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W89-01 Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1989) 31

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1989)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 1989)
[W89-0100]: Jörgen Pind | Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson

Pdf Export Search Automatisk morfologisk analyse af islandsk tekst (Automatic morphological analysis of Icelandic text) [In Danish]
[W89-0101]: Stefán Briem

Pdf Export Search A Swedish Clause Grammar And Its Implementation
[W89-0102]: Eva Ejerhed

Pdf Export Search Händelsestyrd textgenerering (Event-driven text generation) [In Swedish]
[W89-0103]: Lars M Gustafsson

Pdf Export Search På vej mod en fagsproglig tekstfortolker? (Towards a specialized text interpreter?) [In Danish]
[W89-0104]: Steffen Leo Hansen

Pdf Export Search Is Two-level Morphology a Morphological Model?
[W89-0105]: Janne Bondi Johannessen

Pdf Export Search Automatic Indexing and Generating of Content Graphs from Unrestricted Text
[W89-0106]: Gunnel Källgren

Pdf Export Search Computational Man-Machine Interaction in Simple Natural Language
[W89-0107]: Gregers Koch

Pdf Export Search Criteria for Computational Models of Morphology: The Two-Level Model as an NLP Framework
[W89-0108]: Jordan Zlatev

Pdf Export Search How Close Can We Get to the Ideal of Simple Transfer in Multi-lingual Machine Translation (MT)?
[W89-0109]: Poul Andersen

Pdf Export Search The Design and Application of a Domain Specific Knowledgebase in the TACITUS Text Understanding System
[W89-0110]: Annelise Bech

Pdf Export Search Udnyttelse af maskinlæsbare ordbogsdata til maskinoversættelse (Utilization of machine-readable dictionary data for machine translation) [In Danish]
[W89-0111]: Anna Braasch

Pdf Export Search Maskinoversættelse fra esperanto til islandsk (Machine translation from Esperanto to Icelandic) [In Danish]
[W89-0112]: Stefán Briem

Pdf Export Search Valence Frames Used for Syntactic Disambiguation in the EUROTRA-DK Model
[W89-0113]: Boel Victoria Bøggild-Andersen

Pdf Export Search Representational Issues within Eurotra
[W89-0114]: Hanne Fersøe

Pdf Export Search Identifiering av diskursrefenter vid maskinöversättning från ryska till svenska (Identification of dicourse references in machine translation from Russian to Swedish) [In Swedish]
[W89-0115]: Barbara Gawrońska-Werngren

Pdf Export Search Text Treatment and Morphology in the Analysis of Danish within EUROTRA
[W89-0116]: Niels Jæger

Pdf Export Search Coordination in Eurotra
[W89-0117]: Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen

Pdf Export Search Collocations in Knowledge Based Machine Translation
[W89-0118]: Guðrún Magnúsdóttir

Pdf Export Search The Treatment of Support Verbs and Predicative Nouns in Danish
[W89-0119]: Susanne Nøhr Pedersen

Pdf Export Search Kunskap om världen eller kunskap om texten? (Knowledge about the world or knowledge about the text?) [In Swedish]
[W89-0120]: Klaus Schubert

Pdf Export Search Erfarenheter av Swetra–ett svenskt MT-experiment (Experiences from Swetra–A Swedish MT experiment) [In Swedish]
[W89-0121]: Bengt Sigurd

Pdf Export Search Translation of Prepositions by Neural Networks
[W89-0122]: Ole Togeby

Pdf Export Search Machine Aided Translation between the Two Norwegian Languages Norwegian-Bokmål and Norwegian-Nynorsk
[W89-0123]: Ivar Utne

Pdf Export Search Dansk radiærordbog (The Danish Radial Dictionary) [In Danish]
[W89-0124]: Henrik Holmboe

Pdf Export Search A Standardized Dictionary of Icelandic Verbs
[W89-0125]: Jón Hilmar Jónsson

Pdf Export Search Application-Dependent Discourse Management for Natural Language Interfaces: An Empirical Investigation
[W89-0126]: Arne Jönsson

Pdf Export Search Computers, Typesetting, and Lexicography
[W89-0127]: Jörgen Pind

Pdf Export Search Database Systems for Lexicographic Work
[W89-0128]: Björn Þ. Svavarsson | Jörgen Pind

Pdf Export Search Lemmatising the Definitions of Svensk Ordbok by Morphological and Syntactic Analysis. A Pilot Study
[W89-0129]: Anna Sågvall Hein

Pdf Export Search What Should be Included in a Commercial Word Data Base, and Why?
[W89-0130]: Ivar Utne