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Q17-1 Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics – Volume 5, Issue 1 38

Pdf Export Search Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics – Volume 5, Issue 1

Pdf Export Search Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics – Volume 5, Issue 1

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Visual Representations for Topic Understanding and Their Effects on Manually Generated Labels
[Q17-1001]: Alison Smith | Tak Yeon Lee | Forough Poursabzi-Sangdeh | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Niklas Elmqvist | Leah Findlater

Pdf Export Search Visually Grounded and Textual Semantic Models Differentially Decode Brain Activity Associated with Concrete and Abstract Nouns
[Q17-1002]: Andrew J. Anderson | Douwe Kiela | Stephen Clark | Massimo Poesio

Pdf Export Search Modelling Semantic Expectation: Using Script Knowledge for Referent Prediction
[Q17-1003]: Ashutosh Modi | Ivan Titov | Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed | Manfred Pinkal

Pdf Export Search Shift-Reduce Constituent Parsing with Neural Lookahead Features
[Q17-1004]: Jiangming Liu | Yue Zhang

Pdf Export Search Presentation A Polynomial-Time Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Phrase-Based Decoding with a Fixed Distortion Limit
[Q17-1005]: Yin-Wen Chang | Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search A Generative Model of Phonotactics
[Q17-1006]: Richard Futrell | Adam Albright | Peter Graff | Timothy J. O'Donnell

Pdf Export Search Context Gates for Neural Machine Translation
[Q17-1007]: Zhaopeng Tu | Yang Liu | Zhengdong Lu | Xiaohua Liu | Hang Li

Pdf Export Search Cross-Sentence N-ary Relation Extraction with Graph LSTMs
[Q17-1008]: Nanyun Peng | Hoifung Poon | Chris Quirk | Kristina Toutanova | Wen-tau Yih

Pdf Export Search Automatically Tagging Constructions of Causation and Their Slot-Fillers
[Q17-1009]: Jesse Dunietz | Lori Levin | Jaime Carbonell

Pdf Export Search Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information
[Q17-1010]: Piotr Bojanowski | Edouard Grave | Armand Joulin | Tomas Mikolov

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Prediction of Syntactic Typology: Discovering Latent Structure with Supervised Learning
[Q17-1011]: Dingquan Wang | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Head-Lexicalized Bidirectional Tree LSTMs
[Q17-1012]: Zhiyang Teng | Yue Zhang

Pdf Export Search Nonparametric Bayesian Semi-supervised Word Segmentation
[Q17-1013]: Ryo Fujii | Ryo Domoto | Daichi Mochihashi

Pdf Export Search Joint Modeling of Topics, Citations, and Topical Authority in Academic Corpora
[Q17-1014]: Jooyeon Kim | Dongwoo Kim | Alice Oh

Pdf Export Search Pushing the Limits of Translation Quality Estimation
[Q17-1015]: André F.T. Martins | Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt | Fabio N. Kepler | Ramón Astudillo | Chris Hokamp | Roman Grundkiewicz

Pdf Export Search Winning on the Merits: The Joint Effects of Content and Style on Debate Outcomes
[Q17-1016]: Lu Wang | Nick Beauchamp | Sarah Shugars | Kechen Qin

Pdf Export Search Domain-Targeted, High Precision Knowledge Extraction
[Q17-1017]: Bhavana Dalvi Mishra | Niket Tandon | Peter Clark

Pdf Export Search Presentation Sparse Coding of Neural Word Embeddings for Multilingual Sequence Labeling
[Q17-1018]: Gábor Berend

Pdf Export Search Learning to Prune: Exploring the Frontier of Fast and Accurate Parsing
[Q17-1019]: Tim Vieira | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Syntactic Transfer with Limited Resources
[Q17-1020]: Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli | Michael Collins

Pdf Export Search Overcoming Language Variation in Sentiment Analysis with Social Attention
[Q17-1021]: Yi Yang | Jacob Eisenstein

Pdf Export Search Semantic Specialization of Distributional Word Vector Spaces using Monolingual and Cross-Lingual Constraints
[Q17-1022]: Nikola Mrkšić | Ivan Vulić | Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha | Ira Leviant | Roi Reichart | Milica Gašić | Anna Korhonen | Steve Young

Pdf Export Search Colors in Context: A Pragmatic Neural Model for Grounded Language Understanding
[Q17-1023]: Will Monroe | Robert X. D. Hawkins | Noah D. Goodman | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Google's Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System: Enabling Zero-Shot Translation
[Q17-1024]: Melvin Johnson | Mike Schuster | Quoc V. Le | Maxim Krikun | Yonghui Wu | Zhifeng Chen | Nikhil Thorat | Fernanda Viégas | Martin Wattenberg | Greg Corrado | Macduff Hughes | Jeffrey Dean

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Morphological Forests
[Q17-1025]: Jiaming Luo | Karthik Narasimhan | Regina Barzilay

Pdf Export Search Fully Character-Level Neural Machine Translation without Explicit Segmentation
[Q17-1026]: Jason Lee | Kyunghyun Cho | Thomas Hofmann

Pdf Export Search Ordinal Common-sense Inference
[Q17-1027]: Sheng Zhang | Rachel Rudinger | Kevin Duh | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Learning Distributed Representations of Texts and Entities from Knowledge Base
[Q17-1028]: Ikuya Yamada | Hiroyuki Shindo | Hideaki Takeda | Yoshiyasu Takefuji

Pdf Export Search In-Order Transition-based Constituent Parsing
[Q17-1029]: Jiangming Liu | Yue Zhang

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Low-Level Speech Features Against Human Perceptual Data
[Q17-1030]: Caitlin Richter | Naomi H. Feldman | Harini Salgado | Aren Jansen

Pdf Export Search Parsing with Traces: An $O(n^4)$ Algorithm and a Structural Representation
[Q17-1031]: Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Acquisition of Comprehensive Multiword Lexicons using Competition in an n-gram Lattice
[Q17-1032]: Julian Brooke | Jan Snajder | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Replicability Analysis for Natural Language Processing: Testing Significance with Multiple Datasets
[Q17-1033]: Rotem Dror | Gili Baumer | Marina Bogomolov | Roi Reichart

Pdf Export Search Phrase Table Induction Using In-Domain Monolingual Data for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
[Q17-1034]: Benjamin Marie | Atsushi Fujita

Pdf Export Search Joint Prediction of Word Alignment with Alignment Types
[Q17-1035]: Anahita Mansouri Bigvand | Te Bu | Anoop Sarkar

Pdf Export Search Aspect-augmented Adversarial Networks for Domain Adaptation
[Q17-1036]: Yuan Zhang | Regina Barzilay | Tommi Jaakkola

Pdf Export Search Anchored Correlation Explanation: Topic Modeling with Minimal Domain Knowledge
[Q17-1037]: Ryan J. Gallagher | Kyle Reing | David Kale | Greg Ver Steeg