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Y05-1 Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 36

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 19th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search LPath+: A First-Order Complete Language for Linguistic Tree Query
[Y05-1001]: Catherine Lai | Steven Bird

Pdf Export Search Form-Meaning Interface in Constraint-based Unified Grammar: Prosody and Pragmatics
[Y05-1002]: Suk-Jin Chang

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Knowledge About Multiword Predicates
[Y05-1003]: Afsaneh Fazly | Suzanne Stevenson

Pdf Export Search People in the State of the Union: Viewing Social Change through the Eyes of Presidents
[Y05-1004]: Kathleen Ahrens

Pdf Export Search A Framework for Data Management for the Online Volunteer Translators' Aid System QRLex
[Y05-1005]: Youcef Bey | Kyo Kageura | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search From Text to Sign Language: Exploiting the Spatial and Motioning Dimension
[Y05-1006]: Ji-Won Choi | Hee-Jin Lee | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search MARKET Metaphors: Chinese, English and Malay
[Y05-1007]: Siaw-Fong Chung

Pdf Export Search A Two-level Morphology of Malagasy
[Y05-1008]: Mary Dalrymple | Maria Liakata | Lisa Mackie

Pdf Export Search A Small Fan and a Small Handful of Fans Exploring the Acquisition of Count-mass Distinction in Mandarin
[Y05-1009]: Becky Hsuan-hua Huang | David Barner | Peggy Li

Pdf Export Search Integration of Dependency Analysis with Semantic Analysis Referring to the Context
[Y05-1010]: Yuki Ikegaya | Yasuhiro Noguchi | Satoru Kogure | Tatsuhiro Konishi | Makoto Kondo | Hideki Aso | Akira Takagi | Yukihiro Ito

Pdf Export Search A Study on Implementation of Southern-Min Taiwanese Tone Sandhi System
[Y05-1011]: Iun Un-gian | Lau Kiat-gak | Li Sheng-an | Kao Cheng-yan

Pdf Export Search Vowel Sound Disambiguation for Intelligible Korean Speech Synthesis
[Y05-1012]: Ho-Joon Lee | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search Constructing Filler-Gap Dependencies in Chinese Possessor Relative Clauses
[Y05-1013]: Chien-Jer Charles Lin | Sandiway Fong | Thomas G. Bever

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Machine Translation Systems' Errors in Tense, Aspect, and Modality
[Y05-1014]: Masaki Murata | Kiyotaka Uchimoto | Qing Ma | Toshiyuki Kanamaru | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search A Structured SVM Semantic Parser Augmented by Semantic Tagging with Conditional Random Field
[Y05-1015]: Minh Le Nguyen | Akira Shimazu | Hieu Xuan Phan

Pdf Export Search Multiply Quantified Internally Headed Relative Clause in Japanese: A Skolem Term Based Approach
[Y05-1016]: Rui Otake | Kei Yoshimoto

Pdf Export Search A study on multiple interpretations of frequency adverbs in Japanese
[Y05-1017]: Tomoaki Ozawa | Hiroyuki Nishina | Kei Yoshimoto | Shigeru Sato

Pdf Export Search Empirical Verification of Meaning-Game-based Generalization of Centering Theory with Large Japanese Corpus
[Y05-1018]: Shun SHIRAMATSU | Kazunori KOMATANI | Takashi MIYATA | Koichi HASHIDA | Hiroshi OKUNO

Pdf Export Search Learning Translation Rules from Bilingual English - Filipino Corpus
[Y05-1019]: Michelle Wendy Tan | Raymond Joseph Ang | Natasja Gail Bautista | Ya Rong Cai | Bianca Tanlo

Pdf Export Search In and Out: Senses and Meaning Extension of Mandarin Spatial Terms nei and wai
[Y05-1020]: Yiching Wu | Cui-Xia Weng | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Discourse Segment and Japanese Referring Expressions: Are These Bare NPs or Proper Names ?
[Y05-1021]: Etsuko Yoshida

Pdf Export Search Japanese Bare Nouns as Weak Indefinites
[Y05-1022]: Keiko Yoshida

Pdf Export Search An Approach to Improve the Smoothing Process Based on Non-uniform Redistribution
[Y05-1023]: Feng-Long Huang | Ming-Shing Yu

Pdf Export Search Speech-Activated Text Retrieval System for Cellular Phones with Web Browsing Capability
[Y05-1024]: Takahiro Ikeda | Shin'ya Ishikawa | Kiyokazu Miki | Fumihiro Adachi | Ryosuke Isotani | Kenji Sato | Akitoshi Okumura

Pdf Export Search A Constrained Finite-State Morphotactics for Korean
[Y05-1025]: Eunsok Ju | Chongwon Park | Minhaeng Lee | Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Usability of Information Extraction Results with Textual Data Profiling
[Y05-1026]: Jyi-Shane Liu | Yung-Wei Cheng

Pdf Export Search Language Identification for Person Names Based on Statistical Information
[Y05-1027]: Shiho Nobesawa | Ikuo Tahara

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Concentrated Modification Structure from Logical Formula
[Y05-1028]: Hiroshi Sakaki

Pdf Export Search XNLRDF, an Open Source Natural Language Resource Description Framework
[Y05-1029]: Oliver Streiter | Mathias Stuflesser

Pdf Export Search On the Web Communication Assist Aide based on the Bilingual Sign Language Dictionary
[Y05-1030]: Emiko Suzuki | Kyoko Kakihana

Pdf Export Search Using Speech Recognition for an Automated Test of Spoken Japanese
[Y05-1031]: Masanori Suzuki | Yasunari Harada

Pdf Export Search Analysis of The Elements by HPSG
[Y05-1032]: Satoshi Tojo | Ken Saito

Pdf Export Search Word Order in Mandarin Chinese and Grammatical Relations
[Y05-1033]: Antoine Tremblay

Pdf Export Search Repair Structures in Web-based Conversation
[Y05-1034]: Ruowei Yang

Pdf Export Search Predicate Composition and the Determination of Scope
[Y05-1035]: Kenji Yokota