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O18-1 Proceedings of the 30th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2018) 28

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 30th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2018)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 30th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2018)
[O18-1000]: Chi-Chun (Jeremy) Lee | Cheng-Zen Yang | Jen-Tzung Chien

Pdf Export Search 基於數字文本相關之語者驗證系統的研究與實作 (Study and Implementation on Digit-related Speaker Verification) [In Chinese]
[O18-1001]: Chung-Hung Chou | Jyh-Shing Roger Jang | Shan-Wen Hsiao

Pdf Export Search Isolated and Ensemble Audio Preprocessing Methods for Detecting Adversarial Examples against Automatic Speech Recognition
[O18-1002]: Krishan Rajaratnam | Kunal Shah | Jugal Kalita

Pdf Export Search 使用性別資訊於語者驗證系統之研究與實作 (A study and implementation on Speaker Verification System using Gender Information) [In Chinese]
[O18-1003]: Yu-Jui Su | Jyh-Shing Roger Jang | Po-Cheng Chan

Pdf Export Search 會議語音辨識使用語者資訊之語言模型調適技術 (On the Use of Speaker-Aware Language Model Adaptation Techniques for Meeting Speech Recognition ) [In Chinese]
[O18-1004]: Ying-Wen Chen | Tien-Hong Lo | Hsiu-Jui Chang | Wei-Cheng Chao | Berlin Chen

Pdf Export Search 繁體中文依存句法剖析器 (Traditional Chinese Dependency Parser) [In Chinese]
[O18-1005]: Yen-Hsuan Lee | Yih-Ru Wang

Pdf Export Search 是非題之支持證據檢索 (Supporting Evidence Retrieval for Answering Yes/No Questions) [In Chinese]
[O18-1006]: Meng-Tse Wu | Yi-Chung Lin | Keh-Yih Su

Pdf Export Search 探討聲學模型的合併技術與半監督鑑別式訓練於會議語音辨識之研究 (Investigating acoustic model combination and semi-supervised discriminative training for meeting speech recognition) [In Chinese]
[O18-1007]: Tien-Hong Lo | Berlin Chen

Pdf Export Search 基於基因演算法的組合式多文件摘要方法 (An Ensemble Approach for Multi-document Summarization using Genetic Algorithms) [In Chinese]
[O18-1008]: Chun-Chang Chen | Yu-Hang Chung | Cheng-Zen Yang | Jhih-Sheng Fan | Chao-Yuan Lee

Pdf Export Search WaveNet 聲碼器及其於語音轉換之應用 (WaveNet Vocoder and its Applications in Voice Conversion) [In Chinese]
[O18-1009]: Wen-Chin Huang | Chen-Chou Lo | Hsin-Te Hwang | Yu Tsao | Hsin-Min Wang

Pdf Export Search 探討鑑別式訓練聲學模型之類神經網路架構及優化方法的改進 (Discriminative Training of Acoustic Models Leveraging Improved Neural Network Architecture and Optimization Method) [In Chinese]
[O18-1010]: Wei-Cheng Chao | Hsiu-Jui Chang | Tien-Hong Lo | Berlin Chen

Pdf Export Search 使用長短期記憶類神經網路建構中文語音辨識器之研究 (A study on Mandarin speech recognition using Long Short-Term Memory neural network) [In Chinese]
[O18-1011]: Chien-Hung Lai | Yih-Ru Wang

Pdf Export Search 探索結合快速文本及卷積神經網路於可讀性模型之建立 (Exploring Combination of FastText and Convolutional Neural Networks for Building Readability Models) [In Chinese]
[O18-1012]: Hou-Chiang Tseng | Berlin Chen | Yao-Ting Sung

Pdf Export Search Weather Forecast Voice System
[O18-1013]: Dinh Thanh Do

Pdf Export Search 未登錄詞之向量表示法模型於中文機器閱讀理解之應用 (An OOV Word Embedding Framework for Chinese Machine Reading Comprehension) [In Chinese]
[O18-1014]: Shang-Bao Luo | Ching-Hsien Lee | Kuan-Yu Chen

Pdf Export Search 智慧手機客語拼音輸入法之研發-以臺灣海陸腔為例 (Research and Implementation of Hakka Pinyin Input Method for Mobile Cell - An Example of Taiwan HioLiuk Accent) [In Chinese]
[O18-1015]: Feng-Long Huang | Ming-Chan Liu

Pdf Export Search 以深層類神經網路標記中文階層式多標籤語意概念 (Hierarchical Multi-Label Chinese Word Semantic Labeling using Deep Neural Network ) [In Chinese]
[O18-1016]: Wei-Chieh Chou | Yih-Ru Wang

Pdf Export Search LENA computerized automatic analysis of speech development from birth to three
[O18-1017]: Li-mei Chen | D. Kimbrough Oller | Chia-Cheng Lee | Chin-Ting Jimbo Liu

Pdf Export Search Using Statistical and Semantic Models for Multi-Document Summarization
[O18-1018]: Divyanshu Daiya | Anukarsh Singh

Pdf Export Search 台語古詩朗誦系統A Taiwanese Text-to-Speech System for Ancient Poems[In Chinese]
[O18-1019]: Yu-Lin Tsai | Chao-Hsiang Huang | Chuan-Jie Lin

Pdf Export Search On the Semantic Relations and Functional Properties of Noun-Noun Compounds in Mandarin
[O18-1020]: Shu-Ping Gong | Chih-Hung Liu

Pdf Export Search An LSTM Approach to Short Text Sentiment Classification with Word Embeddings
[O18-1021]: Jenq-Haur Wang | Ting-Wei Liu | Xiong Luo | Long Wang

Pdf Export Search AI Clerk: 會賣東西的機器人 (AI Clerk: Shopping Assistant) [In Chinese]
[O18-1022]: Ru-Yng Chang | Huan-Yi Pan | Bo-Lin Lin | Wei-Lun Chen | Jia En Hsieh | Wen-Yu Huang | Lu-Hsuan Li

Pdf Export Search 結合卷積神經網路與遞迴神經網路於推文極性分類 (Combining Convolutional Neural Network and Recurrent Neural Network for Tweet Polarity Classification) [In Chinese]
[O18-1023]: Chih-Ting Yeh | Chia-Ping Chen

Pdf Export Search 輔助建立混合性系統之自然語言處理系統深度評估平台 — 以評估依存關係分析器為例 (The Platform providing NLP System Deep Comparative Evaluation and Auxiliary Information for Hybrid NLP System Building : Trial on Dependency Parser Evaluation) [In Chinese]
[O18-1024]: Yi-siang Wang

Pdf Export Search Smart vs. Solid Solutions in Computational Linguistics-Machine Translation or Information Retrieval
[O18-1025]: Su-Mei Shiue | Lang-Jyi Huang | Wei-Ho Tsai | Yen-Lin Chen

Pdf Export Search On Four Metaheuristic Applications to Speech Enhancement-Implementing Optimization Algorithms with MATLAB R2018a
[O18-1026]: Su-Mei Shiue | Lang-Jyi Huang | Wei-Ho Tsai | Yen-Lin Chen

Pdf Export Search 節能知識問答機器人 (Energy Saving Knowledge Chatbot) [In Chinese]
[O18-1027]: Jhih-Jie Chen | Shih-Ying Chang | Tsu-Jin Chiu | Ming-Chiao Tsai | Jason S Chang