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Y01-1 Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 33

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 15th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y01-1000]: Benjamin K. T'sou | Olivia O.Y. Kwong | Tom B.Y. Lai

Pdf Export Search Building a Large Lexical Databank Which Provides Deep Semantics
[Y01-1001]: Charles J. Fillmore | Charles Wooters | Collin F. Baker

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of English and Chinese Synonym Pairs : An Approach based on The Module-Attribute Representation of Verbal Semantics
[Y01-1002]: Kathleen Ahrens | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Inferring Semantics from Collocation Clusters to Represent Verbs and Nouns
[Y01-1003]: Bowen Hui

Pdf Export Search A Parallel Interpretation of Floated Quantifiers and Adverbials
[Y01-1004]: Masahiro Kobayashi | Kei Yoshimoto

Pdf Export Search What else to quantify?
[Y01-1005]: Michiyuki Sato

Pdf Export Search Asymmetry, Zero Morphology and Tractability
[Y01-1006]: Anna Maria Di Sciullo | Sandiway Fong

Pdf Export Search Emphatic Particles and their Scopal Interactions in Japanese
[Y01-1007]: Akira Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search Japanese Negative Polarity Items and Negative Concord
[Y01-1008]: Masahito Kawamori | Akira Ikeya

Pdf Export Search Towards a Conceptual Representation of Lexical Meaning in WordNet
[Y01-1009]: Jen-nan Chen | Sue J. Ker

Pdf Export Search Forming an Integrated Lexical Resource for Word Sense Disambiguation
[Y01-1010]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Some Principles of Automated Natural Language Information Extraction
[Y01-1011]: Gregers Koch

Pdf Export Search A Structure-Shared Trie Compression Method
[Y01-1012]: Thanasan Tanhermhong | Thanaruk Theeramunkong | Wirat Chinnan

Pdf Export Search Processing Local Coherence of Discourse in Centering Theory
[Y01-1013]: Jianhua Hu | Haihua Pan

Pdf Export Search Temporal Structure on Discourse Level within the Controlled Information Packaging Theory
[Y01-1014]: Ik-Hwan Lee | Minhaeng Lee

Pdf Export Search Highlighting Utterances in Chinese Spoken Discourse
[Y01-1015]: Shu-Chuan Tseng

Pdf Export Search A Decidable Linear Logic for Speech Translation
[Y01-1016]: Tsutomu Fujinami

Pdf Export Search Building domain-independent text generation system
[Y01-1017]: XinYu Deng | Sadao Kurohashi | Jun'ichi Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Vowel Shortening and Surface Ternary Feet : Ternary Rhythm Through Strictly Binary Footing
[Y01-1018]: Seiichiro Inaba

Pdf Export Search Mappings From the Source Domain of Plant in Mandarin Chinese
[Y01-1019]: Vicky Tzuyin Lai | Kathleen Ahrens

Pdf Export Search Floating Quantifiers and Lexical Specification of Quantifier Retrieval
[Y01-1020]: Eun-Jung Yoo

Pdf Export Search Pragmatic Inference with Conditionals and Concessives in Japanese
[Y01-1021]: Yasunari Harada | Kumiko Honda

Pdf Export Search On the Semantics of Japanese Particles wa and mo and Their Interaction with Quantifiers
[Y01-1022]: Ryoya Okabe

Pdf Export Search Nominal Markers and Word Order in Korean
[Y01-1023]: Sae-Youn Cho | Jong-Joo Choe

Pdf Export Search Thai Classifiers and the Structure of Complex Thai Nominals
[Y01-1024]: Pornsiri Singhapreecha

Pdf Export Search Negation, VP Ellipsis, and VP Fronting in English : A Construction-HPSG Analysis
[Y01-1025]: Jong-Bok Kim

Pdf Export Search Feature Percolation, Movement and Cross-Linguistic Variation in Pied-Piping
[Y01-1026]: Jeong-Me Yoon

Pdf Export Search Gerundive Complements in English : A Constraint-Based Analysis
[Y01-1027]: Byung-Soo Park

Pdf Export Search An HPSG Account of the Hierarchical Clause Formation in Japanese : HPSG-Based Japanese Grammar for Practical Parsing
[Y01-1028]: Takashi Miyata | Akira Otani | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search The Japanese Internally-Headed Relative Clause as a Marked Head-Complement Structure
[Y01-1029]: Chiharu Uda Kikuta

Pdf Export Search Distributional Properties and Endocentricity of English Gerunds
[Y01-1030]: Yong-Beom Kim

Pdf Export Search Robust N-gram Based Syntactic Analysis Using Segmentation Words
[Y01-1031]: Nobuo Inui | Yoshiyuki Kotani

Pdf Export Search Recursive Top-down Fuzzy Match : New Perspectives on Memory-based Parsing
[Y01-1032]: Oliver Streiter