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W19-01 Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2019 30

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2019

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2019
[W19-0100]: Gaja Jarosz | Max Nelson | Brendan O'Connor | Joe Pater

Pdf Export Search Can Entropy Explain Successor Surprisal Effects in Reading?
[W19-0101]: Marten van Schijndel | Tal Linzen

Pdf Export Search RedTyp: A Database of Reduplication with Computational Models
[W19-0102]: Hossep Dolatian | Jeffrey Heinz

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Cross-Lingual Symbol Embeddings Without Parallel Data
[W19-0103]: Mark Granroth-Wilding | Hannu Toivonen

Pdf Export Search Q-Theory Representations are Logically Equivalent to Autosegmental Representations
[W19-0104]: Nick Danis | Adam Jardine

Pdf Export Search Modeling Clausal Complementation for a Grammar Engineering Resource
[W19-0105]: Olga Zamaraeva | Kristen Howell | Emily M. Bender

Pdf Export Search Do RNNs learn human-like abstract word order preferences?
[W19-0106]: Richard Futrell | Roger P. Levy

Pdf Export Search Segmentation and UR Acquisition with UR Constraints
[W19-0107]: Max Nelson

Pdf Export Search Constraint breeding during on-line incremental learning
[W19-0108]: Elliot Moreton

Pdf Export Search An Incremental Iterated Response Model of Pragmatics
[W19-0109]: Reuben Cohn-Gordon | Noah Goodman | Christopher Potts

Pdf Export Search Learning Exceptionality and Variation with Lexically Scaled MaxEnt
[W19-0110]: Coral Hughto | Andrew Lamont | Brandon Prickett | Gaja Jarosz

Pdf Export Search Learning complex inflectional paradigms through blended gradient inputs
[W19-0111]: Eric R. Rosen

Pdf Export Search Jabberwocky Parsing: Dependency Parsing with Lexical Noise
[W19-0112]: Jungo Kasai | Robert Frank

Pdf Export Search Learnability and Overgeneration in Computational Syntax
[W19-0113]: Yiding Hao

Pdf Export Search A Conceptual Spaces Model of Socially Motivated Language Change
[W19-0114]: Heather Burnett | Olivier Bonami

Pdf Export Search Identifying Participation of Individual Verbs or VerbNet Classes in the Causative Alternation
[W19-0115]: Esther Seyffarth

Pdf Export Search Using Sentiment Induction to Understand Variation in Gendered Online Communities
[W19-0116]: Lucy Li | Julia Mendelsohn

Pdf Export Search On the difficulty of a distributional semantics of spoken language
[W19-0117]: Grzegorz Chrupa_a | Lieke Gelderloos | Àkos Kàdàr | Afra Alishahi

Pdf Export Search Distributional Effects of Gender Contrasts Across Categories
[W19-0118]: Timothee Mickus | Olivier Bonami | Denis Paperno

Pdf Export Search Guess Who's Coming (and Who's Going): Bringing Perspective to the Rational Speech Acts Framework
[W19-0119]: Carolyn Jane Anderson | Brian W. Dillon

Pdf Export Search The organization of sound inventories: A study on obstruent gaps
[W19-0120]: Sheng-Fu Wang

Pdf Export Search C-Command Dependencies as TSL String Constraints
[W19-0121]: Thomas Graf | Nazila Shafiei

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Acquisition of Words with Multiple Meanings
[W19-0122]: Libby Barak | Sammy Floyd | Adele Goldberg

Pdf Export Search Evaluation Order Effects in Dynamic Continuized CCG: From Negative Polarity Items to Balanced Punctuation
[W19-0123]: Michael White

Pdf Export Search Abstract Meaning Representation for Human-Robot Dialogue
[W19-0124]: Claire N. Bonial | Lucia Donatelli | Jessica Ervin | Clare R. Voss

Pdf Export Search A Logical and Computational Methodology for Exploring Systems of Phonotactic Constraints
[W19-0125]: Dakotah Lambert | James Rogers

Pdf Export Search Augmentic Compositional Models for Knowledge Base Completion Using Gradient Representations
[W19-0126]: Matthias R. Lalisse | Paul Smolensky

Pdf Export Search Case assignment in TSL syntax: a case study
[W19-0127]: Mai Ha Vu | Nazila Shafiei | Thomas Graf

Pdf Export Search On Evaluating the Generalization of LSTM Models in Formal Languages
[W19-0128]: Mirac Suzgun | Yonatan Belinkov | Stuart M. Shieber

Pdf Export Search Verb Argument Structure Alternations in Word and Sentence Embeddings
[W19-0129]: Katharina Kann | Alex Warstadt | Adina Williams | Samuel R. Bowman