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Y99-1 Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 37

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 13th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y99-1000]: Jhing-Fa Wang | Chung-Hsien Wu

Pdf Export Search Linguistics in an Age of Engineering
[Y99-1001]: Christopher Manning

Pdf Export Search Extensibility in Japanese Noun Modification
[Y99-1002]: Minako Nakayasu

Pdf Export Search On the Meaning of Shenme 'what' in Chinese Bare Conditionals and its Implications for Carlson's Semantics of Bare Plurals
[Y99-1003]: Jo-wang Lin

Pdf Export Search Lexical Information and Beyond : Constructional Inferences in Semantic Representation
[Y99-1004]: Mei-Chun Liu | Chu-Ren Huang | Ching-Yi Lee

Pdf Export Search Alternation Across Semantic Fields : A Study of Mandarin Verbs of Emotion
[Y99-1005]: Li-li Chang | Keh-jiann Chen | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search English-style and Chinese-style Topic : A Uniform Semantic Analysis
[Y99-1006]: Hui Xu

Pdf Export Search Mataphorical Extension and Lexical Meaning
[Y99-1007]: Lily-I-wen Su | Laura Hsiu-min Liu

Pdf Export Search Lexical Information and Pragmatic Information : Reflexivity of an Event and Resultative Constructions in Japanese
[Y99-1008]: Chiharu Uda Kikuta

Pdf Export Search The Dative in Modern Icelandic : Exploration of the Semantic Genotype of the Dative in Natural Languages
[Y99-1009]: Mariko Saiki | Yasutaka Kaneko

Pdf Export Search Mapping Image-schemas and Translating Metaphors
[Y99-1010]: Kathleen Ahrens | Alicia L. T. Say

Pdf Export Search Utterance Units and Exchanges in Spontaneous Japanese Dialogue
[Y99-1011]: Masahito Kawamori | Akira Shimazu

Pdf Export Search Coherence via Collaboration : A Study of Chinese Causal Connectives
[Y99-1012]: Hsin-yun Hsieh

Pdf Export Search Reconstruction, Beck Effects and Wh-phrases in Situ
[Y99-1013]: Keiko Yoshida

Pdf Export Search A Nonconfigurational Approach to the Weak Crossover Effect in Korean
[Y99-1014]: Chan Chung

Pdf Export Search Relative Clause Constructions with Possessive Specifier Gaps : A Constraint-based Approach
[Y99-1015]: Byung-Soo Park

Pdf Export Search Japanese Categorial Grammar Based on Term and Sentence
[Y99-1016]: Hisashi Komatsu

Pdf Export Search Free Word Order in a Constraint-based Implementation of Dependency Grammar
[Y99-1017]: Tom B.Y. Lai | Huang Changning

Pdf Export Search What is the Lexical Form of 'BEI'?
[Y99-1018]: Shun Ha Sylvia Wong | Peter Hancox

Pdf Export Search Spoken Language Systems - Technical Challenges for Speech and Natural Language Processing
[Y99-1019]: Chin-Hui Lee

Pdf Export Search Implementation and Evaluation of Scalable Approaches for Automatic Chinese Text Categorization
[Y99-1020]: Jyh-Jong Tsay | Jing-Doo Wang | Chun-Fu Pai | Ming-Kuen Tsay

Pdf Export Search Mandarin Loanword Phonology and Optimality Theory : Evidence from Transliterated American State Names and Typhoon Names
[Y99-1021]: Hugo Ling-yu Guo

Pdf Export Search Consonantal Weakening and Licensing in Optimality Theory
[Y99-1022]: Seung-Hoon Shin

Pdf Export Search The Lexicon in FCIDB : A Friendly Chinese Interface for DBMS
[Y99-1023]: Da-Jinn Wang | Tsong-Yi Chen | Martha W. Evens

Pdf Export Search Simple Syllable Structure and English Pre-nucleus Glides
[Y99-1024]: Hyo-Young Kim

Pdf Export Search Speech Inverse Filtering by Simulated Annealing Algorithm
[Y99-1025]: Chang-Shiann Wu | Yu-Fu Hsieh

Pdf Export Search A Classification Tree Approach to Automatic Segmentation of Japanese Compound Sentences
[Y99-1026]: Yujie Zhang | Kazuhiko Ozeki

Pdf Export Search Determining the Antecedent of Noun Phrase Containing the Determiner KONO or SONO in Japanese
[Y99-1027]: Toshimasa Koga | Haodong Wu | Teiji Furugori

Pdf Export Search Generating Supplementary Index Records Using Morphological Analysis for High-speed Partial Matching
[Y99-1028]: Masahiro Oku | Noda Ryosuke | Ryoji Nagai

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Simple Sentences from Mixed Sentences for Building Korean Case Frames
[Y99-1029]: Dan-Hee Yang | Ik-Hwan Lee | Mansuk Song

Pdf Export Search Sub-Sentential Alignment Method by Analogy
[Y99-1030]: Tantely Andriamanankasina | Kenji Araki | Koji Tochinai

Pdf Export Search A Study of Performance Evaluation for GA-ILMT Using Travel English
[Y99-1031]: Hiroshi Echizen-ya | Kenji Araki | Yoshio Momouchi | Koji Tochinai

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution as Lexical Cohesion Identification
[Y99-1032]: Samuel W.K. Chan | Benjamin K. T'sou

Pdf Export Search A Large-Vocabulary Bilingual Speech Recognition System for Chinese and Japanese Language
[Y99-1033]: Jyh-Shing Shyuu | Jhing-Fa Wang

Pdf Export Search The Syntactic Processing of Particles in Japanese Spoken Language
[Y99-1034]: Melanie Siegel

Pdf Export Search Automatic Selection of Synthesis Units from a Large Speech Database
[Y99-1035]: Jau-Hung Chen | Chung-Hsien Wu

Pdf Export Search Pattern-based Machine Translation for English-Thai
[Y99-1036]: Kaewchai Chancharoen | Nisanad Tannin | Booncharoen Sirinaovakul