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Y98-1 Proceedings of the 12th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 39

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 12th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 12th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y98-1000]: Jin Guo | Kim Teng Lua | Jie Xu

Pdf Export Search Ettehkey 'how' as a Small Clause Head
[Y98-1001]: Daeho Chung

Pdf Export Search Three Kinds of Korean Reflexives : A Corpus Linguistic Investigation on Grammar and Usage
[Y98-1002]: Beom-mo Kang

Pdf Export Search The Chinese Temporal Coverbs, Postpositions, Coverb-Postposition Pairs, and Their Temporal Logic
[Y98-1003]: York Chung-Ho Yang | June-Jei Kuo

Pdf Export Search Grammatical Devices in the Processing of [+Wh] and [+Focus]
[Y98-1004]: Jie Xu

Pdf Export Search Mandarin Intransitive Reflexive Verbs and the Unaccusative Hypothesis (Mandarin Intransitive Reflexive Verbs)
[Y98-1005]: Lian-Cheng Chief

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Embedded Noun Phrase Structures Derived from Japanese Double-Nominal-Case Construction
[Y98-1006]: Masahiro Oku

Pdf Export Search The Two Kinds of Japanese Negative Nai in Terms of Their NPI Licensing Conditions
[Y98-1007]: Akira Ikeya | Masahito Kawamori

Pdf Export Search A Multiple Inheritance Analysis of the Internally-Headed Relative Clause in Japanese
[Y98-1008]: Chiharu Uda Kikuta

Pdf Export Search The Acquisition of Functional Categories : Data from Japanese
[Y98-1009]: Yoshie Yamashita

Pdf Export Search Moras, Syllables, and Feet in Japanese
[Y98-1010]: Seiichiro Inaba

Pdf Export Search English Nasal-Final Prefixes and Uniform Exponence
[Y98-1011]: Seok-keun Kang

Pdf Export Search Common Grounds as Multiple Information States
[Y98-1012]: Jae-Il Yeom | Ik-Hwan Lee

Pdf Export Search Co-Interpretation Network in English Discourse
[Y98-1013]: Yibin Ni

Pdf Export Search Predictivity vs. Stipulativity in the Lexicon
[Y98-1014]: Cornelia Maria Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Using Case Prototypicality as a Semantic Primitive
[Y98-1015]: Dan-Hee Yang | Ik-Hwan Lee | Mansuk Song

Pdf Export Search Case Alternations in Potential Constructions in Japanese and their Semantic Implications
[Y98-1016]: Hiroaki Nakamura | Takeshi Fujita

Pdf Export Search On Plural Anaphora
[Y98-1017]: Kiyoshi Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search MI-trigger-based Language Modelling
[Y98-1018]: Guodong Zhou | Kim-Teng Lua

Pdf Export Search Extracting Recurrent Phrases and Terms from Texts Using a Purely Statistical Method
[Y98-1019]: Zhao-Ming Gao | Harold Somers

Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Segmentation
[Y98-1020]: Haizhou Li | Baosheng Yuan

Pdf Export Search Error-Driven Learning of Chinese Word Segmentation
[Y98-1021]: Julia Hockenmaier | Chris Brew

Pdf Export Search Automatic Bunsetsu Segmentation of Japanese Sentences Using a Classification Tree
[Y98-1022]: Yujie Zhang | Kazuhiko Ozeki

Pdf Export Search Word-Sense Classification by Hierarchical Clustering
[Y98-1023]: Ken Y.K. Lau | Robert W.P. Luk

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of a High-Precision Translation Lexicon from Parallel Chinese-English Corpora
[Y98-1024]: Zhao-Ming Gao

Pdf Export Search Surrogater : A Simple Yet Efficient Document Condensation System
[Y98-1025]: Joe Zhou

Pdf Export Search A Computational Method for Resolving Ambiguities in Coordinate Structures
[Y98-1026]: Haodong Wu | Teiji Furugori

Pdf Export Search On Removing Ambiguity in Text Understanding
[Y98-1027]: Simin Li | Yukihiro Ito

Pdf Export Search An Automatic Chinese Document Revision System Using Bit and Character Mask Approach
[Y98-1028]: June-Jei Kuo

Pdf Export Search Japanese Kana-to-Kanji Conversion Using Large Scale Collocation Data
[Y98-1029]: Yasuo Koyama | Masako Yasutake | Kenji Yoshimura | Kosho Shudo

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Verifier as a Filter to Compound Unit Recognizer
[Y98-1030]: Hanmin Jung | Sanghwa Yuh | Taewan Kim | Dong-In Park

Pdf Export Search Machine-Readable Dictionary Headwords
[Y98-1031]: Yasuhito Tanaka | Kenji Kita

Pdf Export Search The Advantages of 3D-Trees in Modeling Human Sentence Processing
[Y98-1032]: Charles C. Lee

Pdf Export Search Improvement of Korean Proofreading System Using Corpus and Collocation Rules
[Y98-1033]: Young-Soog Chae

Pdf Export Search An Investigation into the Use of Argument Structure and Lexical Mapping Theory for Machine Translation
[Y98-1034]: Shun Ha Sylvia Wong | Peter Hancox

Pdf Export Search Using A Semantic Classification in Parsing Chinese : Some Preliminary Results
[Y98-1035]: Kok Wee Gan

Pdf Export Search Adjunct Roles and External Predication
[Y98-1036]: Yong-Beom Kim

Pdf Export Search The Underlying Representation of the Tough Construction in English
[Y98-1037]: Mariko Saiki

Pdf Export Search Tense and the Speaker's Attitude in English
[Y98-1038]: Minako Nakayasu