locative WHs and Null-P Incorporation
[Y96-1028]: Tien-Hsin Hsin

Pdf Export Search A Computational Expression of Initial Binary Feet and Surface Ternary Feet in Metrical Theory
[Y96-1029]: Seiichiro Inaba

Pdf Export Search A Mandarin Voice Organizer Based on a Template-Matching Speech Recognizer
[Y96-1030]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Jyh-Shing Shyuu | Chung-Hsien Wu

Pdf Export Search A Phonological Study on Japanese Discourse Markers
[Y96-1031]: Masahito Kawamori | Akira Shimizu | Takeshi Kawabata

Pdf Export Search Contrastive Focus and Exempted Anaphor Caki in Korean
[Y96-1032]: Chan Chung

Pdf Export Search Legitimate Termination of Nonlocal Features in HPSG
[Y96-1033]: Hywel Evans

Pdf Export Search Argument Structure and Unaccusativity in the Constraint-based Lexicon
[Y96-1034]: Byong-Rae Ryu

Pdf Export Search Fuzzy Statistics and Computation on the Lexical Semantics : How Much Do You Think? and How Many?
[Y96-1035]: Berlin Wu | Ching-min Sun

Pdf Export Search Epistemic Model and Three-valued Interpretation
[Y96-1036]: Hisashi Komatsu

Pdf Export Search Extracting Topics from Texts Based on Situations
[Y96-1037]: Zhiyi Ma | Xuegong Zhan | Tianshun Yao

Pdf Export Search Principle-based Parsing for Chinese
[Y96-1038]: Charles D. Yang | Robert C. Berwick

Pdf Export Search Estimating Point-of-View-based Similarity Using POV Reinforcement and Similarity Propagation
[Y96-1039]: Kenji Nagamatsu | Hidehiko Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Fast Statistical Grammar Induction
[Y96-1040]: Wide R. Hogenhout | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search On the Structure of the So-called Head Internal Relative Construction
[Y96-1041]: Daeho Chung

Pdf Export Search Internally Headed Relative Clause Constructions in Korean
[Y96-1042]: Yong-Beom Kim

Pdf Export Search Coronal Unmarkedness and Clusters in Correspondence Theory
[Y96-1043]: Shinsook Lee | Mi-Hui Cho

Pdf Export Search Spanish Lexical Acquisition via Morpho-Semantic Constructive Derivational Morphology
[Y96-1044]: Margarita C. González

Pdf Export Search Danger of Partial Universality : In Two Uses of In-adverbials
[Y96-1045]: Jae-Hak Yoon

Pdf Export Search Learning to Speak Like Girls and Boys : A Developmental Study in Gender and Narrative Style
[Y96-1046]: Shannon McEwen

Pdf Export Search Felicity Condition of Korean and English Contrastive Topic
[Y96-1047]: Hae-Kyung Wee

Pdf Export Search On the Irregular Verbs in Korean
[Y96-1048]: Sechang Lee

Pdf Export Search An Optimality Theoretic Account of Nasal Assimilation in English
[Y96-1049]: Seok-keun Kang

Pdf Export Search Coronal Specification and Licensing in Place Assimilation
[Y96-1050]: Seung-Hoon Shin

Pdf Export Search Attract F, Accusative Case-checking and the Position of the Subject in French Stylistic Inversion with Causative and Perception Verbs
[Y96-1051]: Maarten de Wind

Pdf Export Search Programme Committee