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Anthology Volume Papers
R15-1 Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 96
R15-2 Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop 6

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing
[R15-1000]: Ruslan Mitkov | Galia Angelova | Kalina Boncheva

Pdf Export Search POS Tagging for Arabic Tweets
[R15-1001]: Fahad Albogamy | Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search Lexicon-based Sentiment Analysis for Persian Text
[R15-1002]: Fatemeh Amiri | Simon Scerri | Mohammadhassan Khodashahi

Pdf Export Search Automatic Construction of a TMF Terminological Database using a Transducer Cascade
[R15-1003]: Chihebeddine Ammar | Kais Haddar | Laurent Romary

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Measuring Structural Similarity between Webpages
[R15-1004]: Zhenisbek Assylbekov | Assulan Nurkas | Inês Russinho Mouga

Pdf Export Search Predicting the quality of questions on Stackoverflow
[R15-1005]: Antoaneta Baltadzhieva | Grzegorz Chrupała

Pdf Export Search How Topic Biases Your Results? A Case Study of Sentiment Analysis and Irony Detection in Italian
[R15-1006]: Francesco Barbieri | Francesco Ronzano | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Arabic Named Entity Recognition Process using Transducer Cascade and Arabic Wikipedia
[R15-1007]: Fatma BEN MESMIA | Kais HADDAR | Denis Maurel | Nathalie Friburger

Pdf Export Search DanProof: Pedagogical Spell and Grammar Checking for Danish
[R15-1008]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Maximal Repeats Enhance Substring-based Authorship Attribution
[R15-1009]: Romain Brixtel

Pdf Export Search Improving Event Detection with Active Learning
[R15-1010]: Kai Cao | Xiang Li | Miao Fan | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Improving Event Detection with Dependency Regularization
[R15-1011]: Kai Cao | Xiang Li | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Authorship Verification, Average Similarity Analysis
[R15-1012]: Daniel Castro Castro | Yaritza Adame Arcia | María Pelaez Brioso | Rafael Muñoz Guillena

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution to Support IE from Indian Classical Music Forums
[R15-1013]: Joe Cheri | Pushpak Bhattacharyya

Pdf Export Search Readability Assessment of Translated Texts
[R15-1014]: Alina Maria Ciobanu | Liviu P. Dinu | Flaviu Pepelea

Pdf Export Search Processing and Normalizing Hashtags
[R15-1015]: Thierry Declerck | Piroska Lendvai

Pdf Export Search Tune Your Brown Clustering, Please
[R15-1016]: Leon Derczynski | Sean Chester | Kenneth Bøgh

Pdf Export Search Temporal Relation Classification using a Model of Tense and Aspect
[R15-1017]: Leon Derczynski | Robert Gaizauskas

Pdf Export Search Efficient Named Entity Annotation through Pre-empting
[R15-1018]: Leon Derczynski | Kalina Bontcheva

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model of Product Properties, Aspects and Ratings for Online Reviews
[R15-1019]: Ying Ding | Jing Jiang

Pdf Export Search Towards Opinion Summarization from Online Forums
[R15-1020]: Ying Ding | Jing Jiang

Pdf Export Search Cross-lingual Synonymy Overlap
[R15-1021]: Anca Dinu | Liviu P. Dinu | Ana Sabina Uban

Pdf Export Search Barbecued Opakapaka: Using Semantic Preferences for Ontology Population
[R15-1022]: Ismail El Maarouf | Georgiana Marsic | Constantin Orasan

Pdf Export Search Towards a Lexicon-grammar based Framework for NLP: an Opinion Mining Application
[R15-1023]: Annibale Elia | Serena Pelosi | Alessandro Maisto | Raffaele Guarasci

Pdf Export Search Using the Textual Content of the LMF-Normalized Dictionaries for Identifying and Linking the Syntactic Behaviors to the Meanings
[R15-1024]: Imen ELLEUCH | Bilel GARGOURI | Abdelmajid BEN HAMADOU

Pdf Export Search Weakly Supervised Definition Extraction
[R15-1025]: Luis Espinosa Anke | Horacio Saggion | Francesco Ronzano

Pdf Export Search Jointly Embedding Relations and Mentions for Knowledge Population
[R15-1026]: Miao Fan | Kai Cao | Yifan He | Ralph Grishman

Pdf Export Search Distributional Semantics for Resolving Bridging Mentions
[R15-1027]: Tim Feuerbach | Martin Riedl | Chris Biemann

Pdf Export Search Text Classification into Abstract Classes Based on Discourse Structure
[R15-1028]: Boris Galitsky | Dmitry Ilvovsky | Sergey O. Kuznetsov

Pdf Export Search Enriching Word Sense Embeddings with Translational Context
[R15-1029]: Mehdi Ghanimifard | Richard Johansson

Pdf Export Search Automatic Acquisition of Artifact Nouns in French
[R15-1030]: Xiaoqin Hu | Pierre-André Buvet

Pdf Export Search Feature-Rich Part-Of-Speech Tagging Using Deep Syntactic and Semantic Analysis
[R15-1031]: Luchezar Jackov

Pdf Export Search The Application of Constraint Rules to Data-driven Parsing
[R15-1032]: Sardar Jaf | Allan Ramsay

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for Code-Mixed English-Hindi Twitter and Facebook Chat Messages
[R15-1033]: Anupam Jamatia | Björn Gambäck | Amitava Das

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Analysis in Twitter for Macedonian
[R15-1034]: Dame Jovanoski | Veno Pachovski | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search About Emotion Identification in Visual Sentiment Analysis
[R15-1035]: Olga Kanishcheva | Galia Angelova

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis for Movie Reviews in Bulgarian
[R15-1036]: Borislav Kapukaranov | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Structural Alignment for Comparison Detection
[R15-1037]: Wiltrud Kessler | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search Recognition of Polish Temporal Expressions
[R15-1038]: Jan Kocoń | Michał Marcińczuk

Pdf Export Search Domain Adaptation with Filtering for Named Entity Extraction of Japanese Anime-Related Words
[R15-1039]: Kanako Komiya | Daichi EDAMURA | Ryuta TAMURA | Minoru SASAKI | Hiroyuki SHINNOU | Yoshiyuki KOTANI

Pdf Export Search Feature Extraction for Native Language Identification Using Language Modeling
[R15-1040]: Vincent Kríž | Martin Holub | Pavel Pecina

Pdf Export Search Learning Agglutinative Morphology of Indian Languages with Linguistically Motivated Adaptor Grammars
[R15-1041]: Arun Kumar | Lluís Padró | Antoni Oliver

Pdf Export Search Statistical Sandhi Splitter and its Effect on NLP Applications
[R15-1042]: Prathyusha Kuncham | Kovida Nelakuditi | Radhika Mamidi

Pdf Export Search Automatically Identifying Periodic Social Events from Twitter
[R15-1043]: Florian Kunneman | Antal Van den Bosch

Pdf Export Search Collecting and Evaluating Lexical Polarity with A Game With a Purpose
[R15-1044]: Mathieu Lafourcade | Alain Joubert | Nathalie Le Brun

Pdf Export Search Medical imaging report indexing: enrichment of index through an algorithm of spreading over a lexico-semantic network
[R15-1045]: Mathieu Lafourcade | Lionel Ramadier

Pdf Export Search Taxonomy Beats Corpus in Similarity Identification, but Does It Matter?
[R15-1046]: Minh Le | Antske Fokkens

Pdf Export Search Semantic Parsing via
[R15-1047]: Zhihua Liao | Qixian Zeng | Qiyun Wang

Pdf Export Search A Supervised Semantic Parsing with Lexicon Extension and Syntactic Constraint
[R15-1048]: Zhihua Liao | Qixian Zeng | Qiyun Wang

Pdf Export Search Predicting the Level of Text Standardness in User-generated Content
[R15-1049]: Nikola Ljubešić | Darja Fišer | Tomaž Erjavec | Jaka Čibej | Dafne Marko | Senja Pollak | Iza Škrjanec

Pdf Export Search Predicting Inflectional Paradigms and Lemmata of Unknown Words for Semi-automatic Expansion of Morphological Lexicons
[R15-1050]: Nikola Ljubešić | Miquel Esplà-Gomis | Filip Klubička | Nives Mikelić Preradović

Pdf Export Search Predicting Correlations Between Lexical Alignments and Semantic Inferences
[R15-1051]: Simone Magnolini | Bernardo Magnini

Pdf Export Search Learning the Impact of Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics for Semantic Textual Similarity
[R15-1052]: Simone Magnolini | Ngoc Phuoc An Vo | Octavian Popescu

Pdf Export Search Norwegian Native Language Identification
[R15-1053]: Shervin Malmasi | Mark Dras | Irina Temnikova

Pdf Export Search Automatic construction of complex features in Conditional Random Fields for Named Entities Recognition
[R15-1054]: Michał Marcińczuk

Pdf Export Search Pattern Construction for Extracting Domain Terminology
[R15-1055]: Yusney Marrero García | Paloma Moreda Pozo | Rafael Muñoz-Guillena

Pdf Export Search A Procedural Definition of Multi-word Lexical Units
[R15-1056]: Marek Maziarz | Stan Szpakowicz | Maciej Piasecki

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Never-Ending Learning in Rhetorical Relation Identification
[R15-1057]: Erick Galani Maziero | Graeme Hirst | Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo

Pdf Export Search Exposing Paid Opinion Manipulation Trolls
[R15-1058]: Todor Mihaylov | Ivan Koychev | Georgi Georgiev | Preslav Nakov

Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization by Aggregating Multiple Similarities
[R15-1059]: Olof Mogren | Mikael Kågebäck | Devdatt Dubhashi

Pdf Export Search Statistical Machine Translation Improvement based on Phrase Selection
[R15-1060]: Cyrine Nasri | Chiraz Latiri | Kamel Smaili

Pdf Export Search A Simple and Efficient Method to Generate Word Sense Representations
[R15-1061]: Luis Nieto Piña | Richard Johansson

Pdf Export Search TBXTools: A Free, Fast and Flexible Tool for Automatic Terminology Extraction
[R15-1062]: Antoni Oliver | Mercè Vàzquez

Pdf Export Search Enlarging the Croatian WordNet with WN-Toolkit and Cro-Deriv
[R15-1063]: Antoni Oliver | Krešimir Šojat | Matea Srebačić

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Study of Different Sentiment Lexica for Sentiment Analysis of Tweets
[R15-1064]: Canberk Ozdemir | Sabine Bergler

Pdf Export Search Classification of Attributes in a Natural Language Query into Different SQL Clauses
[R15-1065]: Ashish Palakurthi | Ruthu S M | Arjun Akula | Radhika Mamidi

Pdf Export Search Classifying Idiomatic and Literal Expressions Using Vector Space Representations
[R15-1066]: Jing Peng | Anna Feldman | Hamza Jazmati

Pdf Export Search Extraction of the Multi-word Lexical Units in the Perspective of the Wordnet Expansion
[R15-1067]: Maciej Piasecki | Michał Wendelberger | Marek Maziarz

Pdf Export Search A New Approach to Automated Text Readability Classification based on Concept Indexing with Integrated Part-of-Speech n-gram Features
[R15-1068]: Abigail Razon | John Barnden

Pdf Export Search Classification of Lexical Collocation Errors in the Writings of Learners of Spanish
[R15-1069]: Sara Rodríguez-Fernández | Roberto Carlini | Leo Wanner

Pdf Export Search Measuring Semantic Similarity for Bengali Tweets Using WordNet
[R15-1070]: Dwijen Rudrapal | Amitava Das | Baby Bhattacharya

Pdf Export Search Ordering adverbs by their scaling effect on adjective intensity
[R15-1071]: Josef Ruppenhofer | Jasper Brandes | Petra Steiner | Michael Wiegand

Pdf Export Search bRol: The Parser of Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies for Basque
[R15-1072]: Haritz Salaberri | Olatz Arregi | Beñat Zapirain

Pdf Export Search Error Analysis and Improving Speech Recognition for Latvian Language
[R15-1073]: Askars Salimbajevs | Jevgenijs Strigins

Pdf Export Search Towards the Unsupervised Acquisition of Implicit Semantic Roles
[R15-1074]: Niko Schenk | Christian Chiarcos | Maria Sukhareva

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Impact of Using a Domain-specific Bilingual Lexicon on the Performance of a Hybrid Machine Translation Approach
[R15-1075]: Nasredine Semmar | Othman Zennaki | Meriama Laib

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Topic Structuring: From Dense Segmentation to Topically Focused Fragments via Burst Analysis
[R15-1076]: Anca-Roxana Simon | Pascale Sébillot | Guillaume Gravier

Pdf Export Search Improving Word Sense Disambiguation with Linguistic Knowledge from a Sense Annotated Treebank
[R15-1077]: Kiril Simov | Alexander Popov | Petya Osenova

Pdf Export Search Learning Relationship between Authors’ Activity and Sentiments: A case study of online medical forums
[R15-1078]: Marina Sokolova | Victoria Bobicev

Pdf Export Search Translating from Original to Simplified Sentences using Moses: When does it Actually Work?
[R15-1079]: Sanja Štajner | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Automatic Text Simplification for Spanish: Comparative Evaluation of Various Simplification Strategies
[R15-1080]: Sanja Štajner | Iacer Calixto | Horacio Saggion

Pdf Export Search Towards Multilingual Event Extraction Evaluation: A Case Study for the Czech Language
[R15-1081]: Josef Steinberger | Hristo Tanev

Pdf Export Search A VSM-based Statistical Model for the Semantic Relation Interpretation of Noun-Modifier Pairs
[R15-1082]: Nitesh Surtani | Soma Paul

Pdf Export Search An LDA-based Topic Selection Approach to Language Model Adaptation for Handwritten Text Recognition
[R15-1083]: Jafar Tanha | Jesse de Does | Katrien Depuydt

Pdf Export Search Training Automatic Transliteration Models on DBPedia Data
[R15-1084]: Velislava Todorova | Kiril Simov

Pdf Export Search Arabic-English Semantic Word Class Alignment to Improve Statistical Machine Translation
[R15-1085]: Ines Turki Khemakhem | Salma Jamoussi | Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou

Pdf Export Search Detection and Fine-Grained Classification of Cyberbullying Events
[R15-1086]: Cynthia Van Hee | Els Lefever | Ben Verhoeven | Julie Mennes | Bart Desmet | Guy De Pauw | Walter Daelemans | Veronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search A New Approach for Idiom Identification Using Meanings and the Web
[R15-1087]: Rakesh Verma | Vasanthi Vuppuluri

Pdf Export Search Learning the Impact and Behavior of Syntactic Structure: A Case Study in Semantic Textual Similarity
[R15-1088]: Ngoc Phuoc An Vo | Octavian Popescu

Pdf Export Search Six Good Predictors of Autistic Text Comprehension
[R15-1089]: Victoria Yaneva | Richard Evans

Pdf Export Search User Name Disambiguation in Community Question Answering
[R15-1090]: Baoguo Yang | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Discovering Causal Relations in Textual Instructions
[R15-1091]: Kristina Yordanova

Pdf Export Search A Large Wordnet-based Sentiment Lexicon for Polish
[R15-1092]: Monika Zaśko-Zielińska | Maciej Piasecki | Stan Szpakowicz

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition of Persons’ Names in Arabic Tweets
[R15-1093]: Omnia Zayed | Samhaa El-Beltagy

Pdf Export Search One Tree is not Enough: Cross-lingual Accumulative Structure Transfer for Semantic Indeterminacy
[R15-1094]: Patrick Ziering | Lonneke van der Plas

Pdf Export Search Lost in Discussion? Tracking Opinion Groups in Complex Political Discussions by the Example of the FOMC Meeting Transcriptions
[R15-1095]: Cäcilia Zirn | Robert Meusel | Heiner Stuckenschmidt

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop
[R15-2000]: Irina Temnikova | Ivelina Nikolova | Alexander Popov

Pdf Export Search The Complexity of Scrambling in Japanese: A TAG Approach
[R15-2001]: Alexander Diez

Pdf Export Search Some Theoretical Considerations in Off-the-Shelf Text Analysis Software
[R15-2002]: Emma Franklin

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Topic-Specific Domain Dependency Graphs for Aspect Identification in Sentiment Analysis
[R15-2003]: Sarah Kohail

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised learning of agglutinated morphology using nested Pitman-Yor process based morpheme induction algorithm
[R15-2004]: Arun Kumar

Pdf Export Search Easy-read Documents as a Gold Standard for Evaluation of Text Simplification Output
[R15-2005]: Victoria Yaneva