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O17-1 Proceedings of the 29th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2017) 33

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 29th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2017)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 29th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2017)
[O17-1000]: Lun-Wei Ku | Yu Tsao

Pdf Export Search 以知識表徵方法建構台語聲調群剖析器 (A Knowledge Representation Method to Implement A Taiwanese Tone Group Parser) [In Chinese]
[O17-1001]: Yu-Chu Chang

Pdf Export Search 運用類神經網路方法之語言端點偵測研究 (A Study on Voice Activation Detection by Using Neural Networks) [In Chinese]
[O17-1002]: Yu-Chih Deng | Chen-Yu Chiang | Chen-Ming Pan

Pdf Export Search 基於卷積類神經網路之廣播節目音訊事件偵測系統 (Automatic Audio Event Detection of Broadcast Radio Programs Based on Convolution Neural Networks) [In Chinese]
[O17-1003]: Jhih-wei Chen | Wu-Hua Hsu | Yuan-Fu Liao

Pdf Export Search 基於次頻道遞迴類神經網路之麥克風陣列電視回聲消除系統 (Subband Recurrent Neural Networks-based Microphone Array Television Echo Cancellation) [In Chinese]
[O17-1004]: Wei-Jung Hung | Shih-An Su | Yuan-Fu Liao

Pdf Export Search A Novel Trajectory-based Spatial-Temporal Spectral Features for Speech Emotion Recognition
[O17-1005]: Chun-Min Chang | Wei-Cheng Lin | Chi-Chun Lee

Pdf Export Search 應用興趣點辨識技術從 Web 中挖掘新商家資訊 (Mining POIs from Web via POI recognition and Relation Verification) [In Chinese]
[O17-1006]: Kuo-Hsin Hsu | Hsiu-Min Chuang | Chien-Lung Chou | Chia-Hui Chang

Pdf Export Search Exploring Lavender Tongue from Social Media Texts[In Chinese]
[O17-1007]: Hsiao-Han Wu | Shu-Kai Hsieh

Pdf Export Search 手機平台 APP 之四縣客語輸入法的研發 (Research and Implementation of Sixian Hakka Pinyin Input Method for Mobile Cell APP) [In Chinese]
[O17-1008]: Feng-Long Huang | Kuei-Sen Liu | Sheng-Yi Tseng

Pdf Export Search 多樣訊雜比之訓練語料於降噪自動編碼器其語音強化功能之初步研究 (A Preliminary Study of Various SNR-level Training Data in the Denoising Auto-encoder (DAE) Technique for Speech Enhancement) [In Chinese]
[O17-1009]: Shih-Kuang Lee | Syu-Siang Wang | Yu Tsao | Jeih-weih Hung

Pdf Export Search 基於鑑別式自編碼解碼器之錄音回放攻擊偵測系統 (A Replay Spoofing Detection System Based on Discriminative Autoencoders) [In Chinese]
[O17-1010]: Yu-Ding Lu | Hung-Shin Lee | Yu Tsao | Hsin-Min Wang

Pdf Export Search 探究不同領域文件之可讀性分析 (Exploring Readability Analysis on Multi-Domain Texts) [In Chinese]
[O17-1011]: Hou-Chiang Tseng | Yao-Ting Sung | Berlin Chen

Pdf Export Search 基於i-vector與PLDA並使用GMM-HMM強制對位之自動語者分段標記系統 (Speaker Diarization based on I-vector PLDA Scoring and using GMM-HMM Forced Alignment) [In Chinese]
[O17-1012]: Cheng-Jo Ray Chang | Hung-Shin Lee | Hsin-Min Wang | Jyh-Shing Roger Jang

Pdf Export Search Amplifying a Sense of Emotion toward Drama-Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network for dynamic emotion recognition
[O17-1013]: Huang-Cheng Chou | Chun-Min Chang | Yu-Shuo Liu | Shiuan-Kai Kao | Chi-Chun Lee

Pdf Export Search Question Retrieval with Distributed Representations and Participant Reputation in Community Question Answering
[O17-1014]: Sam Weng | Kevin Chun-Kai Wu | Yu-Chun Wang | Richard Tzong-Han Tsai

Pdf Export Search 使用查詢意向探索與類神經網路於語音文件檢索之研究 (Exploring Query Intent and Neural Network modeling Techniques for Spoken Document Retrieval) [In Chinese]
[O17-1015]: Tien-Hong Lo | Ying-Wen Chen | Berlin Chen | Kuan-Yu Chen | Hsin-Min Wang

[O17-1016]: Thien Khai Tran | Tuoi Thi Phan

Pdf Export Search 基於雙工音高感知模型之神經網路旋律抽取演算法 (The duplex model of pitch perception inspired neural network for melody extraction) [In Chinese]
[O17-1017]: Hsin Chou | Tai-Shih Chi

Pdf Export Search 改進的向量空間可適性濾波器用於聲學回聲消除 (Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using an Improved Vector-Space-Based Adaptive Filtering Algorithm) [In Chinese]
[O17-1018]: Jin Li-You | Yu Tsao | Ying-Ren Chien

Pdf Export Search PTT 網站餐廳美食類別擷取之研究 (A Study of Restaurant Information and Food Type Extraction from PTT) [In Chinese]
[O17-1019]: Chih-Yu Chung | Chien-Lung Chou | Chia-Hui Chang

Pdf Export Search 基於半監督式學習之廣播節目語音逐字稿自動轉寫系統 (Automatic Transcription of Broadcast Radio Speech Based on Quality Estimation-Guided Semi-Supervised Training) [In Chinese]
[O17-1020]: Sing-Yue Wang | Wu-Hua Hsu | Yuan-Fu Liao

Pdf Export Search 完全基於類神經網路之語音合成系統初步研究 (A Preliminary Study on Fully Neural Network-based Speech Synthesis System) [In Chinese]
[O17-1021]: Shu-Han Liao | Ya-Bo Chai | Yuan-Fu Liao

Pdf Export Search 應用詞向量於語言樣式探勘之研究 (Mining Language Patterns Using Word Embeddings) [In Chinese]
[O17-1022]: Xiang Xiao | ShaoZhen Ye | Liang-Chih Yu | K.Robert Lai

Pdf Export Search Multi-Channel Lexicon Integrated CNN-BiLSTM Models for Sentiment Analysis
[O17-1023]: Joosung Yoon | Hyeoncheo Kim

Pdf Export Search Using Teacher-Student Model For Emotional Speech Recognition[In Chinese]
[O17-1024]: Po-Wei Hsiao | Po-Chen Hsieh | Chia-Ping Chen

Pdf Export Search SUT System Description for Anti-Spoofing 2017 Challenge
[O17-1025]: Mohammad Adiban | Hossein Sameti | Noushin Maghsoodi | Sajjad Shahsavari

Pdf Export Search SUT Submission for NIST 2016 Speaker Recognition Evaluation: Description and Analysis
[O17-1026]: Hossein Zeinali | Hossein Sameti | Noushin Maghsoodi

Pdf Export Search 以語音能量特性發展即時語速偵測裝置-前導型研究 (Real-time monitoring device of phonation speed and volume based on speech energy: A pilot study) [In Chinese]
[O17-1027]: Chi-Te Wang | Feng-Chuan Lin | Wei-Zhung Zheng | Shih-Hau Fang | Yu Tsao | Ying-Hui Lai

Pdf Export Search Opinion Target Extraction for Student Course Feedback
[O17-1028]: Janaka Chathuranga | Shanika Ediriweera | Pranidhith Munasinghe | Ravindu Hasantha | Surangika Ranathunga

Pdf Export Search Multi-Domain Aspect Extraction Using Support Vector Machines
[O17-1029]: Nadheesh Jihan | Yasas Senarath | Dulanjaya Tennekoon | Mithila Wickramarathne | Surangika Ranathunga

Pdf Export Search 以軟體為基礎建構語音增強系統使用者介面 (Development of a software-based User-Interface of Speech Enhancement System) [In Chinese]
[O17-1030]: Tao-Wei Wang | Yu Tsao | Ying-Hui Lai | Hsiang-Ping Hsu | Chia-Lung Wu

Pdf Export Search 基於聽覺感知模型之類神經網路及其在語者識別上之應用 (Two-stage Attentional Auditory Model Inspired Neural Network and Its Application to Speaker Identification) [In Chinese]
[O17-1031]: Yu-Wen Lo | Yuan-Fu Liao | Tai-Shih Chi

Pdf Export Search 序列標記與配對方法用於語音辨識錯誤偵測及修正 (On the Use of Sequence Labeling and Matching Methods for ASR Error Detection and Correction) [In Chinese]
[O17-1032]: Chia-Hua Wu | Chun-I Tsai | Hsiao-Tsung Hung | Yu-Chen Kao | Berlin Chen