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Y02-1 Proceedings of the 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 46

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y02-1000]: Ik-Hwan Lee | Yong-Beom Kim | Key-Sun Choi | Minhaeng Lee

Pdf Export Search Robust Syntactic Annotation of Corpora and Memory-based Parsing
[Y02-1001]: Erhard W. Hinrichs

Pdf Export Search A Simple Syntax for Complex Semantics
[Y02-1002]: Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Identification of Chinese Personal Names in Unrestricted Texts
[Y02-1003]: Lawrence Cheung | Benjamin K. Tsou | Maosong Sun

Pdf Export Search Mismatches in Korean Copula Constructions and Linearization Effects
[Y02-1004]: Chan Chung | Jong-Bok Kim

Pdf Export Search Heuristic-based Korean Coreference Resolution for Information Extraction
[Y02-1005]: Euisok Chung | Soojong Lim | Bo-Hyun Yun

Pdf Export Search On Negative Imperatives in Korean
[Y02-1006]: Chung-hye Han | Chung-min Lee

Pdf Export Search Penn Korean Treebank : Development and Evaluation
[Y02-1007]: Chung-hye Han | Na-Rae Han | Eon-Suk Ko | Martha Palmer | Heejong Yi

Pdf Export Search A Deterministic Method for Structural Analysis of Compound Words in Japanese
[Y02-1008]: Dongli Han | Takeshi Ito | Teiji Furugori

Pdf Export Search Implicit Adjuncts : The Cases of Degree Modifiers in Japanese and English
[Y02-1009]: Akira Ikeya | Hisako Ikawa

Pdf Export Search Type Construction of Nouns with the Verb ha- 'do'
[Y02-1010]: Seohyun Im | Chungmin Lee

Pdf Export Search An Event-Based Semantics for Japanese Emphatic Particles
[Y02-1011]: Akira Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search Small Clauses and Default Case
[Y02-1012]: Youngjun Jang

Pdf Export Search Edge-Integrity and the Syllable Structure in Korean
[Y02-1013]: Eungyeong Kang

Pdf Export Search An Alignment Based Technique for Text Translation between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
[Y02-1014]: Sue J. Ker | Chun-Hsien Lin

Pdf Export Search Verb Pattern Based Korean-Chinese Machine Translation System
[Y02-1015]: Changhyun Kim | Young Kil Kim | Munpyo Hong | Young Ae Seo | Sung Il Yang | Sung-Kwon Choi

Pdf Export Search A Korean Homonym Disambiguation System Based on Statistical Model Using Weights
[Y02-1016]: Jun-Su Kim | Wang-Woo Lee | Chang-Hwan Kim | Cheol-young Ock

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Korean Predicative Verb Forms in LAG Framework
[Y02-1017]: Soora Kim

Pdf Export Search Concession and Linguistic Inference
[Y02-1018]: Yong-Beom Kim

Pdf Export Search Morphological Passivization and the Change of Lexical-Semantic Structures in Korean
[Y02-1019]: Yoon-shin Kim

Pdf Export Search A Phase-based Approach to ECM across CP in Korean
[Y02-1020]: Youngsun Kim

Pdf Export Search Generating a Category Set of Words Using a Hierarchical Part-of-Speech System and Tagged Corpus
[Y02-1021]: Takeyuki Kojima | Yoshiyuki Kotani

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of Coordinate Expressions in Japanese by Extracting Mutual Case Relation
[Y02-1022]: Yoshiyuki Kotani

Pdf Export Search Finite Small Clauses in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications
[Y02-1023]: Masakazu Kuno

Pdf Export Search Toward a Bilingual Legal Term Glossary from Context Profiles
[Y02-1024]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Issues in Chinese Prosody : Conceptual Foundations of a Linguistically-Motivated Text-to-Speech System for Mandarin
[Y02-1025]: Richard S. Lavin

Pdf Export Search An Operator Assisted Call Routing System
[Y02-1026]: Chun-Jen Lee | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search Backward Anaphora
[Y02-1027]: Hyeran Lee

Pdf Export Search A Korean Noun Semantic Hierarchy (Wordnet) Construction
[Y02-1028]: Juho Lee | Koaunghi Un | Hee-Sook Bae | Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Implementation of Long-distance Reflexives in Korean : A Categorial Grammar Approach
[Y02-1029]: Yong-hun Lee

Pdf Export Search The Interface between Syntax and Morphology : Taiwanese Verbal Complexes
[Y02-1030]: Huei-Ling Lin

Pdf Export Search The Structure of Polysemy : A Study of Multi-sense Words Based on WordNet
[Y02-1031]: Jen-Yi Lin | Chang-Hua Yang | Shu-Chuan Tseng | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search If a Quantifier is not floated, but moored or even incorporated : Complexity of Presuppositions in Local Domain
[Y02-1032]: Yoshiki Mori | Kei Yoshimoto

Pdf Export Search Grammaticalization and Semantic Typology : Time-relationship Adverbs in Japanese, Korean, English and German
[Y02-1033]: Tetsuharu Moriya | Kaoru Horie

Pdf Export Search Double Subject, Double Nominative Object and Double Accusative Object Constructions in Japanese and Korean
[Y02-1034]: Hiroaki Nakamura

Pdf Export Search A Focus-based Approach to Scope Ambiguity in Japanese
[Y02-1035]: Ryoya Okabe

Pdf Export Search Representing Topic-Comment Structures in Chinese
[Y02-1036]: Haihua Pan | Jianhua Hu

Pdf Export Search Do Transitive Adjectives Really Exist?
[Y02-1037]: Byung-Soo Park

Pdf Export Search This Adverbial Accusative : A Corpus-based Observation and More
[Y02-1038]: Michiyuki Sato

Pdf Export Search The Loom-LAG for Syntax Analysis : Adding a Language-independent Level to LAG
[Y02-1039]: Markus Schulze

Pdf Export Search A Japanese Compound Verb V-te-iku and Event Composition
[Y02-1040]: Eri Tanaka

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Interference in Chinese-English Bilingual Children
[Y02-1041]: Erin Yaoling Wang

Pdf Export Search Argumentness and Probabilistic Case Structures
[Y02-1042]: Dan-Hee Yang | Ik-Hwan Lee

Pdf Export Search An Important Issue in Data Mining : Data Cleaning
[Y02-1043]: Qi Xiao Yang | Sung Sam Yuan | Lu Chun | Jay Rajasekera

Pdf Export Search Building a Domain-Specific French-Korean Lexicon
[Y02-1044]: Aesun Yoon

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