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Y03-1 Proceedings of the 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 52

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y03-1000]: Dong Hong Ji | Kim Teng

Pdf Export Search Virtual Linked Lexical Knowledge Base for Causality Reasoning
[Y03-1001]: Key-Sun Choi

Pdf Export Search Focus-Marking in Chinese and Malay : A Comparative Perspective
[Y03-1002]: Jie Xu

Pdf Export Search A Constraint-Based Analysis of Association with Focus in Japanese
[Y03-1003]: Yusuke Kubota

Pdf Export Search On the Event Structure of Indirect Passive in Japanese
[Y03-1004]: Naoyuki Ono

Pdf Export Search An Event-Based Interpretation of Japanese Honorific Constructions Using RRG Operators
[Y03-1005]: Akira Ishikawa

Pdf Export Search Multiple Nominative Constructions in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications
[Y03-1006]: Masahiro Akiyama

Pdf Export Search Automatic Learning of Stemming Rules for the Indonesian Language
[Y03-1007]: Lily Suryana Indradjaja | Stephane Bressan

Pdf Export Search A Simplified Latent Semantic Indexing Approach for Multi-Linguistic Information Retrieval
[Y03-1008]: Yi Liu | Haiming Lu | Zengxiang Lu | Pu Wang

Pdf Export Search An integrated approach for Chinese word segmentation
[Y03-1009]: Guohong Fu | K.K. Luke

Pdf Export Search Korean Phrase Structure Grammar and Its Implementations into the LKB System
[Y03-1010]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang

Pdf Export Search Porting Grammars between Typologically Similar Languages : Japanese to Korean
[Y03-1011]: Roger Kim | Mary Dalrymple | Ronald M. Kaplan | Tracy Holloway King

Pdf Export Search Mandarin Chinese Shenme in Interaction
[Y03-1012]: Fuhui Hsieh

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Shapes : A Study based on Mandarin Quan1zi5(圈子)
[Y03-1013]: Cui-Xia Weng | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Stock Markets as Ocean Water : A Corpus-based, Comparative Study of Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish
[Y03-1014]: Siaw-Fong Chung | Kathleen Ahrens | Ya-hui Sung

Pdf Export Search Subject Positions and Derivational Scope Calculation in Minimalist Syntax : A Phase-Based Approach
[Y03-1015]: Yukiko Ueda

Pdf Export Search Context-rule Model for Pos Tagging
[Y03-1016]: Yu-Fang Tsai | Keh-Jiann Chen

Pdf Export Search Chinese Word Segmentation Based on Contextual Entropy
[Y03-1017]: Jin Hu Huang | David Powers

Pdf Export Search Topic Segmentation for Short Texts
[Y03-1018]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Chia-Honag Lee

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Text Filtering Based on Text Concepts and kNN
[Y03-1019]: Shaozi Li | Weifeng Su | Tangqiu Li | Huowang Chen

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Onomatopoeic Speech Act Verbs
[Y03-1020]: I-Ni Tsai | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Mandarin Adverbial Jiu in Discourse
[Y03-1021]: Fuhui Hsieh

Pdf Export Search A Synchronous Corpus-Based Study of Verb-Noun Fluidity in Chinese
[Y03-1022]: Oi Yee Kwong | Benjamin K. Tsou

Pdf Export Search Non-monotonic Negativity
[Y03-1023]: Sumiyo Nishiguchi

Pdf Export Search The SVM With Uneven Margins and Chinese Document Categorization
[Y03-1024]: Yaoyong Li | John Shawe-Taylor

Pdf Export Search The development of Tagged Uyghur Corpus
[Y03-1025]: Yusup Aibaidula | Kim-Teng Lua

Pdf Export Search A Vector-Based Algorithm for Chinese Text Classification
[Y03-1026]: Changri Luo | Tingting He

Pdf Export Search A Large-scale Lexical Semantic Knowledge-base of Chinese
[Y03-1027]: Hui Wang | Shiwen Yu

Pdf Export Search An Effective Combination of Different Order N-grams
[Y03-1028]: Sen Zhang | Na Dong

Pdf Export Search Efficient Methods for Multigram Compound Discovery
[Y03-1029]: Paul Wu Horng Jyh | Ng Hong I | Gong Ruibin

Pdf Export Search Translation Template Learning Based on Hidden Markov Modeling
[Y03-1030]: Minh Le Nguyen | Akari Shimazu | Susumu Horiguchi

Pdf Export Search News-Oriented Keyword Indexing with Maximum Entropy Principle
[Y03-1031]: Sujian Li | Houfeng Wang | Shiwen Yu | Chengsheng Xin

Pdf Export Search Extracting Chinese Multi-Word Units from Large-Scale Balanced Corpus
[Y03-1032]: Jianzhou Liu | Tingting He | Xiaohua Liu

Pdf Export Search A New Sentence Reduction based on Decision Tree Model
[Y03-1033]: Minh Le Nguyen | Susumu Horiguchi

Pdf Export Search Japanese Parser on the basis of the Lexical-Functional Grammar Formalism and its Evaluation
[Y03-1034]: Hiroshi Masuichi | Tomoko Okuma | Hiroki Yoshimura | Yasunari Harada

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Approach to Chinese-to-English Back-Transliteration
[Y03-1035]: Chun-Jen Lee | Jason S. Chang | Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

Pdf Export Search On the Sentence Category Transfer of Action-effect Sentences in Chinese-English Machine Translation
[Y03-1036]: Keliang Zhang

Pdf Export Search Modeling Verb Order in Complex Multi-Verbal Predicate Constructions
[Y03-1037]: Olivia S.-C. Lam | Adams B. Bodomo

Pdf Export Search The Structure of Spatial Expressions in Saisiyat
[Y03-1038]: Pei-Shu Tsai

Pdf Export Search A Constraint-based Grammar of Case : To Correctly Predict Case Phrases Occurring without Their Head Verb
[Y03-1039]: Hiroki Koga

Pdf Export Search The Floating of Negative Factors and the Recognition of Semantic Patterns of HUAIYI Sentences in Mandarin
[Y03-1040]: Guozheng Xiao | Tingting Guo

Pdf Export Search Using Mutual Information to Identify New Features for Text documents of Various Domains
[Y03-1041]: Zhi Li Guo

Pdf Export Search Applicability Analysis of Corpus-derived Paraphrases toward Example-based Paraphrasing
[Y03-1042]: Kiyonori Ohtake | Kazuhide Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search A Word Selection Model Based on Lexical Semantic Knowledge in English Generation
[Y03-1043]: Yi-Dong Chen | Tang-Qiu Li | Xu-Ling Zheng

Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Ontology Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation
[Y03-1044]: Sin-Jae Kang

Pdf Export Search On Intra-page and Inter-page Semantic Analysis of Web Pages
[Y03-1045]: Jun Wang | Jicheng Wang | Gangshan Wu | Hiroshi Tsuda

Pdf Export Search Towards a Multi-Objective Corpus for Vietnamese Language
[Y03-1046]: Vu Hai Quan | Pham Nam Trung | Nguyen Duc Hoang Ha | Huynh Bao Toan | Le Hoai Bac | Hoang Kiem

Pdf Export Search Using Zero Anaphora Resolution to Improve Text Categorization
[Y03-1047]: Ching-Long Yeh | Yi-Chun Chen

Pdf Export Search Dependency of Long-Distance Reflexives
[Y03-1048]: Hyeran Lee

Pdf Export Search Voicing Constraint and Segmental-Tonal Neighborhood Effects on Clusters in Thai
[Y03-1049]: Rattima Nitisaroj

Pdf Export Search The Treatment of Japanese Focus Particles Based on Lexical-Functional Grammar
[Y03-1050]: Tomoko Ohkuma | Hiroshi Masuichi | Hiroki Yoshimura | Yasunari Harada

Pdf Export Search Empty Category and the Effect of Teaching in Sentence Processing
[Y03-1051]: Takako Kawasaki | Kiyoshi Ishikawa