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Y11-1 Proceedings of the 25th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 68

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 25th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 25th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y11-1000]: Helena Hong Gao | Minghui Dong

Pdf Export Search Web based English-Chinese OOV term translation using Adaptive rules and Recursive feature selection
[Y11-1001]: Jian Qu

Pdf Export Search English-Chinese Name Transliteration with Bi-Directional Syllable-Based Maximum Matching
[Y11-1002]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Language Model Weight Adaptation Based on Cross-entropy for Statistical Machine Translation
[Y11-1003]: Yinggong Zhao | Yangsheng Ji | Ning Xi | Shujian Huang | Jiajun Chen

Pdf Export Search A grammar design accommodating packed argument frame information on verbs
[Y11-1004]: Petter Haugereid

Pdf Export Search Quantification and the Garden Path Effect Reduction: The Case of Universally Quantified Subjects
[Y11-1005]: Akira Ohtani | Takeo Kurafuji

Pdf Export Search A Simple Surface Realizer for Filipino
[Y11-1006]: Ethel Ong | Stephanie Abella | Lawrence Santos | Dennis Tiu

Pdf Export Search Measuring Concept Concreteness from the Lexicographic Perspective
[Y11-1007]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Logical Information Processing of Possibility and Negation: Cases from Taiwanese Hakka
[Y11-1008]: Chiou-shing Yeh | Huei-ling Lai

Pdf Export Search The Syntax-Semantics Interface of Resultative Constructions in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese
[Y11-1009]: Pui Lun Chow

Pdf Export Search Automatic Wrapper Generation and Maintenance
[Y11-1010]: Yingju Xia | Yuhang Yang | Shu Zhang | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Evaluation via Negativa of Chinese Word Segmentation for Information Retrieval
[Y11-1011]: Mike Tian-Jian Jiang | Cheng-Wei Shih | Richard Tzong-Han Tsai | Wen-Lian Hsu

Pdf Export Search Factual or Satisfactory: What Search Results Are Better?
[Y11-1012]: Yu Hong | Jun Lu | Shiqi Zhao

Pdf Export Search A Graph-based Bilingual Corpus Selection Approach for SMT
[Y11-1013]: Wenhan Chao | Zhoujun Li

Pdf Export Search Myanmar Phrases Translation Model with Morphological Analysis for Statistical Myanmar to English Translation System
[Y11-1014]: Thet Thet Zin | Khin Mar Soe | Ni Lar Thein

Pdf Export Search Context Resolution of Verb Particle Constructions for English to Hindi Translation
[Y11-1015]: Niladri Chatterjee | Renu Balyan

Pdf Export Search Improving Sampling-based Alignment by Investigating the Distribution of N-grams in Phrase Translation Tables
[Y11-1016]: Juan Luo | Adrien Lardilleux | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Predicting Linguistic Difficulty by Means of a Morpho-Syntactic Probabilistic Model
[Y11-1017]: Philippe Blache | Stéphane Rauzy

Pdf Export Search Tibetan Word Segmentation as Syllable Tagging Using Conditional Random Field
[Y11-1018]: Huidan Liu | Minghua Nuo | Longlong Ma | Jian Wu | Yeping He

Pdf Export Search Plural Problems in the Nominal Morphology of Marathi
[Y11-1019]: Shalmalee Pitale

Pdf Export Search The L1 Acquisition of the Imperfective Aspect markers in Korean: a Comparison with Japanese
[Y11-1020]: Ju-Yeon Ryu

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Identification of Bilingual Synonymous Technical Terms from Phrase Tables and Parallel Patent Sentences
[Y11-1021]: Bing Liang | Takehito Utsuro | Mikio Yamamoto

Pdf Export Search Automatic Error Analysis Based on Grammatical Questions
[Y11-1022]: Tomoki Nagase | Hajime Tsukada | Katsunori Kotani | Nobutoshi Hatanaka | Yoshiyuki Sakamoto

Pdf Export Search Maximum Entropy Based Lexical Reordering Model for Hierarchical Phrase-based Machine Translation
[Y11-1023]: Zhongguang Zheng | Yao Meng | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search A Bare-bones Constraint Grammar
[Y11-1024]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Spring Cleaning and Grammar Compression: Two Techniques for Detection of Redundancy in HPSG Grammars
[Y11-1025]: Antske Fokkens | Yi Zhang | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Developing a Chunk-based Grammar Checker for Translated English Sentences
[Y11-1026]: Nay Yee Lin | Khin Mar Soe | Ni Lar Thein

Pdf Export Search Creating the Open Wordnet Bahasa
[Y11-1027]: Nurril Hirfana Bte Mohamed Noor | Suerya Sapuan | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search Automatic identification of words with novel but infrequent senses
[Y11-1028]: Paul Cook | Graeme Hirst

Pdf Export Search Annotating the Structure and Semantics of Fables
[Y11-1029]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Verbal Inflection in Hindi: A Distributed Morphology Approach
[Y11-1030]: Smriti Singh | Vaijayanthi M Sarma

Pdf Export Search Word classes in Indonesian: A linguistic reality or a convenient fallacy in natural language processing?
[Y11-1031]: Meladel Mistica | Timothy Baldwin | I Wayan Arka

Pdf Export Search Automated Proof Reading of Clinical Notes
[Y11-1032]: Jon Patrick | Dung Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Modelling Word Meaning using Efficient Tensor Representations
[Y11-1033]: Mike Symonds | Peter Bruza | Laurianne Sitbon | Ian Turner

Pdf Export Search A Study of Sense-Disambiguated Networks Induced from Folksonomies
[Y11-1034]: Hans-Peter Zorn | Iryna Gurevych

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neighborhood Knowledge
[Y11-1035]: Heyan Huang | Zhizhuo Yang | Ping Jian

Pdf Export Search Dependency-based Analysis for Tagalog Sentences
[Y11-1036]: Erlyn Manguilimotan | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Case study of BushBank concept
[Y11-1037]: Marek Grac

Pdf Export Search Building and Annotating the Linguistically Diverse NTU-MC (NTU-Multilingual Corpus)
[Y11-1038]: Liling Tan | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search In Situ Text Summarisation for Museum Visitors
[Y11-1039]: Timothy Baldwin | Patrick Ye | Fabian Bohnert | Ingrid Zukerman

Pdf Export Search Iteratively Estimating Pattern Reliability and Seed Quality With Extraction Consistency
[Y11-1040]: Yi-Hsun Lee | Chung-Yao Chuang | Wen-Lian Hsu

Pdf Export Search The Effect of Answer Patterns for Supervised Named Entity Recognition in Thai
[Y11-1041]: Nutcha Tirasaroj | Wirote Aroonmanakun

Pdf Export Search A Listwise Approach to Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages
[Y11-1042]: Oanh Thi Tran | Bach Xuan Ngo | Minh Le Nguyen | Akira Shimazu

Pdf Export Search Combining Dependency and Constituent-based Syntactic Information for Anaphoricity Determination in Coreference Resolution
[Y11-1043]: Fang Kong | Guodong Zhou

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Classification in Resource-Scarce Languages by using Label Propagation
[Y11-1044]: Yong Ren | Nobuhiro Kaji | Naoki Yoshinaga | Masashi Toyoda | Masaru Kitsuregawa

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Extraction Model for Chinese Noun/Verb Synonymous bi-gram Collocations
[Y11-1045]: Wanyin Li | Qin Lu

Pdf Export Search Word-order and argument-marking: Japanese vs Chinese vs Naxi
[Y11-1046]: Paul Law

Pdf Export Search Classification of Filipino Speech Rhythm Using Computational and Perceptual Approach
[Y11-1047]: Timothy Israel Santos | Rowena Cristina Guevara

Pdf Export Search Disfluencies in Consecutive Interpreting among Undergraduates in the Language Lab Environment in the final version
[Y11-1048]: Kexiu Yin

Pdf Export Search An English-Chinese Cross-lingual Word Semantic Similarity Measure Exploring Attributes and Relations
[Y11-1049]: Lin Dai | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search Learning-to-Translate Based on the S-SSTC Annotation Schema
[Y11-1050]: Enya Kong Tang | Zaharin Yusoff | Christian Boitet

Pdf Export Search Translating English Names to Arabic Using Phonotactic Rules
[Y11-1051]: Faisal Alshuwaier | Ali Areshey

Pdf Export Search Translating Common English and Chinese Verb-Noun Pairs in Technical Documents with Collocational and Bilingual Information
[Y11-1052]: Yi-Hsuan Chuang | Chao-Lin Liu | Jing-Shin Chang

Pdf Export Search System for Flexibly Judging the Misuse of Honorifics in Japanese
[Y11-1053]: Tamotsu Shirado | Satoko Marumoto | Masaki Murata | Hitoshi Isahara

Pdf Export Search Compound Event Nouns of the ‘Modifier-head’ Type in Mandarin Chinese
[Y11-1054]: Shan Wang | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search The Co-occurrence of Two Delimiters: An Investigation of Mandarin Chinese Resultatives
[Y11-1055]: Jingxia Lin | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search The Order of Mandarin Chinese Motion Morphemes and the “Scalar Specificity Constraint”
[Y11-1056]: Jingxia Lin

Pdf Export Search Verbs and (sub)Event Structure: A Case Study from Italian
[Y11-1057]: Francesca Strik Lievers

Pdf Export Search The Effects of EFL Learners’ Awareness and Retention in Learning Metaphoric and Metonymic Expressions
[Y11-1058]: Yi-chen Chen | Huei-ling Lai

Pdf Export Search NERSIL - the Named-Entity Recognition System for Iban Language
[Y11-1059]: Yong Soo Fong | Bali Ranaivo Malanҫon | Alvin Yeo Wee

Pdf Export Search Improving PP Attachment Disambiguation in a Rule-based Parser
[Y11-1060]: Yoon-Hyung Roh | Ki-Young Lee | Young-Gil Kim

Pdf Export Search Fully-Automatic Marker-based Chunking in 11 European Languages and Counts of the Number of Analogies between Chunks
[Y11-1061]: Kota Takeya | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Broad-Scale, High-Precision Japanese-English Parallel Translation Expressions Using Lexical Information and Rules
[Y11-1062]: Qing Ma | Shinya Sakagami | Masaki Murata

Pdf Export Search Analyzing the characteristics of academic paper categories by using an index of representativeness
[Y11-1063]: Takafumi Suzuki | Kiyoko Uchiyama | Ryota Tomisaka | Akiko Aizawa

Pdf Export Search Exploring Emotional Words for Chinese Document Chief Emotion Analysis
[Y11-1064]: Yunong Wu | Kenji Kita | Fuji Ren | Kazuyuki Matsumoto | Xin Kang

Pdf Export Search A Construction Grammar Approach to Prepositional Phrase Attachment: Semantic Feature Analysis of V NP1 into NP2 Construction
[Y11-1065]: Liyin Chen | Siaw-Fong Chung | Chao-Lin Liu

Pdf Export Search Supervised and Semi-supervised Methods based Organization Name Disambiguity
[Y11-1066]: Shu Zhang | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Study and Implementation of Monolingual Approach on Indonesian Question Answering for Factoid and Non-Factoid Question
[Y11-1067]: Alvin Andhika Zulen | Ayu Purwarianti