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    Note that these policies only cover ACL materials. As with the DOIs, this policy does not cover third-party materials. For reproduction privileges for such materials, please approach the respective organizations.

  • Digital Object Identifiers: The ACL uses DOIs to refer to scholarly works persistently in accordance with cross-disciplinary standards. Prior to 2012, ACL materials were assigned DOIs by the Association of Computational Machinery (ACM). Since 2014, ACL has assigned its own DOIs to materials using a convention based off of the ACL Anthology Identifiers. In 2015, ACL had to change DOI prefix due to accounting practices for the ACM.
    • 2014-2015: 10.3115
    • 2015-current: 10.18653
    We strongly encourage the publication of DOIs in citing bibliographies to help better cross-reference ACL materials.

    Note while the ACL Anthology hosts third-party materials coming from sister societies, these materials are hosted courtesy the ACL but are not assigned DOIs by the ACL due to costs and copyright limitations; the DOI information above is only applicable to ACL sponsored events by ACL, its chapters or SIGs.

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  • Reflections: Aravind Joshi, Karen Spärck Jones
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