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Y17-1 Proceedings of the 31st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation 54

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 31st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 31st Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation
[Y17-1000]: Rachel Edita Roxas

Pdf Export Search Modeling Answering Strategies for the Polar Questions across Languages
[Y17-1001]: Jong-Bok Kim

Pdf Export Search International Speech Communication Association Distinguished Lecture: Principles and Design of a System for Academic Information Retrieval based on Human-Machine Dialogue
[Y17-1002]: Hiroya Fujisaki

Pdf Export Search Assessing Authenticity in Media Englishes and the Englishes of Popular Culture
[Y17-1003]: Andrew Moody

Pdf Export Search Corpus Linguistic Analysis for Language Planning
[Y17-1004]: Joel Ilao

Pdf Export Search Modality Markers in Cebuano and Tagalog
[Y17-1005]: Michael Tanangkingsing

Pdf Export Search Between Reading Time and Information Structure
[Y17-1006]: Masayuki Asahara

Pdf Export Search Doubt, incredulity, and particles in Japanese falling interrogatives
[Y17-1007]: Lukas Rieser

Pdf Export Search The Phrasal-Prepositional Verbs in Philippine English: A Corpus-based Analysis
[Y17-1008]: Jennibelle Ella | Shirley Dita

Pdf Export Search A Type-Logical Approach to Potential Consructions in Japanese
[Y17-1009]: Hiroaki Nakamura

Pdf Export Search Standard and nonstandard lexicon in aviation English: A corpus linguistic study
[Y17-1010]: Ramsey Ferrer | Jollene Empinado | Eloisa Marie Calico | Jan Yharie Floro

Pdf Export Search Stylometric Studies based on Tone and Word Length Motifs
[Y17-1011]: Renkui Hou | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Ensemble Technique Utilization for Indonesian Dependency Parser
[Y17-1012]: Arief Rahman | Kuncoro Adhiguna | Ayu Purwarianti

Pdf Export Search Raising to Object in Japanese: An HPSG Analysis
[Y17-1013]: Akira Ohtani

Pdf Export Search Using Stanford Part-of-Speech Tagger for the Morphologically-rich Filipino Language
[Y17-1014]: Matthew Phillip Go | Nicco Nocon

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Bilingual Segmentation using MDL for Machine Translation
[Y17-1015]: Bin Shan | Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search The Importance of Automatic Syntactic Features in Vietnamese Named Entity Recognition
[Y17-1016]: Hoang Pham | Phuong Le-Hong

Pdf Export Search Multiple Nominative Constructions in Japanese: An Incremental Grammar Perspective
[Y17-1017]: Tohru Seraku

Pdf Export Search BTG-based Machine Translation with Simple Reordering Model using Structured Perceptron
[Y17-1018]: Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Arabic-English Text Translation Leveraging Hybrid NER
[Y17-1019]: Emna Hkiri | Souheyl Mallat | Mounir Zrigui

Pdf Export Search \#ActuallyDepressed: Characterization of Depressed Tumblr Users’ Online Behavior from Rules Generation Machine Learning Technique
[Y17-1020]: Czarina Rae Cahutay | Aileen Joan Vicente

Pdf Export Search A Parallel Recurrent Neural Network for Language Modeling with POS Tags
[Y17-1021]: Chao Su | Heyan Huang | Shumin Shi | Yuhang Guo | Hao Wu

Pdf Export Search Identifying Deception in Indonesian Transcribed Interviews through Lexical-based Approach
[Y17-1022]: Tifani Warnita | Dessi Puji Lestari

Pdf Export Search Foreign Influence and Sound Change: A Case Study of Cantonese Alveolar Affricates
[Y17-1023]: Yizhou Lan

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Method for Improving Arabic Speech Recognition Systems
[Y17-1024]: Mohamed Labidi | Mohsen Maraoui | Mounir Zrigui

Pdf Export Search Remarks on epistemically biased questions
[Y17-1025]: David Yoshikazu Oshima

Pdf Export Search The blocking effect and Korean caki
[Y17-1026]: Hyunjun Park | Haihua Pan

Pdf Export Search Expressing prediction and epistemicity with Korean ‐(ul) kes i and Mandarin Chinese hui
[Y17-1027]: Eunson Yoo

Pdf Export Search Remarks on Denominal -Ed Adjectives
[Y17-1028]: Tomokazu Takehisa

Pdf Export Search Subjecthood and Grammatical Relations in Korean: An Experimental Study with Honorific Agreement and Plural Copying
[Y17-1029]: Ji-Hye Kim | Yong-Hun Lee | James Hye-Suk Yoon

Pdf Export Search A Stylistic Analysis of a Philippine Essay, “The Will of the River”
[Y17-1030]: Pilar Caparas

Pdf Export Search A Corpus-based Analysis of Near-Synonymous Sentence-final Particles in Mandarin Chinese: “bale” and “eryi”
[Y17-1031]: Xuefeng Gao | Yat-Mei Lee

Pdf Export Search Extracting a Lexicon of Discourse Connectives in Czech from an Annotated Corpus
[Y17-1032]: Pavlína Synková | Magdaléna Rysová | Lucie Poláková | Jiří Mírovský

Pdf Export Search Word Learning by Young Bilinguals: Understanding the Denotation and Connotation Differences of “Cut” Verbs in English and Chinese
[Y17-1033]: Keng Hwee Neo | Helena Gao

Pdf Export Search A corpus-based study on synesthesia in Korean ordinary language
[Y17-1034]: Charmhun Jo

Pdf Export Search Intrusions of Masbate Lexicon in Local Bilingual Tabloid
[Y17-1035]: Cecilia Genuino | Romualdo Mabuan

Pdf Export Search Facebook Integration into University Classes: Opportunities and Challenges
[Y17-1036]: Romualdo Mabuan | Gregorio Ebron Jr.

Pdf Export Search Semantic Similarity Analysis for Paraphrase Identification in Arabic Texts
[Y17-1037]: Adnen Mahmoud | Mounir Zrigui

Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Language Relatedness for Transfer Learning in Neural Machine Translation
[Y17-1038]: Raj Dabre | Tetsuji Nakagawa | Hideto Kazawa

Pdf Export Search Rule-based Reordering and Post-Processing for Indonesian-Korean Statistical Machine Translation
[Y17-1039]: Candy Olivia Mawalim | Dessi Puji Lestari | Ayu Purwarianti

Pdf Export Search Sentence Complexity Estimation for Chinese-speaking Learners of Japanese
[Y17-1040]: Jun Liu | Yuji Matsumoto

Pdf Export Search Conceptualizing EDUCATION in Hong Kong and China (1984-2014)
[Y17-1041]: Kathleen Ahrens | Huiheng Zeng

Pdf Export Search Multi-dimensional Meanings of Subjective Adverbs - Case Study of Mandarin Chinese Adverb Pianpian
[Y17-1042]: Mi Zhou | Yao Yao | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Morphosyntactic Analysis of the Pronominal System of Southern Alta
[Y17-1043]: Marvin Abreu

Pdf Export Search Wh-island Effects in Korean Scrambling Constructions
[Y17-1044]: Juyeon Cho

Pdf Export Search A Crowdsourcing Approach for Annotating Causal Relation Instances in Wikipedia
[Y17-1045]: Kazuaki Hanawa | Akira Sasaki | Naoaki Okazaki | Kentaro Inui

Pdf Export Search Automatic Categorization of Tagalog Documents Using Support Vector Machines
[Y17-1046]: April Dae Bation | Aileen Joan Vicente | Erlyn Manguilimotan

Pdf Export Search Lexicalization, Separation and transitivity: A comparative study of Mandarin VO compound Variations
[Y17-1047]: Menghan Jiang | Chu-Ren Huang

Pdf Export Search Extracting Important Tweets for News Writers using Recurrent Neural Network with Attention Mechanism and Multi-task Learning
[Y17-1048]: Taro Miyazaki | Shin Toriumi | Yuka Takei | Ichiro Yamada | Jun Goto

Pdf Export Search Tweet Extraction for News Production Considering Unreality
[Y17-1049]: Yuka Takei | Taro Miyazaki | Ichiro Yamada | Jun Goto

Pdf Export Search Discovering Conversation Spaces in the Public Discourse of Gender Violence: a Comparative Between Two Different Contexts
[Y17-1050]: Meliza De La Paz | Maria Regina Estuar | John Noel Victorino

Pdf Export Search Investigating Phrase-Based and Neural-Based Machine Translation on Low-Resource Settings
[Y17-1051]: Hai Long Trieu | Vu Tran | Nguyen Le Minh

Pdf Export Search Japanese all-words WSD system using the Kyoto Text Analysis ToolKit
[Y17-1052]: Hiroyuki Shinnou | Kanako Komiya | Minoru Sasaki | Shinsuke Mori

Pdf Export Search Revisiting Tones in Twic East Dinka
[Y17-1053]: Yu-Leng Lin