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Y06-1 Proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 72

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Which Is Essential for Chinese Word Segmentation: Character versus Word
[Y06-1001]: Chang-Ning Huang | Hai Zhao

Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in Temporal Annotation: A Case of Korean
[Y06-1002]: Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Towards a Neuro-Cognitive Model of Human Sentence Processing
[Y06-1003]: Kei Yoshimoto | Shigeru Sato

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Automatic Chinese Essay Scoring System from Figures-of-Speech
[Y06-1004]: Tao-Hsing Chang | Chia-Hoang Lee | Yu-Ming Chang

Pdf Export Search English Morphological Analysis with Machine-learned Rules
[Y06-1005]: Xuri Tang

Pdf Export Search Discovering Relations among Named Entities by Detecting Community Structure
[Y06-1006]: Tingting He | Junzhe Zhao | Jing Li

Pdf Export Search A Full Inspection on Chinese Characters Used in the Secrete History of the Mongols
[Y06-1007]: Di Jiang | Xuewen Zhou

Pdf Export Search An Information Retrieval Model Based On Word Concept
[Y06-1008]: Chen Wu | Quan Zhang | Xiangfeng Wei

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Reranking for Spelling Correction
[Y06-1009]: Yang Zhang | Pilian He | Wei Xiang | Mu Li

Pdf Export Search A User Interface-Level Integration Method for Multiple Automatic Speech Translation Systems
[Y06-1010]: Seiya Osada | Kiyoshi Yamabana | Ken Hanazawa | Akitoshi Okumura

Pdf Export Search Efficient language model development for spoken dialogue recognition and its evaluation on operator's speech at call centers
[Y06-1011]: Kiyokazu Miki | Kaichiro Hatazaki | Hiroaki Hattori

Pdf Export Search Effective Tag Set Selection in Chinese Word Segmentation via Conditional Random Field Modeling
[Y06-1012]: Hai Zhao | Chang-Ning Huang | Mu Li | Bao-Liang Lu

Pdf Export Search A Study on the Structure of Korean Knowledge Database
[Y06-1013]: Yude Bi | Binhong Wu | Jianguo Xiong

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of the Effect of Word Segmentation On Chinese Terminology Extraction
[Y06-1014]: Luning Ji | Qin Lu | Wenjie Li | YiRong Chen

Pdf Export Search TCtract-A Collocation Extraction Approach for Noun Phrases Using Shallow Parsing Rules and Statistic Models
[Y06-1015]: Wan Yin Li | Qin Lu | James Liu

Pdf Export Search Chinese Speech Information Retrieval for Questions on Mobile Phone Operation
[Y06-1016]: Kai Ishikawa | Susumu Akamine | Ken Hanazawa

Pdf Export Search A Chinese Dependency Syntax for Treebanking
[Y06-1017]: Haitao Liu | Wei Huang

Pdf Export Search Multi-feature Based Chinese-English Named Entity Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[Y06-1018]: Min Lu | Jun Zhao

Pdf Export Search Type grammar meets Japanese particles
[Y06-1019]: Kumi Cardinal

Pdf Export Search An Approach to Automatically Constructing Domain Ontology
[Y06-1020]: Tingting He | Xiaopeng Zhang | Xinghuo Ye

Pdf Export Search Auto-extracting Paraphrases of Letter-word Phrases in Live Texts
[Y06-1021]: Zezhi Zheng

Pdf Export Search Japanese Ditransitive Verbs and the Hierarchical Lexicon
[Y06-1022]: Akira Otani

Pdf Export Search The Analysis of Chinese Sentence Semantic Chunk Share Based on HNC Theory
[Y06-1023]: Quan Zhang | Chen Wu | Xiangfeng Wei

Pdf Export Search Using Chinese Gigaword Corpus and Chinese Word Sketch in linguistic Research
[Y06-1024]: Jia-Fei Hong | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Tense Markers and -ko Constructions in Korean
[Y06-1025]: Hee-Rahk Chae

Pdf Export Search Topic-Comment Articulation in Japanese: A Categorial Approach
[Y06-1026]: Hiroaki Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Knowledge-Rich Approach to Automatic Grammatical Information Acquisition: Enriching Chinese Sketch Engine with a Lexical Grammar
[Y06-1027]: Chu-Ren Huang | Wei-Yun Ma | Yi-Ching Wu | Chih-Ming Chiu

Pdf Export Search Vietnamese Word Segmentation with CRFs and SVMs: An Investigation
[Y06-1028]: Cam-Tu Nguyen | Trung-Kien Nguyen | Xuan-Hieu Phan | Le-Minh Nguyen | Quang-Thuy Ha

Pdf Export Search A language-independent method for the alignement of parallel corpora
[Y06-1029]: Thi Minh Huyen Nguyen | Mathias Rossignol

Pdf Export Search The Current Status of Sorting Order of Tibetan Dictionaries and Standardization
[Y06-1030]: Di Jiang

Pdf Export Search Re-ranking Method Based on Topic Word Pairs
[Y06-1031]: Tingting He | Ting Xu | Guozhong Qu | Xinhui Tu

Pdf Export Search A Text Classifier Based on Sentence Category VSM
[Y06-1032]: Yun-liang Zhang | Quan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Research on Hypothesizing and Sorting the Eg Candidates in Chinese Semantic Parsing
[Y06-1033]: XiangFeng Wei | Quan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Mining the Relation between Sentiment Expression and Target Using Dependency of Words
[Y06-1034]: Zhongchao Fei | Xuanjing Huang | Lide Wu

Pdf Export Search Forest Driven Dependency Analysis Enhanced by Japanese Clause Structure Estimation
[Y06-1035]: Satoshi Kamatani | Kentaro Furihata | Tetsuro Chino

Pdf Export Search A Constraint-based Morphological Analyzer for Concatenative and Non-concatenative Morphology
[Y06-1036]: Farrah Cherry Fortes-Galvan | Rachel Edita Roxas

Pdf Export Search Statistical Survey of Monophthong Formants in Mandarin for Students Being Trained as Broadcasters
[Y06-1037]: Zihou Meng | Yudong Chen | Xiaohua Li

Pdf Export Search The Role of Input in Acquisition of Tone Sandhi Rules in Mandarin Chinese
[Y06-1038]: Yu-hsin Huang

Pdf Export Search Construction of Adverb Dictionary that Relates to Speaker Attitudes and Evaluation of Its Effectiveness
[Y06-1039]: Toshiyuki Kanamaru | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search An Activation-based Sentence Processing Model of English
[Y06-1040]: Kei Takahashi | Kiyoshi Ishikawa | Kei Yoshimoto

Pdf Export Search Platform for Full-Syntax Grammar Development Using Meta-grammar Constructs
[Y06-1041]: Ales Horak | Vladimir Kadlec

Pdf Export Search The stock index forecast based on dynamic recurrent neural network trained with GA
[Y06-1042]: Yixian Fang | Baowen Wang | Yongmao Wang

Pdf Export Search Using the Swadesh list for creating a simple common taxonomy
[Y06-1043]: Prevot Laurent | Chu-Ren Huang | I-Li Su

Pdf Export Search The Construction of a Dictionary for a Two-layer Chinese Morphological Analyzer
[Y06-1044]: Chooi-Ling Goh | Jia Lu | Yuchang Cheng | Masayuki Asahara | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search A Natural Language Model of Computing with Words in Web Pages
[Y06-1045]: Ze-yu Zheng | Ping Zhang

Pdf Export Search Chinese Organization Name Recognition Using Chunk Analysis
[Y06-1046]: Jihao Yin | Xiaozhong Fan | Kaixuan Zhang | Jiangde Yu

Pdf Export Search 1-0 Transformation Form of UTF-8
[Y06-1047]: Shengyuan Wu

Pdf Export Search The research on Uighur speaker-dependent isolated word speech recognition
[Y06-1048]: Silamu Wushour | Nuominghua Caiqin

Pdf Export Search HowNet Based Chinese Question Classification
[Y06-1049]: Dongfeng Cai | Jingguang Sun | Guiping Zhang | Dexin Lv | Yanju Dong | Yan Song | Chao Yu

Pdf Export Search Machine Transliteration
[Y06-1050]: Mohamed Abdel Fattah | Fuji Ren | Shingo Kuroiwa

Pdf Export Search Automatic Target Word Disambiguation Using Syntactic Relationships
[Y06-1051]: Ebony Domingo | Rachel Edita Roxas

Pdf Export Search Semantic Representation and Composition for Unknown Compounds in E-HowNet
[Y06-1052]: Yueh-Yin Shih | Shu-Ling Huang | Keh-Jiann Chen

Pdf Export Search Analysis and Processing on the Composing of Noun Conglomeration Combination
[Y06-1053]: Liang Xiong | Quan Zhang

Pdf Export Search Learning Translation Rules for a Bidirectional English-Filipino Machine Translator
[Y06-1054]: Michelle Wendy Tan | Bryan Anthony Hong | Danniel Liwanag Alcantara | Amiel Perez | Lawrence Tan

Pdf Export Search A Visualization method for machine translation evaluation results
[Y06-1055]: Jian-Min Yao | Yun-Qian Qu | Qiao-Ming Zhu | Jing Zhang

Pdf Export Search Language Model Based on Word Clustering
[Y06-1056]: Lichi Yuan

Pdf Export Search Research on concept-sememe tree and semantic relevance computation
[Y06-1057]: GuiPing Zhang | Chao Yu | DongFeng Cai | Yan Song | JingGuang Sun

Pdf Export Search The function of DE in Chinese RCs
[Y06-1058]: Zanhui Huang

Pdf Export Search Research on Word Segmentation for Chinese Sign Language
[Y06-1059]: Yinchao Cheng | Baocai Yin | Yanfeng Sun

Pdf Export Search Make Word Sense Disambiguation in EBMT Practical
[Y06-1060]: Feiliang Ren | Tianshun Yao

Pdf Export Search Implementing a Japanese Semantic Parser Based on Glue Approach
[Y06-1061]: Hiroshi Umemoto

Pdf Export Search A Chinese Automatic Text Summarization system for mobile devices
[Y06-1062]: Lei Yu | Mengge Liu | Fuji Ren | Shingo Kuroiwa

Pdf Export Search Representation of Original Sense of Chinese Characters by FOPC
[Y06-1063]: Yajun Pei | Zhiwei Feng

Pdf Export Search Are Topic Constructions Licensed by A'Movement in Mandarin Chinese? - A Preliminary Study
[Y06-1064]: Hsin-chang Ho

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation and Human Intuition for Semantic Classification on Homonyms
[Y06-1065]: Dong-Sung Kim | Jae-Woong Choe

Pdf Export Search Document Clustering Method Based on Frequent Co-occurring Words
[Y06-1066]: Ye-Hang Zhu | Guan-Zhong Dai | Benjamin C. M. Fung | De-Jun Mu

Pdf Export Search An Algorithm Combining Statistics-based and Rules-based for Chunk Identification of Chinese Sentences
[Y06-1067]: Rongbo Wang | Zheru Chi

Pdf Export Search Building Translation Memory System by N-gram
[Y06-1068]: Feiliang Ren | Shaoming Liu

Pdf Export Search Research on Olympics-oriented Mobile Game News Ordering System
[Y06-1069]: Yonggui Yang | Lei Li

Pdf Export Search An evaluation of the Hand-held Electronic Dictionaries Used by Chinese EFL Learners
[Y06-1070]: Meilin Chen

Pdf Export Search Translation & Transform Algorithm of Query Sentence in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
[Y06-1071]: Xiao-fei Zhang | Ke-liang Zhang | He-yan Huang