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Y12-1 Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation 71

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 26th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information, and Computation
[Y12-1000]: Ruli Manurung | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search From All Possible Worlds to Small Worlds: A Story of How We Started and Where We Will Go Doing Semantics
[Y12-1001]: Kiyong Lee

Pdf Export Search Developing a Deep Grammar of Indonesian within the ParGram Framework: Theoretical and Implementational Challenges
[Y12-1002]: I Wayan Arka

Pdf Export Search Idiomaticity and Classical Traditions in Some East Asian Languages
[Y12-1003]: Benjamin K Tsou

Pdf Export Search Things between Lexicon and Grammar
[Y12-1004]: Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Social Media: Friend or Foe of Natural Language Processing?
[Y12-1005]: Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Towards a Semantic Annotation of English Television News - Building and Evaluating a Constraint Grammar FrameNet
[Y12-1006]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Compositionality of NN Compounds: A Case Study on [N1+Artifactual-Type Event Nouns]
[Y12-1007]: Shan Wang | Chu-Ren Huang | Hongzhi Xu

Pdf Export Search Automatic Domain Adaptation for Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Comparison of Multiple Classifiers
[Y12-1008]: Kanako Komiya | Manabu Okumura

Pdf Export Search Calculating Selectional Preferences of Transitive Verbs in Korean
[Y12-1009]: Sanghoun Song | Jae-Woong Choe

Pdf Export Search Extracting and Visualizing Semantic Relationships from Chinese Biomedical Text
[Y12-1010]: Qingliang Miao | Shu Zhang | Bo Zhang | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Entity Set Expansion using Interactive Topic Information
[Y12-1011]: Kugatsu Sadamitsu Sadamitsu | Kuniko Saito | Kenji Imamura | Yoshihiro Matsuo

Pdf Export Search Improving Chinese-to-Japanese Patent Translation Using English as Pivot Language
[Y12-1012]: Xianhua Li | Yao Meng | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Combining Social Cognitive Theories with Linguistic Features for Multi-genre Sentiment Analysis
[Y12-1013]: Hao Li | Yu Chen | Heng Ji | Smaranda Muresan | Dequan Zheng

Pdf Export Search Indonesian Dependency Treebank: Annotation and Parsing
[Y12-1014]: Nathan Green | Septina Dian Larasati | Zdeněk Žabokrtský

Pdf Export Search Handling Indonesian Clitics: A Dataset Comparison for an Indonesian-English Statistical Machine Translation System
[Y12-1015]: Septina Dian Larasati

Pdf Export Search Two Types of Nominalization in Japanese as an Outcome of Semantic Tree Growth
[Y12-1016]: Tohru Seraku

Pdf Export Search Semantic Distributions of the Color Terms, Black and White in Taiwanese Languages
[Y12-1017]: Huei-ling Lai | Shu-chen Lu

Pdf Export Search Language Independent Sentence-Level Subjectivity Analysis with Feature Selection
[Y12-1018]: Aditya Mogadala | Vasudeva Varma

Pdf Export Search Annotation Scheme for Constructing Sentiment Corpus in Korean
[Y12-1019]: Hyopil Shin | Munhyong Kim | Hayeon Jang | Andrew Cattle

Pdf Export Search Lexical Gaps and Lexicalization: Implications for Word Segmentation Systems for Chinese NLP
[Y12-1020]: Chan-Chia Hsu

Pdf Export Search Extracting Keywords from Multi-party Live Chats
[Y12-1021]: Su Nam Kim | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Extracting Networks of People and Places from Literary Texts
[Y12-1022]: John Lee | Chak Yan Yeung

Pdf Export Search Pre- vs. Post-verbal Asymmetries and the Syntax of Korean RDC
[Y12-1023]: Daeho Chung

Pdf Export Search Pattern Matching Refinements to Dictionary-Based Code-Switching Point Detection
[Y12-1024]: Nathaniel Oco | Rachel Edita Roxas

Pdf Export Search An Adaptive Method for Organization Name Disambiguation with Feature Reinforcing
[Y12-1025]: Shu Zhang | Jianwei Wu | Dequan Zheng | Yao Meng | Hao Yu

Pdf Export Search Predicting Answer Location Using Shallow Semantic Analogical Reasoning in a Factoid Question Answering System
[Y12-1026]: Hapnes Toba | Mirna Adriani | Hisar Maruli Manurung

Pdf Export Search On the Alleged Condition on the Base Verb of the Indirect Passive in Japanese
[Y12-1027]: Tomokazu Takehisa

Pdf Export Search Comparing Classifier use in Chinese and Japanese
[Y12-1028]: Yue Hui Ting | Francis Bond

Pdf Export Search Nominative-marked Phrases in Japanese Tough Constructions
[Y12-1029]: Akira Ohtani | Maria del Pilar Valverde Ibañez

Pdf Export Search Emotional Tendency Identification for Micro-blog Topics Based on Multiple Characteristics
[Y12-1030]: Quanchao Liu | Chong Feng | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search Product Name Classification for Product Instance Distinction
[Y12-1031]: Hye-Jin Min | Jong C. Park

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Gender and Number Agreement Errors in Spanish Texts Written by Japanese Learners
[Y12-1032]: Maria del Pilar Valverde Ibañez | Akira Ohtani

Pdf Export Search A Reranking Approach for Dependency Parsing with Variable-sized Subtree Features
[Y12-1033]: Mo Shen | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Applying Statistical Post-Editing to English-to-Korean Rule-based Machine Translation System
[Y12-1034]: Ki-Young Lee | Young-Gil Kim

Pdf Export Search A Model of Vietnamese Person Named Entity Question Answering System
[Y12-1035]: Mai-Vu Tran | Duc-Trong Le | Xuan- Tu Tran | Tien-Tung Nguyen

Pdf Export Search Towards a Semantic Annotation of English Television News - Building and Evaluating a Constraint Grammar FrameNet
[Y12-1036]: Shaohua Yang | Hai Zhao | Bao-liang Lu

Pdf Export Search Emotion Estimation from Sentence Using Relation between Japanese Slangs and Emotion Expressions
[Y12-1037]: Kazuyuki Matsumoto | Kenji Kita | Fuji Ren

Pdf Export Search Can Word Segmentation be Considered Harmful for Statistical Machine Translation Tasks between Japanese and Chinese?
[Y12-1038]: Jing Sun | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Introduction of a Probabilistic Language Model to Non-Factoid Question Answering Using Example Q&A Pairs
[Y12-1039]: Kosuke Yoshida | Taro Ueda | Madoka Ishioroshi | Hideyuki Shibuki | Tatsunori Mori

Pdf Export Search Answering Questions Requiring Cross-passage Evidence
[Y12-1040]: Kisuh Ahn | Hee-Rahk Chae

Pdf Export Search Thai Sentence Paraphrasing from the Lexical Resource
[Y12-1041]: Krittaporn Phucharasupa | Ponrudee Netisopakul

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Annotation in Hindi Dependency TreeBank
[Y12-1042]: Praveen Dakwale | Himanshu Sharma | Dipti M Sharma

Pdf Export Search Improving Statistical Machine Translation with Processing Shallow Parsing
[Y12-1043]: Hoai-Thu Vuong | Vinh Van Nguyen | Viet Hong Tran | Akira Shimazu

Pdf Export Search Psycholinguistics, Lexicography, and Word Sense Disambiguation
[Y12-1044]: Oi Yee Kwong

Pdf Export Search Thought De se, first person indexicals and Chinese reflexive ziji
[Y12-1045]: Yingying Wang | Haihua Pan

Pdf Export Search The Headedness of Mandarin Chinese Serial Verb Constructions: A Corpus-Based Study
[Y12-1046]: Jingxia Lin | Chu-Ren Huang | Huarui Zhang | Hongzhi Xu

Pdf Export Search Japanese Pseudo-NPI Dare-mo as an “Unrestricted” Universal Quantifier
[Y12-1047]: Katsuhiko Yabushita

Pdf Export Search Automatic Tripartite Classification of Intransitive Verbs
[Y12-1048]: Nitesh Surtani | Soma Paul

Pdf Export Search The Transliteration from Alphabet Queries to Japanese Product Names
[Y12-1049]: Rieko Tsuji | Yoshinori Nemoto | Wimvipa Luangpiensamut | Yuji Abe | Takeshi Kimura | Kanako Komiya | Koji Fujimoto | Yoshiyuki Kotani

Pdf Export Search Classifying Dialogue Acts in Multi-party Live Chats
[Y12-1050]: Su Nam Kim | Lawrence Cavedon | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Syntax-semantics mapping of locative arguments
[Y12-1051]: Seungho Nam

Pdf Export Search Deep Lexical Acquisition of Type Properties in Low-resource Languages: A Case Study in Wambaya
[Y12-1052]: Jeremy Nicholson | Rachel Nordlinger | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Chinese Sentiments on the Clouds: A Preliminary Experiment on Corpus Processing and Exploration on Cloud Service
[Y12-1053]: Shu-Kai Hsieh | Yu-Yun Chang | Meng-Xian Shih

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Topic Alignment in Time Series Japanese / Chinese News
[Y12-1054]: Shuo Hu | Yusuke Takahashi | Liyi Zheng | Takehito Utsuro | Masaharu Yoshioka | Noriko Kando | Tomohiro Fukuhara | Hiroshi Nakagawa | Yoji Kiyota

Pdf Export Search A CRF Sequence Labeling Approach to Chinese Punctuation Prediction
[Y12-1055]: Yanqing Zhao | Chaoyue Wang | Guohong Fu

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Social and Expressive Factors of Requests by Methods of Text Mining
[Y12-1056]: Daša Munková | Michal Munk | Zuzana Fráterová | Beáta Ďuračková

Pdf Export Search Set Expansion using Sibling Relations between Semantic Categories
[Y12-1057]: Sho Takase | Naoaki Okazaki | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Building a Diverse Document Leads Corpus Annotated with Semantic Relations
[Y12-1058]: Masatsugu Hangyo | Daisuke Kawahara | Sadao Kurohashi

Pdf Export Search Text Readability Classification of Textbooks of a Low-Resource Language
[Y12-1059]: Zahurul Islam | Alexander Mehler | Rashedur Rahman

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Approach for the Interpretation of Nominal Compounds using Ontology
[Y12-1060]: Sruti Rallapalli | Soma Paul

Pdf Export Search Improved Constituent Context Model with Features
[Y12-1061]: Yun Huang | Min Zhang | Chew Lim Tan

Pdf Export Search Accuracy and robustness in measuring the lexical similarity of semantic role fillers for automatic semantic MT evaluation
[Y12-1062]: Anand Karthik Tumuluru | Chi-kiu Lo | Dekai Wu

Pdf Export Search Type Construction of Event Nouns in Mandarin Chinese
[Y12-1063]: Shan Wang | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search On Interpretation of Resultative Phrases in Japanese
[Y12-1064]: Tsuneko Nakazawa

Pdf Export Search Event Coercion of Mandarin Chinese Temporal Connective hou ‘after’
[Y12-1065]: Zuoyan Song

Pdf Export Search To Construct the Interpretation Templates for the Chinese Noun Compounds Based on Semantic Classes and Qualia Structures
[Y12-1066]: Xue Wei | Yulin Yuan

Pdf Export Search Compositional Mechanisms of Japanese Numeral Classifiers
[Y12-1067]: Miho Mano

Pdf Export Search Psych-Predicates: How They Are Different
[Y12-1068]: Chungmin Lee

Pdf Export Search The Role of Qualia Structure in Mandarin Children Acquiring Noun-modifying Constructions
[Y12-1069]: Zhaojing Liu | Angel Wing-shan Chan

Pdf Export Search Gap in "Gapless" Relative Clauses in Korean and Other Asian Languages
[Y12-1070]: Jeong-Shik Lee | Chungmin Lee