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Pdf Export Search SemEval-2015 Task 15: A CPA dictionary-entry-building task
[S15-2053]: Vít Baisa | Jane Bradbury | Silvie Cinkova | Ismail El Maarouf | Adam Kilgarriff | Octavian Popescu


Pdf Export Search Extrinsic Corpus Evaluation with a Collocation Dictionary Task
[L14-1431]: Adam Kilgarriff | Pavel Rychlý | Milos Jakubicek | Vojtěch Kovář | Vit Baisa | Lucia Kocincová

Pdf Export Search Sublanguage Corpus Analysis Toolkit: A tool for assessing the representativeness and sublanguage characteristics of corpora
[L14-1531]: Irina Temnikova | William A. Baumgartner Jr. | Negacy D. Hailu | Ivelina Nikolova | Tony McEnery | Adam Kilgarriff | Galia Angelova | K. Bretonnel Cohen

Pdf Export Search Finding Terms in Corpora for Many Languages with the Sketch Engine
[E14-2014]: Miloš Jakubíček | Adam Kilgarriff | Vojtěch Kovář | Pavel Rychlý | Vít Suchomel

Pdf Export Search Hindi Word Sketches
[W14-5146]: Anil Krishna Eragani | Varun Kuchib Hotla | Dipti Misra Sharma | Siva Reddy | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Word Sketches for Turkish
[L12-1332]: Bharat Ram Ambati | Siva Reddy | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Helping Our Own: The HOO 2011 Pilot Shared Task
[W11-2838]: Robert Dale | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search A Corpus Factory for Many Languages
[L10-1044]: Adam Kilgarriff | Siva Reddy | Jan Pomikálek | Avinesh PVS

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Sixth Web as Corpus Workshop
[W10-1500]: Adam Kilgarriff | Dekang Lin

Pdf Export Search Helping Our Own: Text Massaging for Computational Linguistics as a New Shared Task
[W10-4236]: Robert Dale | Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search Fast Syntactic Searching in Very Large Corpora for Many Languages
[Y10-1086]: Miloš Jakubíček | Adam Kilgarriff | Diana McCarthy | Pavel Rychlý

Pdf Export Search A Detailed, Accurate, Extensive, Available English Lexical Database
[N10-2006]: Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Evaluating a German Sketch Grammar: A Case Study on Noun Phrase Case
[L08-1011]: Kremena Ivanova | Ulrich Heid | Sabine Schulte im Walde | Adam Kilgarriff | Jan Pomikalek

Pdf Export Search Cleaneval: a Competition for Cleaning Web Pages
[L08-1369]: Marco Baroni | Francis Chantree | Adam Kilgarriff | Serge Sharoff


Pdf Export Search Last Words: Googleology is Bad Science
[J07-1010]: Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search An efficient algorithm for building a distributional thesaurus (and other Sketch Engine developments)
[P07-2011]: Pavel Rychlý | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Large Linguistically-Processed Web Corpora for Multiple Languages
[E06-2001]: Marco Baroni | Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search Shared-Task Evaluations in HLT: Lessons for NLG
[W06-1421]: Anja Belz | Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search Annotated Web as corpus
[W06-1705]: Paul Rayson | James Walkerdine | William H. Fletcher | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Chinese Sketch Engine and the Extraction of Grammatical Collocations
[I05-3007]: Chu-Ren Huang | Adam Kilgarriff | Yiching Wu | Chih-Ming Chiu | Simon Smith | Pavel Rychly | Ming-Hong Bai | Keh-Jiann Chen


Pdf Export Search The Senseval-3 English lexical sample task
[W04-0807]: Rada Mihalcea | Timothy Chklovski | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search WASPBENCH: a lexicographer's workbench incorporating state-of-the-art word sense disambiguation
[E03-2007]: Adam Kilgarriff | Roger Evans | Rob Koeling | Michael Rundell | David Tugwell

Pdf Export Search Introduction to the Special Issue on the Web as Corpus
[J03-3001]: Adam Kilgarriff | Gregory Grefenstette

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of a Lexicographers' Workbench: building lexicons for Machine Translation
[W03-2202]: Rob Koeling | Adam Kilgarriff | David Tugwell | Roger Evans


Pdf Export Search English Lexical Sample Task Description
[S01-1004]: Adam Kilgarriff

Pdf Export Search WASP-Bench: a Lexicographic Tool Supporting Word Sense Disambiguation
[S01-1037]: David Tugwell | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search English Senseval: Report and Results
[L00-1005]: Adam Kilgarriff | Joseph Rosenzweig

Pdf Export Search What's in a Thesaurus?
[L00-1134]: Adam Kilgarriff | Colin Yallop

Pdf Export Search The Concede Model for Lexical Databases
[L00-1249]: Tomaž Erjavec | Roger Evans | Nancy Ide | Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search 95% Replicability for Manual Word Sense Tagging
[E99-1046]: Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Measures for Corpus Similarity and Homogeneity
[W98-1506]: Adam Kilgarriff | Tony Rose


Pdf Export Search Using Word Frequency Lists to Measure Corpus Homogeneity and Similarity between Corpora
[W97-0122]: Adam Kilgarriff


Pdf Export Search Inheriting Verb Alternations
[E93-1026]: Adam Kilgarriff