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Y07-1 Proceedings of the 21st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 57

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 21st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 21st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Scalable Deep Linguistic Processing: Mind the Lexical Gap
[Y07-1001]: Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of Semantic Annotation
[Y07-1002]: Harry Bunt

Pdf Export Search Deep Lexical Semantics: The Ontological Ascent
[Y07-1003]: Jerry R. Hobbs

Pdf Export Search How has belief modality contributed to formal semantics?
[Y07-1004]: Satoshi Tojo

Pdf Export Search A Syntactic Account of the Properties of Bare Nominals in Discourse
[Y07-1005]: Hee-Don Ahn | Sungeun Cho

Pdf Export Search Analyzer to Identify Phrases and the Functional Roles in Sentences: Its Architectural Aspects
[Y07-1006]: Yukiko Sasaki Alam

Pdf Export Search Opinion Extraction based on Syntactic Pieces
[Y07-1007]: Suguru Aoki | Kazuhide Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search BEYTrans: A Free Online Collaborative Wiki-Based CAT Environment Designed for Online Translation Communities
[Y07-1008]: Youcef Bey | Kyo Kageura | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search A Pregroup Analysis of Japanese Causatives
[Y07-1009]: Kumi Cardinal

Pdf Export Search Customizing an English-Korean Machine Translation System for Patent Translation
[Y07-1010]: Sung-Kwon Choi | Young-Gil Kim

Pdf Export Search A New Type of NPI Licensing Context: Evidence from French Subjunctive and NE Expletif
[Y07-1011]: Yoon-Hee Choi

Pdf Export Search Computing Thresholds of Linguistic Saliency
[Y07-1012]: Siaw-Fong Chung | Kathleen Ahrens | Chung-Ping Cheng | Chu-Ren Huang | Petr Simon

Pdf Export Search Modality and Modal Sense Representation in E-HowNet
[Y07-1013]: You-Shan Chung | Shu-Ling Huang | Keh-Jiann Chen

Pdf Export Search AutoCor: A Query Based Automatic Acquisition of Corpora of Closely-related Languages
[Y07-1014]: Davis Muhajereen D. Dimalen | Rachel Edita O. Roxas

Pdf Export Search The Polysemy of Da3: An ontology-based lexical semantic study
[Y07-1015]: Jia-Fei Hong | Chu-Ren Huang | Kathleen Ahrens

Pdf Export Search Ambiguity in the Negative V+bo NP Construction in Taiwanese Southern Min
[Y07-1016]: Hui-yu Huang

Pdf Export Search Time-moving Metaphors and Ego-moving Metaphors: Which Is Better Comprehended by Taiwanese?
[Y07-1017]: Hsin-mei May Huang | Ching-yu Shelley Hsieh

Pdf Export Search Initialness of Sentence-final Particles in Mandarin Chinese
[Y07-1018]: Xiao-You Kevin Huang

Pdf Export Search A Frame-based Approach to Text Generation
[Y07-1019]: Huong Thanh Le

Pdf Export Search Co-Event Conflation for Compound Verbs in Korean
[Y07-1020]: Jong Sup Jun

Pdf Export Search What Makes Negative Imperative So Natural for Korean [psych-adjective +-e ha-] Constructions?
[Y07-1021]: Ilkyu Kim

Pdf Export Search On the Syntax and Semantics of the Bound Noun Constructions: With a Computational Implementation
[Y07-1022]: Jong-Bok Kim | Jaehyung Yang

Pdf Export Search Weak Connectivity in (Un)bounded Dependency Constructions
[Y07-1023]: Yong-Beom Kim

Pdf Export Search A Transformation-Based Learning Method on Generating Korean Standard Pronunciation
[Y07-1024]: Dong-Sung Kim | Chang-Hwa Roh

Pdf Export Search Transition and Parsing State and Incrementality in Dynamic Syntax
[Y07-1025]: Masahiro Kobayashi | Kei Yoshimoto

Pdf Export Search A Focus Account for Contrastive Reduplication: Prototypicality and Contrastivity
[Y07-1026]: Binna Lee | Chungmin Lee

Pdf Export Search Gei3ta1 in Taiwan Mandarin-- A Particular Construction
[Y07-1027]: Chiachun Lee

Pdf Export Search Implementation of Presence and Absence of Blocking Effects: A Categorial Grammar Approach to Chinese and Korean
[Y07-1028]: Yong-hun Lee

Pdf Export Search Mining Parallel Text from the Web based on Sentence Alignment
[Y07-1029]: Bo Li | Juan Liu | Huili Zhu

Pdf Export Search The Excessive Structural Article in Mandarin- Study of dao(到)
[Y07-1030]: Hsiu-Ying Liu

Pdf Export Search Using Non-Local Features to Improve Named Entity Recognition Recall
[Y07-1031]: Xinnian Mao | Wei Xu | Yuan Dong | Saike He | Haila Wang

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Indirect Uses of Interrogative Sentences Carrying Anger
[Y07-1032]: Hye-Jin Min | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Structure in Semantic Networks of Japanese Word Associations
[Y07-1033]: Maki Miyake | Terry Joyce | Jaeyoung Jung | Hiroyuki Akama

Pdf Export Search Japanese Expressions that Include English Expressions
[Y07-1034]: Masaki Murata | Toshiyuki Kanamaru | Koichiro Nakamoto | Katsunori Kotani | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Two Types of Complex Predicate Formation: Japanese Passive and Potential Verbs
[Y07-1035]: Hiroaki Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Acquisition of Named-Entity-Related Relations for Searching
[Y07-1036]: Tri-Thanh Nguyen | Akira Shimazu

Pdf Export Search Bracketing Input for Accurate Parsing
[Y07-1037]: Yongkyoon No

Pdf Export Search Case, Coordination, and Information Structure in Japanese
[Y07-1038]: Akira Otani | Mark Steedman

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Lexical-Functional Grammar Resources from a Japanese Dependency Corpus
[Y07-1039]: Masanori Oya | Josef van Genabith

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Annotation Tool to Build Large Dependency Tree-Tagged Corpus
[Y07-1040]: Eun-Jin Park | Jae-Hoon Kim | Chang-Hyun Kim | Young-Kill Kim

Pdf Export Search Multiple Sluicing in English
[Y07-1041]: Myung-Kwan Park | Jung-Min Kang

Pdf Export Search Prosodic Annotation in a Thai Text-to-speech System
[Y07-1042]: Siripong Potisuk

Pdf Export Search Relation Extraction Using Convolution Tree Kernel Expanded with Entity Features
[Y07-1043]: Longhua Qian | Guodong Zhou | Qiaomin Zhu | Peide Qian

Pdf Export Search Summarization and Evaluation; Where are we today?!
[Y07-1044]: Mehrnoush Shamsfard | Amir Saffarian | Samaneh Ghodratnama

Pdf Export Search Refinement of Document Clustering by Using NMF
[Y07-1045]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Minoru Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Constraints and Type Hierarchies for Korean Serial Verb Constructions - An Analytic Study within the HPSG Framework -
[Y07-1046]: Sanghoun Song

Pdf Export Search From Tombstones to Corpora: TSML for Research on Language, Culture, Identity and Gender Differences
[Y07-1047]: Oliver Streiter | Leonhard Voltmer | Yoann Goudin

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Microscopic Textual Characteristics of Japanese Prime Ministers' Diet Addresses by Measuring the Quantity and Diversity of Nouns
[Y07-1048]: Takafumi Suzuki | Kyo Kageura

Pdf Export Search What L2 Learners' Processing Strategy Reveals about the Modal System in Japanese: A Cue-based Analytical Perspective
[Y07-1049]: Mizuho Tamaji | Kaoru Horie

Pdf Export Search Movie Review Classification Based on a Multiple Classifier
[Y07-1050]: Kimitaka Tsutsumi | Kazutaka Shimada | Tsutomu Endo

Pdf Export Search Korean-Chinese Person Name Translation for Cross Language Information Retrieval
[Y07-1051]: Yu-Chun Wang | Yi-Hsun Lee | Chu-Cheng Lin | Tzong-Han Richard Tsai | Wen-Lian Hsu

Pdf Export Search Research on a Model of Extracting Persons' Information Based on Statistic Method and Conceptual Knowledge
[Y07-1052]: XiangFeng Wei | Ning Jia | Quan Zhang | HanFen Zang

Pdf Export Search Text Categorization for Authorship based on the Features of Lingual Conceptual Expression
[Y07-1053]: Quan Zhang | Yun-liang Zhang | Yi Yuan

Pdf Export Search Distal Demonstrative Hitlo in Taiwanese Southern Min
[Y07-1054]: Yi-jing Zhao

Pdf Export Search Children's Acquisition of Demonstrative Pronouns in Mandarin Chinese
[Y07-1055]: Yi-jing Zhao

Pdf Export Search Ambiguity of Reflexives and Case Extension
[Y07-1056]: Richard Zuber